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									               Preschool & Children                                                                  Children & Youth
Age/Grade Level Room #                            Teachers                     Age/Grade Level Room #                          Teachers
Bed Babies/Creepers       CB 118     Star Jacobsen & Janet Rogers              4th Grade               Pre-Teen Margaret Biermann

Toddlers                  CB 114     Patti Cook                                5th Grade               Pre-Teen Frank Hewell & Deborah Hicks

Two Year Olds             CB 119     Billye Stout & Amy Berry                  6th Grade               Pre-Teen Cyndi Sekerke

Three Year Olds           CB 113     Jodi Berry                                7th/8th grade girls     AB Gym Steve & Elaine Manns

Four Year Olds/           CB 112     Shirley & Harry Stephens                  7th/8th grade boys      AB Gym Jim & Jandee King
                                                                               9th grade               AB Gym Brad & Edie Linton
1st Grade                 CB 109     Pam Chelette & David Reed
                                                                               10th grade              AB Gym Brent & Christy Hickman
2nd Grade                 CB 111     Traci Hubbell
                                                                               11th grade              AB Gym Grant & Lisa Ford
3rd Grade                Pre-Teen    Mark Cook & Patti Jones
                                                                               12th grade              AB Gym Robert Hinkle

                                         Adult Life Groups (Sunday School)
                                Leader / Place in Life                                                          Values                     Rm #
Young Professionals                                                                             Participation, Transparency, and           AB 201
Age: 18-early 20’s; Starting college and/or a career and discovering our calling in life        Openness
Reed, Philip and Regina                                                                         Affirmation, Availability,                 AB 209
Age: Mid 20’s-30’s; Mostly married couples, starting families                                   Openness, and Participation

Acevedo, Manny                                                                                  In depth Bible Study, Application from     AB 208
Age: 30’s and up; Balancing careers and children                                                history, life and “Hot Topics”

Heffelfinger, Laura                                                                             In depth Bible Study, Prayer,              AB 211
Age: Various; Single, divorced, widowed, spouse not attending yet, couples,                     Transparency, and Affirmation
Former church experience not expected

Weidhaas, Harry & Jay Clark - “WAC Class”                                                   Availability, Prayer, Openness, and             AA 1
Age: 40’s and up; Busy kids and teens in the house, leaving the house, and out of the house Participation

Brewer, Darryl                                                                              Openness, Honesty, Safety, and                 AB 205
Age: 40’s and up; Busy kids and teens in the house, leaving the house, and out of the house Participation

Henderson, Rob                                                                                  Participation, Transparency, and           AB 212
Age: mid 30’s and up; Families with busy schedules, small children at home and at school        Availability

Biermann, Bob                                                                             In depth Bible Study, Participation, and         AB 107
Age: mid 40’s and up; Varying marital and professional status, open and candid discussion Honesty
guided yet not limited by study topic
Mundy, Robert                                                                                   Honesty, Safety, and In depth Bible         AA 2
Age: 50’s and up; Established careers, parents are aging and needing increased care             Study

Schutt, Howard                                                                                  Affirmation, Prayer, In depth Bible        AB 105
Age: 60’s and up; Nearing retirement, travel, grandparenting is a big role, aging parents       Study, Availability, and Participation

Bryant, Bob - “Toppers”                                                                         Affirmation, Prayer, Honesty, In           WC 103
Age: 65 and up; Retired, health concerns, enjoying group activities together                    depth Bible Study, Sensitivity, and
Mundy, JaNae                                                                                    Affirmation, Prayer, In depth Bible        AB 108
Age: various; For all women - Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed                                Study, and Participation

Cook, Willard                                                                                   Affirmation, Prayer, In depth Bible         AA 4
Age: 40’s and up; Planning for retirement, college and adult children, individuals bonded       Study, Sensitivity
as a family demonstrating the attributes of Christ
Hinkle, Karla                                                                                   Openness, Affirmation, Prayer, In depth    CB
Age: We are not telling! (truthfully, 30’s to 50’s); For all women - most are married, but      Bible Study, and Participation          Conference
our husbands don’t attend with us (and we are okay with that)
Biermann, Bob - 5pm Meeting Time                                                                In depth Bible Study, Participation, and   AB 105
Age: Various; Serving or unavailable for Sunday AM Life Groups and/or wanting to                Honesty
explore more of God’s Word
                                                            Life Group Values
Affirmation. It is important to create an atmosphere where group members affirm and encourage one another, build each
other up in Christ, and help each other grow.
Availability. Group members and their resources of time, attention, insight, as well as material resources are available to
each other in order to meet needs and serve one another.
Prayer. Prayer is valued in group life. Prayer encourages group members to be humble, knowing that all comes from God.
In prayer, they also feel values and come to understand their own worth. As the group sees God move to answer prayer con-
cerns of members the whole group will grow in their understanding of God.
Openness. Openness in the relationships within the group promotes honesty and an ease of sharing feelings, struggles, joys
and hurts. Reaching the goal of authentic relationships begins with being open with each other.
Honesty. The desire to be honest with each other is critical to authentic relationships. In order for trust to be built among
group members, they must speak the truth in love, so that “we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is
Christ.” (Eph. 4:15)
Safety. Honest, open relationships must be guarded with an agreement of safety that what is said in the group will remain
confidential, that opinions will be respected and differences will be allowed.
In depth Bible Study. As the group goes deeper into God’s Word, they not only learn more of the character of God but also
are challenged to live out His character in the world.
Sensitivity. A commitment to sensitivity to the needs, feelings, backgrounds, and current situations of other group mem-
bers will help build relationships in the group. This includes taking advantage of professional expertise of a member as a
result of group meetings (e.g. asking the member who is a plumber to take a look at the leaky faucet) and agreeing not to
gossip or speak derogatorily about people not at the meeting.
Participation. Everyone is given the right to their own opinion, and “dumb questions” are encouraged and respected. We
are committed to participating.
Transparency. We will be “real” with God and with each other, becoming vulnerable with other group members. This is
an imperfect group for imperfect people in an imperfect church.


                                                                                                                                    O   O         O
  South Oaks Baptist Church                                                     CB    CB119         CB
  5925 U.S. Hwy 287                                                             121                 113
                                                                                                            CB     O
  Arlington, TX 76017
  817-478-8284                                                                                              103                         O         O
                                                                                CB     CB                          O          O     O                                                                                 CB114
                                                                                120    118
                                                                                                            107   CB
                                                                                                            109                   Preschool
                                                                                                            CB    CB
                                                                                                            111   112             Children’s
                                                                               AB       AB
                          North      Kitchen                                   204      205
                                                                                                                         Adult Annex
            AB                                                    AB                            AB
            101                                  AB               201                           207                               AA3
                                                                                                                        AA4                 AA1
                                                 105                                                                              AA2
                      Lower                                                Upper
                      Activities               East Foyer               Activities
                      Building                    106                    Building               AB
                      (AB)                                                   (AB)               209
            AB                                   AB                                             210
            112               Sout               108                     AB
                               h                                                                AB
                                                                         212                    211

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