Cisco CCNP Certification Training - The New CCNP BCMSN 642-812 Exam

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					?Cisco CCNP certification is about to become more valuable and more difficult!
Cisco is making major changes to the CCNP certification program, retiring two exams
(BCRAN and CIT) while updating two old friends, the BSCI and BCMSN exam.
Today, we'll take a look at the changes in the Building Converged Cisco Multilayer
Switched Networks (BCMSN) exam.

According to Cisco's exam blueprint, there are some major additions with the
introduction of the 642-812 exam. Wireless access, security, and voice are all rapidly
growing features and concerns in today's real-world networks, and Cisco is
responding to that by adding all three of these topics to the CCNP BCMSN exam.
Cisco CCNP candidates should expect to be questioned on WLANs as well as
wireless clients.

There were some security topics on the 642-811 BCMSN exam, port security and
802.1x among them. The successful Cisco CCNP certification candidate will now be
expected to know about the different network attacks that can take place at the data
link layer of the OSI model, including DHCP Spoofing and VLAN Hopping.

There was also just a bit of voice material on the 642-811 BCMSN exam, but you'll
have to know more voice to pass the 642-812 exam. Voice VLANs, voice QoS, and IP
Phone configuration are just some of the topics being added to the new BCMSN

Cisco is obviously raising the bar with the new CCNP exams, and this certification is
going to be harder to get than ever before. That also makes it more valuable than ever
before, and 2007 will be the best year yet in which to earn your CCNP certification.
Make your plans to earn this valuable Cisco certification, and then put that plan into