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									        Barnabas Training Basic Seminar
           Registration Form—November 2009

Name(s):                                                                                   Overview
City:                          State:                    Zip:                                      Basic
Ages: ______             (& _______)
                                                                               Barnabas Training Basic equips you to bet-
Phone: (Home)                                                                  ter encourage friends facing difficult times in
                                                                               life and faith. This two-day, biblically based
                                                                               seminar (Friday night & Saturday) helps you
E-Mail:                                                                        understand others by gaining a biblical under-
                                                                               standing of your own heart. It includes lec-
Church:                                                                        tures and an interactive small group experi-
                                                                               ence, plus reflective time to practically apply
Pastor:                                                                        principles to one real-life friendship. Basic
                                                                               forms the foundation for those who want fur-
  Please complete and mail to The Barnabas Center
                                                                               ther training (Barnabas Training Levels One,
                with your payment.
                                                                               Two, and Four).
   - - - - - - - - - - - - --Please Keep - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                Costs and Requirements
                                                                                              Level One
Barnabas Training Basic equips you to better encourage
friends facing difficult times. The training will include both
                                                                               Level One is a ten-week program that cen-
                                                                               ters around a weekly interactive small group
teaching and small groups, helpful Biblical theory as well as
                                                                               experience, reading and writing assignments,
practical tools. The seminar will help you learn to better
understand yourself as well as invite others to deeper rela-                   and regular time with a Barnabas partner.
tionships in Christ.

Schedule: November 6-7, 2009
                                                                                              Level Two
          Friday             6:30pm Registration                                                                                    The Good Samaritan by Vincent Van Gogh
                             7:00pm—9:30pm Seminar                             Level Two is a ten-week program that builds
          Saturday           9am - 4:30pm                                      on the material taught in Level One. It is more
                                                                               intense, more reflective, and more disruptive.
Presented by: The Barnabas Center
Hosted by: Christ Episcopal Church
Cost: $75 Christ Church members; $150 at large
                                                                                              Level Four
Registrations and payment due 2 weeks prior to
                                                                               Level Four builds on all previous levels and
the seminar. After the deadline please call to                                 helps participants grow in confidence through
check availability.                                                            exploring real-life situations and caring for oth-
    MAIL TO: The Barnabas Center, 413-B South Sharon                           ers. It is a context for receiving feedback from
                         Amity Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211
                                                                               peers and a Barnabas Staff counselor.
  QUESTIONS: (704) 365-4545 or
                                                                                                                                               A Ministry of The Barnabas Center
                                                                    The Purpose                                             The Cost

                                                        T     he staff at the Barnabas Center created
                                                              Barnabas Training to give people greater
                                                        confidence and capacity to care for those around
                                                                                                             Meaningful growth is costly. While the fee
                                                                                                             for Barnabas Training is significant,
                                                        them. As you interact with your family or gather
                                                                                                             the greater cost is the commitment of both
                                                        with friends in the neighborhood, at work, or
                                                        after church, Barnabas Training will increase your   time and energy. We will live it out rather
                                                        awareness of the potential for Christ-centered       than merely observe it. It will cost.
                                                        conversations and the confidence to move in that

                                                        direction. Barnabas Training is a three level
         o you have a heart for people?
                                                        training program created to do four things:
           Do you want God to use you in the lives of
others? However, do you sometimes find yourself in      Teach a Biblical model of people – Biblical             “Carry each
a significant conversation unsure of what to do?           glasses enable one to more clearly see the
                                                           struggles of life from God’s perspective.          other’s burden,
Y     our best friend has been struggling in her
      marriage for a long time. She seems to be         Develop practical skills – Relational principles
more angry and despairing. What do you say?
What questions do you ask? How do you move her
                                                           and skills that help take conversations fur-
                                                           ther will be practiced.
                                                                                                              and in this way
toward Christ? How do you help her, comfort her,
exhort her?
                                                        Deepen self-awareness in a way that leads
                                                           toward love – All of us have patterns of
                                                                                                               you will fulfill
                                                           relating that both help and hinder our ability

T    he next door neighbor’s 17 year old son was
     arrested for a DUI. You are friends, but what
                                                           to encourage.                                     the law of Christ”
do you say? How do you really help?                     Join God in His work in a person’s life –
                                                                                                                              Galatians 6:2
                                                            God is already at work in the lives of those

O        ne of your small group members conveys in
         an oblique way that she has been feeling
flirtatious with a man at work. It feels good. Her
                                                            with whom we are involved. We just want
                                                            to join Him.                                                        A Ministry of
                                                                                                                             The Barnabas Center
husband doesn’t know and she would never tell him.
What do you do?
                                                                                                              The Barnabas Center is a non-profit counseling,
                                                                                                              teaching, and training ministry in Charlotte, NC.
                                                                                                              Founded in 1989, the Center espouses the belief

P         eople around us are struggling –
          with relationships, addictions, tempta-
tions, grief, and despair. What is the answer?
                                                                                                              that God is at work in the struggles of life for
                                                                                                              our good.

                                                                                                                            The Barnabas Center
The answer is love - the love of God found in                                                                           413-B South Sharon Amity Rd.
and through the people of God.                                                                                              Charlotte, NC 28211
                                                                                                                            Phone: 704-365-4545
                                                                                                                             Fax: 704-365-4412

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