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									         How Can I Get

     The passion and commitment of its
      members is what makes YPG the                                                                          Young
                                                                                                        P r o f es s i on al s
 dynamic organization that it is today.                                                                    Group of
                                                               P.O. Box 811542                           Los Angeles
 Members (ages 21-40) live throughout
     Southern California and work in a                      Los Angeles, CA 90081
            variety of professions.
                                            General Info:                     info@ypgla.org
     Active membership is $45 annually      Membership:                       membership@ypgla.org

     and includes the following benefits:   Marketing/Public Relations:       marketingpr@ypgla.org
                                            Volunteer:                        volunteer@ypgla.org
     Discounted or free tickets to YPG
                                            Social:                           social@ypgla.org
       social events
                                            Treasurer:                        treasurer@ypgla.org
     Members-only volunteer               Liaison to Good Shepherd Board: boardliaison@ypgla.org    In Service of Good
                                                                                                       Shepherd Center
       opportunities                                                                                     for Homeless
                                                                                                      Women & Chil dren
     Annual Membership Dinner
     Social and professional networking

      To become a member today, visit
           www.ypgla.org or email
 Good Shepherd Center for                       The Young Professionals Group of Los Angeles was      Social
Homeless Women & Children                      established in 2001 and is a membership organization
                                                                                                      Not only does YPG offer worthwhile
     Caring for homeless women and                     of young professional men and women.
                                                                                                      volunteer projects, participants will also
      children with dignity and love            YPG offers volunteer and fundraising activities in    have the opportunity to attend social
               since 1984                        support of Good Shepherd Center for Homeless         events held at venues throughout the Los
For the past twenty-five years, Good            Women & Children, while also providing members        Angeles area. These events provide a
Shepherd Center has provided food,                  with social and networking opportunities.         great outlet for members and non-
clothing, and shelter for homeless                                                                    members alike to socialize and come
women and children. From mobile                Volunteer                                              together in support of YPG and its ser-
outreach to transitional shelter to            Despite busy professional and                          vice to Good Shepherd Center.
long-term housing for mothers with             personal lives, YPG members
disabilities, help is available every step     share their time and talents
of the way. Today, Good Shepherd               with women and children at
Center serves more than 900 women              Good Shepherd Center.
and children every year through                YPG offers members a variety
                                               of volunteer opportunities.
comprehensive programs, providing
long-term solutions to poverty and
                                               From playing BINGO to
                                               leading a book group with
   With the current economic downturn, the   ladies living at Good Shepherd Center, YPG provides    Past social events have included:
     need for services at Good Shepherd        volunteer opportunities that accommodate members’
     Center has risen by more than 50% in      busy lifestyles.                                       • Happy hours
     the last year alone.                                                                             • Dodger Days
   Los Angeles leads the nation in the       Additional YPG volunteer projects have included:
                                                                                                      • Cultural outings such as the
     number of homeless, with more than
                                               • Helping with an annual makeover day
     140,000 people experiencing
                                               • Serving Thanksgiving dinner                          Hollywood Bowl, The Getty, and
     homelessness sometime during the year.    • Helping with holiday parties                         Huntington Library
                                               • Taking children to a hands-on arts program
   On any given day, there are               • Mobile outreach to the homeless                      • Private wine tastings
     approximately 74,000 people without
     homes in Los Angeles County, including    For more information about volunteer projects, email
     10,000 children under the age of 18.      volunteer@ypgla.org

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