Beacon Council ICT and Social Inclusion by mikesanye


									Beacon Council Scheme
Set up the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) in 1999 as
part of the Modernising Local Government agenda.

        > To recognise the best councils by awarding beacon status so that
          others can benefit from their experience

        > To spread best practice and encourage innovation amongst all councils
          through a nationally organised programme of learning activities

        > Ministers select services or cross-cutting service areas which are
          important to local people and in particular where the beacon scheme
          can help to raise standards each year

Why did Cambridgeshire win?
•   In partnership with Huntingdonshire District Council and East
    Cambridgeshire District Council we were recognised as displaying best
    practice in the ‘Social Inclusion through ICT’ theme

•   There were three key areas of our bid:
      The Cambridgeshire Community Network (CCN) - the UK’s most ambitious
      and inclusive Broadband community network.

      Skills development
      HeLP (Huntingdonshire Electronic Learning Points)
      ECOL (East Cambs On-Line)
      Network of Learning Centres in Cambridgeshire’s libraries

      Relevant Online Content
      Cambridgeshire Direct Contact Centre
      Smart cards
      One stop shops
What did the Ministers want to see?
•   A whole authority approach to the Social Inclusion through ICT agenda with a clearly
    articulated ‘big picture’ and set milestones for achieving it

•   A clear strategy for improving access to ICT among less socially advantaged groups
    developed following full consultation with key stakeholders and target groups

•   Working strategically with partners and customers to expand access to and take up of
    local services online

•   Take up of local online services

•   Widening of e-learning opportunities

•   Advice and skills support available to target groups

•   How e-government facilities contribute to social inclusion

•   Sustainability and effective evaluation and monitoring processes

What the judges said ...

Ministers commended our project for

        "... an imaginative and well thought out approach to tackling
        the social inclusion agenda both within the rural and less
        socially advantaged urban communities. It uses the partnership
        to lever substantial additional resources, and links with the
        private sector have ensured a good skills match to this

What are we doing now?
• Programme of Learning Activities for other Councils
     >   Open Days
     >   Website
     >   Newsletter
     >   Presentations
     >   Site visits
     >   Action Learning Sets

• Raising our profile as a Beacon winner and thanking
  our staff.


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