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              Carleton University

             Faculty of Engineering and Design
                                        Areas of Study

Bachelor of Engineering                               Software pg 28
Aerospace pg 6                                        Sustainable and Renewable Energy pg 30
   Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Vehicle Performance     Smart Technologies for Power Generation and
   Aerospace Structures, Systems and Vehicle Design     Distribution
   Aerospace Electronics and Systems                    Efficient Energy Generation and Conversion
   Space Systems Design                               Bachelor of Architectural Studies pg 32
Architectural Conservation and Sustainability pg 8      Design
Biomedical and Electrical pg 10                         Urbanism
Biomedical and Mechanical pg 12                         Conservation and Sustainability
Civil pg 14                                             Philosophy and Criticism
Communications pg 16                                  Bachelor of Industrial Design pg 34
Computer Systems pg 18
                                                      Bachelor of Information Technology pg 36
Electrical pg 20
                                                        Interactıve Multimedıa and Design
Engineering Physics pg 22
                                                        Network Technology
Environmental pg 24
Mechanical pg 26
                                                      Co-operative education is available in all programs.
   Integrated Manufacturing
Welcome to
Welcome to Carleton University, where your program, your university
experience and your future success are our priorities.
Carleton offers a comprehensive range of rigorous, innovative programs. You will have the
flexibility to choose the degree most appropriate for your interests, aptitudes and career
goals, and will be challenged to do your best. Many of our programs offer additional
opportunities for specialization through concentrations and streams, and can be further
enhanced with co-operative education (co-op) and other work-study choices that allow
you to gain practical experience while working towards your degree in Ottawa, Canada’s
national capital.

 2   Message from the Dean                      34   Industrial Design

 3   The Carleton advantage                     36   Information Technology

 4   Faculty of Engineering                     38   Gain real-world experience
     and Design programs
                                                40   Making the transition
 6   Engineering
                                                42   Future opportunities
32   Architectural Studies
                                                44   Admission requirements

3 The Carleton advantage 4         Our programs              44     Admission to Carleton
Message from
                                     the Dean
                                     Carleton University’s Faculty of Engineering and Design has an
                                     international, long-standing reputation for excellence in both
                                     education and research. Our engineering, architecture, industrial
                                     design and information technology programs engage our students
                                     to ensure they obtain the best possible education and prepare
                                     themselves for a successful and satisfying career.
                                  Our research-intensive Faculty offers one of the most
                                  comprehensive platforms of engineering education in Canada at
                                  the undergraduate and graduate levels. This fall, we are pleased to
                                  introduce our new Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Architectural
                                  Conservation and Sustainability program. It provides a unique,
                                  innovative focus in a multidisciplinary program that blends both
                                  civil engineering and architectural studies. This is in addition to
                                  two recently launched programs that reflect the most up-to-date
                                  developments in science and technology: our BEng in Sustainable
and Renewable Energy Engineering and BEng in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering programs.
Carleton University is currently in the process of constructing a new building for January 2011 that
includes state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities which will engage students in our new and existing
programs across the faculty. We also offer co-operative education and internship options to allow you to
enhance your academic studies with more practical experience.
The engineering and design professions have become the main engines of economic growth through
the introduction of new products and technological innovations necessary to continue to improve
our standard of living. I invite you to join us at Carleton University and realize your full potential in
engineering and design in our beautiful campus located in the National Capital Region, overlooking the
Rideau River and the Rideau Canal.

Dr. Rafik A. Goubran, PEng
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design
                                                                                          Stimulating and supportive

    The Carleton
                      Carleton University provides a stimulating and supportive community for your
                      studies in engineering and design. You will have the choice of a number of
                      rigorous programs and several options for specialization in a particular area.

                      You will be taught by              state-of-the-art wind tunnels        in stimulating team projects,
                      experienced professors who are     and strong floors, microchip         be inspired by guest speakers
                      renowned experts in their fields   fabrication facilities and the       and have many opportunities
                      and engaged in research on         very latest in laboratories,         for hands-on learning through
                      the national and international     design studios and advanced          co-op, fieldwork and other   stage. You will have access        computer and networking              work-study options.
engineering-design    to world-class facilities—         platforms. You will take part
Relevant and accredited

                The Faculty of Engineering
                                  and Design
                                  RElEvAnt                            InnovAtIvE                        then get the chance to test your
                                  Today, more than ever before,       Universities teach, but they      theoretical knowledge in the
                                  our world needs people with         are also the creators of new      real world in co-op placements
The capital advantage             degrees and professional            knowledge. Our links with some    and fourth-year projects.
Our location in Canada’s          qualifications in the engineering   of the best-known companies
capital provides access to        and design disciplines. You will    and government departments/
                                                                                                        If you enjoy competition and
some of the world’s best          graduate from the Faculty of        agencies mean that our
                                                                                                        teamwork, you can test your
technology companies and          Engineering and Design with         programs are on the cutting-
                                                                                                        knowledge and match wits with
government laboratories           the knowledge to design such        edge of advances in the field.
                                                                                                        other university students by
for co-op and internship          things as buildings, aircraft,
                                                                      ADvAnCED                          entering engineering and design
placements. Ottawa is             software, telecommunications
                                                                      You will be exposed to exciting   competitions (departmental,
considered a global technology    systems, medical devices and
                                                                      technological advances in         provincial or national). You will
leader with more than 1,800       environmental solutions to
                                                                      information storage, global       not only hone your professional
technology companies including    pollution, depending on your
                                                                      communications networks,          presentation skills but also
several multinational giants.     program.
                                                                      computer-aided design and         be exposed to mentors and
Ottawa’s key industries           In DEmAnD                           3D image manipulation             business contacts who will be
include telecommunications,       The Bachelor of Engineering,        technologies. Other examples      important to your future.
security and defence, software,   Bachelor of Architectural           include aircraft simulators,
aerospace, environment,           Studies, Bachelor of Industrial     advanced water and waste
                                                                                                        Teaching is a major focus
construction, semiconductors,     Design and Bachelor of              water treatment methods,
                                                                                                        at Carleton University. Our
wireless, software and life       Information Technology are          offshore structures, new
                                                                                                        professors are known and
sciences—and employ nearly        highly desirable degrees in         transportation approaches and
                                                                                                        respected both nationally and
79,000 people.                    today’s fast-paced technology-      transistors that are smaller
                                                                                                        internationally. We make sure
                                  driven world.                       than most living cells.
                                                                                                        you benefit directly by having
                                  WEll RECoGnIzED                     HAnDs-on                          many senior professors teach
                                  We are recognized as a leading      A Carleton education will         first-year courses. In addition,
                                  engineering and design faculty      teach you to use both your        we have one of the best
                                  in Canada, with the most            mind and your hands. We           professor-to-student ratios in
            extensive range of programs in      emphasize problem solving         the country.
           engineering-design     the country.                        through laboratory work. You
Four areas of                      opportunities for you to
                                   specialize according to your
                                                                         InFoRmAtIon tECHnoloGY
                                                                                                           Carleton’s Engineering
                                                                                                           programs are designed to
study                              individual interests and                                                satisfy all of the accreditation
                                                                         Carleton’s School of              requirements of the Canadian
Carleton University is one         eventual career goals.
                                                                         Information Technology offers     Engineering Accreditation
of the nation’s leading            InDUstRIAl DEsIGn                     innovative programs leading       Board so that when you
institutions in the study                        to a Bachelor of Information      graduate you will meet the
and research of engineering,                                             Technology degree. The school     educational requirements for
architecture, industrial design    The field of industrial design                                          registration as a professional
                                                                         delivers two distinct programs
and information technology.        bridges the gap between                                                 engineer. Similarly, when
                                                                         jointly with Algonquin College
Our comprehensive programs         technological developments                                              you graduate from the
                                                                         —Interactive Multimedia and       Architecture program (at
provide an outstanding             and the human users of these
                                                                         Design (IMD) and Network          the master’s level) you
education in an environment        innovations. In this program,
                                                                         Technology (NET). You will        will meet the educational
that is challenging, diverse and   you will learn the many
                                                                         graduate with a Bachelor of       requirements for your
flexible. We offer four broad      elements that contribute to
                                                                         Information Technology degree     professional registration from
areas in which you can study.      making technology serve                                                 the Canadian Architectural
                                                                         from Carleton University and
                                   people better. Starting with                                            Certification Board.
ARCHItECtURAl stUDIEs                                                    either an Advanced Diploma of
                                   a firm base in mathematics,                                                 Applied Art (for IMD students)
                                   economics, psychology and
                                                                         or an Advanced Diploma in
As a student in the Azrieli        physical sciences, Carleton’s
                                                                         Technology (for NET students)
School of Architecture and         School of Industrial Design will
                                                                         from Algonquin College. The
Urbanism, you are offered          introduce you to the modern
                                                                         curriculum, with a strong mix
choices in architectural design,   production and innovation that
                                                                         of theoretical concepts and
technology and practice. You       goes into the development of all
                                                                         hands-on training, is designed
will begin your studies with       new products. You will study
                                                                         to stay current with the fast
courses in drawing, multimedia     the aspects of design that make
                                                                         pace of change in the high-tech
applications, art history and      such products successful—
                                                                         industry. Both the IMD and
the social sciences. As you        both technically and
                                                                         NET programs offer a co-op
progress, you will pursue your     commercially—and have the
                                                                         option with high placement
own research in workshops,         opportunity to highlight your
gain exciting hands-on             work in an annual exhibition
experience, visit local building   that has become a showcase for
sites, and have the option to      the university’s most promising
study abroad in your third         graduates.
year. You may also take part
in our own Student Design
Clinic, where senior students
serve real clients with design
ideas and advice on proposed
building renovations and
                                                                                                                   tion Tec
EnGInEERInG                                                                                                                 hnology
Carleton’s Engineering
program ranks among the
best in the country. The
general curriculum begins
with a common foundation in
mathematics, physical sciences
and engineering principles.
You will also have the choice
of a number of specialized
programs: Aerospace;
Architectural Conservation
and Sustainability;
Biomedical and Electrical;                                                                                                          ign
                                                                                                                     Industrial Des
Biomedical and Mechanical;
Civil; Communications;
Computer Systems; Electrical;
Environmental; Mechanical;
Software; Sustainable and                                             tudies
                                                              ctural S
Renewable Energy; and                                  Archite
Engineering Physics. Each
of these disciplines provides
Aerospace Engineering

                          In the 20th century, humans finally realized the age-old dream of flying. today,
                          the modern aerospace industry in Canada is vigorous, innovative and highly

                          Generating over $20 billion in   has a worldwide reputation      turbine power plants, aircraft
                          annual revenue and employing     for leadership in a number of   simulators, communications
                          over 80,000 people, the          fields—including commuter       satellites and guidance systems.   Canadian aerospace industry      and business aircraft, gas
the Carleton
Carleton University established
the first Bachelor of Engineering                                                               Jeff Teutsch,
(BEng) degree program in                                                                        Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering in
Canada. Carleton’s program is                                                                   As a Aerospace Engineeering student,
recognized for:                                                                                 Jeff Teutsch has taken on strong
                                                                                                leadership roles in Carleton’s Mechanical
    a wide range of topics offered
                                                                                                and Aerospace Society. However, his
    within four streams of study;
                                                                                                biggest challenge is yet to come as he
n   a unique final-year design                                                                  launches into a challenging final-year
    project that emulates a design                                                              project.
    office setting at an aerospace
    firm;                                                                                       This year, Jeff will be building an
                                                                                                Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The
n   an emphasis on problem-
    solving skills, and hands-on                                                                vehicle, aptly named The Rook, will be
    laboratory and design work;                                                                 a mini, 35 kg modular UAV designed
                                                                                                to fly missions for universities and small
    a progressive co-operative
                                                                                                enterprises. The project parameters
    education (co-op) option; and
                                                                                                include safety, ease of assembly and an
n   excellent scholarships for                                                                  ability to follow ground relief.
    high-standing students.

Carleton’s laboratory and
computer facilities available to
aerospace engineering students
                                     n   Aerodynamics, Propulsion
                                         and Vehicle Performance
                                                                        After graduation                       manufacturing industry,
                                                                                                               airline and space operations,
are unparalleled. Laboratory                                            As graduates of the Aerospace          government research
facilities include multiple          n   Aerospace Structures,
                                                                        Engineering degree program,            laboratories, and aircraft
wind tunnels ranging from                Systems and Vehicle Design
                                                                        students are well prepared             certification and accident
an atmospheric boundary-                 Aerospace Electronics and      for challenging careers within
                                                                                                               investigation authorities.
layer tunnel to a supersonic             Systems                        the aerospace design and
tunnel; a large-scale water
                                     n   Space Systems Design
channel; model satellites;
test facilities for thermal and      The four streams provide
vibration testing of satellite       a foundation in the key
sub-structures; systems              disciplines of dynamics/
for structural testing of            controls, thermofluids, solid
aircraft components; material        mechanics, materials and
processing equipment including       avionics electronics/systems,
furnaces and a plasma spray          all of which are essential to
coating facility; equipment          the design of airframes, space
for the study of heat transfer       platforms, propulsion systems,
phenomena; and facilities for        and control and navigation
training on avionics systems.        systems. Each stream begins
In addition, students benefit        with a common set of courses in
from Carleton’s proximity            engineering and science. These
to, and close association            are followed by increasingly
with, government research            specialized courses throughout
organizations such as the            the remainder of the four-year
National Research Council            program.
                                     Please refer to the Carleton
                                     University Undergraduate
Program of study                     Calendar at for
                                     more information on courses
The BEng program in Aerospace
                                     as well as details on the co-
Engineering is fully accredited
                                     operative education option for     The Carleton Moonbuggy in action at NASA's Marshall Space Flight
by the Canadian Engineering
                                     this program.                      Center. The course simulates a lunar landscape and includes hills,
Accreditation Board. The
                                                                        craters, sand traps and serpentines.
program’s four streams consist
New Architectural
and Sustainability

Architectural Conservation
              and Sustainability
                         sustainable development and heritage conservation have become guiding
                         principles for our modern industrial society. With increased awareness
                         of the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability,
                         expertise in sustainable green building design and heritage conservation
                         is now in high demand.
                         Skilled civil and environmental
                         engineers apply their knowledge
                                                             energy needs and consumption.
                                                             They also bring their expertise
                                                                                               the Carleton
                         in sustainability to the design     to the burgeoning field           advantage
                         and retrofit of both new and        of conservation, as more          Carleton’s Bachelor of
                         existing buildings and other        structures receive various        Engineering (BEng) in
                         structures, considering areas       levels of heritage designation    Architectural Conservation
                         such as life cycle costs, impacts   and are in need of repair and     and Sustainability is a   of selected materials, and          adaptation.                       multidisciplinary program
                                                                              The program offers a choice           Please refer to the Carleton
                                                                              of two streams of study: the          University Undergraduate
                                                                              Structural Stream and the             Calendar at
                                                                              Environmental Stream. In the          cuuc for more information on
                                                                              first two years, students in          courses as well as details on
                                                                              both streams study a similar          the co-operative education
                                                                              core of courses in engineering,       option for this program.
                                                                              math, science and introductory
                                                                              architecture. In the third and
                                                                              fourth years of the program,          After graduation
                                                                              the streams become more               As a graduate in this field, you
                                                                              specialized. As a Structural          will have acquired a skill set
                                                                              Stream student, you will              that industry has identified
                                                                              concentrate on conservation           as lacking in current post-
                                                                              and sustainability in the             secondary school education
                                                                              design of new structures, and         in Canada. You will be well
                                                                              the assessment, rehabilitation        equipped with the knowledge
                                                                              and retrofit of existing              and skills needed to work in
                                                                              structures. The Environmental         the engineering field and will
                                                                              Stream allows you to develop          benefit from the increased
                                                                              sustainable building practices        recognition of the need for
                                                                              with a focus on life cycle            building professionals with
                                                                              analysis of structures, water         unique expertise in historic
                                                                              quality and conservation,             or designated heritage
                                                                              air quality, and disposal of          buildings and the conservation
                                                                              materials and waste streams.          process. You may also
                                                                              Students in both areas                continue studies in graduate
                                                                              complete a specialized design         programs in conservation and
     Students learn how to analyze unique structural components (e.g.,        project in their final year, as       sustainability or choose to
     arches) and how to design and implement rehabilitation strategies        well as study green building          work towards professional
     for our heritage buildings.                                              design and rehabilitation of          designation as an architect by
                                                                              heritage buildings.                   entering Carleton’s Master of
     that blends both engineering         n   well-equipped engineering
     and architectural studies.               laboratories and computer                                             Architecture program.
     You will have the opportunity            rooms on campus;
     to study within a top-notch                                              Graduates of the program will have the knowledge and skills to use
                                          n   state-of-the-art architecture
     engineering faculty as                                                   resources efficiently while creating buildings that are better for both
                                              facilities, considered among
     well as be enriched by the                                               human health and the environment.
                                              the finest in North America;
     program’s close association
     with Carleton’s well-known           n   proximity to key industry and
     architecture program. The                government partners such
     program offers:                          as the Heritage Conservation
                                              Directorate, Public Works
     n   the opportunity to follow one
                                              and Government Services
         of two study streams suited
                                              Canada, the Canada Green
         to your background and
                                              Building Council, and Canada
                                              Mortgage and Housing
     n   a challenging and hands-on           Corporation; and
         final-year project that brings
                                          n   association with advanced
         together knowledge, skills
                                              research institutions such as
         and expertise gained in the
                                              the National Research Council
                                              Canada, Natural Resources
     n   a progressive co-operative           Canada and Environment
         education (co-op) option;            Canada.
     n   integrated and collaborative
         approaches to projects with      Program of study
         architecture students; and
                                          The BEng in Architectural
     n   generous scholarships to         Conservation and
         high-standing applicants.        Sustainability has been
                                          designed to meet the strict
     Unparalleled                         professional and academic
                                          requirements of the Canadian
     resources                            Engineering Accreditation
     At Carleton, you will benefit        Board.
11   CARlEton UnIvERsItY
Biomedical and Electrical Engineering

                                                                             Luke Russell, a Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
                                                                             student, prepares to take an image of a lego robot
                                                                             using a prototype of a 3D laser imaging system.

   Biomedical and Electrical
                             Increasingly, the field of health care relies on technology. Biological signals, such
                             as those from the heart and brain, are routinely used for both diagnostic and
                             therapeutic purposes. Computer tools are used to collect and analyze data, such as
                             gene sequence databases that contain millions of entries.

                             Mechanical elements, sensors,    diagnosis of disease and better     field that uses technology
                             actuators and electronics make   treatment and prevention.           to design and build new
                             medical devices work—and         Medical informatics,                components and systems
                             can even be used to deliver      telemedicine and electronic         for biomedical solutions to
                             drugs inside the human body.     health records help improve the     problems in medicine and
                             Advances in medical imaging      delivery of health care.            biology.
                             techniques such as MRI and
                                                              Biomedical and electrical
    PET scans lead to the early
                                                              engineering is a fast-growing
the Carleton
Carleton’s Bachelor of
Engineering (BEng) degree
program in Biomedical and
Electrical Engineering provides
comprehensive studies in
electrical engineering and
science with applications in
biotechnology and medicine.
The program offers:
n   a strong emphasis on
    bioinformatics, bio-signal
    processing, information
    technology in biomedicine,
    micro-technology for sensors
    and micro-electro-mechanical
    systems (MEMS), instruments
    and measurements, and
                                      Professor Adrian Chan and his students examine whether food borne bacteria can be detected and identified
    cardiovascular devices;
                                      by odour. Here, they prepare samples to be tested by an electronic nose.
n   a progressive co-operative
    education (co-op) option—the          collaborations with
    program is highly linked

                                          outstanding area hospitals
                                                                             Program of study                   knowledge in mathematics and
                                                                                                                science, but increasingly study
    with local hospitals and the          such as the Children’s             The BEng in Biomedical and         topics in electrical engineering,
    University of Ottawa Heart            Hospital of Eastern Ontario        Electrical Engineering degree      electronics, computer
    Institute; and                        (CHEO) and other health care       program is fully accredited        engineering and software. Senior
n   excellent scholarships for            establishments;                    by the Canadian Engineering        courses emphasize biomedical
    high-standing students.                                                  Accreditation Board. When you      engineering and apply your
                                      n   a superb undergraduate
                                                                             graduate from this program,        knowledge to the biomedical
                                          computing network, including
                                                                             you will meet the educational      and health care fields. You will
                                          Windows-based PCs and Sun
Unparalleled                              Ultra workstations;
                                                                             requirements for registration      have the opportunity for hands-
resources                                 prominent professors from
                                                                             as a professional engineer. The    on practice through supervised
                                      n                                      program is also designed to        project work, extensive
At Carleton, you will benefit             the medical field who work         meet the prerequisite courses      laboratory and clinical field
from:                                     closely with our engineering       required by most medical           experience, and oral and written
    state-of-the-art biomedical           professors; and                    schools in North America.
n                                                                                                               presentations.
    research facilities, including    n   access to industry-sponsored       As a student in this program,      Please refer to the Carleton
    a biological signals                  laboratories such as the           you will spend your first year     University Undergraduate
    laboratory and medical                Alcatel, Texas Instruments         learning the fundamentals          Calendar at for
    imaging laboratory, as well           and Mitel laboratories.            of science and mathematics,        more information on courses
    as telemedicine and tele-                                                including biology, chemistry       as well as details on the co-
    operations facilities;                                                   and physics. In subsequent         operative education option for
                                                                             years, you will build on your      this program.
In addition to housing state-of-the-art research facilities, Carleton’s engineering building provides several
common areas for students to gather and work on group projects.
                                                                                                                After graduation
                                                                                                                Graduates of this program
                                                                                                                find employment in health-
                                                                                                                care establishments and
                                                                                                                medical facilities, working
                                                                                                                with computers, medical
                                                                                                                equipment or medical devices.
                                                                                                                Rewarding work can also be
                                                                                                                found in developing health care
                                                                                                                technologies such as electronic
                                                                                                                implants, safer medical
                                                                                                                materials and devices, or
                                                                                                                superior data management and
                                                                                                                diagnostic systems. You will also
                                                                                                                be well prepared for continued
                                                                                                                studies at the graduate level or
                                                                                                                in medicine.
Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering

                                                                                      Carleton graduate student
                                                                                      Idana Veledar examines fixation
                                                                                      and movement of a total hip
                                                                                      replacement in an artificial thigh
                                                                                      bone after subjecting it to the
                                                                                      types of loads that would be
                                                                                      expected in daily activities such as
                                                                                      walking and stair climbing.

  Biomedical and Mechanical
                            Biomedical engineers design and build components and systems for applications
                            that help solve biological and medical problems—including prostheses, artificial
                            organs, drug delivery systems and a broad range of surgical and life-support
                            systems used in medical practice.

                            Carleton’s program in           and medicine. Core mechanical        biomedical design project that
                            Biomedical and Mechanical       engineering courses are              further develops quantitative
                            Engineering provides            complemented by courses              and experimental skills in a
                            training in mechanical          in areas such as biofluids,          team setting while providing
                            engineering principles used     biomechanics, biomaterials           outstanding practical
                            to analyze and solve problems   and biomedical device design.        experience.
                            related to biomechanical        In the fourth year of study,   engineering, biotechnology      you will participate in a major
the Carleton
Carleton University’s Bachelor
of Engineering (BEng) in
Biomedical and Mechanical
Engineering offers:
n   a progressive co-operative
    education (co-op) option;
n   strong emphasis on hands-on
    laboratories and design; and
n   excellent scholarships for
    high-standing students.

As a student in the Biomedical
and Mechanical Engineering
program, you will benefit from:      Carleton graduate student Andrew Geddes (2007) developed a device to measure the position and force
                                     of a doctor’s fingertips during abdominal examinations. This research will be applied to patient simulators
n   modern, well-equipped
                                     developed in fourth-year research projects by students.
n   excellent computer facilities;     work with, and learn from,         and academic requirements             provide a solid foundation
n   proximity to, and                  students in other engineering      of the Canadian Engineering           for second-year courses
    collaboration with, area           programs.                          Accreditation Board. The              emphasizing engineering
    hospitals, biotechnology                                              program is also designed to           science. Third- and fourth-
    firms, research institutions                                          meet the prerequisite courses         year studies include courses
    and government agencies and
                                     Program of study                     required by most medical              that focus on biomedical
    departments; and                 The BEng program in                  schools in North America.             applications such as biofluids,
                                     Biomedical and Mechanical                                                  biomaterials, biomechanics and
n   an interdisciplinary approach                                         The fundamentals of basic
                                     Engineering has been designed                                              biomechanical device design,
    with opportunities to                                                 science and mathematics
                                     to meet the strict professional                                            balanced by courses that
                                                                          included in your first year
                                                                                                                provide well-rounded training
                                                                                                                in mechanical engineering.
                                                                                                                Please refer to the Carleton
                                                                                                                University Undergraduate
                                                                                                                Calendar at
                                                                                                                cuuc for more information on
                                                                                                                courses as well as details on
                                                                                                                the co-operative education
                                                                                                                option for this program.

                                                                                                                After graduation
                                                                                                                As a graduate of this program,
                                                                                                                you will be qualified to work
                                                                                                                in many industrial and public
                                                                                                                organizations in the fields of
                                                                                                                medical devices, biomedical
                                                                                                                engineering, health services,
                                                                                                                diagnostic equipment, medical
                                                                                                                instruments and medical
                                                                                                                information systems. These
                                                                                                                industries are continuing to
                                                                                                                grow at a phenomenal rate,
                                                                                                                both in Canada and globally,
                                                                                                                and the demand for specialists
                                                                                                                in this area is expected to
Civil Engineering

                        Civil engineers plan, design, build, maintain, rehabilitate and manage the
                        infrastructure in which we live and work. this infrastructure includes the
                        buildings, highways, railways, airports, subway systems, bridges, pipeline systems,
                        canals, water systems and other aspects of the physical framework that our world
                        depends on.

                        By choosing Civil Engineering
                        as a path for your studies,
                                                        the Carleton                     n   courses and design projects in
                                                                                             structural, geotechnical and
                        you are well on your way to     advantage                            transportation engineering;
                        a rewarding career in which     Carleton University’s Bachelor   n   a program of study that
                        you can make meaningful         of Engineering (BEng) degree         emphasizes problem-solving
                        contributions to the            program in Civil Engineering         skills, laboratory experience,
                        development and evolution of    offers:                              design and advanced   our physical world.
                                                                                             computer methods for civil
                                      Photo courtesy of Igor Milasin
n   a progressive co-operative
    education (co-op) option;
n   opportunities to participate in
    collaborative design projects
    with industry, government
    and other research agencies
    in the Ottawa region; and
n   excellent scholarships for
    students with high academic

You will find excellent
laboratory and computer
facilities at Carleton. For
                                                                                                                                       The capital advantage
example, you may become
involved in research studies          Engineering students prepare their entry for the annual Troitsky                                 The National Research Council
                                      Bridge Building Competition at Concordia University in Montreal.                                 Canada (NRC) is the country’s
that test the materials of
                                      Competitors use skill and imagination to construct simple bridges                                scientific and industrial research
large-scale specimens using                                                                                                            agency. Based in Ottawa, the
the specialized facilities of         from dental floss, popsicle sticks and glue. Entries are judged on
                                                                                                                                       NRC helps turn ideas and
the strong floor in the Minto         aesthetics, originality, presentation and strength—some bridges can
                                                                                                                                       knowledge into new products,
Centre for Advanced Studies           support over 5,000 pounds of force.                                                              processes and services.
in Engineering. Carleton’s                                                                                                             Outstanding government
proximity to the laboratories of      At Carleton, you will develop                           n   Geotechnical engineering—            scientists and engineers work
                                      a broad background in                                       the use of soil and rock as          directly with partners from
the National Research Council
                                      engineering in your first two                               building foundations or as the       Carleton University and from
Canada gives you access                                                                                                                industry. These collaborations
to additional research and            years of study. In your final two                           framework for structures such
                                                                                                                                       mean that Carleton students
resource facilities.                  years, you can specialize in one                            as tunnels and mines; and            enjoy access to the latest
                                      of the following categories:                                                                     technology and research,
                                                                                              n   municipal engineering—
                                                                                                                                       especially in the areas of
Program of study                      n                 structural engineering—the
                                                        construction and functioning
                                                                                                  the range of tasks handled
                                                                                                  by municipal governments,
                                                                                                                                       aerospace, hydraulics, information
                                                                                                                                       technology, transportation and
The BEng degree program                                 of safe, reliable buildings               such as road or bridge               micro-structural sciences.
in Civil Engineering is fully                           and bridges, as well as the               maintenance, water and
accredited by the Canadian                              analysis and assessment of                waste water treatment and
Engineering Accreditation                               existing structures;                      urban planning.                  you to gain valuable skills in
Board. When you graduate from                                                                                                      accounting, marketing and
                                      n                 transportation                        In addition, you may choose
this program, you will meet the                                                                                                    project management.
                                                        engineering—the planning              to take a concentration
educational requirements for
                                                        and design of safer systems           in Management. This                  Please refer to the Carleton
registration as a professional
                                                        and facilities for traveling          option provides a series of          University Undergraduate
                                                        and transportation on land,           management courses beginning         Calendar at
                                                        by water or in the air;               in the second year, enabling         cuuc for more information on
                                                                                                                                   courses as well as details on
                                                                                                                                   the co-operative education
                                                                                                                                   option for this program.

                                                                       Hottest research                                            After graduation
                                                                                                                                   As a graduate of this program,
                                                                       Professor George Hadjisophocleous, Canada’s
                                                                                                                                   you will have expertise
                                                                       first Industrial Research Chair in Fire Safety
                                                                                                                                   in analysis, computer
                                                                       Engineering, is an internationally recognized
                                                                                                                                   applications, design,
                                                                       expert in the field of fire safety. A combination
                                                                                                                                   construction and management.
                                                                       of computer modelling and full-scale testing                That expertise can be used
                                                                       allows Professor Hadjisophocleous and his team              to plan and execute projects
                                                                       to examine how fire develops and spreads in                 in areas that include, but are
                                                                       buildings, the toxic gases it produces, how                 not limited to, building and
                                                                       fast it moves, how occupants behave, and the                bridge construction, design
                                                                       effectiveness of preventive measures.                       and construction of runways
                                                                                                                                   and seaports, energy resource
                                                                                                                                   development, engineering for
                                                                                                                                   cold climates, and water and
                                                                                                                                   waste water treatment.
Communications Engineering                                                           The Mitel-sponsored VoIP Research Laboratory
                                                                                     is served by a Mitel 3300MXe IP PBX which
                                                                                     interfaces to Mitel's family of PoE technology IP

                            Communications engineers are specialists in the planning, building and operating
                            of the systems that define the ways in which we carry out our business, leisure
                            and personal lives.
                            As the architects and             cloud computing, satellites,        video telecommunications,
                            implementers of new               smart phones, social                communications engineers will
                            generations of wireless           networking technologies, and        play an important role in the
   systems, Internet applications,   integrated voice, data and          world economy in the future.
the Carleton                         you will benefit from
                                     Carleton’s proximity to, and
advantage                            close association with, the
The Bachelor of Engineering          laboratories of the federal
(BEng) degree program in             Communications Research
Communications Engineering           Centre, the National Research
offers:                              Council Canada and local
                                     technology companies.
n   integrated studies in the
    principles and practice
    of telecommunications            Program of study
    and related computer
                                     The BEng program in
                                     Communications Engineering
n   a progressive co-operative       is fully accredited by the
    education (co-op) option;        Canadian Engineering
n   the development of               Accreditation Board. When you
    strong problem-solving           graduate from this program,
    skills through hands-on          you will meet the educational
    laboratories and design work;    requirements for registration
                                     as a professional engineer.
n   lecturers who are
    communications experts from      The program provides a broad
    the university as well as from   foundation in the basics of
    industry and government; and     mathematics, the physical           to practise in a world of rapidly
                                                                         changing technology, as well
                                                                                                             After graduation
                                     sciences, the engineering
    excellent scholarships for                                           as the specific knowledge           As a graduate of our program in
                                     sciences and technology. It
    high-standing students.                                              and skills that employers in        Communications Engineering,
                                     includes communications
                                                                         the telecommunications and          you will have a wide variety
                                     theory and practice, design and
                                                                         information industries are          of employment options in
Unparalleled                         analysis of telecommunications
                                     components, systems, software,      looking for.                        the telecommunications,
resources                            applications, and regulatory        Please refer to the Carleton
                                                                                                             transportation, financial and
                                                                                                             defence industries, as well
As a Communications                  and social issues, and will give    University Undergraduate
                                                                                                             as government and private
Engineering student at               you a strong background in          Calendar at
                                                                                                             research and development,
Carleton, you will benefit           real-time computer systems          cuuc for more information on
                                                                                                             regulatory agencies and
from modern, well-equipped           and software engineering. The       courses as well as details on
                                                                                                             standards organizations.
laboratories and facilities          program is designed to provide      the co-operative education
on campus. In addition,              you with the flexibility required   option for this program.
Computer Systems Engineering

  Computer Systems
                           Computer systems engineers focus on the design, implementation and testing
                           of complex systems that have computers as components. they create and
                           implement computer-based systems to solve problems in areas such as real-time
                           control systems, autonomous robotics, wireless networks, distributed systems,
                           multimedia applications and more.

                           Their work is apparent in      communications networks and      devices and the systems that
                           almost everything we build —   terrestrial transportation, to   control the infrastructure in our
                           from smart phones, modern      avionics, innovative medical     lives.   gaming devices, intricate
                                                                                                                   program, you will take courses
                                                                                                                   that combine software, hardware
                                                       Improving Communications                                    and computer networking
                                                                                                                   studies. You will become adept
                                                       Dean of Engineering and Design Rafik Goubran                in object-oriented programming,
                                                       works on innovative techniques to improve the               C++ and Java, real-time systems,
                                                       speech quality in wireless phones and on voice              software engineering, and
                                                       transmission over the Internet (VoIP). With his             other specialized topics (with
                                                       team, he explores modern stereophonic high-                 possible focus on robotics or
                                                       fidelity teleconferencing and video-conferencing            artificial intelligence), and have
                                                       systems, including microphone arrays and                    the opportunity to undertake an
                                                       steerable cameras. The team also works on                   advanced research project.
                                                       medical applications, such as smart apartments              Please refer to the Carleton
                                                       for the independent living of seniors. His                  University Undergraduate
                                                       research is done in collaboration with industry,            Calendar at for
                                                       the Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute,                   more information on courses
                                                       the Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital, the Natural                 as well as details on the co-
                                                       Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and              operative education option for
                                                       Communications and Information Technology                   this program.
                                                                                                                   After graduation
                                                                                                                   After graduating from the
                                                                                                                   Computer Systems Engineering
the Carleton                         Unparalleled                           Program of study                       degree program at Carleton, you
                                                                                                                   will be able to design software
advantage                            resources                              This BEng program is fully             or computer hardware. You will
Carleton’s Bachelor of                                                      accredited by the Canadian             have special skills in working
                                     At Carleton, you will benefit
Engineering (BEng) degree                                                   Engineering Accreditation              at the interface of hardware
program in Computer Systems                                                 Board. When you graduate from          and software, especially
                                     n   well-equipped laboratories         the program, you will meet the
Engineering contributes to                                                                                         in the area of embedded
                                         and computer facilities on         educational requirements for
Ottawa’s reputation as a high-                                                                                     and autonomous systems,
                                         campus; and                        registration as a professional
tech centre. Partnerships and                                                                                      microcontroller applications,
close interactions with leading      n   Carleton’s proximity to,           engineer.                              telecommunications, and the
firms and organizations enrich           and close association with,        As a student in the Computer           engineering of computer-based
our curriculum; in return, these         the laboratories of the            Systems Engineering program,           systems. Graduates of the
companies and organizations              Communications Research            you will first acquire a broad         program are the founders of, and
tap into Carleton as a rich source       Centre, the National Research      base of knowledge in science,          active leaders in, several high-
of talent, ideas and expertise.          Council Canada and local           mathematics, computers, and            tech companies specializing
                                         technology companies.              engineering science and design.        in computer systems and
The BEng in Computer Systems
                                                                            Over the next three years of the       information networks.
program offers:
n   integrated studies in the
    areas of computer systems
    organization, software
    engineering, real-time
                                                                                               Katherine Newcombe,
    systems, electronics,
                                                                                               Computer Systems Engineering
    computer networking, and                                                                   In her final year of study in Computer Systems
    general systems design;                                                                    Engineering, Katherine Newcombe plays an
n   a progressive co-operative                                                                 active role in the Carleton University Robotics
    education (co-op) option;                                                                  Club, a club that welcomes all students with an
                                                                                               interest in robotics, regardless of their academic
n   an emphasis on problem-
                                                                                               program. She is also gearing up to run the
    solving skills and hands-
                                                                                               Go Eng Girl program—an outreach initiative
    on experience through
                                                                                               designed to encourage more girls to consider
    laboratory and design work;
                                                                                               engineering as a course of study. The program
                                                                                               allows young girls (Grades 7-10) to explore
n   excellent scholarships for                                                                 the engineering profession through a full day
    high-standing students.                                                                    of special guest speakers, hands-on activities,
                                                                                               laboratory tours and opportunities to meet
                                                                                               current female engineering students.
Electrical Engineering

                          Carleton electrical engineers are transforming civilization and society. Working in
                          industry, government and universities, they create the light we read by, the devices
                          we use to play our music, and the computers we work, game and socialize on.

                          This revolution in lifestyle   with nano-scale devices           satellites and supercomputers.
                          is achieved through the        smaller than most living cells,   This vast array of networked
                          design of the largest and      electrical engineers design       devices is powered by the
                          the smallest structures ever   the microchips used in larger     largest man-made structure   built by humans. Working       devices from cellphones to        in the world; a massive
     grid, designed by electrical              high-tech companies, federal     n   a superb undergraduate          Fourth year offers options for
     engineers, moves energy from              government research labs,            computing network, including    further development in areas
     large power stations, wind                as well as leading hospital          the latest models of Windows-   such as wireless electronics,
     generation farms and solar                and medical research                 based PCs and Sun Ultra         antennas, integrated circuit
     power arrays to places all                facilities such as the Heart         workstations with state-        design, layout and fabrication,
     over the world, creating light            Institute and the Children’s         of-the-art computer-aided       fibre optic communications,
     and heat, transporting people,            Hospital of Eastern Ontario          design (CAD) tools.             nano-electronics, sensors and
     irrigating land and powering              (CHEO), enabling you to                                              sensing technology, solar cell/
     phones and computers.                     develop contacts for future      Program of study                    photovoltaic technology, power
                                               employment;                                                          systems, aerospace electronics
                                                                                The BEng in Electrical              and CAD for electronics
     the Carleton                          n   a progressive co-operative       Engineering degree program          engineering.
                                               education (co-op) option; and
     advantage                                                                  is fully accredited by the
                                                                                                                    Please refer to the Carleton
                                           n   excellent scholarships for       Canadian Engineering
     Carleton University’s Bachelor                                             Accreditation Board. When you       University Undergraduate
                                               high-standing students.
     of Engineering (BEng)                                                      graduate from this program,         Calendar at
     degree program in Electrical                                               you will meet the educational       cuuc for more information on
     Engineering offers:                   Unparalleled                         requirements for registration       courses as well as details on
     n   strong specializations            resources                            as a professional engineer.         the co-operative education
                                                                                                                    option for this program.
         in wireless electronics,                                               The first year of the program
                                           At Carleton, you will benefit
         integrated circuit design and                                          emphasizes fundamentals
         fabrication, nano-technology,
                                           n modern, well-equipped              in mathematics and                  After graduation
         green energy, biomedical                                               science. Second year offers
                                             laboratories and computer                                              As a Carleton Electrical
         sensors and technologies,                                              introductory courses in
                                             facilities right on campus;                                            Engineering graduate, you can
         antennas, light-wave devices,                                          network analysis, electronic
                                               on-site facilities for                                               expect to find employment
         aerospace electronics, and        n
                                                                                circuit design, object-oriented
                                               manufacturing integrated                                             with companies developing
         design automation;                                                     programming and numerical
                                               circuits;                                                            products and services in
     n   opportunities for students to                                          analysis, while continuing          wireless electronics, biomedical
         design their own integrated       n   our close association with the   to develop a strong base of         electronics, instrumentation,
         circuits in our on-campus             largest government electrical    mathematical and computer           mobile electronics, electrical
         fabrication facility—one of           engineering (EE) laboratories    skills. Third-year courses          power and smart grids,
         the few such facilities at a          in Canada including the          provide specialization in           renewable energy systems,
         Canadian university;                  Communications Research          digital and analog circuit          computer/game hardware,
                                               Centre Canada and the            design, semiconductor device
     n   access to Ottawa’s                                                                                         telecommunications, and
                                               National Research Council        physics, electromagnetics
         large concentration of                                                                                     aerospace and space electronics.
                                               Canada; and                      and real-time programming.
         telecommunications and

              Luz Osorio and Phong Nguyen
              As undergraduate engineering students, Luz Osorio and Phong Nguyen
              teamed up to undertake a senior research project. Working in close
              collaboration, they created a medical device called a pulse oximeter. The
              pulse oximeter shines light through tissue and measures the rate of light
              absorption in order to determine oxygen levels in the blood. “The device
              has numerous applications,” explains Phong. “It can be used to monitor
              patients during surgery or childbirth, as well as high performance athletes
              and pilots.”
              All engineering students, regardless of their area of specialization,
              complete a fourth-year project on a special topic of interest. The study
              is guided by a professor but completed independently by teams, usually
              composed of two to twenty-five students. “This kind of project prepares
              you for a professional work environment in a very real way," says Luz. “The
              team has to pace itself well, divide up the work, submit progress reports
              and problem solve together over the course of the year.”
              Although it took most of their final year of studies to complete, this
              project came with a few extra rewards for Luz and Phong. They not only
              won a departmental competition for their work, but also went on to win a
              university-wide contest followed by a third-place finish competing against
              Eastern Ontario universities.

23   CARlEton UnIvERsItY
Engineering Physics

                                                                              A Carleton student examines a silicon wafer in
                                                                              our on-campus clean room, a microfabrication
                                                                              laboratory that facilitates integrated circuit design

                                                                              and testing.

                         Engineering physics applies fundamental physical science to the solution of
                         technological problems. As an Engineering Physics graduate, you will be well
                         educated in material science, applied physics, electronics and nanotechnology.
                         You will also be highly skilled
                         in the development of new
                                                             the Carleton                         integrated semiconductor
                                                                                                  devices, and optical devices and
                         technologies in semiconductor,      advantage                            systems. This program offers:
                         optical and nano-scale integrated   Carleton’s Bachelor of
                                                                                                  n   a set of options in fourth
                         devices for telecommunications,     Engineering (BEng) degree
                                                                                                      year that allow you to focus
                         biomedical and renewable energy     program in Engineering Physics
                                                                                                      on semiconductor devices,   applications.                       has two main areas of focus:
    nanotechnology or modern              well-equipped laboratories        registration as a professional        design, microwave engineering,
    optics;                               (Carleton is one of the few       engineer.                             integrated sensors and many
                                          universities in the country                                             other areas.
n   the opportunity to design                                               Your program begins with
                                          with its own in-house IC
    your own integrated circuits                                            a broad and fundamental               Please refer to the Carleton
                                          fabrication facilities);
    (ICs), which are manufactured                                           background in physics and             University Undergraduate
    right on campus;                  n   our proximity to, and             electronics. During the first         Calendar at for
                                          close association with,           year, you will have a unique          more information on courses
n   a unique team-design project
                                          the laboratories of the           opportunity to participate in         as well as details on the co-
    course in first year;
                                          National Research Council         a small class and collaborate         operative education option for
n   excellent computing                   Canada (NRC) and the              closely with a senior professor       this program.
    resources;                            Communications Research           on a team project that involves
                                          Centre; and                       the design and implementation
n   access to Ottawa’s high-tech
    companies, enabling you to                                              of an optical system. This course     After graduation
                                      n   the Canadian Photonics
    develop contacts for future                                             introduces you to engineering         As a graduate of this program,
                                          Fabrication Facility, available
    work;                                                                   design early in your studies,         you will find rewarding
                                          to Carleton students for
                                                                            making your subsequent years          opportunities in a variety of
n   a progressive co-operative            the design, fabrication and
                                                                            more relevant and interesting.        technical careers, particularly
    education (co-op) option; and         testing of state-of-the-art
                                                                            The second and third years of         with semiconductor, computer
                                          photonics and optoelectronics
n   excellent scholarships for                                              the program provide a strong          and telecommunications firms.
                                          components and systems.
    high-standing students.                                                 background in both physics            You could design and fabricate
                                                                            and engineering, with courses         ICs or work with renewable
                                      Program of study                      in programming, electronics           energy devices, microwave
Unparalleled                          The BEng degree program in            and modern physics. Fourth            and optical systems, or sensor
resources                             Engineering Physics is fully          year allows you to specialize         technology. Some graduates
                                      accredited by the Canadian            in either semiconductor device        build careers in biomedical
At Carleton, you will benefit
                                      Engineering Accreditation Board.      technology or applied optics.         engineering and medical physics
                                      When you graduate from this           Electives are also available in       or pursue advanced studies at
n   outstanding computer              program, you will meet the            IC design, telecommunications         the graduate level.
    networks and modern,              educational requirements for          electronics, computer-aided

Many research-intensive government departments and agencies, including the National Research Council, are located in the National Capital Region.
Environmental Engineering

                            Environmental issues are increasingly at the forefront of the agendas of industry,
                            governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals today. these issues
                            range from global ones, like climate change, to local ones, such as the secure
                            supply of drinking water to urban populations.

                            Environmental engineers
                            design and implement
                                                           remediation of contaminated
                                                           sites, and environmental
                                                                                         the Carleton
                            technologies that protect      impact assessment are just    advantage
                            both the environment and       a few examples of important   Carleton University’s Bachelor
                            public health and prevent,     areas that require an         of Engineering (BEng) degree
                            control or limit pollution.    environmental engineer’s      program in Environmental
                            Water and waste water          in-depth understanding        Engineering is one of only a
                            treatment, air pollution and   of environmental issues       few in Canada. Our program
                            emissions control, solid and   and technical expertise in    includes a modified common
   hazardous waste management,    innovative solutions.         engineering core program, a
group of courses specific to               laboratories of the National
environmental engineering, as              Research Council Canada,
well as additional courses in              Natural Resources Canada
biology and chemistry.                     and Environment Canada.
                                                                                                                          Banu Örmeci
Carleton offers:
     an emphasis on problem
                                       Program of study                                                                   Professor Örmeci holds the
n	                                                                                                                        Canada Research Chair in
     solving and hands-on              The BEng program in                                                                Waste Water and Public
     laboratory work;                  Environmental Engineering
                                                                                                                          Health Engineering, and is a
                                       is fully accredited by the
n	   a progressive co-operative                                                                                           recipient of an Ontario Early
                                       Canadian Engineering
     education (co-op) option;                                                                                            Researcher Award. Previously
                                       Accreditation Board. When you
                                                                                                                          with Duke University in the
n	   opportunities to participate in   graduate from this program,
                                                                                                                          United States, she says “I
     collaborative design projects     you will meet the educational
                                                                                                                          chose Carleton because of
     with industry, government         requirements for registration
     and other research agencies       as a professional engineer.                                                        its strong commitment to
     in the Ottawa region;                                                                                                education, quality research and
                                       The program includes a wide                                                        outreach to society, as well as
     a wide choice of                  range of topics—from life cycle
                                                                                                                          its proximity to Canada’s top
     complementary courses from        analysis and environmental
                                                                                                                          research institutions.”
     other faculties, such as Arts     impact assessment, to the
     and Social Sciences;              design of industrial waste
                                       water treatment processes and
n	   a challenging final-year
                                       waste containment systems
     project; and
                                       for solid and hazardous waste
n	   excellent scholarships for        management. Courses specific
     high-standing students.           to Carleton’s Environmental
                                       Engineering program include               The first year of the program     outlined above. Fourth-year
                                                                                 is based largely on common        courses are more applied and
Unparalleled                           the following four broad areas:
                                                                                 core courses. In the second       provide greater in-depth study
resources                              n   air pollution control;
                                                                                 year, you will take the first     in these areas.
                                       n   groundwater flow and                  program-specific courses, along
We also offer:                                                                                                     Please refer to the Carleton
                                           contaminant transport;                with additional courses in
                                                                                                                   University Undergraduate
n	   modern, well-equipped                                                       biology and chemistry. Third
                                       n   solid and hazardous waste                                               Calendar at
     laboratories and computer                                                   year introduces environmental
                                           management; and                                                         cuuc for more information on
     facilities on campus; and                                                   engineering courses that cover
                                                                                                                   courses as well as details on
                                       n   water and waste water                 the unifying fundamental
n    proximity to, and close                                                                                       the co-operative education
                                           treatment.                            principles for all four areas
     association with, the                                                                                         option for this program.

                                                                                                                   After graduation
                                                                                                                   As an environmental engineer,
                                                                    Robyn Chatwin-Davies,                          you will find employment
                                                                    Environmental Engineering                      opportunities in industry,
                                                                                                                   municipalities, consulting
                                                                    Robyn Chatwin-Davies is a third-year           firms, federal and provincial
                                                                    Environmental Engineering student              regulatory agencies, and
                                                                    from British Columbia. In addition to          research establishments.
                                                                    her studies, she is the co-president of        Environmental engineers have
                                                                    Engineers Without Borders (Carleton            a wide range of career options
                                                                    University Chapter), an organization           that include, but are not limited
                                                                    dedicated to the creation of                   to, designing and operating
                                                                    opportunities for rural Africans to access     waste management systems,
                                                                    clean water, generate income from              advising on pollution control,
                                                                    small farms, and gain better access to         responding to environmental
                                                                    the types of services and infrastructure       disasters, working in a
                                                                    needed to improve lives.                       regulatory environment or
                                                                                                                   undertaking research.
                                                                    After graduation, Robyn is considering
                                                                    pursuing a master’s degree but would
                                                                    first like to travel and work overseas in
                                                                    the water and sanitation sector.
Mechanical Engineering
                                                                   Race car competition
                                                                   Each year since 1998, Engineering and Design students have been
                                                                   given the opportunity to design and build an open-wheeled racing
                                                                   car as part of a collaborative fourth-year project. The cars, built to
                                                                   the specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), are
                                                                   entered into an annual international competition. Participating in
                                                                   this competition helps students go beyond textbooks and theory.
                                                                   It can even help some land their first engineering jobs by linking
                                                                   them with recruiters from leading companies in the automotive and
                                                                   mobility industries.

                                                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Garth Gullekson, Darlington Mediaworks
                          Almost anything that is built to move can be considered mechanical. mechanical
                          engineers use their understanding of science and engineering to analyze, design,
                          manufacture and maintain mechanical systems.
                          Mechanical systems are found
                          in a wide array of applications,
                                                             devices. The versatility of
                                                             the training offered through
                                                                                                    the Carleton
                          including transportation,          the Carleton Mechanical                advantage
                          terrestrial and extraterrestrial   Engineering program opens the          Carleton’s Mechanical
                          exploration, energy generation     door to a vast range of career         Engineering program   and conversion, and medical        possibilities.                         emphasizes engineering
fundamentals and challenging
laboratory and design work.
Our graduates are well
recognized for their skills and
knowledge, as well as their              The capital advantage
ability to adapt to changing             Advances in technology are
technologies.                            changing the way we travel, how
                                         we communicate and our methods
This Bachelor of Engineering
                                         for doing business. Many of these
(BEng) degree program offers:            advances have their roots in university
 comprehensive study in one of
                                         research laboratories or in partnerships
 Canada’s largest mechanical             between universities and industry.
                                         Carleton University, situated in the
 engineering departments;
                                         midst of Canada’s largest concentration
 a concentration in Integrated
n	                                       of high-tech companies, forges strong
 Manufacturing option;                   partnerships with the country’s most
                                         promising organizations for the
 excellent laboratory and
n	                                       research and development of ideas.
 computer facilities;
 a progressive co-operative

 education (co-op) option;
 a unique and challenging

 final-year group design
 excellent scholarships for
                                       structural tests, facilities
                                       for material testing, and
                                                                             Program of study                   several other courses and a
                                                                                                                capstone project focused on
 high-standing students; and           laboratories to study                 The BEng in Mechanical             engineering design. You will
                                       thermodynamic and heat                Engineering is fully accredited    learn to apply your mechanical
 collaborative design projects
                                       transfer phenomena;                   by the Canadian Engineering        engineering skills through
 with government and other
                                                                             Accreditation Board.               several elective courses
 research institutes.              fully-equipped computer-

                                                                             Well-rounded training of           chosen from a broad range
                                   aided design and prototype
                                                                             students enrolled in this          of fields—including noise
                                   fabrication and testing
Unparalleled                       facilities; and                           program is realized through        control, energy conversion
resources                          proximity to Canada’s
                                                                             courses emphasizing                and power generation,
                                                                             engineering sciences in            manufacturing and production
At Carleton, Mechanical            National Research Council                                                    processes, aerodynamics
                                                                             the areas of dynamics,
Engineering students benefit       (NRC) laboratories                                                           and flight mechanics, vehicle
                                                                             thermodynamics, solid
from:                              and opportunities for                                                        engineering, spacecraft
                                                                             mechanics, materials, fluid
                                   collaborative design projects                                                design, mechatronics, robotics,
 outstanding campus
n	                                                                           mechanics, control systems
                                   with the NRC as well as other                                                propulsion and biomedical
 laboratory and computer                                                     and robotics, and heat transfer.
                                   research institutes in the                                                   engineering.
 facilities, including wind                                                  These are complemented by
                                   Ottawa region.
 tunnels, equipment for                                                                                         Please refer to the Carleton
                                                                                                                University Undergraduate
                                                                                                                Calendar at
                                                                                                                cuuc for more information on
                                                                                                                courses as well as details on
                                                      Leading her field                                         the co-operative education
                                                      Professor Moyra McDill (left) is an award-                option for this program.
                                                      winning teacher and researcher in Mechanical
                                                      Engineering. She has been recognized through a
                                                      number of awards including a Carleton University
                                                                                                                After graduation
                                                      Students’ Choice Best Professor Award and a               With training in this field, you
                                                      YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Award. She                 will be recognized for your
                                                      is an excellent role model for aspiring engineers,        ability to adapt to changing
                                                      male and female alike—she was the first woman             technologies and to work
                                                                                                                effectively in interdisciplinary
                                                      to complete a doctoral degree in Mechanical
                                                                                                                team settings. Employment
                                                      Engineering at Carleton and the first to be hired
                                                                                                                possibilities are broad, with
                                                      into the department as a faculty member.
                                                                                                                challenging and rewarding
                                                      Professor McDill specializes in the thermal-stress        opportunities in energy
                                                      analysis of welding processes. The results of her         utilities, industrial and
                                                      research have led to the development of a well-           government laboratories,
                                                      known software tool that is used worldwide.               engineering firms and a variety
                                                                                                                of consulting agencies.
Software Engineering

Software engineering students use model-based methods to create
advanced software applications like the controllers for the robot pictured
here. This is a cost-effective way to integrate expertise from different
fields that can then be applied to large-scale applications such as problems
in manufacturing or traffic.

                                      Exciting new technologies are transforming the way we live and work—
                                      technologies such as distributed computing and the Internet, multimedia
                                      applications, and health care systems.

                                      The phenomenal growth in
                                      computing, and the related
                                                                               software engineers—people
                                                                               who are qualified to develop
                                                                                                                the Carleton
                                      information technology                   reliable, economical and high-   advantage
                                      industry, has resulted in                quality software systems.        At Carleton University, the
             a tremendous demand for                                                   Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
degree program in Software
Engineering is much more
than computer programming.           resources
It offers comprehensive study        As a Carleton student, you will
in important areas such as           benefit from:
software security, reliability
                                     n	   modern, well-equipped
and quality, as well as in
                                          laboratories and computer
creative solutions needed
                                          facilities right on campus; and
to meet the requirements of
end-users. At Carleton, we           n	   Carleton’s proximity to,
teach essential discipline                and close association with,
components such as                        the laboratories of the
programming paradigms and                 Communications Research
design notations. In addition,            Centre, the National Research
we emphasize rapid design                 Council Canada and many
with sufficient flexibility for           local technology companies.
future changes, as well as
safety, economy and efficiency.
                                     Program of study
The BEng degree program in
                                     The BEng program in Software
Software Engineering offers:                                                Architecture and engineering students integrate advanced modeling
                                     Engineering is fully accredited
n	   integrated studies in the       by the Canadian Engineering            tools and the 3D models pictured here to analyze problems such as
     principles and practice         Accreditation Board. When you          fire evacuations of buildings.
     of software systems             graduate from this program,
     development and related                                                methods and tools for              Please refer to the Carleton
                                     you will meet the educational
     computer technologies;                                                 software development; and          University Undergraduate
                                     requirements for registration
                                                                            the regulatory and social          Calendar at
n	   a challenging final-year        as a professional engineer.
                                                                            aspects of developing software     cuuc for more information on
     design project;                 As a student in the program,           systems. You will learn to         courses as well as details on
n	   an emphasis on problem-         you will acquire a strong              design software rapidly—while      the co-operative education
     solving skills and hands-on     foundation in mathematics,             maintaining the flexibility        option for this program.
     laboratory and design work;     physical sciences,                     needed to accommodate
                                     engineering principles and             future changes—and become
n	   a progressive co-operative
                                     communications. As you                 increasingly specialized in        After graduation
     education (co-op) option; and
                                     advance in the program, you            object-oriented programming        Graduates from this program
n	   excellent scholarships for      will also study computing              (using C++ and Java) and real-     have numerous career
     high-standing students.         theory; the processes,                 time computer systems.             opportunities in the areas
                                                                                                               of health care, aerospace,
                                                                                                               manufacturing, multimedia,
                                                                                                               information technology and
                                                                                                               telecommunication, and are
                                                                                                               well prepared to specify,
                                                                                                               design, implement and
                                                                                                               maintain complex software
                                                                                                               systems. In addition, you
                                                                                                               will be able to manage the
                                                                                                               development and deployment
                                                                                                               of software products. Examples
                                                                                                               of the products that you could
                                                                                                               develop as a software engineer
                                                                                                               include embedded real-time
                                                                                                               systems (e.g., aircraft, medical
                                                                                                               devices), computer graphics
                                                                                                               and animation, online banking
                                                                                                               or e-commerce applications,
                                                                                                               multimedia and mobile
                                                                                                               computing systems, telephone
                                                                                                               switches and networks,
                                                                                                               routers, and database systems.
                                                                                                               Potential employers can be
                                                                                                               found in both the public and
                                                                                                               private sectors.
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering

                                                                          Harnessing the wind to produce electricity, via
                                                                          wind turbines, and converting light from the
                                                                          sun directly into electricity, via solar panels, are
                                                                          two technologies being actively developed and
                                                                          monitored in the search for sources of clean and
                                                                          renewable energy to supply the energy needs of
                                                                          future generations.

   Sustainable and Renewable
         Energy Engineeringsustainable energy links energy to the broader societal process of ‘sustainable
                           development’—embracing economic, social and environmental dimensions. It
                           points to the ways different forms of energy can contribute to societal well-being,
                           and to the need to transform patterns of energy production and consumption to
                           avoid grave environmental impacts.

                           Sustainable energy is             can be used more effectively,          confronting modern society
                           concerned with ‘renewable         by minimizing environmental            as it attempts to meet energy
                           energy’—or energy that draws      impacts and ensuring they              needs in an economically
                           on cyclical natural flows (such   make a positive contribution           efficient, socially responsible
                           as solar, geothermal, hydro,      to sustainable development.            and environmentally friendly
                           wind and biomass). But it is      As a field of study, sustainable       manner.
                           also concerned with the way in    energy engineering examines   which non-renewable resources     the major challenges
the Carleton                        Program of study                      successful professional career
                                                                          in industry and the public
                                                                                                                After graduation
advantage                           The BEng program in                   sector, or for further studies at     Graduates of this program
                                    Sustainable and Renewable             advanced levels. Both streams         are well prepared for
The Bachelor of Engineering
                                    Energy has been designed to           contain courses in basic and          challenging positions in
(BEng) program in Sustainable
                                    meet the strict professional          applied science, complemented         energy-intensive industries
and Renewable Energy
                                    and academic requirements             by stream-specific courses            and related government
Engineering offers:
                                    of the Canadian Engineering           addressing topics such                agencies, including power
 a problem-solving approach
                                    Accreditation Board.                                                        utilities, power generation
                                                                          as electronics, smart-grid
 to learning, as well as                                                                                        facilities, distribution
                                    There are two streams in the          systems, technology utilized
 a professional focus on                                                                                        networks and the construction
                                    program:                              for generating and converting
 sustainable and renewable                                                                                      industry. They are also in
                                                                          energy sustainably, and
 energy technologies;               stream A: Smart Technologies                                                demand by manufacturers of
                                                                          environmental issues.
                                    for Power Generation and                                                    materials and equipment for
 the opportunity to follow one
                                    Distribution                          Please refer to the Carleton
 of two study streams suited                                                                                    renewable energy projects,
                                                                          University Undergraduate
 to your background and             stream B: Efficient Energy                                                  the transportation industry
                                                                          Calendar at
 interests;                         Generation and Conversion                                                   (particularly hybrid vehicles)
                                                                          cuuc for more information on
                                                                                                                and emerging service
 a progressive co-operative
n	                                  Both streams provide a solid          courses as well as details on
                                                                                                                industries specializing in
 education (co-op) option;          core of courses and laboratory        the co-operative education
                                                                                                                energy efficiency.
                                    work that prepare you for a           option for this program.
 a final-year design project that

 is executed in a team setting,
 bringing together knowledge,
 skills and expertise gained
 throughout the program; and
 excellent scholarships to high-

 standing students.

Carleton University’s
laboratory, fabrication and
computer facilities are state-
of-the-art. As a student in the
Sustainable and Renewable
Energy Engineering program,
you will have access to
program-specific facilities such
 an energy, combustion and air

 emissions laboratory;
 a large-scale atmospheric

 boundary-layer wind tunnel
 for wind-farm performance
 a large-scale water channel

 for the study of hydropower
 fuel cell development


 conversion laboratory;
 power electronics and smart

 grids laboratory; and
 a microfabrication facility

 for applications such as
 photovoltaics and power
                                    Professor Matthew Johnson (left), who holds a Canada Research Chair in Energy and Combustion
                                    Generated Air Emmisions, utilizes advanced optical techniques in his laboratory. Here, he and
                                    students illuminate a flame with a laser sheet (in green) which allows them to view a plane in the flow
                                    and subsequently measure 3D velocities.
Architectural Studies

                             the study of architecture is an exploration of many disciplines and calls for a
                             comprehensive course of university study. Architecture students learn how to
                             juggle the conflicting demands of function, aesthetics, technology and economics
                             while becoming skilled in writing, drawing, model-making, photography, video,
                             digital media and oral presentation.

                             the Carleton                   offers the Bachelor of
                                                            Architectural Studies (BAS),
                                                                                             While a post-graduate
                                                                                             degree is required to practice
                             advantage                      a four-year program that         architecture in North America,
                             Carleton’s Azrieli School of   qualifies you for professional   the BAS degree prepares you   Architecture and Urbanism      studies at the master’s level.   for a career in a range of design
First-year students take a free-hand drawing course and are introduced to various media and techniques
through a wide range of studio and outdoor exercises.

                                                                                                               courses as well as details on the
fields, as well as for positions
in such areas as education,
                                     Unparalleled                         n   Design
                                                                              Urbanism                         co-operative education option

history, conservation,                                                    n   Conservation and                 for this program.
community advocacy and               Carleton offers the finest               Sustainability
public policy.                       facilities in Canada. You will       n   Philosophy and Criticism         After graduation
At Carleton, we offer many           benefit from:                        You will take courses in             Graduates of our Architectural
exciting opportunities that          n   design studios with personal     architectural history and            Studies program are at work
round out your classroom                 work space;                      theory, urbanism, technology         around the world in fields
experiences, including:                                                   and sustainability, and will         as varied as building design,
                                     n   fabrication facilities
                                                                          draw your electives from other       urban design, fashion design,
n   the Carleton University              for woodworking, metal
                                                                          disciplines offered at Carleton.     filmmaking, computer animation,
    Immersive media studio—a             machining and welding;
    research centre for modelling                                         Please refer to the Carleton         environmental/sustainable
                                     n   assembly room for models                                              building consultation, project
    and visualization using                                               University Undergraduate
                                         and full-scale projects;                                              management and historical
    immersive, digital and hybrid                                         Calendar at
    media;                           n   a photographic lab with a        cuuc for more information on         architectural preservation.
                                         12-station darkroom and
n   the Carleton solids and light
                                         video-editing suites;
    tectonics laboratory—for
    the study of materiality in      n   extensive computer facilities;
                                     n   a technical library and
n   Directed studies Abroad—             reading room; and
    two- to four-week excursions
                                     n   an exhibition gallery.
    to various destinations;
    Workshop courses in areas

    such as furniture design,
                                     Program of study
    stage design, advanced           In the BAS program, you will
    painting and drawing; and        spend your first year acquiring
                                     a broad foundation for your
n   a Forum lecture series—
                                     subsequent studies. First-year
    held at the National Gallery
                                     courses include an introduction
    of Canada, this lecture series
                                     to architecture, drawing, and
    exposes you to acclaimed
                                     multimedia applications,
    architects including Arthur
                                     as well as general study in
    Erickson, Moshe Safdi and
                                     engineering, art history and the
    Jean-Marc Ibos, among
                                     social sciences.                     For a third-year project, BAS students designed and built outdoor
                                     Over the next three years, you       dining pavilions, weaving food and architecture together. Students
                                     will continue your studies in        were encouraged to use found objects and recyclable materials.
                                     one of four areas:
Industrial Design

                                                         For their fourth-year project, ID students Payam Shalchian, Terrence
                                                         Cong Li and Christine Nguyen designed adaptable structures, shelters
                                                         and furniture for a proposed redevelopment of the Batawa ski hill area.

                        the form and function of almost all of the everyday objects that surround us are
                        the result of an elaborate process of design.

                        To meet the demands of mass
                        manufacturing, every aspect of
                                                         for particular products, the
                                                         available materials, production
                                                                                               the Carleton
                        a product must be determined.    methods, environmental                advantage
                        The experts who carry out this   impact, costs and whether the         Carleton’s unique and well
                        work are industrial designers.   final product will meet the           respected Industrial Design
                        Working in teams, industrial     needs of prospective customers.       program blends design studio   designers examine the demand                                           with applied sciences, such
as mathematics and physics,              partners—past collaborators      n   design studios;                  computer science or engineering.
and social sciences such as              include SMART Technologies,
                                                                          n   photographic facilities;         In third and fourth year,
psychology and business.                 Y Design Studio, CNIB,
                                                                                                               you will focus largely on
Industrial designers are visual          the Canadian Paralympic          n   modeling and testing
                                                                                                               design projects carried out
thinkers, and at Carleton                Foundation, and the National         laboratories;
                                                                                                               in the School of Industrial
University you will learn                Capital Commission;                  wireless computing facilities;
                                                                          n                                    Design’s studios and
how to use your drawing                                                       and
                                     n   a prime Ottawa location that                                          laboratories. There you will
and modelling abilities to
                                         provides access to excellent         a mass-production/mould          make drawings, models and
communicate product concepts.                                             n
                                         medical and scientific               simulation laboratory and        full-scale prototypes and
Through progressive stages
                                         research facilities, as well         rapid prototyping equipment.     test their viability. Projects
of design development,
                                         as galleries, museums and                                             may include almost any
you will learn how these
                                         a design workforce of more                                            imaginable commodity, from
concepts evolve in relation to
materials, technologies and
                                         than 3,500 people; and           Program of study                     medical equipment and
                                                                          The Industrial Design program        transportation devices to
manufacturing processes,             n   a highly popular annual
                                                                          begins with an introduction          building components, tools
ecological issues, and the users'        graduation exhibition that
                                                                          to the theory and practice           and furniture. Internships
abilities and perceptions.               attracts visitors and industry
                                                                          of design, as well as courses        and work-study opportunities
Carleton offers:                                                                                               exist, as well as a co-operative
                                                                          in mathematics, physics,
    hands-on learning through                                             psychology and economics.            education option.

    internships, work-study and                                           In second year, topics such as       Please refer to the Carleton
    a progressive co-operative       resources                            mass-production technology,          University Undergraduate
    education (co-op) option;                                             ergonomics, perception and           Calendar at
                                     At Carleton, you will benefit
                                                                          computer applications are            cuuc for more information on
n   design projects in partnership   from:
                                                                          presented, along with electives      courses as well as details on
    with private and public sector
                                                                          from architecture, business,         the co-operative education
                                                                                                               option for this program.

                                                                                                               A highlight of the year is the
                                                                                                               school’s annual graduation
                                                                                                               exhibition in April. Open to
                                                                                                               the public, the exhibition
                                                                                                               showcases the projects of
                                                                                                               senior Industrial Design
                                                                                                               students, and illustrates the
                                                                                                               incredible range of design
                                                                                                               diversity and skill developed
                                                                                                               by students over the course of
                                                                                                               the program. The exhibition
                                                                                                               also attracts many potential
                                                                                                               employers from different facets
                                                                                                               of industry.

                                                                                                               After graduation
                                                                                                               As an Industrial Design
                                                                                                               graduate, you could go on to
                                                                                                               an exciting career in industrial
                                                                                                               design, graphic design, exhibit
                                                                                                               design, packaging design or
                                                                                                               manufacturing. You could also
                                                                                                               work as a design consultant
                                                                                                               or become part of an emerging
                                                                                                               class of design entrepreneurs.
                                                                                                               Carleton grads have worked
                                                                                                               with clients all over the world,
                                                                                                               including Power Athletics,
                                                                                                               Teknion, Lee Valley Tools,
                                                                                                               Umbra, Prada, Armani and
                                                                                                               Sony—to name just a few.
Fourth-year student Ian Murchison developed a portable defibrillator with its own power source which could
be used by medical professionals working in the field (for example, on earthquake rescue missions).
Information Technology

                                                                  Interactive Multimedia and Design program students
                                                                  at work in Carleton's motion capture laboratory.

                         the information technology industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving. As
                         a student in Carleton’s Bachelor of Information technology programs, you will
                         develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to address the It
                         issues of today—as well as those of the future.
                         The Bachelor of Information   Design (IMD)—that provide           University and Algonquin
                         Technology (BIT) offers two   an exciting opportunity for a       College, the programs combine
                         distinct programs—Network     unique blend of college and         hands-on practical skills
                         Technology (NET) and          university-level study. A joint     with a strong theoretical and
   Interactive Multimedia and    venture between Carleton            industrial background.
the Carleton/
At Carleton University,
you will develop analytical
problem-solving skills and
gain a broad foundation of
knowledge through advanced,
in-depth studies in various
multidisciplinary courses. At
Algonquin College, you will
focus on applied, hands-on
training in current IT systems
and technologies. In both
the NET and IMD programs,
co-operative education
opportunities round out your
experience, with placements in
                                    Laryssa Sirko and Rutendo Zvirawa, two Network Technology students, configure a multimedia network.
technology companies, private-
sector organizations and
government agencies.                complex information networks,
                                    such as those that make up
                                                                       and development, graphic
                                                                       design, project management,
                                                                                                            After graduation
When you graduate, you
                                    the Internet. The program is       3D visualization, and human-         This unique degree/diploma
will receive a Bachelor of
                                    multidisciplinary in nature,       computer interaction. Courses        combination creates career
Information Technology degree
                                    combining studies in computer      in science, mathematics,             opportunities for you in a
from Carleton and an Advanced
                                    and network technology             marketing and design                 variety of interesting work
Diploma in Technology (for
                                    with courses in physics,           complement the program.              environments. Graduates of the
NET students) or an Advanced
                                    mathematics, communications,       You will become adept at             NET program will find careers
Diploma of Applied Arts (for
                                    and arts and social sciences.      determining the shape of             in governments, network design
IMD students) from Algonquin
                                    In this program, you not only      digital media, designing             and management companies,
                                    explore theories and concepts,     interfaces, and scripting the        finance companies, system
                                    but also learn to design,          way that users will interact         integrators, telecom operators,
Unparalleled                        install, operate, reconfigure      with the products you create.        educational institutions, and
                                                                                                            other business enterprises
resources                           and manage advanced IT
                                    networks in state-of-the-art
                                                                       These products can range from
                                                                       video games and animated             requiring network design,
As a student in one of the BIT      networking laboratories.           shorts to educational tools and      management and operation.
programs, you will benefit          The NET program has a              interactive websites.                Graduates of the IMD program
from:                               partnership with the Cisco                                              will find challenging work
                                                                       Please refer to the Carleton
                                    Networking Academy program,                                             in areas such as computer
n   professors and instructors at                                      University Undergraduate
                                    whereby students are trained                                            animation, video game design
    both institutions who have                                         Calendar at
                                    to successfully write the Cisco                                         and development, graphic
    a strong understanding of                                          cuuc for more information on
                                    Certified Network Associate                                             design, user-interface design,
    the industry and are actively                                      courses as well as details on
                                    (CCNA) and Professional                                                 product development, and
    engaged in research on the                                         the co-operative education
                                    (CCNP) certification exams.                                             web application and software
    leading edge of interactive                                        option for both programs.
                                    This enables NET students                                               development.
    multimedia and networking;
    and                             to earn industry-recognized
                                    certification that is in high      This image of a BIT-themed F1 race car, created by student Grant
n   state-of-the-art laboratories
                                    demand in the job market.          Moore as part of a 3D-modeling term project, uses high-detail
    and new facilities at both                                         textures, animation rigging and advanced rendering techniques.
    institutions, featuring the     IntERACtIvE mUltImEDIA
    best technology available—      AnD DEsIGn (ImD)
    such as smart classrooms,       The IMD program is suitable
    up-to-date networking           for students who are both
    equipment from Cisco,           artistically inclined and
    animation software and          technologically adept. You
    motion capture systems.         will acquire the tools you
                                    need to take an idea from its
Program of study                    initial concept through to
                                    design, prototyping, testing
nEtWoRK tECHnoloGY                  and delivery. The program
(nEt)                               provides a multidisciplinary
The NET program focuses             education in diverse subjects,
on the design, installation,        including computer animation
operation and management of         and visual effects, game design
Work experience

                                                         Third-year Electrical Engineering student Simon Mack landed a co-op
                                                         placement in the Flight Research Laboratory at the National Research
                                                         Council’s Institute of Aerospace Engineering.

           Gain real world
                        learning by doing has always been a rewarding enhancement to your academic
                        studies in classrooms and laboratories. Co-operative education provides you with
                        the opportunity to apply your knowledge, and also help you pay for your studies.

                        Co-op work term placements
                        allow you to combine your
                                                         can take a little longer, it’s
                                                         worth the investment of your
                                                                                               learning through
                        academic studies with periods    time. You will graduate with          co-op
                        of paid employment in a          career-related experience as          Co-operative education
                        field related to your studies.   well as contacts in the job           offers you the chance to gain   Although getting your degree     market.                               practical experience, solve
real-world problems, and                  at the end of your second                 n    IBM                               High-quality
apply theory and course                   year, when you have gained
                                                                                    n    Department of National            placements
applications to practical                 the ability, knowledge
                                                                                         Defence                           “Employers know that our
work situations. You will gain            and confidence to make a
valuable experience in your               substantial contribution to the           n    GasTops                           students will deliver high
field of study and develop                organization.                                                                    quality results on challenging
                                                                                    n    Ericsson
professional contacts, but also                                                                                            and interesting projects.
earn money to help pay for                Recent employers                          n    Alcatel-Lucent                    Therefore, our students get
your studies at the same time.                                                      n    National Research Council         placed in environments that
                                          The Ottawa region is home
                                                                                                                           offer a valuable learning
Carleton’s co-op program is               to one of Canada’s largest                You can also work
                                                                                                                           experience and an important
organized so that your work               concentrations of government              internationally or elsewhere in
term placements become                                                                                                     part of their education.”
                                          research agencies and high-               Canada with companies such
longer as you gain more                   tech companies. Carleton’s                as the Canadian Space Agency,          Kerry Eamer, Director, Career
knowledge and skills. This                co-operative education and                Kelowna Flightcraft, Rolls             Development & Co-operative
allows you to see projects                engineering internship                    Royce Canada and Electronic            Education Office
through to completion and                 programs are well established             Arts Canada.
to get involved in more                   in this network, providing you                                                   Career development
ambitious, complex types of               with superb opportunities for             other work                             The Career Centre at Carleton
research as you progress.                 rewarding experiences in well-
                                          known organizations such as:
                                                                                    options                                provides free career planning
All of Carleton’s Engineering                                                                                              and advice, and helps connect
and Design programs have                                                            You may also apply to work in
                                          n   Teknion Furniture Systems                                                    you with potential employers
a co-op option with work                                                            a Carleton research lab for the
                                              (Architecture & Industrial                                                   through networking events,
term placements of 4, 8, 12                                                         summer, supported by federal
                                              Design)                                                                      job postings and career fairs.
or 16 months, either with a                                                         research grants from agencies
                                              Mxi Technologies                                                             By working with you right
particular organization or
                                          n                                         such as NSERC (Natural
                                                                                    Sciences and Engineering               from the very beginning of
with multiple employers.                  n   RIM
                                                                                    Research Council).                     your studies, we ensure that
Placements normally begin
                                                                                                                           you have the assistance you
                                                                                                                           need to make a successful
sample work/study pattern                                                                                                  and satisfying transition from
                                                                                                                           school to work.
 Year               One                       Two                  Three                    Four                 Five

 Term      Fall   Winter Summer   Fall   Winter Summer     Fall   Winter Summer   Fall    Winter Summer   Fall    Winter

 Pattern   Study Study            Study Study       Work   Work Study Study       Work Work Work          Study Study

The grid above provides a sample of a work/study pattern for a Carleton Engineering student. Your job
search typically begins in the winter of your second year, and your first work term takes place after you
complete your second year of studies. In January, you return to school to complete your third year of
study. In September, you work again for a 12-month period, and then return to school to complete your
degree. No matter what engineering program you choose, you have five opportunities to complete the four
work terms required for a co-op designation on your degree. For a look at work/study patterns for all
degree programs, please visit

    For his co-op placement,
    Martin Lariviere (right)
    worked with Carleton
    architecture graduate
    Fred Vermeulen (left) of
    Vermeulen Hind
    Architects on a large
    cancer-centres project.
    For Vermeulen, “the
    co-op program is great in
    creating opportunities for
    students to see aspects
    of the profession that the
    school setting cannot
        Support services

              Making the
                           the first year of university study can be overwhelming. Carleton University offers
                           a network of support services to help you make the transition successfully.

                           We can help you develop            Information Technology,              n   Architecture students
                           effective study skills,            Architecture, and Industrial             are encouraged to visit
                           understand the university’s        Design.                                  the school’s website for
                           academic regulations, choose                                                information on registration,
                                                              n   Our Undergraduate Academic
                           or change programs, and find                                                suggested electives
                                                                  Support Office provides
                           answers to your questions. You                                              for first-year students,
                                                                  engineering students with
                           can participate in orientation                                              announcements and special
                                                                  support and advice on
                           sessions, meet with academic                                                events. Office staff are
                                                                  schedules, registration and
                           advisors, attend workshops                                                  available to answer questions
                                                                  more. The office maintains a
                           on study strategies, sign up                                                related to the program and
                                                                  comprehensive and regularly
                           for leadership development                                                  provide assistance with
                                                                  updated website that serves
                           programs and access our                                                     registration. Academic
                                                                  as a vital resource for
                           resource material—all strategies                                            advisors are available by
                                                                  all engineering students,
                           to help you achieve your                                                    appointment.
                                                                  regardless of year or program.
                           academic and personal goals.                                      
                                                                                                   n   The School of Industrial
                                                              n   A dedicated website provides
                           Asking for help                        Information Technology
                                                                                                       Design’s website serves as an
                                                                                                       important resource for all ID
                           and advice                             students with information
                                                                                                       students, with information
                                                                  relevant to both programs
                           As a starting point, be sure                                                on registration, computer
                                                                  of this degree. In addition,
                           to acquaint yourself with the                                               requirements, suggested
                                                                  academic advisors from
                           specific support services in                                                electives, Orientation Week
                                                                  both Algonquin College
                           place for all students in the                                               activities and more. Office
                                                                  and Carleton University
                           Faculty of Engineering and                                                  staff can help with questions
                                                                  are available to help with
                           Design programs—Engineering,                                                and point you in the right
                                                                                                       direction for academic advice.
42   CARlEton UnIvERsItY
     student                           University                            n	   leadership Development—
                                                                                  provides opportunities
                                                                                                                 Learning Commons
                                                                                                                 Strategically located inside the
     Academic                          Registrar’s office                         for students to enhance        Library, the Learning Commons
     success Centre                    The Registrar’s Office manages             leadership skills; and         is your one-stop study-shop,
                                       academic activities and records,           Parent and Family              combining research, IT and
     The Student Academic Success                                            n	

                                       including transcript requests,             outreach—includes news         Learning Support Services
     Centre (SASC) is Carleton’s
                                       course registration and more.              and events for families.       under one roof. Take a five-
     centralized academic advising
                                                         minute video tour at
     and learning support centre.
     The programs offered by SASC
     help you with the following:      student                               supportive                          Paul Menton Centre for
                                                                                                                 Students with Disabilities
      Time management
                                       Experience office                     facilities                          The Centre co-ordinates
                                       The Student Experience Office                                             academic and support services
                                                                             MacOdrum Library
      Academic reading
     n	                                (SEO) helps students adjust to        Centrally located, the Library      for students with disabilities.
                                       university life and provides          houses a collection of more         Services include academic
      Stress management
                                                                                                                 accommodations, attendant
                                       constant support throughout the       than 3.4 million books, journals,
      Multiple-choice exams
     n	                                degree years. The office oversees     government documents, maps,         services, alternate formats,
                                       a wide variety of programs, such      newspapers, music scores, CDs,      adaptive technology, note-taking,
      General exam preparation
                                       as:                                   microforms, archives and rare       sign language interpretation,
                                                                             materials. A large proportion       and learning support and
                                       n	   summer, Fall and Winter
     For a full list of all services                                         of the collection is available in   services specific to individual
                                            orientation—brings students
     available to you as a Carleton                                          digital format over the Internet.   educational disability needs.
                                            together on campus to tour
     student, please visit carleton.                                         While in the Library, you can
                                            facilities, gather information
     ca/students.                           and meet other students;         connect to the Library’s wireless   Health and Counselling
                                                                             network or take advantage of the    Services
                                       n	   Community service
                                                                             Library’s Laptop Loan program.      Carleton’s multidisciplinary
                                            learning—initiatives to
                                                                             During the fall/winter term, the    on-campus health care facility
                                            help students link what they
                                                                             Library hours are extended to       provides medical, counselling
                                            learn in class to what they
                                                                             better accommodate students’        and health education services to
                                            experience in the community;
                                                                             needs.                              the university’s students, faculty
                                                                                    and staff.

43   CARlEton UnIvERsItY
                           the workplace                     with work experience and
                                                             a competitive edge. All our
                                                                                                interests and creativity, and test
                                                                                                your ideas and knowledge in
                           A Carleton education prepares     programs have co-op options        real-world applications.
                           you for the world. Graduates of   that provide from 12-20 months
                           our well recognized programs      of possible work experience with
                           in Engineering and Design can     over 2,500 possible employers.
                                                                                                Graduate studies
                           be found living and working in    In addition, our fourth-year       Many of our graduates
                           Canada and around the globe.      projects provide unparalleled      continue on to advanced study
                           We make sure you graduate         opportunities to explore your      either in Canada or abroad.

44   CARlEton UnIvERsItY
     Carleton offers an extensive
     graduate program in areas of
     engineering such as aerospace,
     biomedical, civil, electrical
     and computer, environmental,
     materials, mechanical,
     sustainable energy, technology
     innovation management, as
     well as in industrial design and

     Many programs, including
     law, teaching, medicine and
     business attract well-rounded
     applicants from a variety
     of academic backgrounds.
     Carleton Engineering
     and Design programs are
     excellent preparation for such
     professional studies.

                                           The summer after Tim Fagan (inset) graduated from Carleton’s Industrial Design program, he was hired by
                                           Bombardier Inc. In the 11 years that he has been with the firm he has worked on many interesting projects,
                                           but one of the most memorable was helping to design the Olympic torch for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

        Engineering and Design graduate

        Master of Applied Science          Master of Infrastructure Protection                                              Jenna Wiens
        Aerospace Engineering*             and International Security                                                       As a high school student,
        Biomedical Engineering*            (inter-faculty program between Civil                                             Jenna Wiens participated in
        Civil Engineering*                 Engineering and Carleton’s Norman                                                the Go Eng Girl program at
        Electrical and Computer            Paterson School of International                                                 Carleton which introduces
             Engineering*                  Affairs)                                                                         the engineering discipline
        Environmental Engineering*                                                                                          to female students. From
        Materials Engineering*             Master of Science                                                                there, she went on to earn
        Mechanical Engineering*            Information and Systems Science                                                  a Bachelor of Engineering
        Sustainable Energy                                                                                                  from Carleton in 2008,
        Technology Innovation Management   Doctor of Philosophy
                                           Engineering*: Aerospace,                                                         winning the prestigious
        Master of Architecture             Civil, Electrical and Computer,                                                  Governor General’s Medal
                                           Environmental, Mechanical                                                        at graduation. Today, she
                                                                                                                            is pursuing a graduate
                                           * Joint program between Carleton
        Master of Design                     University and the University of Ottawa                                        degree in Biomedical and
                                                                                                                            Electrical Engineering at the
        Master of Engineering                                                                                               Massachusetts Institute of
        Aerospace Engineering*
                                                                                                                            Technology, one of the world’s
        Civil Engineering*
                                                                                                                            top-ranked schools for studies
        Electrical and Computer
             Engineering*                                                                                                   in engineering.
        Environmental Engineering*
        Materials Engineering*
        Mechanical Engineering*
        Sustainable Energy
        Technology Innovation Management

45   CARlEton UnIvERsItY
       Making the grade

       Ontario Admission
    How to apply
    All interested students must apply online through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) website at If you are presently
    finishing your last year of high school in Ontario, you must obtain log-in information from your school's guidance office before applying online.

For admission to undergraduate programs, Ontario students must have the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six 4U/M courses. 4U English is recommended and 4U/M credits
for out-of-class co-op work experience will not be considered as part of the six courses.

     Degree program                Areas of study                                                           Required prerequisite                          Notes

     Bachelor of
                              l	Design                                                                      l	English (ENG4U)                              Application deadline:
                              l	Urbanism                                                                    l	Physics (SPH4U)                              February 1.
     Architectural            l	Conservation and Sustainability                                             l	Advanced Functions (MHF4U)

     Studies                  l	Philosophy and Criticism                                                    		(Calculus [MCV4U] strongly                   Portfolio deadline: April 1.
                                                                                                              recommended)                                 Co-operative education

     Bachelor of              l	Aerospacew									l	 w										 	 l	
                                                               Civil                  Environmentalw        l	Advanced Functions (MHF4U)                   One 4U English or French
                              l	Architectural Conservation			l	Communicationsw					 l	Mechanicalw           l	Chemistry (SCH4U)                            recommended.
     Engineering                                             l Computer Systemsw				l	
                                and Sustainabilityw                                   Softwarew               Physics (SPH4U)                              wCo-operative education
                              l	                           	l	
                                Biomedical                     Electricalw									l	 Sustainable and       l
                                                                                                             	 credit from Calculus (MCV4U),               and internships available.
                                and Electricalw           		l	 Engineering Physicsw   Renewable Energyw       Biology (SBI4U),
                              l	  Biomedical                 															                                  or Earth and Space Science (SES4U)
                                  and Mechanicalw                 									                                   (Calculus [MCV4U] recommended)

     Bachelor of                                                                                            l	Advanced Functions (MHF4U)                   Application deadline:
     Industrial Design
                                                                                                            l	Physics [SPH4U]                              March 1.
                                                                                                                 (Calculus [MCV4U], Design Technology
                                                                                                                                                           Portfolio deadline: April 1.
                                                                                                                 and Visual Arts strongly recommended)
                                                                                                                                                           Information session
                                                                                                                                                           Co-operative education

     Bachelor of
                              l	Interactive Multimedia and Designw	(Please see notes)                       l	English (ENG4U)                              Interactive Multimedia and Design
                                                                                                             	 Math credit (4U)
                                                                                                              One                                          Application deadline: March 1.
     Information                                                                                                                                           Portfolio deadline: March 1.
                                                                                                            l	  One Science credit (4U or 4M)
     Technology                                                                                             	(Calculus [MCV4U] and Physics [SPH4U]         The program is not designed to
                                                                                                                recommended)                               accommodate part-time students.
                                                                                                                                                           w Co-operative
                              l	Network Technologyw                                                                                                        education available.

      If you are from outside Ontario, or outside Canada, see Carleton University’s website at for specific program requirements
      for all bachelor programs.
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