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									Basic Right-of-Way                                         Online
Construction Details                                    Right-of-Way
Residential: Minimum 4-foot wide and 
4-inch thick concrete matching surround-
ing sidewalk. Minimum 6-inch thick con-         Right-of-Way Inspections
crete at drive approaches with 6-inch by        Trisha Bernotas
6-inch welded wire fabric.                      Engineer Tech II
Commercial: Minimum of 5-foot wide,
or matching surrounding sidewalk, and
                                                816-935-1921                           Online
8-inch thick concrete with 6-inch by
6-inch welded wire fabric.
                                                Zan McKinney
                                                Engineer Tech II
Driveway Approach
Residential: Must be between 12 to 25
feet at street and 6-inch thick concrete
with 6-inch by 6-inch welded wire fabric.       Traffic Control questions
                                                Donna Coatsworth
Commercial: Must be between 15 to 20            Traffic Engineer
feet for one-way traffic, and 26 to 40 feet      816-325-7608
for two-way traffic at the right-of-way line.
Minimum of 8-inch thick concrete with
6-inch by 6-inch welded wire fabric.
                                                                                    Public Works Department
Six inches of AB3 (rock) or similar backfill
compacted to 95% density is required for
                                                                                          111 East Maple Avenue
all paved work.
                                                                                        Independence, MO 64050

                                                     Printed on Recycled Paper
Right-of-Way                                   Cost of Work                                 Work Regulations
The right-of-way is the area of land that      The starting cost of a right-of-way permit   There are City Code guidelines for con-
coincides with all City-maintained streets.    is $70, which includes a $35 permit fee      struction and repairs of street, sidewalk,
The right-of-way includes the street and the   and a $35 inspection fee. All work done      curb, driveway and natural land in the right-
tracts of land on either side of the street,   in the right-of-way requires an inspec-      of-way. A basic guideline of the regulations
generally a distance of 10 to 12 feet lead-    tion. The only exception is work done to     is viewable during the permit application
ing away from the back edge of the street      a private residential driveway approach.     process. In addition, a copy is emailed to
or curb. The City holds right to these areas   The fee for a private drive is $35.          the permit applicant with a copy of the ap-
to control the work done on and near the                                                    proved, paid permit.
streets and utilites.                          Additional costs are calculated for mul-
                                               tiple openings, openings to streets that     If construction work requires that traffic be
The Permit System                              have been overlaid in the previous three     blocked or closed in order for the work to
                                               years, and trenches or openings that are     proceed, the applicant will be required to
The City of Independence online right-of-
                                               200 linear feet or longer. For example, a    review and follow the City’s traffic control
way permit system makes it easier and
                                               business installing new gas line services    guidelines. The guidelines, which are es-
faster to obtain the proper permits to do
                                               to every house on a block must pay a         tablished by state and federal mandate,
work in the City’s right-of-way. This allows
                                               $70 permit fee each time they cut into       will be emailed with the approved permit.
citizens and business owners to obtain
                                               the right-of-way.
permits 24 hours a day, not just during City
                                                                                            More information about work regulations is
Hall business hours.
                                               The Online Permit System allows appli-       available in person or by telephone from
Online Payments                                cants to enter multiple addresses under
                                               one permit, as long as the same work is
                                                                                            the Public Works Department.
The same rules apply for the online permits
as for permits issued at City Hall. Private
                                               being done at each address. The fees
                                               are automatically figured and totaled at
                                                                                            Work Inspections
contractors will be asked to find their busi-   the end of the process. The applicant        All work in the right-of-way, except a resi-
ness license from the list provided by the     is responsible to pay fees for any addi-     dential driveway approach, must be in-
City. If you do not have a business license,   tional work not listed in the permits but    spected. Inspections of street cut repairs,
you must obtain one before attempting any      undertaken during the construction pro-      sidewalk and curb pours, and commercial
work in Independence. Private citizens         cess.                                        driveway approaches require an inspec-
must fill out an information form before go-                                                 tion after the work site has been properly
ing on to the permit section. Private citi-                                                 backfilled and compacted and the forms
zens are not allowed to attempt any work                                                    are set. Inspections for cuts on natural
that involves cutting or repairing any City-                                                land require the site to be repaired to its
owned street.                                                                               previous condition.

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