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					The Artists
Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander was born in Johannesburg in 1959
and currently lives and works as a freelance artist
and teacher in Cape Town. Among her many
accolades, Alexander won the Standard Bank Young
Artist Award in 1995 and the FNB Vita Art Now
Award in 1996.

Her work has received much critical attention, both
locally and internationally and her art often
features mysterious hybrid beings – human bodies
with animal heads – which various art critics have
interpreted as being an exploration of post-
apartheid South Africa‟s troubled and multicultural
Walter Oltmann
Born in 1960 in Rustenburg, Walter Oltmann
currently lives in Johannesburg, where he is a
lecturer in the Department of Fine Art at Wits

Oltmann often uses wire, metal and inexpensive
materials to create large-scale, labour-intensive
works of art. He draws his inspiration primarily
from the natural world (plants, animals and insects
especially) and traditional South African art and
craft. Oltmann was the recipient of the 1990
Standard Bank National Drawing Prize and the
2001 Standard Bank Young Artist Award.
   Nontsikelelo Veleko
Born in 1977 in Bodibe in the North West
Province, Nontsikelelo Veleko currently lives and
works in Johannesburg. Her bold photographic
portraits of South African street fashion have
received much critical acclaim and she has
quickly gained a reputation as one of South
Africa‟s leading young artists.

Among her many achievements, Veleko featured
as part of the 2006 group exhibition of
contemporary African photography – „Snap
Judgements‟ – at the ICP in New York, and in
2008 was awarded the Standard Bank Young
Artist Award.
Dominic Thorburn
Dominic Thorburn was born in Cape Town and
obtained his Masters of Fine Arts at Rhodes
University, before going on to study at the
Tamarins Institute, University of New Mexico. He
is now Associate Professor and Head of the
Graphic Art Section at Rhodes University.

Thorburn‟s work has been exhibited both
nationally and internationally, and forms part of
numerous collections, including the University of
New Mexico Collection. Thorburn is primarily
interested in aspects of printmaking, and was co-
convenor of the 3rd Impact International
Printmaking Conference held in South Africa in
2003. He also initiated the Fine Line Press at
Rhodes University, which is currently the only
institution-based printmaking press and research
unit in South Africa.
Brent Meistre
Brent Meistre obtained his Masters of Fine
Arts at Rhodes University, went on to work as a
photographic tutor at the BACES Education
College in London and is currently a Senior
Lecturer in Rhodes University‟s Fine Art

Meistre was the winner of the first Nelson
Mandela Metropolitan Museum‟s Biennale
Award in 2006 and a finalist in the Daimler
Chrysler Award for Contemporary
Photography in 2004. His multi-media work
includes photography, stop-frame animation,
video and sound design and powerfully
explores history, memory, narrative and
Dina Belluigi
Dina Belluigi studied Fine Arts at Rhodes
University, where she obtained a Masters
degree and went on to lecture. She has
exhibited widely in South Africa, and has been
involved in a number of community outreach
programmes – including print-making and
photogram workshops in Eastern Cape Schools.

Among her many exhibitions, her solo show
„mneme‟ was featured at the 2001 National Arts
Festival and consisted of paintings, projections,
drawings, photographs and a video piece which
explored the representation of memory in the
family snapshot
Zach Taljaard
Zach Taljaard‟s work focuses largely on the
complexity of masculine identity, and he has
received much critical attention for his unusual
and innovative installations.

His exhibition „CON/FRONT‟ at the 2006
National Arts Festival featured three works /
installations – Ghost Images, The Kiss and The
Match – which successfully merged classical
ancient Greek sculpture with contemporary pop
art to create a vivid exploration of the ways in
which masculinity has been portrayed through
Patrick Rorke
Born in 1953 in Lesotho, Patrick Rorke
currently lives and works as a full-time artist
in Johannesburg. Rorke has exhibited both
nationally and internationally, and works
with a variety of media – including paint,
sculpture, ceramics and mosaic.

He was commissioned by the Constitutional
Court to produce a number of engraved
copper panels which form part of the
building, and he has produced several public
installations, murals and mosaics in malls,
restaurants and stations in Johannesburg.
His current exhibition “Park Station to
Paris” features drawings and paintings
inspired by South African and European
Maureen de Jager
Maureen de Jager has exhibited both locally
and internationally. She has held three solo
exhibitions at the Grahamstown National Arts
Festival, including „In Sepia‟, which was part of
the 2008 Main Festival Programme.

Working across media, she often utilises
materials and/or found objects which have rich
metaphorical associations in regards to her
thematic interests in trauma, memory and
melancholic loss. These include steel and rust,
which she uses to invoke the deterioration of
memory over time.
Karl Schoemaker

Karl Schoemaker obtained his Bachelor
of Fine Arts from Rhodes University in
1989 and currently lives and works as a
photographer and designer in Port
Elizabeth. He recently exhibited with
WalkerDigital at the National Arts
  William Dieudonné

William Dieudonné Chalmers is a self-taught artist
from Bathurst who has exhibited in both solo and
group exhibitions nationwide. His work is currently
on display at the Gallery Dieudonne in Bathurst, Old
Joe's Kaia in Schoemanskloof and Cuyler Street
Gallery in Port Elizabeth. Chalmers works primarily
with bronze, oil, pastel and pencil.

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