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									                                                                                                                              NATIONAL ALLIANCE
The core of the Frameworks Project is evidence             TRAINING AND CONSULTATION PACKAGES:
supported/best practice protocols (frameworks) for         •   Training is tailored to suit the needs of your
responding to suicide thoughts, threats, attempts, and
deaths. These have been designed to improve the
                                                               organization, coalition, or community. Train the
                                                               Trainer methodology is used as a vehicle to help
interface between key provider groups (including
gatekeepers) resulting in an integrated response to
suicide events. Two sets of protocols have been
                                                               ensure Project sustainability.
                                                               Training combined with technical assistance helps
                                                                                                                      Youth Suicide
                                                                                                                       Suicide Prevention
created. One set focuses on suicide prevention and
intervention. The second set focuses on activities         •
                                                               improve fidelity to the model and outcomes.
                                                               Technical assistance and consultation is available     Prevention Project
                                                                                                                       Tools Across the
following a suicide death (postvention). Each set of           to assist communities and coalitions interested in
protocols provides specific guidelines for a service
provider’s response to a suicide event. The protocols
                                                               implementing a community-based suicide
                                                               prevention effort. Training modules include:
                                                               - Prevention and Intervention
also contain lists of resources, and an extensive
appendix. All protocols have associated training               - Postvention
modules that are both didactic and interactive.            •   While the Project focuses on youth and young
Specific protocols and training materials have been            adults to age 24, protocols and training materials
developed for:                                                 can be applied across the lifespan, and training can
• Community Gatekeepers                                        be customized for any age groups, college setting,
• Social Service Agencies                                      or community.
• Law Enforcement
• Primary Care Providers                                   CONTACT US:
• Teens/Students
• Clergy                                                   For more information about the Frameworks Project,
• Judiciary                                                go to our website, or to inquire
• Schools/Educators                                        about training and consultation contact:
• Mental Health and Substance Abuse Providers
• Emergency Medical Services                               Kenneth Norton LICSW
• Emergency Departments                                    Frameworks Project Director
• Funeral Directors                                        NAMI NH (National Alliance on Mental Illness NH)
                                                           15 Green Street, Concord, NH 03301
PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP:                      
                                                           (603) 225-5359
The Frameworks Project is proud to have earned the
support of public and private funders including: Suicide                                                              A COMMUNITY-BASED MODEL FOR:
Prevention Partnership, French Foundation, Endowment                                                                      • SUICIDE PREVENTION
for Health, SAMHSA, Geoffrey E. Clark and Martha           If you or someone you know is in crisis or emotional
Fuller Clark Fund, and NH Charitable Foundation.           distress, and you don’t know where to turn, call the
                                                                                                                             • INTERVENTION
                                                           Suicide Lifeline (24/7): 1-800-273-TALK (8255)                     • POSTVENTION

                                                                  RECOGNIZE, CONNECT!                                    RECOGNIZE, CONNECT!
                                                               Frameworks Youth Suicide Prevention Project            Frameworks Youth Suicide Prevention Project
                                                                    National Alliance on Mental Illness NH                 National Alliance on Mental Illness NH
                                                                              (NAMI NH)                                              (NAMI NH)
GOALS:                                                     COMMUNITY-BASED:                                           EVALUATION:
The goals of the Frameworks Youth Suicide                  The Frameworks Project staff collaborates with             Project evaluation is conducted by the University of
Prevention Project are to: reduce youth suicide and        existing community coalitions to bring together            New Hampshire Center on Adolescence. Results
the risk of suicide events; improve access to              individuals (gatekeepers) and key service providers to     demonstrate that Frameworks training: increases
behavioral health care by implementing a sustainable       be trained to implement the Project. The coalition         participants confidence and sense of competence to
community-based approach that changes attitudes,           works to identify and reduce community risk factors,       repond to suicidal youth; reduces stigma regarding
behaviors, and improves skills; strengthen coalitions      enhance protective factors, and identify community         help seeking; increases the likelihood that youth will
and service provider roles and responsibilities; and       assets. Working together, the coalition strives to close   seek adult assistance for a friend at risk and; increases
foster collaborative problem-solving. Evaluation           gaps and reduce fragmentation in the service delivery      participants belief that they are aware of resources in
guides all Project activities.                             system with a goal of improving help seeking               their community. Additional evaluation information
                                                           behavior, promoting early detection and treatment of       is available on the NAMI NH website. Project staff
A PUBLIC HEALTH APPROACH:                                  mental illness and substance use disorders, and            are available to work with each community to customize
                                                           improving access to mental health care.                    an evaluation component for their respective
Everyone plays a part in suicide prevention whether                                                                   Frameworks Project.
you are a friend, neighbor, service provider, or trained   Using a train-the-trainer model, Frameworks increases
professional. The Frameworks Project works with            the competence and confidence of individuals and           STIGMA REDUCTION:
individuals and communities to effect systemic and         communities to respond to suicide events.
sustainable change. In order to accomplish this            Frameworks focuses on teaching community members           The Frameworks Project takes a two-pronged
change, implementation efforts focus on three key          how to:                                                    approach to reducing stigma. The first is to work with
components:                                                      • Recognize - youth at risk of suicide;              local media to educate them about the SPRC Media
       • Prevention - education about early                      • Connect - with the youth;                          Recommendations for responsible reporting of suicide
         recognition                                             • Connect - the youth to a qualified health care     events. The Project has also developed specific
       • Intervention - skills for responding to                    provider who can assess risk; and                 messages to reduce stigma and increase help seeking
         attempts, thoughts, and threats of suicide              • Connect - the community to work together on        behavior which are incorporated into all trainings and
       • Postvention - appropriate response after a                 community risk and protective factors and to      suggested public messages.
         suicide (Postvention becomes Prevention)                   reduce youth suicide.
CULTURAL AWARENESS:                                                                                                   The Frameworks Project materials include protocols
The Frameworks Project teaches the importance of                                                                      and accompanied trainer manuals that support key
understanding the impact cultural beliefs and                                                                         suicide prevention components recommended in the
practices have on suicide prevention, intervention,                                                                   National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (NSSP)
and postvention. Our approach begins with the                                                                         including stigma reduction activities, lethal means
understanding that each individual and each                                                                           restriction, media recommendations, and promotion of
community has unique cultural risk and protective                                                                     effective clinical and professional practices all of
factors which must be well understood and taken                                                                       which promote access to health care. Project
into account. Frameworks has a particular focus on                                                                    materials also include an implementation guide and
rural culture and how this impacts on suicide                                                                         evaluation tools and strategies.
prevention efforts.


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