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					?Christmas is really a magical time of year, even as adults we get captured within the
awe of the moment. This Xmas will even more special simply because this really is
your first Christmas with your new child. From the 'my first Christmas' ornaments to
the baby gifts that you will receive each and every moment will be filled with joy and
laughter. It also the ideal time to begin making traditions which will last a lifetime.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year; it always has been for as long as I can
remember. I inherited the love for the season from my mom. She was born in
December and her name was Carol, need I say much more. It was such a special time
at our house and filled with numerous traditions. Only when I moved out on my own
did I realize how precious those traditions were to me. The year I lost my mom was
the first time I knew how much time, work and energy she put into making our
holiday unique. I don't have a lot of regrets, but I never thanked her for all those
unique times.

The best thing about traditions is that they don't need to be costly or elaborate. For
instance 1 of my preferred things we did each Xmas Eve was to exchange presents
with my brother and sister. We took great effort in attempting to find gifts that our
siblings would truly like and want. We would tease each other for weeks about what
was in the presents. When Christmas Eve arrived I believe we were much more
excited about seeing the other people open their presents then receiving presents
ourselves. We are now scattered over the country, and each Xmas Eve I wish I was
with them giving them their gifts.

As they say time marches on and our lives do alter. So as you're beginning these
traditions know that they are not set in stone. Be open to attempting new things once
in a although and including new people in your life. If Christmas Eve is always a time
for family, maybe this year you think about inviting a friend who wants the love of a
great family. If you turkey is always on the menu consider have ham as well. Just be
open to expanding your traditions, such as other people and appreciate more of the
love and laughter.

It is hard to imagine now, but time does move on and someday your little baby will be
out on his own. You will be surprised at what traditions he will wish to continue. My
mother could not believe that my sister and that i showed up at her home at three:00
am on Xmas morning to see if Santa had come. We usually did this when we lived at
home, and weren't ready to cease just because we had homes of our own. Even now
when I think of Christmas, it is not the presents I received, but the fun the family had
that makes me smile.

The holiday season is often so hectic and busy. It seams that we don't have time to
appreciate our family and friends. So I encourage you to take the time to enjoy
yourselves. Enjoy some traditions with those who are dear to you. Merry Christmas
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