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									   Making the Most of Your Money by
          Jane Bryant Quinn

                          Solid Advice With Results

Bestselling author Jane Bryant Quinn has revised and updated her classic
1991 primer on finance, Making the Most of Your Money, to prepare
readers for the challenging fiscal atmosphere that she sees in the coming
century. Written in her familiar, easily understood style, it starts out by
helping you determine exactly where you stand on money matters and
explaining basic money management techniques. Next, Quinn offers
comprehensive discussions about insurance needs, home ownership,
college funding, investment planning, and retirement. A useful series of
appendices provides additional information on insurance, college, bonds,
pensions, and more.

Personal Review: Making the Most of Your Money by Jane
Bryant Quinn
I bought this book in June 1995 at age 32. I recently purchased another
copy (due to someone denying that I lent it to them...?? How could you
forget borrowing a 2.5inch thick, 5 pound book?) I want to share with you
all what this book did for me. It taught me the importance of setting
concrete financial goals and measuring my net worth on a regular basis. I
am proud to say that I have in the last 12 years set and then met most of
my financial goals. I have excel spreadsheets that track my net worth
annually from 1995 (when all of my net worth was the equity of my house)
to today (I own my house outright, have 401K's, pre-paid college plans,
stocks, and CD's). My net worth has grown by 1,800% in those 12 years.
As I have gone thru new chapters of my life (making a will and saving for
college once I had children, becoming my mom's guardian, choosing to
retire early), I have been able to easily pick and choose the chapters of the
book that I once glossed over and re-read them when they apply to a new
stage of my life. I was always a motivated person who wanted to live
under my means to achieve financial freedom, but this book gave me the
roadmap I used. I highly recommend this book for people who want to
learn how to manage their money and achieve their goals in life. The
peace that financial freedom gives me is priceless. Read this book and
live UNDER your financial means and you can have this freedom too.

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