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									                                             Winton State School
                                                          (Prep to Year 12)

                                                                                                 71 Cork Street
Telephone:             (07) 4657 1910                                                                PO Box 298
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                                                      13th May 2009
                                                 FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK
Congratulations to Kay Grant for receiving a 25 year Service Medallion from Education Queensland. Kay has
been a cleaner at our school for nearly 30 years and is a valued staff member.

Our Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 students are currently hard at work with the National Literacy/Numeracy Tests. Results
of these tests will become available later in the year and will become the basis behind future strategic planning
for our school.

PCAP has advised that there is still $5000 to be spent in our local allocation. If you belong to an organisation
which involves children you can go on line and submit an application for funding. A meeting will be held next
Wednesday 20th to look at new submissions. Contact Joanne Warren, Doug Williams or the school for more

Please read the letter from our department pertaining to the proposed teacher strike on Tuesday 19th May.

School photos will take place on Monday 25th May. Ordering envelopes will be attached to next week’s

Our inter-house athletics carnival will be on Friday 12th June and our interschool carnival with St Pat’s the
following week.
                                                                                                 Gregg Edmondson

                                                                P&C NEWS

                         MEETING – The next P&C meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th May at 4.00pm in the school
                         library. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please note change of time for meeting

                                                             SCHOOL NEWS

             Claudia Bowden        For good work in literacy groups
             Jack Pringle          For always being a good listener
             Jasmine Forrester     For being a gentle friend
             Jazmin Csoma          For working very hard and putting extra effort into activities
             Wade Anderson         For working hard during literacy lessons and for getting
                                   excellent marks during punctuation lessons
             Mitch Fogarty         For his brilliant behaviour this week

GOTCHA’S FOR WEEK THREE OF TERM TWO: Students seen through-out the week: working responsibly
and/or showing respect and/or staying safe (the school rules -WSS). Congratulations to our winners and keep up
the good work!
                 Rose Parry                    August Crapp                  Christopher Patterson
                 Trent Wills                   Tyler Wills                   Jaquita Brotherton
J:\School's Website\documents\2009\13may09.doc                                                        21/05/2009
‘AWSOM AUTO’ – Help needed - Donation of car/truck
Manual Arts/Industrial Technology Department, our Beaut Car Construction Unit, is in
need of a project car to help with our training program. We are seeking the donation of an
old vehicle ute or car for our students to experience first hand mechanical and repair
techniques on the donated vehicle.
If you could assist us in our endeavour to start this Beaut project, please contact Mr
Glenn Whittingslow, Manual Arts Department on the school phone number 4657 1910.
                                                                                              Glenn Whittingslow

EARLY YEARS 2 – This week has brought on many challenges for our students particularly our year 3’s, who
are undergoing the National Testing each morning until Thursday. They are working extremely hard to do their
best for themselves and our school and are to be highly commended for these efforts.
Throughout maths, we have learnt a few more games to enhance our money, time, addition and subtraction skills.
We have a champion maths train student, Bryce Anderson, who cannot be beaten in the class game. Keep up the
great work Bryce, your maths is outstanding. Our insect studies are progressing well with the introduction of 6
classroom teams to undertake each investigation. Within each team students have a particular job including a
director, speaker and a manager. We are currently looking at the lifecycles of certain insects and animals that
look different to their mothers at birth; a butterfly and a frog. Students will finish these off today and share
their new knowledge with the class this afternoon. We look forward to viewing the finished products.
We hope every Mother liked their Mothers day cards and presents and that your day was one to remember!
Until next week,
                                                                          Early Years 2, Mrs. C and Miss Rogers

M1 CLASS - The Year 5’s are more than half way through their testing, with only a numeracy test to go
tomorrow. I would like to congratulate the year 5’s on their efforts this week, the testing environment can be
quite daunting and they all handled themselves incredibly well. I would like to thank the teachers and secondary
students who volunteered to help make sandwiches for students completing the NAPLAN tests. They provided
the year levels with healthy snacks to re-energise them before they re-entered into class to complete a second
test for the day.
We are nearly half way through the term and M1 have been busy completing The Winton Show and CWA
competitions. For the remainder of the term M1 will be focusing on Australian government systems both in the
past and present and how these systems have origins in ancient Greece, Britain and the United States. During
this study students will reflect on citizens of different periods of time and how their country’s government
systems impacted on their lives. During literacy M1 will be studying biographies and creating a biography for
assessment on one Australian person who has helped shape our country.
During numeracy M1 will be completing a unit on the ‘Best Cookie Shop Ever’ which will require students to
create surveys to collect data on other year levels opinions on cookies, use Microsoft Excel to create different
types of graphs, they will visit local businesses to learn about running a business as well as costs involved and
finally they will learn how to read recipes and double the ingredients to make a larger batch of cookies. To
reflect on their learning throughout the following weeks, students will sell their cookies (using fake money).
This will require M1 to reflect on what they have learnt throughout their study and decide on an appropriate
cost for their cookies.
                                                                                          Miss Kavanagh & M1 Class

M2 HOME EC - Next week the girls will be cooking scones and will need to bring their own ingredients, a tea
towel and container to take home the scones. If students wish to eat their cooking as lunch, they will need to
bring in a note from home to let me know if they are allowed to do so.
                                                                                                Pammy Collett

STUDENT COUNCIL - For a little fun and as a diversion from the NAPLAN testing, this week Student Council
ran a handball competition during lunch times. The play was fast and furious but a winner eventually emerged;
Sam Armstrong. Congratulations to Sam and to the Student Council members that volunteered their time to
help out.
                                                                                               Pammy Collett

J:\School's Website\documents\2009\13may09.doc                                                      21/05/2009
ARRANGEMENTS FOR TEACHER STRIKE – TUESDAY 19 MAY - I wish to inform all parents and carers
that the Queensland Teachers’ Union announced on Monday 11th May that a statewide, 24-hour strike will take
place in Queensland state schools on Tuesday 19th May.
This affects our school because some teachers are likely to take part in this industrial action, along with their
colleagues across the state.
I want to assure our school community that despite the strike, which runs all day on Tuesday 19th May, our
school will be open to students on this day.
We will put in place special supervisory arrangements during the normal school hours on Tuesday 19th May to
ensure the safety of all students, as this is our highest priority. It is likely that regular classroom activity will
be disrupted.
Strike action is being taken in pursuit of a new salary package for teachers.
Please contact the school office with any queries that you may have regarding the strike and the impact it may
have for your family.

INFLUENZA A (SWINE FLU) AND GOOD HYGIENE TIPS - Queensland Health has advised it is "business
as usual" for schools after the confirmation of Australia's first case of the new strain of Influenza A
(otherwise referred to as Human Swine Influenza) on Saturday 9 May 2009.
 Good hygiene practices while coughing or sneezing, and regular hand-washing, are major factors in preventing
the spread of any infection including Influenza A.
However as parents and carers of young children, we all understand how difficult it can be to get kids to wash
their hands at the correct times – and to do it properly!
A helpful information sheet about sanitary hand-washing techniques is available at

NAPLAN TESTS - Like all schools nationwide, some of our students are participating in the National
Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests this week (12 - 14 May).
Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will be assessed in the areas of Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling,
grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. Within the Numeracy test Year 7 and 9 students undertake a
calculator-allowed test, followed by a non-calculator test.
We expect that the test results will be sent to our school in September this year, and an individual NAPLAN
report for each student will be sent home. These confidential reports will show your child’s results against key
national information in each year level.
Our school will use the information in a number of ways, primarily to better identify students requiring
additional support, and to identify strengths and improvement areas in teaching programs.
While the NAPLAN report is an important measure of how all students are performing, it is important to
remember that it is only one aspect of the school’s assessment and reporting process.
It does not replace the more extensive and informed judgements made by our highly skilled and experienced
It is important that students receive ongoing support at home throughout the year in developing literacy and
numeracy skills. For tips and information please visit
For information about NAPLAN tests please visit

CONVEYANCE ALLOWANCE ASSISTANCE – Conveyance Allowance is an assistance
provided by Queensland Transport to eligible parents/guardians who drive their students to
school or to the route of a school bus.
There are several types of Conveyance Allowance available. These are determined by the type
of school attended, distance driven to school or bus route and the type of school bus service
(if any) provided in your area.
Applications forms with further details are available by calling into the Passenger Transport section of
Queensland Transport in Endeavour Street, Mackay or by telephoning 4951 8313.

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                                                           COMMUNITY NEWS

                                                             Do it your way on Loud Shirt Day!
                                                 When: Friday 15th of May
                                                    Where: Winton Community
Why:      Dress up in your LOUDEST shirt to help raise funds for Queensland’s hearing
impaired children. Through donations help change children’s lives and get “Deaf kids talking”.
All funds raised will go to the Hear and Say Centre in Queensland. So let’s get involved and
have a fun day!
                      For more information check out the website
                    And check out photos from last year (including St Patrick’s School Winton).
                                                  Contact: Dominique Haddin 0429012434

          Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 Testing (NAPLAN)                           12th, 13th & 14th May
                                 School Photos                         25th May
                          Primary Arts Council                          4th June at 9.30am
                                  Winton Show                           6th & 7th June
                     Queen’s Birthday Holiday                           8th June
                 Inter-house athletics carnival                        12th June
                Inter-school athletics carnival                        19th June
                        Last day of Term Two                           26th June
                                Pupil Free Day                         13th July
          1st day of Term Three for students                           14th July

                               Check out the Winton State School website at:

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