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					Pro Second Life
A cultural playground
Second Life is a social network platform which focuses on user-generated content and
communications. Good thing about these kind of social networks is that:

      Anonymity -no one can actually see you and you might be more open. Online
      Fantasy -you can create ur own reality
      the virtual room -an easy way to stay in touch with all friends

This social world is really interesting for companies and business but also for normal players,
because you play with people from all over the world in one environment. Imagine you are a
company and you want to reach a large target group. Where else could you find such a large
and varying group in such a small place. They now can!, in this virtual world.

Web 2.0
Companies within second life benefit of this because they no longer have to worry on how to
reach an as large as possible target group. For this reason, second life is probably one of the
best examples of web 2.0. Web 2.0 which, if it isn’t already, will be the most popular way of
communicating in the future.

A creative world
Second life also stands for a world of creativity. Since Linden labs granted the intellectual
property right for all products made in-world to its original creator. So besides that you learn a
lot when you fly during this world you can also earn money by building creative objects. This
earning are giving to you buy Linden Dollars, which brings us to another strong point…the

The currency
The currency in Second Life, which is Linden Dollars is stable and has no inflation swings.
And if you might feel uncomfortable paying online there are even special SL insurance
companies to prevent you from going bankrupt.

Second Life statistics
Probably the most unique characteristic of Second Life is that, during its short history, it was
able to capture demographics that are normally difficult to obtain in on-line digital
communities. At present, Second Life statistics show that there is almost equal participation
between the sexes at 41.95% for men and 40.05% for women (Second Life Manual,
December 2006). And the real life ages reported currently averages to 32.

Internet in 3D
Further more, in January 2007 Linden Labs has open sourced the API of second life, which
means that it’s now possible for talented programmers to integrate already existing popular
software with Second Life. As an example; the instant messenger you use “in-world”, so
while playing second life, could be integrated with Microsoft messenger or other online
messengers. This would mean that you could chat with your friends on msn while playing
second life and the other way around. So since this possibility is there it’s just a matter of time
before some intelligent programmers/developers will come up with some very useful
applications. “And when it’s getting this far, sharing this place full of different nationalities
and creativity we are on a very good path towards the internet in a 3 dimensional
world.”(conclusion) .