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									                         Discovery Day
Experience the advantages
        of owning a Realty Executives
              franchise in California.
                                                                                              Benefits ...
                                                                                             Family owned & operated
                                                                                                since its inception

                                                                                           Decisions are people-based
                                                                                               – not based on the
                                                                                             demands of Wall Street

                                                                                             An environment focused
                                                                                            on you – and your success

A Strong History...                                                                           Keeps you in control of
                                                                                                  your business

• Challenged the        • Innovative approach   • Helped Realtors ®   • This environment
traditional real        created the first       maximize their        was naturally
estate model that       Realtor® focused        income by earning     attractive to the
kept Realtors ® from    environment             100% of their         best talent
exercising and                                  commission and by
benefiting from their                           only paying their
full value                                      share of expenses

                                                                                                     Site Map
                     Our brand promise and the
                      pillars that support it are
                      the heart of our company

                          They are our guiding
                      principles and keep Realty
                        Executives focused on
                     supporting and promoting the
                      success of our Franchisees
                          and their Executives

                    BrandPillars  :
                      n ati e,
                    • I nov v Entrepreneurial
                    •T              f e ocate
                        rustedand Efectiv Adv
                    • Uniquely Personalized
Our Brand Promise    Experience
                    • Connected,Caring Family

                                  Site Map
System for Success – Building Your Asset

Protected Territories      No Renewal Fees             No Additional               Variable Fee Structure
                                                       Initial Franchise Fees
• Realty Executives        • Once you pay for a        for Additional Offices      • Executives and Brokers
protects each Franchisee   franchise, you won’t be                                 have incredible flexibility
by providing them with     paying for that privilege   • 100% Commissions          in choosing a fee
exclusive market           over and over again         plans available             structure that fits best
territories                                                                        with their business
                           • 5-year terms              • Offers Executives a
• There are only two                                   menu for transitional pay   • Helps Franchise owners
“real” values to a real                                plans                       to recruit top talent in
estate company                                                                     their market
       • Agents                                        • You can open as many
       • Inventory                                     offices as you wish         • Maximize Broker and
                                                       within your territory       Executive profitability

                                                                                              Site Map
System for Success – Building Your Asset

Unmatched Support              Promote As You Wish         Share the Knowledge         Safeguard Integrity
• Our service & sales          • Freedom to be creative    • Conventions and           • Avoid tarnishing
support is provided by         with advertising and        symposiums across the       professional image by
Regional Developers            promotions                  system where attendees      pressuring Executives
who have a vested                                          gather to learn from        to sell products or
interest in your success       • Keep the majority of      internationally-known       services unrelated to the
                               advertising dollars close   speakers, share formulas    real estate transaction
• Provides Executives with     to home at the regional     for success and receive
the latest technologies,       and office level where      recognition                 • Our most valuable asset
tools and marketing            they are most impactful                                 is the integrity of our
programs at all levels         to the Executives           • Aggregate and share       Executives
of our organization – at       and their customers         best practices in a
the International, National,                               collaborative environment
Regional, Broker AND
Executive level

                                                                                                  Site Map
4 -Tier Support System
• Our system is designed to support
Executives with the right leadership,
resources and powerful tools – at each and
every level of our organization.

• This bottom-up approach provides keys to
success in strategically defined key areas –
which are then created & customized for
each level and integrated at each level to
achieve maximum results.

Benefits ...
This cohesive, integrated approach and
effectiveness at all level:

• Assures that each end every member of
our company is supported

• Builds upon each other to multiply and
provide exponential results.

                                               Site Map
   Rich Rector                                     Karen Dunham                                                 Steve Tripp                                             Marissa Leon                                 Meghan Hartman
President and Chairman                             Chief Financial Officer                                    Director of Franchise                              Director of Communications                       Executive Recruiting Manager
                                                                                                             Relations and Strategic                                       & Events

                           Glenn Melton                                      Stephanie Gonzalez                                            Todd Sumney                                        Jane Stegall
                         Chief Executive Officer                        Executive Director of Professional                              Director of Marketing and                             Senior Paralegal
                                                                            Development and Growth                                 President of Brand Architects, LLC

International Support
 At Realty Executives International, our staff exists for one purpose:                                                        Whether it’s help with email or website questions or assistance
 to provide service and support to our franchisees. As a family owned                                                         developing a local marketing plan, your support system at
 and operated company, Realty Executives benefits from having the                                                             International is only a telephone call away. We know that our success
 flexibility to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace and an                                                          is based on your success.
 empowered staff that shares a passion for the brand.

 Working closely with our Regional Developer network, the
 International team is dedicated to providing services like marketing
 solutions, recruiting coaching, business planning expertise and more
 to help ensure our customers’ success. We closely monitor industry
 and technology trends so that Realty Executives can remain on the
 leading edge of the real estate franchising business.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Site Map
                                                                                      Benefits ...
                                                                                      Concise and easy-to-use
                                                                                    compilation of best practices
                                                                                     from over 700 Franchisees
                                                                                       throughout our system

                                                                                    Specific actionable steps make
                                                                                     this system easy to execute
                                                                                              and replicate

Proprietary Recruiting System
Realty Executives provides   Filling Your Office With Top-Quality Executives
its Franchisees with a       Proprietary Recruiting System includes:
proprietary recruiting       • Step-by-step training manual
system – built from          • 6-step recruiting process
the best practices of over   • Catalog of lead generating marketing materials and
700 Franchisees              instructions
                             • Impressive recruiting presentation kit (Powerpoint
                             version available)
                             • Templates to customize your presentation to your

                                                                                               Site Map
                                 Over the past 12 years,                                            Meghan has experience
                                 Stephanie has sold real                                            representing new home builds,
                                 estate, taught new agent                                           managing all marketing and
                                 classes, coached                                                   operations for a construction
                                 experienced agents, written                                        company, selling real estate
                                 soft-sales curriculum and                                          and opening a start-up real
                                 worked with brokers to                                             estate office with a business
                                 develop a culture focused on                                       partner where she became
                                 recruiting and retention.                                          well versed and responsible
                                                                                                    for all back-office operations.

Executive Growth
The Executive Growth Department is                     The needs of every Broker/Owner are unique, and
designed to support and enhance the                    for that reason we customize a plan to address the
recruiting efforts of Realty Executives                specific areas that can be improved to enhance
Broker/Owners. We work through the                     recruiting success. This includes establishing goals,
Regional Developer to identify the needs of            creating action plans, providing value-added
Broker/Owners in the arenas of Business                education and varying levels of accountability. We
Planning, Recruiting Systems and Creating              are committed and impassioned about helping all
Office Efficiencies to maximize profitability.         Realty Executives Broker/Owners not only grow but
                                                       to be profitable in both the short and long term.

                                                                                                                            Site Map
                                                                                                      Realty Executives equips
                                                                                                    our Franchisees, Executives
                                                                                                     and Brokers with all of the
                                                                                                    materials, tools, technology
                                                                                                      and resources that they
                                                                                                          need to succeed.

Technology & Tools For Profitability
• The Realty Executives       • Executive EDGE automated         • And many other Realty
Integrated web site system    marketing|CRM System               Executives technology tools
 - International, Regional,   • REX the print marketing center   designed to facilitate listings,
 Broker/Office, Executives    • Executive KnowledgePoint         referrals and global networking.
• Realty Executives           • The online referral directory
“Executive Access” intranet

                                                                                                              Site Map
                                                                                                        Benefits ...
                                                                                                     Increased lead opportunities
                                                                                                     for our Executives, Brokers
                                                                                                           and Franchisees

                                                                                                         Efficient, informative
                                                                                                     searches for your customers

                                                                                                         Quick and accurate
                                                                                                     dissemination of information

                         International Website
• Home listings & maps   • Buyer/Seller            • Company history &     • Franchise information
                         resources & links         information
• Locations & contact                                                      • Executive Access –
information              • Relocation assistance   • Press coverage &      Realty Executives’
                         & information             industry news           secure Executive portal
• Office & Executive
information                                        • Videos, commercials
                                                   and advertisements

                                                                                                               Site Map
                                                                                                             Benefits ...
                                                                                                            Tap into the power of the Brand:
                                                                                                               email addresses leverage
                                                                                                              brand equity and awareness

                                                                                                           A unified database ensures
                                                                                                            that information is always
                                                                                                          accurate, up-to-date and easily
                                                                                                          and instantly managed by our
                                                                                                             Executives and Brokers

                                                                                                             FREE searchable Executive
                                                                                                          profiles and web pages for every
                                                                                                           office on
Free Email, Executive and Office Profile Web Pages                                                           enable the customer to find
                                                                                                                       you fast

Free email for all Executives   Free profile page for all Executives   Free office web page for every
•YourName@RealtyExecutives.     • Each Executive is provided with a
com                             customizable web page                  • Each office is provided with a
                                                                       customizable web page
• Web-accessible capability     • Direct link to your personal
provides access from anywhere   website                                • Unified database enables
in the world                                                           information to be updated
                                • Unified database enables             instantly and easily
                                information to be updated instantly
                                and easily

                                                                                                                     Click Here
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      Visit Executive Access                                                                                         Site Map
 For real estate brokers, increasing the productivity of agents in your brokerage is essential. RealtyGenerator is a profit-
  generating solution that works with a three-pronged approach: to attract clients to your brokerage, track performance
  of your agents and provide tools that support communications with prospective clients – all of which help your agents
                                                       make the sale.

RealtyGenerator works to make brokerages more profitable than before, with everything from advertising management to
 agent training. Equally important, RealtyGenerator helps you recruit and retain top agents, which gives your brokerage
                                       added leverage in this competitive industry.

                                                                                                               Site Map
InvestorLoft's traffic has increased 60% over the past 3     As the real estate industry's first professional-savvy and
months (2/2/08 stats). The Alexa Traffic Rank is 238,934 -   investor-centric portal on the web, InvestorLoft helps real
an increase of 104,084 positions in the past 3 months        estate professionals:
                                                             • Retain their clients, attract new ones and generate more
While has experienced a 20.9% decrease in        transactions
traffic from Dec 2007 - Dec 2008, InvestorLoft has           • Effectively market listings to an audience with the need
experienced a 1690.9% increase                               and means to buy
                                                             • Position themselves as an expert - not an advertiser - to
                                                             their audience
                                                             • Offer investor clients a higher level of service through their
                                                             simple – yet broad – library of resources

                                                                                                               Site Map
                                                                                                        Benefits ...
                                                                                                             24-hour access to
                                                                                                          information, resources
                                                                                                           and special programs

                                                                                                           One-button access to
                                                                                                           technology tools and
                                                                                                             partner websites

                                                                                                        Rotating home-page content
                                                                                                          keeps you up-to-date on
                                                                                                           communications from
                                                                                                       Realty Executives International

Executive Access – Intranet Portal
• Realty Executives             • Executive KnowledgePoint          • Executive Edge print marketing
International information and   • Executive Edge                    center
communication organized by      • Informational flyers and          • Registered Supplier Catalog
department                      applications for Benefit Protect,   • International Statistics
• Information on Meetings,      the Bank of America Realty          • Graphics Standards Manual
Events, Continuing Education,   Executives Platinum VISA card       • Downloadable versions of
Special Programs and more       and the Verizon Wireless            logos, font and television
                                discount program                    advertising spots
                                                                    • Videos

                                                                                                                 Click Here
                                                                                                               To Dig Deeper

     Visit Executive Access                                                                                       Site Map
                                                                                                                Benefits ...
                                                                                                                 Automatic marketing all
                                                                                                                    Year long without
                                                                                                                 Constant management

                                                                                                                Access to a large library of
                                                                                                                   customizable Realty
                                                                                                                Executives branded items

                                                                                                                Easy to use and effective

Executive Edge – Complete Marketing Suite
• Customize marketing           • Tap into the Realty        • Set-up multiple       Includes "Marketing in
materials in both e-mail        Executives branded           campaigns and           Motion" at no additional
and print formats, from         format through the           schedules to reach      charge. With "Marketing
thousands of                    extensive library of         different demographic   in Motion" you can
pre-designed items:             Realty Executives            markets                 market properties using
postcards, flyers,              exclusive customized                                 movie-like animated
listing templates,              items with the distinctive   • Track and analyze     home shows created
announcements,                  Realty Executives look       campaign results and    with your own photos
newsletters, direct mail        and feel                     statistics              and laced together
materials, sports                                                                    in a dynamic flash
schedules, homes                                                                     presentation with music.
magazine ads and more

                                                                                                                        Click Here
                                                                                                                      To Dig Deeper

       Visit Executive Access                                                                                            Site Map
                                                                                           Benefits ...
                                                                                               Easily customize
                                                                                           advertisements and other
                                                                                            marketing materials –
                                                                                          including the photographs!

                                                                                         Immediate access to hundreds
                                                                                           of pre-designed marketing
                                                                                              items – metallic ink and
                                                                                          foil-stamped business cards,
                                                                                             personalized letterhead,
                                                                                           postcards, flyers and more.

                                                                                              Many pre-printed and
                                                                                         Realty Executives International

Executive Edge - Print Marketing Center                                                    subsidized items pass on a
                                                                                          considerable cost savings to
                                                                                                 our Executives

Create customized          Executive Edge enables           It’s like having a graphic
marketing materials in     Executives and Franchisees to    designer on call 24/7 – to
minutes with Realty        build branded and personalized   meet your marketing needs
Executives’ exclusive ad   ads, listing flyers, business
builder and marketing      cards, letterhead and other
                           marketing items online

                                                                                                    Site Map
                                                                                                   Benefits ...
                                                                                                  Brand Architects can...
                                                                                                  • Create custom and
                                                                                                  specialized advertising
                                                                                                  • Negotiate media prices on
                                                                                                  your behalf
                                                                                                  • Provide you with full-service
                                                                                                  marketing agency capabilities
                                                                                                  including graphic design,
                                                                                                  media buying, production
                                                                                                  coordination, account
                                                                                                  support and more
                                                                                                  • Provide highly competitive
                                                                                                  pricing for your marketing
                                                                                                  agency needs

In-House, Full-Service Ad Agency

Realty Executives International supports its Regional Developers, Franchisees and Executives
 by providing access to its very own full-service, in-house, advertising, marketing and graphic
      design firm. For years, the leadership of Brand Architects have been designing and
   implementing marketing and branding projects for Realty Executives International and its
    Franchisees. With a singular focus – the Realty Executives brand – this innovative team
              can help you leverage your brand locally, and at a competitive price.

                                                                                                             Site Map
Executive Referral Directory
Gold $249.00/year                             Silver $149.00/year                          Bronze $49.00/year
A Gold Listing includes:                      A Silver Listing includes:                   A Bronze Listing includes:
• Priority listing at the TOP of all search   • Listing displayed immediately following    • Listing displayed immediately following
results in rotation with other GOLD           GOLD subscribers in rotation with other      GOLD and SILVER subscribers in
package subscribers                           SILVER package subscribers                   rotation with other BRONZE package
• 1” X 8” customized listing area to          • 1” X 8” customized listing area to enter
enter your own personalized message           your own personalized message                • 1” X 8” customized listing area to enter
                                                                                           your own personalized message
• The ability to upload a photo of your       • The ability to upload a photo of your
choice                                        choice.                                      • Complete searchable listing of your
                                                                                           contact information, designations,
• A two-line, bold, eye-catching              • A one-line, eye-catching heading.          interests, areas of professional
heading                                                                                    expertise and office address information
                                              • Complete searchable listing of your
• Complete searchable listing of your         contact information, designations,           • A live email link
contact information, designations,            interests, areas of professional
interests, areas of professional              expertise and office address information
expertise and office address
information                                   • A live e-mail and web site link

• A live e-mail and web site link

                                                                                                                   Site Map
                                                                 Benefits ...
                                                                Automatically enrolled as a
                                                                member – just by being an

                                                               Provides complete, inbound
                                                                and/or outbound referral
                                                                   services worldwide

                                                                 Will completely manage
                                                                   the referral for you

                                                                Allows you to increase your
                                                                 business reach, open new
                                                               opportunities and provide the
Referral Network                                                  ability to build valuable
                                                                   business relationships

    Realty Executives Referral Service is an excellent
 alternative to placing a referral directly, enabling you to
 increase your income and strengthen your business by
extending your personal network across town, across the
                country or around the world

                                                                          Site Map
                                                          Benefits ...
                                                         Realty Executives International’s
                                                              broad reach and global
                                                        community network enable you to
                                                         connect with other Franchisees,
                                                         share best practices and access
                                                           help from around the world


                                                          Larger footprint – advantage
                                                            in listing presentations

                                                           More Economies of Scales
Our Global Network
Explosive growth has led to our increasing presence
throughout North America and the world – yielding
tremendous opportunities for our Franchisees, Brokers
and Executives

                                                                    Site Map
                                                                   Benefits ...
                                                                 This user-friendly application
                                                                 is free for you to use and
                                                                 provides press release
                                                                 templates about a variety
                                                                 of topics including:
                                                                 • New office opening
                                                                 • New Executive joins company
                                                                 • Awards
                                                                 • Convention/Conference
                                                                 • Community involvement

                                                                   Put this tool to work for you
                                                                   and you will see an increase

GrassRoots PR                                                    in positive local publicity which
                                                                      will further enhance the
                                                                     growth of your business .

GrassRoots PR is an               Regular online and in-person
innovative online application     training sessions are held
that enables you, the             throughout the year by our
Broker/Owner, to create and       Realty Executives
distribute press releases to      Communications Department
a customized list of your local   and Regional Team

                                                                            Click Here
                                                                          To Dig Deeper

      Visit Executive Access                                                 Site Map
                                                                                    Benefits ...
                                                                                   Realty Executives hosts a
                                                                                   number of annual events
                                                                                   to further your personal
                                                                                   development, including;
                                                                                   • Broker Owner Meetings
                                                                                   • Mega-Broker Meetings
                                                                                   • One-on-One training
                                                                                   • Summit
                                                                                   • Regional Meetings
                                                                                   • Broker Meetings
                                                                                   • Franchise Training
                                                                                   • Relocation Training

Professional Development
No matter what stage you are at in your real estate career, we give you multiple
avenues to better yourself, develop new and improved skills, or learn from those
 around you. Our Meetings Department is constantly improving our meetings,
 events and training. Periodic regional meetings and conferences will provide a
forum for the free exchange of ideas and a platform to help keep you up to date
with your colleagues throughout the system. Executives will enjoy learning what
                 is working for their peers throughout the world!

                                                                                            Site Map
                                                                                                Benefits ...
                                                                                                  Using KnowledgePoint,
                                                                                                Executives can be alerted to
                                                                                                news in their market, region
                                                                                                      and worldwide

                                                                                               Executives can also download
                                                                                                 audio files and view videos
                                                                                                online from every speaker at
                                                                                                our events, conventions and

                                                                                                 Content and audio/video is
                                                                                                searchable by key words and

KnowledgePoint Center                                                                          ranked by our Executives on a
                                                                                                     1-5 rating system

Executive KnowledgePoint       With KnowledgePoint,              • Audio & videos from every
is a training & development    Executives can find information   speaker, every breakout
tool where Executives can      such as:                          session, discussion panel
access news, information,      • Market Trends                   and interview from our
training videos, audio         • Relocation Trends               conventions and symposiums!
training files and resources   • Industry News
online, 24 hours a day.        • Regional News
                               • International News
                               • Events information
                               • Training Videos & Audio MP3

                                                                                                         Click Here
                                                                                                       To Dig Deeper

      Visit Executive Access                                                                              Site Map
                                                                                                           Benefits ...
                                                                                                          Using Create-A-Plan you can
                                                                                                             accurately assess your
                                                                                                         business and pinpoint actions
                                                                                                           and steps that will make it
                                                                                                                more profitable

                                                                                                          Discounted pricing makes
                                                                                                             you more profitable

Operating an efficient business is a major step towards           Create-A-Plan for Franchisees is a
profitability. But what about working smart? What about           step-by-step process that will show
making the most efficient use of your time and seeing which       you a “financial crystal ball” by
decisions or which Executives would be the most profitable        helping you see the financial impact
– and then go after them? Think of how much more                  of your assumptions in the future.
effective you could be if you could see how your numerous
efforts factor into your profitability, taking into account the
fees that you charge and the expenses you incur in running
your business.

                                                                                                                   Click Here
                                                                                                                 To Dig Deeper

     Visit Executive Access                                                                                         Site Map
                                                                                                     Benefits ...
                                                                                                     Franchise Training is a fun
                                                                                                   way to meet fellow Franchisees
                                                                                                       from around the world,
                                                                                                     share insight and expand
                                                                                                           your network.

Franchise Training
Franchise Training      • Recruiting             • Comprehensive five-day training session
provides training for   • Referrals/Relocation   • Held quarterly in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
running your            • Competitive            • Two attendees included with Initial Franchise
business:               Intelligence             purchase
• Office set up         • Networking with        • $495 for each additional attendee
• Accounting             fellow Franchisees      • Designed to immerse you in all of our tools &
• Marketing             • At Corporate Office    systems and to help you effectively run your
                                                 Realty Executives franchise.

                                                                                                              Site Map
                                                                                                       Benefits ...
                                                                                                       An aggressively leveraged
                                                                                                          national Institutional
                                                                                                     Marketing budget enables us to
                                                                                                      reach the most consumers
                                                                                                       and Realtors® as possible.

Institutional Marketing
• Compelling one- and two-page spreads in         • Nationally, consumers are reached through such
industry publications like Realtor®, LORE and     print media as USA Today, Southwest Spirit
Real Estate Magazine.                             Magazine, US Airways Magazine and Inc.
• Imaginative and engaging guerilla marketing     Magazine.
campaigns at events such as the annual            • Also driving consumer awareness is a recently
National Association of Realtors® Expo, which     produced television campaign encompassing five
attracts more Realtors® than any other event in   different commercials.
the real estate industry.                         • In addition, an associated radio and internet
                                                  campaign is available for local use by our
                                                  Executives and their offices.

                                                                                                                Site Map
National Advertisements
 Marketing is all about creating perceived value...

                                                      Site Map
Local Advertisements
The Realty Executives brand creates perceived
value for our Franchisees and their Executives.

                                                  Site Map

             Site Map
                                               Benefits ...
                                             Executives’ names are
                                             prominently displayed on our
                                             property signage, resulting in
                                             more double-sided deals

                                             Yard signs, regarded as the
                                             second most important tool to
                                             agents, are used overall by
                                             buyers as the source for the
                                             names of agents 35% of the
                                             time. However, 53% of Gen Y,
                                             and 40% of Gen X used the
                                             signs for the names of agents.
                                             By comparison only 23% of
                                             Matures and 32% of Boomers

Signs, Logos & Other Branding                did the same.
                                              Source: Murray Consulting, 2006

     With prominent name placement
    on our yard signs, recruiting just got
               a little easier.

                                                        Site Map
                                                             Benefits ...
                                                            Realty Executives equips
                                                            Realtors® to serve the Latino
                                                            market with a robust product
                                                            offering – including sales,
                                                            non-predatory lending, title
                                                            and escrow services while
                                                            centered around integrity,

Niche Marketing – Latino
                                                            ethics, market knowledge
                                                            and service.

The Latino market is no longer an emerging market – it is
 here. There is a huge opportunity for those real estate
professionals who choose to commit to more than simply
    translating a brochure from English to Spanish –
 including a business worth over a trillion dollars – and
        Realty Executives is leading the charge.

                                                                       Site Map
                                                                                              Benefits ...
                                                                                               Marketing of existing loan
                                                                                            programs designed for teachers

                                                                                               Creates new business for
                                                                                               you and your Executives

                                                                                            Creates new business for your
                                                                                             mortgage and title affiliates

Niche Marketing –                               HOMEWORKS™
                                                                                                  Creates new press

Teachers want to buy homes   They are generally unaware of    Realty Executives developed
near their work, but         the loan programs available to   the HOMEWORKS™ Program
generally can’t because of   them                             to help teachers find
income                                                        housing in the community
constraints                                                   where they teach

                                                                                                       Site Map
                                                                            Benefits ...
                                                                             Executive Estates has been
                                                                           created to distinguish high-end
                                                                           properties in your marketplace

                                                                            Advertising, marketing and
                                                                            web templates for Executive
                                                                                  Estates listings

                                                                            Executive Estates program
                                                                            provides access to upscale
                                                                              signage to match your

                                                                              Corporately negotiated
                                                                           advertising programs in such

Niche Marketing - Executive Estates                                          publications as The Robb
                                                                            Report, the DuPont Registry
                                                                            and the Wall Street Journal

Executive Estates is a branding initiative that will provide luxury home
specialists with access to upscale signs, sign riders and sign hangers,
 as well as logos for use in personal marketing. These components
  both complement our traditional signage and distinguish qualified
 Executives and listings as being inthe upper echelon of your market.
 This program will elevate your listings to a new, distinguished level.

                                                                                      Site Map
                                                                                      Keeping you and our
Corporate Communications –                                                            customers informed
Communicating effectively with our Franchisees is, and always will be, a top   For more information about our internal and external
priority at Realty Executives International. That’s why we’re dedicated to     communications programs contact our
providing you with the most relevant and current information about our         Communications Department
products, services, programs, training opportunities, events and breaking
news announcements. Our corporate communications team coordinates the
distribution of regular e-newsletters, mass faxes, mailers and phone
campaigns to be sure you are always “in the know” about what’s going on
within our expansive company.

                                                                                                                  Site Map
                                                           Benefits ...
                                                             Lone Wolf Real Estate
                                                          Technologies is a pioneer in
                                                            real estate technologies

                                                         Almost 3,000 offices throughout
                                                          North America use Lone Wolf

                                                             If you know more about
                                                           your client's business than
                                                          they do, they will look to you
                                                                   for guidance

Lone Wolf

 In the business since 1989, Lone Wolf Real Estate
  Technologies is the North American leader in real
estate software, services and solutions that help real
       estate offices realize their full potential.

                                                                     Site Map
                                                                                        Benefits ...
                                                                                       • There are no participation
                                                                                      requirements and NO
                                                                                      COBRA issues
                                                                                      • Each participant chooses
                                                                                      the benefits best suited for
                                                                                      their needs
                                                                                      • Many affordable options
                                                                                      – from prescription-only
                                                                                      coverage to full-service
                                                                                      with dental included
                                                                                      • Accessible
                                                                                      • Portable

Benefit Protect

 The insurance coverage you want – and need
 Easy | Affordable | Accessible | Customized | Major Medical | Limited Medical
                  Disability Insurance | Prescription Drug Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance | Accident Insurance I Life Insurance | Dental Insurance

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                                                                                                             Benefits ...
                                                                                                                  Guaranteed to be
                                                                                                                  & commented on

                                                                                                             An amount equal to .02% of
                                                                                                             all charges are rebated back
                                                                                                                to the Realty Executives
                                                                                                             Institutional Marketing fund
                                                                                                              and will be used to further
                                                                                                            build further brand awareness

                          Credit Card Program
With the Realty Executives VISA Signature credit card with WorldPoints Rewards
from Bank of America, experience unprecedented rewards and features:
• No annual fee and competitive low rates
• Earn one point for every $1 in net retail purchases
• A world-class rewards program that lets you earn an unlimited number of points, redeemable for:
travel on major U.S. airlines with no blackout dates; cash rewards; brand-name merchandise from
Sony®, Bose®, KitchenAid®, Waterford®, Nikon®, Callaway® and other leading companies;
gift cards from top retailers
                                                                            (some restrictions may apply)

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