TERMS & CONDITIONS

   The tenderers are required to submit attested photo copy by a gazette officer/ public notary of up to
    date certificate of registration in proper category in D.W. & S.D, Jharkhand, up to date VAT
    clearance certificate, Pan Card, in Technical Bid envelop.
   Tender documents (B.O.Q), if downloaded from website www.jharkhand.gov.in. ,the cost of B.O.Q.
    should be attached with Technical Bid in envelope „A‟ as a Bank draft/Banker‟s Cheque in favour of
    Concerned Executive Engineer, D.W.& S. Division.
   Contractors/Firms who are defaulter in any Department of GOJ are not eligible to participate in this
   Validity of tender will be six month from the date of Opening of tender.
   The tenderers are required to submit ownership Certificate of DTH mounted Rig Machine with
    required compressor capacity for HYDT, which carries Jharkhand‟ Registration/other State
    Registration/Registered Lease Deed in Jharkhand State along with physical verification, Paper
    verification, Road permit, insurance and Fitness Certificate by any S.E Mechanical/ E.E Mechanical
    of DWSD with Technical Bid. No Rate Bid will be opened without submission of aforesaid
    Certificates in Technical Bid.
   The earnest money will be payable as mentioned in B.O.Q, it must be pledged in favour of
    concerned Executive Engineer ,D.W & S. Division where you want to execute the work. The earnest
    money should be deposited in form of 6 years N.S.C. 8th issue or 3/5 years post office time deposit
    pass book/ Bank Guarantee issued from any scheduled Commercial Bank (Co-Operative Bank will
    not be accepted), for firms/company only which will be valid for one year.
   Agreement must be executed within a week after issue of work order otherwise earnest money will
    be forfeited and the agency will be debarred of work and the work will be allotted to other agency.
    The agency may face blacklisting also.
   The quantity indicated in NIT/ B.O.Q may vary. All clauses of NIT/ B.O.Q etc will be binding to the
    tenders and will be part of agreement.
   Right to accept or reject the work will remain reserved with the Department without showing any
   The tenderers should enclose all the certificates and earnest money, cost of B.O.Q (for those who
    download the B.O.Q from website) in envelope „A‟ and enclose their rates in envelope „B‟. Both the
    envelopes should be sealed separately. First the envelope „A‟ will be opened. Envelope „B‟ will be
    opened only after the tender is found eligible.
   The cost of tender document is non-refundable. The tenderer may submit tender by post. Tender
    not received due to any reason including postal delay will not be entertained.
   The rates quoted below 10% of project cost indicated in B.O.Q are not acceptable and shall be
    summarily rejected.
   The work has to be executed on “Turn key” basis and all required materials, labour, equipments and
    services etc has to be arranged by the contractor at his own cost. No Payment will be made to
    Contractors in case of dry/collapse bore or bore having less than 1000 LPH discharge.
   There shall not be any splitting of group. Monthly milestone target shall be fixed by the department
    before agreement which will be incorporated in the agreement. Violation of time frame will amount
    to initiate panel action against the contractor.
   No subletting of work is permissible, however partnership deed/Joint Venture is allowed where one
    partner must be the owner of the DTH Rig Machine and fulfilling other eligibility conditions.
   The decision of the Department will be final and binding in case of any dispute and interpretation.
   For any related information kindly contact Office of the Superintending Engineer / Executive
    Engineer on any working day or can be seen on office Notice Board.
   The work shall be executed on the basis of guidelines, Specification and provisions of relevent BIS
    code and other standard specification. Hand pump, Riser pipe and Casing pipe supplied by the
    contractor has to be inspected by DG& SD/CROWN/SGS/BIS/RITES as third party inspection.
   Location site list can be obtained from the office of concern Executive engineer. Bidders should
    make themselves conversant with local conditions.
   Provisions of Jharkhand Industrial Policy will be followed in execution of this work if required.
    In case of same quoted rate priority should be given in following orders
          Ownership of Rig machine registered in Jharkhand State.
          Ownership of Rig Machine but Registered in other State
          Registered lease deed of Rig machine, deed executed in Jharkhand State.
          No Contractor will get work load of more than two groups for a particular HYDT Rig Machine
           without permission of undersigned depending upon the competency of the contractor.
    Proper legal action along with black listing will be done against those tenderers, who will submit
    incorrect / fake certificates along with the tender.
   No escalation in rates will be allowed and no claim on account of delayed payment owing to
    unavoidable circumstances will be entertained.
   Conditional tenders will not be entertained.
   Intending tenderers may please note that work is of very urgent nature and has to be completed in
    scheduled time with adequate quality assurance.
   This tender is subject to legal jurisdiction of Honri‟ble Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi.

                                                                         Superintending Engineer,
                                                                    D.W & S. Dumka, Circle Dumka

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