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Read a New Book Month                              Now’s the time to make your reading journal for this year. Here’s a template you
Grandparents’ Month
American Newspaper Month
                                                   can use. In your journal make a list of the different types of books you’d like to read                  1
                                                   this year. Ex. fantasy, mystery.                                                                           USC vs. Louisiana –
National Ice Cream Sandwich Month                                                                                                                                 Lafayette
Library Card Sign-up Month                                                                                                                                     Go Gamecocks!
Hispanic Heritage Month

2 Write a football 3         Labor Day                4    Create an address      5    Design a trading     6                       7                       8
story using these         No School Today!            book for your               card for your favorite     National Read a        Are you still reading   Happy Birthday, Ruby
words: orange, black,    Clemson vs. Florida          classmates, include their   book. Show it to your         Book Day            your book from          Bridges!
tiger, fall, yell,             State                  names, phone numbers,       school librarian.         Which book will you     National Read a Book    Read Through My Eyes
touchdown, car               Go Tigers!               and email addresses.                                        read?             Day?

9 Grandparents 10                     Exercise
                                                      11      Solar eclipse       12       Find a book on   13 Happy                14 What was Dr. 15              Be lazy today and
Day. Write a poem                                     today. Write a science      legends on astronomy.     Birthday, Roald Dahl!   Jekyll’s first name?    read your book for 30
for your grandparents   your brain today.             fiction story about a       Can you find one about    How many of his         Read Dr. Jekyll and     minutes. Write about it in
or for a special        Read for at least 10          solar eclipse.              a solar or lunar          books have you read?    Mr. Hyde to find the    your journal.
person.                 minutes!                                                  eclipse?                                          answer.

16 Only one             17                            18       Look at a map      19 Talk like a            20 September is 21                              22        First auto built in
McDonald’s sells          Constitution Day            of South Carolina. List 5   Pirate Day! Argh-h!       the 9th month. List 9   Read aloud to           U.S., 1893 (Duryea
hotdogs. Where is it    Visit                         places you’d visit if you   Read a book about a       things you’ve           someone younger         brothers). Design your own
located?                http://www.constitution       started in Columbia and     South Carolina pirate.    accomplished this       than you.               car. Write a press release
                        day.cc for more               traveled clockwise                                    year.                                           about it.
                        information                   around the state.

23                      24               Read the     25          Draw a
                                                                  map from
                                                                                  26       The first        27 Write an             28                      29 List all the
Autumnal Equinox        nutrition label on your                                   televised presidential    acrostic poem using     Turn off the TV and     words you can think of
                                                                  your home       debate aired in 1960.
What is it? Why is it   cereal box. What did you                                                            the word READING.       read your book for 28   that have to do with
                        learn? Write a newspaper                  to school.      Who are the candidates
important?                                                                                                                          minutes today.          football.
                        article about it.                                         for the 2008 election?
                        Reading not only enlarges and challenges the mind; it also engages and exercises the brain. Today’s youth who sits
30                      mesmerized by a television screen is not going to be tomorrow’s leader. Television watching is passive. Reading is
Chewing Gum Day.
Read The Chewing
                        active. –Richard Nixon (1913-1994)
Gum Rattler.

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