Choosing a Laminator

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Choosing a Laminator

In today's market, there are hundreds of laminators to choose from. When searching
for the model that will work best for your needs, consider the following:

What is the largest size sheet you will be laminating? Pouch laminators are available
in a variety of sizes, many being large enough to laminate product up to 11-1/2" x
17-1/2". Applications larger than this will typically require a roll laminator. Roll
laminators are also offered in a variety of sizes. Choose a unit that will handle the size
you use now or plan to use in the future.

What mil (thickness) will you be using? Many laminators are limited to running
thinner lamination film, usually up to 3 or 5 mil. This film produces thinner, more
flexible product. For thicker, more rigid results, a 7 or 10 mil film is necessary. Make
sure the laminator you choose is advertised as handling the mil thickness that you

What is your volume? Because different laminators run at different speeds, volume
must be considered. Some laminators are faster than others even while still
maintaining a high quality. Production speed may not matter for low volumes,
however with high volume, saving seconds per unit can make a significant difference
and help keep costs down.

What are you laminating? Some laminators are designed specifically for basic copy
paper with only black print. Other laminators work well with photographs and full
color digital prints. Some large format laminators can even laminate products up to
1/2" thick, allowing for mounting boards. There are certain features necessary for the
different types of applications. Matching your needs with the laminator's functions is
very important.

How much space do you have for the laminator? Pouch laminators are generally
compact and used on tabletops. Some roll laminators can sit on a tabletop, however
the majority are usually placed on their own stands or workstations. Keep in mind the
location when deciding on a laminator.

Kinds of Laminators:
Pouch Laminator: Pouch Laminators are the most popular and least expensive method
of laminating. Pouch laminators are used to laminate applications from identification
cards up to posters and large signs. Pouch laminators apply heat and pressure to the
laminating pouch fully encapsulating the document in a protective casing called a
laminating pouch. These laminating machines are generally available in compact
tabletop units designed for laminating applications from 4 up to 14" wide.

Roll Laminator: A Roll Laminator is a Hot or Cold Laminator that uses Laminating
Roll Film to encapsulate and protect documents larger than you would be able to
accomplish with a pouch laminator. Roll Laminators are designed for higher volume
runs & are typically used for two sided laminate. With a maximum laminating width
of 27", a Roll Laminator is perfect for laminating posters, maps, book covers, signs,
photographs, charts, and much more. They will allow for high production rates, are
durable, and allow your application to be wiped clean. Many roll laminators can also
handle mounting documents of several different thicknesses and on a variety of
Mounting Boards.

Cold Laminator / Pressure Sensitive Laminator: Cold Laminators, also known as
pressure sensitive laminators make laminating easier than ever. This type of
laminating applies a film or adhesive to the application using high pressure rollers.
This process requires no electricity, eliminating warm-up/cool down time and
adjustments to tension and temperature. The cold laminators are extremely user
friendly; perfect for home, schools, offices, and more. Pressure sensitive (cold)
laminate is sticky to the touch, and features a removable release liner that covers and
protects the adhesive. Available in sizes from 8.5 to 62

Wide Format Laminator: Wide Format Laminating Equipment are ideal for use with
large applications such as promotional signs & banners for trade shows and other
presentations. All wide format laminators are floor standing models, (some can be
placed on a table) and can handle documents anywhere from 42" to 63" in width.

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