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					                                     KELLER ISD TRIP REQUEST FORM
      Important! Read carefully: Allow at least 1 month for processing. This will allow processing time for KISD
    Administration and Transportation. Forms must be electronically submitted and approved in accordance with the
  “School Trips” regulation prior to entering into TransfinderLE or contracting with a charter company. Trips must be
   input to TransfinderLE 10 days prior to the trips departure. Please do not call administration or transportation to
                               confirm, unless there is a problem with your trip request.

*Denotes mandatory fields

 *Trip Name:                                                       *Campus:

 *School/Code:                                                     *Grade Level/Department/Group:

 *Depart date:                                                     *Time:              AM/   PM

 *Return date:                                                     *Time:              AM/   PM

 *Destination                                                      Depart from


 *Number of students                                               *Number of Adults

 *Number of wheelchairs                                            *Number of vehicles

 *Account or Budget code

 *Where is this money coming from?

 *Trip objective and/or correlation to TEKS

 *Type of Trip: (Select One)
      Instructional Trips are defined as an academic experience (not extra or co-curricular) requiring the transporting
      of students to the learning opportunity.
      Competition Trips are defined as those trips necessary for students to participate in school-sponsored
      Additional Trips are defined as those that are not instructional or competition based but may include trips related
      to service projects or performances.
 *If an Instructional Trip - Does this request meet the standard of learning opportunity?      Yes/ No

 *If an Instructional Trip - What is to be learned that cannot be learned at school?

         Approval Process: All applicable fields based on process chart must be signed before trip is finalized.

Principals Approval ___________________________________                           Date _____

Curriculum and Instruction Approval _____________________                         Date _____      Not Applicable

Athletic Director Approval ______________________________                         Date _____      Not Applicable

Executive Director Approval _____________________________                         Date _____