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									Competitors information
                                                        Dear World Challenge competitors
                                                   Thank you for entering this years Bodyflight World Challenge.
                                                   The 2008 event is already much bigger than in previous years,
                                                   with more teams more media interest and some very generous
                                                   sponsors. Teams have entered from all over the world, and for
                                                   the first time there will be a AA category in both disciplines.

                                                   We are really looking forward to this years competition and I
                                                   hope you are too.

                                                   Inside this pack you will find a schedule for the Challenge
                                                   (Please be aware that this is subject to change).

There are also contact details for us here at Bodyflight, and a list of local hotels for those of you who are yet
to arrange accommodation. Please do arrange your accommodation before you travel to Bedford, as the on site
rooms are already fully booked.
As always, if you have any questions about the event please do not hesitate to contact us here at the tunnel:
        – 4-way rep   – FF rep

Bodyflight would like to thank our sponsors, listed below, who are generously donating prizes and supporting
this years competition.
                                      Thank you, and see you there!
                                      Prize Breakdown
                   This years competition sees a massive prize pot of £20,000.

4-way FS Professional:   1st Place £5,000          2-way FF Professional:     1st Place £5,000
                         2ndPlace £3,000                                      2ndPlace £3,000
                         3rd Place £1,500                                     3rd Place £1,500
                         4th Place £500                                       4th Place £500

   Thanks to this years sponsors we also have many prizes to give away either as prize draws or for
   special achievements throughout the competition. All prizes will be given at the judges discretion.

                                     These prizes include:
4 x FUEGO PRO helmets from Tonfly                     2 x Boogieman suits
1 Hour of expert FS coaching from Flightschool UK 1 Hour of expert FS coaching from Inner Rhythm
2 x CYPRES servicing vouchers                         2 x Parasport Gloves & Weight belts

      As well as a range of goodies and freebies from Go Fast, Outfacing and many more.
                                                         This years 4-way judges are:

FS Head Judge: Ruth Cooper                                                                               Thierry Courtin:
Years in sport: 16                                                                                       Years in sport: 20
Number of Jumps: 320, most of which in first 6 years. Not many but I’ve been                             Number of jumps: 3000
fortunate enough to do night, water, balloon, inverted biplane, CRW, jet, high altitude,                 How long have you been a judge: 10years
100metre etc within those. Not bad!                                                                      Why did you become a judge: when I stop competition to keep
How long have you been a judge: Started judging in 2000. I got my national FS                                 contact with my favourite sport
rating in 2002, national accuracy rating in 2003 and my FAI FS rating in 2004                            Skydiving CV:
Why did you become a judge: I enjoy being actively involved in the sport. Although                       95/96/97 second place French military championship (4way)
I had a blast at the club comps I jumped in, my fitness (dodgy back) and finances                        97 third place European cup( 16way)
would be a real barrier to competing regularly. I got into judging by helping out at                     Participation French big formation(107 skydivers)
                                                                                                         1 place French military championship (4way)
club comps and one thing just led to another. There is always more to learn, and
                                                                                                                  Fourth place European cup (16way)
to learn, and there is a great feeling of teamwork within the judging family which is
                                                                                                         Since 1998 all French competitions as judge or event judge
tremendous.                                                                                              2006 judge world championship in Gera (Germany)
Skydiving CV:                                                                                            2007 judge world cup in Stupino (Russia)
I’ve competed in Headcorn club comps – Speed 8, scrambles and Accuracy. The highlight of my jumping      2008 selected for the world championship in Meaubeuge (France)
career was getting a silver team junior medal in the Headcorn LAC accuracy, and the bronze individual.
I started out judging in club comps, then BPA ones. I got my FAI FS rating in Croatia, and have since
judged at Gera and the Anton Milevsky meet. I’ve helped judge the nationals in both Denmark and
Ireland, and have been on the World Challenge judging team since the competition was first set up.       Karla Cole:
Have a great competition everyone!                                                                       Years in sport: 22 years
                                                                                                         Number of jumps: 1000+, not jumping anymore
Frank Malabone                                                                                           How long have you been a judge: started 1988, had a break after 2
Years in sport: Started in the sport in the mid 70’s at the East Coast Parachute                         years, started again 1995, since then addicted to it
      Centre, Ipswich and have completed over 1000 jumps                                                 Why did you become a judge: skydiving was an important part of my
Favoured discipline: I’ve always been old school so it has to be the Classic’s for                       Life, judging is just another important aspect of this sport and gives me
      me.                                                                                                a chance to give something back to the sport I have so enjoyed.
How long have you been a judge: Started judging in 2003. I am now a BPA                                  Skydiving CV:
                                                                                                         It all started with the Nationals in 1990 in Headcorn with the 4 way
      National Judge in FS, CF, Classic’s (Style and Acc) and CP. Also this year I                       female team with Jane Buckle and the new camera person at that time
      am a trainee judge for Artistic’s and Speed Skydiving.                                             Wendy Smith, to be followed by a lot of fun competitions- my judging
This year I am going for my International Judge’s rating.                                                started 1988 at the RAPA Championships, Sue Dixon got me involved, it
Why did you become a judge: I started judging after being advised by my best                             is her passion for judging that impressed me and got me hooked, got my
      friend Fran Shashkova-Jones and it seemed the next thing to do in the sport                         National rating for FS 1996 and my FAI rating for judging FS 2001.
Skydiving CV: Did competitions throughout the 80’s mainly Classic’s but also some RW                     Since then I have been fortunate to be selected every year for an
       (that’s FS to you new kids) and CF. Also attended the World Cup (Classic’s) in ‘83 and            international competition.
                                              This years 4-way judges are:

Liz Warner                                                                           Sue Dixon:
Years in sport: Nearly 15 years                                                      Years in sport: since 1972
Number of jumps: 550                                                                 Number of jumps: 550
How long have you been a judge: 6 years                                              How long have you been a judge: Since 1984
Why did you become a judge:                                                          Why did you become a judge: To give something back to my sport
I became a judge as I wanted to know more about the rules. Was relying on            Skydiving CV:
information form more experienced jumpers for information rather than knowing        1989 : Indonesia International Skydiving Championships; Event Judge, Relative Work
                                                                                            World Championships, Relative Work. Empuriabrava, Spain
exactly what the judges were looking for.
                                                                                     1992 ; World Cup, Formation Skydiving, Gap, France. – Start of Air to Air Judging.
Skydiving CV:                                                                        1995 ; World Championships, Formation Skydiving, Gap, France. Live Air to Ground
2001 – Competed in NSL 4-Way in Eloy A Category – Bronze Medal                              Judging
2002 – 8-way Nationals, 4-Way Grand Prix (GP)                                        1997 ; World Championships, World Air Games, Ephesus, Turkey – also 16-way
2003 – 4-way and 8-way Nationals, 8-way Speed Nationals.                             1998 ; European Cup, 16-Way, La Ferté Gaucher, France – Chief Judge
2004 – 8-way GP x2, RAPA (FS & CP), 4-way and 8-way Nationals, Armies (FS), 4-way         : World Cup 4 & 8 Way Formation Skydiving, Evora, Portugal
      GP, Cyprus Championships (FS & Acc).                                                   World Cup/European Championships 16-way FS, Empuriabrava Spain
                                                                                     1999 : World Championships, FS, Corowa, Australia
2004 – Competed in RAPA 4-Way Rookie Category – 6 out of 10 Teams
                                                                                     2001 : World Air Games, Granada, Spain
2005 – 4-way GP x2, RAPA (FS & CP), 4-way and 8-way Nationals, Armies (FS).          2002 : World Cup, FS, Empuriabrava, Spain
2006 – 4-way GP x2, 8-way GP, RAPA (FS, CP, Acc), Armies (FS & Acc) 4-way and 8-     2003 : World Championships, FS – Mondial, Gap, France
      way Nationals, ESL Finals.                                                     2004 : World Parachuting Championships, FS, Rijeka, Croatia
2007- World Challenge (4-way Tunnel Comp), 4-way GP x2, RAPA (FS, CP, Acc), 8-way    2005 ; World Cup, FS, Eloy, Arizona, USA
      GP, Armies (FS & Acc), 4-way and 8-way Nationals, VRW demo comp.               2006 : World Championships, FS, Gera, Germany
                                                                                     2007 : European VRW 1st competition, Chalon, France

Penny Wiggins                                                                          BPA British Nationals FS 8-Way, Hibaldstow, Aug 2004
Years in sport: 7                                                                      BPA Grand prix FS 4-Way, Langar, June 2005
Number of jumps: 75                                                                    BPA British Nationals FS 4-Way, Hibaldstow, July/Aug 2005
How long have you been a judge: 5 years                                                BPA British Nationals FS 8-Way, Hibaldstow, Aug 2005
Why did you become a judge: I was introduced to judging by a friend and found it a     Speed 7 club competition, Headcorn, June 2006
great way to be able to put something back into skydiving and support the sport.       BPA Grand prix FS 4-Way, Langar, June 2006
                                                                                       BPA Grand prix FS 4-Way, Sibson, July 2006
Skydiving CV:
                                                                                       BPA British Nationals FS 4-Way, Hibaldstow, Aug 2006
BPA Southern Regionals Grand prix FS 4-Way, Headcorn, May 2003
                                                                                       BPA British Nationals FS 8-Way, Hibaldstow, Aug 2006
Speed 7 club competition, Headcorn, June 2003
                                                                                       BPA 8 Way Speed Nationals, Sibson, Sept 2006
BPA British Nationals FS 4-Way, Hibaldstow, July 2003
                                                                                       BPA Grand prix FS 4-Way, Langar, June 2007
BPA British Nationals FS 8-Way, Hibaldstow, Aug 2003
                                                                                       BPA British Nationals FS 4-Way, Hibaldstow, Aug 2007
BPA Southern Regionals Grand prix FS 4-Way, Headcorn, May 2004
                                                                                       BPA British Nationals FS 8-Way, Hibaldstow, Aug 2007
Speed 7 club competition, Headcorn, June 2004
                                                                                       ESL Finals FS 4-Way, Spa, Belgium, Sep 2007
BPA Grand prix FS 8-Way, Black Knights, July 2004
                                                      This years Free Fly judges are:
                                                                                                                            George Pilkington
Head Judge Jo Horn:                                                      Money Meet Skydive AZ 5th Intermediate
                                                      1. Austrian FF-Record                                                 Years in sport: 24 (OMG!)
Years in sport: 18 (6 years pause)                    1. Austrian FF-Record Women                                           Number of jumps: 3500 (Give or take a 100 or so…)
Number of jumps: 2300                                                    Judge 2. WC Canopy Piloting Lake Wales             Favoured discipline: Free Flying! (..I’m not very good but, I
How long have you been a judge: 5 years                                  Chief Judge Austrian Naionals Artistic             have been worse!)
                                                                         Judge 3. WC Canopy Piloting, Skyday
Why did you become a judge: after an                                                                                        How long have you been a judge: This will be my 3rd year
accident I had to pause and a friend told me to                          EJ 3. WC Canopy Piloting Stubenberg/See            judging Free Fly Tunnel. It’s a totally wicked event. The
become a judge                                                           Judge 1. Meisterschaft CP Stubenberg/See           flying is breathtaking and I feel very privileged to watch and
Skydiving CV:                                                            Event Judge WC Eloy (Artistic-Freestyle)           judge it. Long may it continue please!
2000: Austrian Female RW Record                                          Judge WC Eloy (Artistic)
                                                      2006: Money Meet, Skydive AZ, 8th, Open                               Why did you become a judge:
2001: Austrian Naionals FF 5th
2003: Austrian Naionals FF 5th                                           Austrian Naionals FF 4th                           Rich T the DJ was initially asked but he thought I would
                   Judge OÖ Meisterschaft                                Judge WC Gera Artistic                             make a better job of judging the 1st tunnel meet than him.
                   Judge Ass. WM Gap/France                              Chief Judge Austrian Naionals Artistic             He told Paul and I got the job. : ) It’s not what you know…
2004: Austrian Naionals FF 4th                                           Judge CP First WM Vienna
                                                      2007: Judge Canopy Piloting Klatovy                                   Skydiving CV:
                   Wald4tel FF 2nd
                   Judge WC Brasilien (Artistic)                         Silver medal Freestyle Male (Austrian nationals)   Judging – 3 Tunnel meets. They don’t let me judge anything else…
                   Judge Austrian Naionals Artistic                      5th place Freefly (Austrian nationals)             Competition – Numerous meets in 4, 8, 16, 20, 40 way, Most of
2005: WVWR Skydive Chicago                                               Judge Artistic Stupino, Russia                     which I don’t remember but here are the ones I do :-
                                                      2008: WVWR Eloy                                                       First competition - Accuracy at Sibson in 1985. I landed in the pit
                   Wald4tel FF 1st
                                                                                                                            once in 4 rounds.
                                                                                                                            First medal - 16way bronze at Sibson in 1988.
Yoko Okazaki:                                                                                                               Langar International 40 way 1992 Gold
Years in sport: 10                                        Al Hodgson:
                                                                                                                            Gap World Cup 1992 8 way. French won, The Knights lost. We
Number of jumps: about 7000                               Years in sport: 8                                                 came nowhere. Enjoyed the fireworks at the gig end party!
Favoured discipline: Freestyle & Freefly                  Number of jumps: 3800                                             Intermediate 4way Gold Nationals 1992
How long have you been a judge: Pretty                    Favoured discipline: Free Fly                                     Gold 8way MindGames Nationals 1993
new, have a background of gymnastic                       How long have you been a judge: 3 years                           Eloy World Meet in 8 way 1993 with MindGames, finished 9th.
judging.                                                  Why did you become a judge: pleasure                              Great Britain written on my shirt… yea! Top Banana! Lurked onto a
                                                          Skydiving CV:                                                     100 way with the 99 best skydivers in the world and me. Awesome
Why did you become a judge: Love to
                                                           Nationals 04 intermediate freefly gold, 06                       Speed 10 Christmas 1993 Spain – Beat the French (who had just
perform more, but love to see the cool stuff                                                                                beaten the Knights in 8 way!)
and cool people as well.                                  open freefly bronze, 07 intermediate freefly
                                                                                                                            Symbiosis Suits 16way team, bulk UK and Euro gongs
Skydiving CV:                                             gold (camera) 07 freestyle open
                                                                                                                            Another Planet – European Champs 16way x2 and other gongs
3 time Freestyle world champion (Team                     Silver (camera).                                                  Lots of club level hardware of all colours.
AXIS21), as both a performer and a                        Judging world challenge 06/07. Skydive                            150, 217, 296, 252 World Records (or biggest’s)
cameraman                                                 Arizona freefly money meet 06/07                                  1998 left Another Planet and went Free Flying.
2007: World Challenge FF Judge
                                                         Saturday 29th March 2008

Time    Location                             Please note: All times are approximate and subject to change                Duration

07:00    Cafe            Café opens
        Leisure centre
07:00   reception        Registration                                                                                    1 hour
08:00   Hangar           Welcome briefing                                                                                15 mins

08:15   Hangar           4-way FS team briefing                                                                          15 mins

08:30   Tunnel           4-way FS – 3 mins practice time & speed setting per FS team (Rotating. Please check manifest)   2 hours

09:00   Hangar            2-way Free Fly team briefing                                                                   30 mins

        Tunnel           Free Fly – 3 mins practice time & speed setting per FF team (Rotating. Please check manifest)   1 hour

10:30   Hangar           FS Draw announced

11:30   Tunnel           4-way FS Round 1                                                                                40 mins
11:30   Hangar           FF Draw announced
12:10    Tunnel          Free Fly Round 1 (Free round)                                                                   40 mins
                                                  Saturday 29TH March 2008

Time    Location                              Please note: All times are approximate and subject to change
12:50    Tunnel          4-way FS Round 2                                                                    40 mins
13:30    Tunnel          Free Fly Round 2 (Compulsory round)                                                 40 mins
14:10    Tunnel          4-way FS Round 3                                                                    40 mins
14:50    Tunnel          Free Fly Round 3 (Free round)                                                       40 mins
15:30    Tunnel          4-way FS Round 4                                                                    40 mins
16:10    Tunnel          Free Fly Round 4 (Compulsory round)                                                 40 mins
16:50    Tunnel          4-way FS Round 5                                                                    40 mins
17:30    Tunnel          Free Fly Round 5 (Free round)                                                       40 mins
18:10    Tunnel          Media display session                                                               20 mins
18:30    Hangar          De-brief for competitors and judges                                                 15 mins
        Leisure centre
19:00   reception        Bar opens
22:00     Cafe           Café closes
        Leisure centre
23:00   reception        Last orders at the bar
                                                     Sunday 30th March 2008

Time    Location                        Please note: All times are approximate and subject to change                 Duration

07:00    Cafe       Café opens

09:00   Tunnel     4-way FS Round 6                                                                                  40 mins

09:40   Tunnel     Free Fly Round 6 (Free round)                                                                     40 mins

10:20   Tunnel     4-way FS Round 7                                                                                  40 mins

11:00   Tunnel     Free fly Round 7 (Music round)                                                                    40 mins

12:00   Tunnel     4-way FS Round 8                                                                                  40 mins

12:40   Tunnel     Free Fly Round 8 (Compulsory round)                                                               40 mins

13:20   Tunnel     4-way FS Round 9 (Semi final.) – Top 20 teams from AAA, 10 teams from AA. Will be judged first.   40 mins

14:00   Tunnel     Free Fly Round 9 (Music round)                                                                    40 mins
14:40   Tunnel     4-way FS Round 10 (Final.) – Top 10 teams from AAA, 5 teams from AA. Will be judged first.        40 mins
15:20              Competition ends – await scores
                                                         Sunday 30th March 2008

Time    Location                            Please note: All times are approximate and subject to change   Duration

15:20     Tunnel          Media display/ Invite session                                                    30 mins

16:30     Hangar          Scores announced

16:45     Hangar          Prize Giving and judges awards announced
         Leisure centre
17:45    reception        Bar open (Approximate time)
18:00   Screening room    Footage from day/ videos
19:00      Cafe           Café closes
20:00     Hangar          Fireworks & Disco      (Approximate start time)

01:30    Leisure centre
                          Last orders at Bar

                                                        Competition ends
                         Professional sports massage available on site.
                           Fesemeyer                                            Fiona Birnie
                           LSSM Dip                                             GOsC registered

                        Both Fiona and Gemma will be based in the briefing room on the 3 rd
                                        floor throughout the competition.

       Sports & Remedial Massage Practitioner                         I have been skydiving for 17 years and treating skydivers
        Member Sports Massage Association                             for over 11 years.
     Member Institute Sports & Remedial Massage
                                                                      07967 041226        
 +44 (0)7810 542961
                                                                                               I can treat/help:
    Specialising in Pre-, Inter and Post Event Sports                 Neck/back pain                           Flexibility
                        Massage                                       Training injuries                        Overuse strains
                                                                      Muscular aches, pains and fatigue
Use of Massage and Techniques for improving performance,              A lot of recurrent back or neck pains are due to inflammation or
managing injury and reducing muscle fatigue                           restriction of the spinal facet joints, unless these are released the
                                                                      pain will keep returning. As an experienced osteopath treating this
Sponsored Teams:                                                      type of problem is one of my main skills.
                                                                      Hopefully you won't need to come and see me, but if you do be
2007-2008                Bodyflight Storm           Team
                                                                      assured you'll be in the best of hands!
Elan 4-Way                                                            I worked with numerous world class teams at last years World
2005-2006                Team Airkix                GB                Challenge. I will be available from Friday afternoon until the end of
Delegation to WPC                                                     the competition.
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