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 Smart Reports & Forms Bundles for PFW 5.x (5.01 & 5.1 versions)
 "Plain Paper" Forms                                             Condensed/Portrait Format Reports
                                                            A/R - Aged Receivables  Product Sales  Sales Journal
  Invoices (A/R & OE)
                                                            A/P- Aged Payables  Prod. Purchases  Purchase. Journal  Unposted Voucher/DM
  Statements
  Purchase Orders                                          G/L - Gen Ledger  History Batch  Journal Batch  Journal Rpt
  Sales Orders                                             Inventory – Activity  Analysis   P/O – Print & Post PO Receipts
                                                            Project Cost – 8 Column Detail Cost (landscape format)

 STC Plain Paper Forms - Streamline and reduce your "paper-processing"
 These Forms are "customized" Crystal Reports which print all the Formatting (Lines/Boxes, Captions & Headers)
 found on the pre-printed forms (in addition to all the regular printed information). Forms may be further Customized
 to include a Logo for $50 (from your jpeg, gif or bmp). These Forms are ideal for users who fax or e-mail documents
 to their Vendors & Customers. They eliminate the need to "Print to Form" to get fully formatted, "faxable" end-user
 documents. Configuring a "Fax-Printer" will allow you to fax documements directly from the Crystal Viewer.
 Remember, Crystal 8.x can also export forms to Acrobat for E-mail distribution or electronic archiving.
     Move documents directly to customers & vendors. Save On Pre-printed Form Use.

  Condensed/Portrait-Format Reports
 Many Users prefer "portrait-oriented" reports instead of the "landscape" orientation used on PFW reports. STC’s
 reports are designed to show maximum information per page (significantly shortening the print runs for long reports).
 STC's bundle has portrait/condensed versions of 15 important PFW Reports.

                 A/R – Aged Receivables  Product Sales  Sales Journal
                 A/P – Aged Payables  Product Purchases  Purchase Journal  Unposted Voucher/Dr. Memo
                 G/L – General Ledger  History Batch  Journal Batch  Journal Report
                 Inventory – Activity  Analysis           Project Cost – 8 Column Detail Cost Report (landscape)
                 P/O – Print & Post Purchse Order Receipts.
 Invoice Form is shown on the reverse side.                                        Download Sampler
 Note: Any of these forms or reports may also be purchased individually for $50 each.

     Pricing & Ordering Information                                                                                         Price $395 [+$100 Annual Maint]
                             Contact Your PFW Reseller for Information on all our Products
● Pay-Ware Payroll/ HRIS ● Import/Purge Utilities for A/P, A/R & Bank Book ● Advanced A/P Payments
● Inventory Management ● GL Maintenance ● Order Base Management ● A/R Advanced Reporting

 Contact STC:                            WEB:                                                 TOLL FREE PHONE: 888-523-5020
                SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES is the premiere provider of PFW Comapnion Programs . . . How can we help you?

         Platinum & Best are trademarks of Best Software Corp.   Crystal Reports is a trademark of Seagate Software Corp.    Adobe & Acrobat are trademarks of Adobe systems Inc.
Sample "Plain Paper" Invoice w/custom Graphics
Installation Details - STC Smart Reports & Forms

 WARNING: If any of the below PFW reports have been customized and saved to the pfwres\master\custom
 folder, installing this product can overwrite those reports.
 It is recommended that you archive a copy of the "custom" folder before you proceed. -OR-
 If only a few reports are desired, you may wish to install to a different folder and manually copy
 the desired individual reports into the "custom" folder.

Installation is simple - Follow the On-screen Wizard. 1) Enter the Password you received from STC.
2) Carefully Read & Accept the terms of the Licensing Agreement. 3) Review the Caution Message. 4)
Check whether to Install Forms or Reports or Both 5)Confirm User Info [optional]. 6) Enter the desired
directory path for the bundle. 7) Confirm this information and the product will load.

         Password Window                    Product Selection Window            Installation Path Window

STC Smart Report IDs are shown below with an "Explorer" view to the folder. Delete any of the report files
(*.rpt) that you wish to keep the normal PFW Reports format.

 Module Report                              Report ID
 A/P      Aged Payables                     APRAGE
          Purchases Journal                 APRCHJN
          Product Purchases                 APRPDPC1 & 2
          Unposted Voucher & Dr. Memo       APRUPSTRV

 A/R      Invoice Form                      ARPINVCM
          Customer Statement Form           ARRSTMNT
          Aged Recivables                   ARRAGE
          Product Sales                     ARRPRODS
          Sales Journal                     ARRLSJ1

 G/L      Gen. Ledger                       NLRGL
          Journal Batch (& Batch History)   NLRJBRPT
          Journal Report                    NLRJNL

 INV      Activity                          INRACTIV
          Analysis (Item Sort)              INANALY

 P/C      Detail Cost (8 Columns)           JCRDET

 P/O      Purchase Order Form               POPFORMS
          Post P/O Recieipts                POPRCPT

 S/O      Sales Order Form                  OEPSORD
          Print/Post Invoices               OEPINV

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