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Public Sector Economy


									Public Sector
car insurance Scheme

                                                                                               Public Sector
                                                                                                   car insurance Scheme

The Public Sector Car Insurance Scheme is a
preferential group scheme open to public sector
employees and their partners.

Public Sector Car Insurance Scheme Economy is our
low cost option and offers members a limited range of

NEW MEMBER – how to start your policy................................. 4

EXISTING MEMBER – how to renew your policy...................5

How to pay for your policy ....................................................................... 6

Your policy features and benefits .......................................................7

Appendix .................................................................................................................... 8
(Terms of business, distance sales contract)
      neW MeMber
      HoW To START YouR PolICY
      Enclosed you will find your quotation, proposal form and product suitability statement.
      The proposal form has been completed on the basis of the information you have provided
      to us.

      SteP 1
      Please read the proposal form carefully and ensure all details are correct and that the
      cover requested meets with your requirements. If the details are incorrect or don’t meet
      your requirements, please contact our helpline on (01) 408 4040.

      SteP 2
      Complete any unanswered questions on the proposal form and sign and date it. If you
      make any amendments to the form, please ensure that you initial and date any changes.

      SteP 3
      Return your completed proposal form along with the
      following documents:
      • Your original proof of No Claims Bonus from your previous insurer
      • Any other supporting documentation stipulated in the Important Messages box of your
      • Payment: Pay by post or by phone – see page 6 for details.

      Return all documents to:
      Cornmarket Group Financial Services Ltd., Christchurch Square, Dublin 8.

4 4
                                                                                                   Public Sector

eXiStinG MeMber
                                                                                                   car insurance Scheme

1 check your cover detailS
Your renewal notice is based on the most recent information supplied by you. If these
details have changed (e.g. change of car, change of cover required etc.), please contact us
immediately so we can update your details and issue you with a revised renewal notice if
necessary. If you have an open driving policy, you can receive an additional discount if you
restrict driving to yourself and your partner only. under this option, your partner must be
specifically named.

2 Pay online

                                   log on to
                     and follow the easy steps

All you need is:
• A credit/charge/debit/laser card*
• Your policy number                                                              renewa
                                                                                        l notice

• Your renewal pin – which is supplied on your
   renewal notice.

Alternatively, please see page 6 for full details and
other payment options.

*A charge of up to b10 may be levied on payment transactions by credit/charge/debit card in order to cover the cost charged by
the card provider. There is no charge for laser card transactions.

                                                                                                                                 5 5
       hoW to Pay for your Policy

      8        reneW online
               You can renew your policy online* at **

      *        Pay by PoSt – neW & eXiStinG PolicieS
               1. Direct Debit
               Premiums will be paid from your bank account over 10 months. You must also send
               a deposit with your completed direct debit mandate. Charges are detailed on the
               enclosed direct debit mandate.
               2. Cheque/Bank Draft
               This can be made payable to Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd. Please send
               all payments to: Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd., Christchurch Square,
               Dublin 8.

      (        Pay by telePhone – neW & eXiStinG PolicieS
               1. Credit/Charge/Debit Card*
               Your annual premium can be paid in full by credit/charge/debit card.
               2. laser Card
               Your annual premium can be paid by laser card.
               existing policies – (01) 408 4020
               new policies – (01) 408 4040

               PleaSe note: We are unable to accePt PayMent by caSh.

      *A charge of up to b10 may be levied on payment transactions by credit/charge/debit card in order to cover the cost charged by
       the card provider. There is no charge for laser card transactions. **The online renewal system will only allow complete payments
       to be processed on or before the renewal date. If your renewal date has passed or if you experience difficulty using our online
       facility, please contact the Customer Service Helpline on (01) 408 4020.
6 6
                                                                                                 Public Sector
                                                                                                   car insurance Scheme

Policy featureS & benefitS                                                                            Economy

1 DRIVING oPTIoNS – NAMED DRIVERS                                 7 PARTNERS
  Allows named drivers (from the age of 21                          May also avail of the Scheme once their
  Female and 23 Male with full or provisional                       occupation is ‘Class 1’. Call the Helpline for
  licences) to be added to the policy. Additional                   details.
  charges may apply.
                                                                  8 uNCouPlED TRAIlER CoVER
2 WINDSCREEN CoVER                                                  Certain conditions apply. Call the Helpline for
  If you use the recommended windscreen                             details.
  repairer, Autoglass 1850 363 363, up to €400
                                                                  9 RECoMMENDED REPAIR SERVICE
  cover applies for Comprehensive and Third
                                                                    Selected garages only. Call our Helpline for
  Party Fire and Theft policies. If you do not use
                                                                    details. Members who choose to use one of
  the recommended windscreen repairer the
                                                                    the approved repair garages will have €130
  maximum amount payable is €225. No excess
                                                                    deducted from the relevant policy excess.
  applies for windscreen repairs; excess for
  windscreen replacement is €30.                                  10 MoToR BREAkDoWN RESCuE
                                                                     A 24-hour accident and breakdown rescue
                                                                     service providing:
  The value of the vehicle does not affect your                      • Breakdown, attempted theft and accident
  premium as long as it does not exceed the                            assistance
  maximum value allowed of €75,000 for                               • Driveaway assistance
  Comprehensive policies and €25,000 for                             • Towing
  Third Party Fire & Theft policies. The scheme                      • Message relay service
  will accommodate vehicles up to 3,000cc.                           • Completion of journey or overnight
  Certain cars are excluded, e.g. soft tops, vans,                     accommodation or a replacement car for up
  commercial vehicles, GTIs, sports cars etc. Call                      to 48-hours.
  the Helpline for details.
                                                                     The above options are at the discretion of the
4 PARTIAl No ClAIMS BoNuS PRoTECTIoN                                 assistance company.
  No loss of your ‘No Claims Bonus’ for Fire, Theft                   freephone 1800 377 700
  or windscreen claims. You will lose your ‘No
  Claims Bonus’ in the event of any other claims.                 11 lEGAl EXPENSE CoVER
                                                                     • Accident loss recovery and personal injury
5 EXCESS                                                             • Motor legal Defence
  Standard policy excess is €500 for own
                                                                     • Motor contract disputes
  damage, Fire and Theft claims. For drivers aged
                                                                     • legal advice helpline service
  21 to 24, the excess is €800. Excess may be
  reduced by €130 if a recommended repairer                          • Counselling helpline service.
  is used. Applicable excess is doubled in the                        locall 1850 670 747
  event of claims arising from vehicle being
  driven into flood waters. Excess for windscreen
  replacement is €30.                                             Note: Cover for Driving others Cars is not
                                                                  available on this policy.
  Comprehensive cover is available.

Devised and administered by Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd. underwritten by RSA Insurance Ireland limited. RSA
Insurance Ireland limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The details provided are correct at the time of going to print
(January 2011). The Insurers reserve the right to amend policy terms and conditions available on renewal date. underwriting criteria,
terms & conditions apply. For full policy terms and conditions, please refer to policy guide/membership certificates.
                                                                                                                                        7 7
      aPPendiX 1
      terMS of buSineSS

      The purpose of this document is to outline for you the various terms of business for personal
      insurance services only (i.e. car, home, health, and travel insurance) which the Company
      provides. A more comprehensive Terms of Business document is available, which includes
      details of the various terms of business for group schemes, individual plans, investment
      services, and other financial services which the Company provides. Please contact us to
      request a copy or log on to to download a copy.

      Section 1:                              General inforMation
      Cornmarket Group Financial Services limited (the firm) is authorised under Section 10 of the
      Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995 (as amended). As an Authorised Advisor, the firm is authorised to
      provide broad-based investment advice and to receive and transmit orders in respect of the following
      investment instruments:
      1. Transferable Securities
      2. units or Shares in undertakings for Collective Instruments
      3. Tracker Bonds or Similar Instruments
      4. Insurance Policies
      5. Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs).
      The firm is also authorised as a deposit broker and to provide investment advice in relation to deposits.

      When receiving and transmitting orders in relation to insurance policies and/or PRSAs, the firm may
      only accept cash or cheques/bank drafts from clients payable to the firm where:
      (i) an insurance undertaking has invited renewal of a policy of insurance,
      (ii) a proposal for insurance and/or PRSAs has been accepted by an insurance undertaking.
      In all other circumstances cheques/bank drafts or other payment instructions must be made payable
      to the product producer.

      For and on behalf of the Financial Regulator                        Signed:


      If you wish to receive a copy of our authorised status, please contact the Compliance officer
      on (01) 408 4000.

      Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd. (Cornmarket), Christchurch Square, Dublin 8, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
      Cornmarket specialises in providing financial advice and services to individuals, members of affinity groups such as trade unions,
      charities, religious orders, and dioceses. In addition to the products or services currently provided, Cornmarket may also provide
      other financial services if agreed between us in writing.
8 8
                                                                                 Public Sector
                                                                                    car insurance Scheme

CoMPlAINT HANDlING PRoCEDuRE                           INVESToR CoMPENSATIoN
Cornmarket is committed to providing a high            In accordance with the provisions of the Investor
level of service and has a complaint handling          Compensation Act, 1998, Cornmarket is a party
procedure in place. Should you feel that you           to the investor compensation arrangements
have not received a satisfactory level of service,     administered by the Investor Compensation
please write in the first instance to Jane Horan,      Company limited. under Section 38 (1) of the
Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd.,              Investor Compensation Act, 1998, all insurance
Christchurch Sq., Dublin 8, or email                   and authorised intermediaries are required                              to inform clients of the following information
                                                       concerning potential investor compensation:
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your
complaint through Cornmarket, you may also             (a) The Investor Compensation Act, 1998 provides
submit the complaint to the Financial Service          for the establishment of a compensation scheme
ombudsman Bureau, 3rd Floor, lincoln House,            and the payment, in certain circumstances, of
lincoln Place, Dublin 2, or log on to:                 compensation to certain clients (known as                             eligible investors) of authorised investment firms,
                                                       as defined in that Act.
ClIENT INSTRuCTIoNS THRouGH THIRD PARTIES              (b) Cornmarket is a member of that
Clients sometimes authorise third parties to           compensation scheme.
give us instructions (usually by telephone, fax        (c) Compensation may be payable where money
or email) to alter their policies (such as a motor     or investment instruments owed or belonging to
dealer instructing us to make a vehicle change)        clients and held, or in case of investment
or to seek information on their policy (such as        instruments, administered or managed by
a Building Society seeking information on the          Cornmarket, cannot be returned to clients for the
building’s sum insured). It is our practice in such    time being and there is no reasonable
circumstances to accept such instruction and/or        foreseeable opportunity of Cornmarket being
provide such information in good faith as a facility   able to do so.
to our clients. However, in such circumstances
we do not accept liability for any loss, damage        (d) A right to compensation will arise only:
or injury arising out of any error or incorrect           (i) If the client is an eligible investor as defined
instruction given or providing any information            in the Act;
where the request for the information is invalid.         (ii) If it transpires that Cornmarket is not in a
If you do not wish us to accept such instructions         position to return client money or investment
and/or provide information on your policy from            instruments owed or belonging to its clients;
and/or to any other person, please write in the           (iii) To the extent that the client’s loss is
first instance to Cornmarket Group Financial              recognised for the purposes of the Act.
Services ltd., Christchurch Square, Dublin 8.          (e) Where an entitlement of compensation is
                                                       established, the compensation payable will be
CoNFlICT oF INTEREST                                   the lesser of:
Your attention is drawn to the fact that some
                                                          (i) 90% of the amount of the client’s loss
person(s) connected with us may have an interest,
                                                          which is recognised for the purposes of the
relationship or arrangement which is material
                                                          Investor Compensation Act 1998 or:
in relation to the investment, transaction or
service we are providing. However, our employees          (ii) Compensation up to €20,000.
are required to comply with our policy of
independence and disregard any such interest
when making recommendations to you.
                                                                                                                 9 9
        terMS of buSineSS continued

        TERMINATIoN                                             ClIENT PREMIuM
        Both you and Cornmarket have the right to               Cornmarket adheres to all regulatory
        terminate these terms and conditions by                 requirements concerning the handling of client
        sending the other party prior written notice.           premium. Before client premium is paid to the
        You may terminate any service or product you            relevant insurance company, it may be necessary
        have undertaken with/through us. likewise,              for it to be held by Cornmarket in a designated
        Cornmarket reserves the right to withdraw its           Client Premium Account.
        services to you by advising you in writing. In such
                                                                A designated Client Premium Account is a
        circumstances we will provide you with adequate
                                                                segregated bank account in which the money of
        written notice and will endeavour to ensure that
                                                                more than one client is held. In this way your
        any outstanding business is satisfactorily dealt
                                                                money is protected prior to its transmission to
        with. Such termination will take effect from the
                                                                the relevant product provider. No amount is
        date specified in the notice.
                                                                payable to an individual in respect of any interest
                                                                earned on Client Premium Accounts.
        Nothing in this agreement imposes on                    Cornmarket’s client accounts are held in Ireland
        Cornmarket any obligation to execute or                 with:
        undertake any transaction on your behalf                • Bank of Ireland plc,
        and Cornmarket may refuse to execute any                   lower Baggot Street branch, Dublin 2.
        transaction at its sole discretion.                     • Investec Bank (u.k.) ltd. (Irish Branch),
                                                                   The Harcourt Building,
        FoRCE MAJEuRE                                              Harcourt St, Dublin 2.
        Notwithstanding any other provision contained           • Bank of Scotland Ireland,
        in this document, Cornmarket will not be                   124-127 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2.
        responsible or liable for any loss or for any failure   • Irish life and Permanent plc,
        to fulfil any of its obligations or duties hereunder       Custom House, Plaza 4, IFSC, Dublin 1.
        or for any claims, losses, damages, liabilities,
        costs or expenses suffered or incurred by you           CHANGES To ouR TERMS oF BuSINESS
        if such loss, damage, liability, cost, expense, or      We may amend these terms from time to time.
        failure arising directly or indirectly out of, or in    Where appropriate we will notify you in writing
        connection with or as a result of any fire, natural     by sending to you a notice describing the relevant
        disaster, delay or breakdown in communications          changes.
        or electronic transmission system, unavailability
        of market prices or suspension of dealing on
        relevant exchanges or failure of any securities
        depository or any other cause or circumstance
        beyond the reasonable control of Cornmarket.

        This agreement (and documents related to this
        agreement) supersedes all prior representations,
        arrangements, understandings and agreements
        between the parties relating to the subject
        matter hereof, and sets forth the entire, complete
        and exclusive agreement and understanding
        between the parties relating to the subject
        matter hereof.
10 10
                                                                             Public Sector
                                                                                car insurance Scheme

Section 2:                       eXPlanation of feeS &
                                 definition of charGeS
At Cornmarket we strive to ensure that each          providers (insurance companies) with whom we
client receives value for money. It is Company       hold written agencies for the arranging of non-
policy that our charging structure should be         life, life, investment and mortgage products etc.
reasonable and easy to understand. In addition,
it is Company policy that our charges be fully       oTHER REMuNERATIoN
explained to you before you make a decision on       Any quality based remuneration is financed out
whether or not to start a plan. If you are unsure    of the underwriters standard charges for various
about the charging structure on your plan or on      products and does not result in any increased
a plan which you are considering starting, simply    charges to your policy.
ask your Cornmarket consultant and he/she will
explain the facts fully.                             CREDIT/CHARGE/DEBIT/lASER CARD CHARGES
                                                     A charge of up to €10 may be levied on payment
SAlARY DEDuCTIoN/DEFERRED PAYMENT                    transactions by credit/charge/debit card in order
CHARGE                                               to cover the cost charged by the card provider.
In the case of those plans where payment is          There is no charge for laser card transactions.
collected through salary or direct debit, a charge
may be levied to cover Cornmarket’s and/or the       CANCEllATIoN
employer’s costs in arranging this service. This     Cancellation of car or home insurance may result
charge is usually expressed as a percentage of       in a pro-rata refund of the motor insurance
the amount collected. Details are provided on the    element of the policy (subject to terms and
relevant payment options sheet.                      conditions of the relevant policy).

MID-TERM ADJuSTMENT FEE FoR AlTERATIoNS              Certain car and home insurance Scheme
To EXISTING CAR AND HoME INSuRANCE                   arrangements include additional insurance as
PolICIES                                             standard e.g. Motor Breakdown Rescue
The fee will be added to the additional premium      (underwritten by Mapfre Asistencia) and legal
or deducted from the refund premium.                 Expenses (underwritten by DAS legal Expenses)

BRokERAGE FEE                                        As per the relevant terms and conditions of the
This fee allows for the administration involved      policies, there are no pro-rata refunds from
in the setting up and renewal of the individual      mid-term cancellations relating to Motor
contract of motor or home insurance between          Breakdown Rescue (Mapfre Asistencia), legal
the client and the insurance company.                Expenses (DAS legal Expenses) or Travel Insurance
                                                     (Mapfre Asistencia).
Cornmarket may impose a charge of up to €50
where a direct debit transaction which has been
properly processed, is rejected.

Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd. is
remunerated by commissions paid by the product

                                                                                                         11 11
        terMS of buSineSS continued

        Section 3:                       liSt of feeS & charGeS

        Cornmarket’s brokerage fee: up to €46.
        Cornmarket’s mid-term adjustment fee: €12.
        Cornmarket’s fee in respect of Motor Breakdown
        Rescue (where applicable): €11
        (Total premium due: €28.58).
        Cornmarket’s fee in respect of legal Expenses:
        €3 (Total premium due: €9.31).

        HoME INSuRANCE
        Cornmarket’s brokerage fee: up to €30.
        Cornmarket’s fee in respect of Home Rescue: €8
        (Total premium due: €16.50).

        No direct charge to the customer is levied by

        Cornmarket’s brokerage fee: up to 15% of

        MoToR BRokER
        Cornmarket’s brokerage fee: up to €50.
        Cornmarket’s fee in respect of Motor Breakdown
        Rescue (where applicable): €11
        (Total premium due: €28.58).
        Cornmarket’s fee in respect of legal Expenses:
        €3 (Total premium due: €9.31).

        Cornmarket’s brokerage fee: up to €50.

12 12
                                                                               Public Sector
aPPendiX 2                                                                       car insurance Scheme

diStance SaleS contractS                                                           Economy

Personal Insurance (car, home, travel, and private      may cancel your policy by notice in writing at
health) information required in relation to             any time. Provided that no incident giving rise
Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd.                to a claim had occurred in the current period of
                                                        insurance, you will be entitled to a
• Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd.              proportionate return of the premium for the
  (Cornmarket) main offices are located at              unexpired period of the insurance, less any
  Christchurch Square, Dublin 8. We are registered      fixed expense or short- term rates which may
  in the Companies Registration office under            apply. Please refer to the relevant policy
  Company No. 36496. Cornmarket is authorised           document for details regarding cancellation
  by the Central Bank of Ireland. The Consumer          refunds. You must return your Certificate of
  Protection Code can be accessed at                    Motor Insurance and Disc of Insurance to                            Cornmarket or the relevant insurer to cancel
• Car and home insurance quotations are valid for       your policy.
  a period of up to 30 days.                          • Cancellation of home insurance policy – you
• Cooling off period – you have the right to            may cancel your policy by notice in writing at
  withdraw from a motor insurance policy within         any time. Provided that no incident giving rise
  14 days and a home insurance policy within 30         to a claim had occurred in the current period of
  days of the start date of the policy without          insurance, you will be entitled to a
  penalty and without giving reason, provided           proportionate return of the premium for the
  you have not made any claim. The right of             unexpired period of the insurance. Please refer
  withdrawal may be exercised by notice in              to the relevant policy document for details
  writing to Cornmarket. Should this right be           regarding cancellation refunds.
  exercised the insurer will refund you any           • Cancellation of health insurance policy – early
  premium which you have paid. You will not be          cancellation of a private health insurance policy
  able to make a claim at a later date. N.B. If the     will result in certain claims (outpatient and
  cover is motor insurance, the premium cannot          day-to-day claims etc.) only being reimbursed
  be refunded until either Cornmarket or the            on a pro-rata basis, up to the date of
  respective insurer have received the Certificate      cancellation.
  of Motor Insurance and the Disc of Insurance.       • Complaints – Cornmarket is committed to
• Main characteristics of the policy – the main         providing a high level of service and has a
  characteristics of your policy are as detailed in     complaint handling procedure in place. Should
  the attached quotation and benefit sheet/             you feel that you have not received a
  handbook.                                             satisfactory level of service, please write in the
• Period of Insurance – cover is for a period of up     first instance to Jane Horan, Assistant Manager,
  to twelve months. Cover commences and ceases          Compliance Dept., Cornmarket Group Financial
  on the dates specified on the insurance/policy        Services ltd., Christchurch Square, Dublin 8, or
  schedule.                                             email:
• Cancellation of motor insurance policy – you

                                                                                                             13 13
        diStance SaleS contractS continued

        • If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your
          complaint through Cornmarket, you may also
          submit any complaint to the Financial Services
          ombudsman Bureau, 3rd Floor, lincoln House,
          lincoln Place, Dublin 2 or log on to

        • Governing law – all our dealings with you and
          the contract will be governed by the laws of
        • language – all communications in respect of the
          policy set up will be in English.
        • For policy terms and conditions you should refer
          to the relevant policy document/schedule and/or
          insurance or membership certificate.

14 14
                                                       Public Sector
                                                          car insurance Scheme


    Dublin (01) 408 4040 | Cork (021) 455 3335 | Galway (091) 562 727


                                                                                                                                                                     4674 PI Pub Sect car ins ECo 12-10

                                      Christchurch Square,      6 kings Terrace,                                          A member of
                                      Dublin 8.                 lower Glanmire Road, Cork.                                                            the Irish life &
                                                                                                Tel: (091) 562 727         Website:
                                      Tel: (01) 408 4000        Tel: (021) 455 3335                                                                   Permanent Group.

Cornmarket Group Financial Services ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Irish life & Permanent plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
                                      Telephone calls may be recorded for quality control and training purposes.

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