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					?THOUGHTFUL INSTALLATION!!! We had a fantastic salesman from FJB
Associates, extremely knowledgeable. It was a lovely and thoughtful installation. The
installer marked all of my outlets on the E-Shield so if I had a issue with a fan I would
know where to go. Mr. and Mrs. Solek of Southwick, MA

TAX CREDIT!!! The man from FJB Associates was really nice when he came to put
inside the E-Shield. He even put a piece in under the sink inside the kitchen like I
asked. I thought it was an awful lot of money when I bought it but when I am in my
house now the furnace doesn't click on hardly ever so I guess with my tax credit as
well as the savings on fuel I didn't do so poor. Mrs. Goulding of Worchester, MA

QUICK!! Sak came in and went correct to work. He was fast and efficient. The
procedure went smooth so I wouldn't hesitate to call FJB Associates for my next
project. Mr. and Mrs. Reed of Prospect, CT

SURELY THINK ABOUT FJB..ONCE MORE!!! They were quite nice and had been
on time for their installation appointment. They truly took their time to explain every
thing to me due to the fact I am over 80 years old. If me and my son had been to do
anything once more we would certainly think about FJB Associates again. Mr. and
Mrs. Pelletier of West Hartford, CT

ONLY ONE NUMBER I WILL DIAL!!! You guys at FJB Associates had been great
from beginning to end. The professionalism of both the salesman and the installers
can't be put into words. I had an problem with a water problem over two of the
windows that were being installed. The installers evaluated the scenario and made the
essential corrections at no cost to me even though it was not part of my contract.
When I am ready for my next windows there will only be one number that I will dial.
Mr. Turn of Montague, MA

window in so fast I didn't even know he was here. I would defiantly use FJB
Associates once more. Mr. Vincent of Manchester, CT

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FJB Associates is a family owned and operated regional residence improvement
business specializing in residential remodeling in Western MA, CT, and NC. Our vast
product line includes energy efficient vinyl replacement windows, exterior coating,
vinyl siding, entry doors. Our products are fully warranted and guaranteed by our
manufacturer install programs. Aside from making your residence more energy
efficient; each of our products is created to benefit the homeowner from the
standpoint of safety, beautification, and increased market resale value. Go to .