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									 U.G. Volunteer Newsletter
                       March 2009                           (913) 573-5469

                            Banquet date: May 1, 2009

2009 BANQUET                                                      County Museum. Volun-
The annual U.G. Volunteer                                         teers with Community
Recognition banquet will be                                       Policing continue to staff
held on May 1, 2009 this                                          that office with 40 hours
                                  FEBRUARY LUNCHEON               of volunteer coverage per
year. This banquet is usually
held during national volun-                                       week. A contingent of
teer month which is in            Mayor Joe Reardon stopped       nearly 50 volunteers
April. Due to elections this      by to thank U.G. volun-         provide service at both
April the banquet will be         teers at the February lunch-    the adult and youth de-
held a little later this year.    eon. Volunteers were            tention facilities through
                                  treated to a “fiesta” lunch-    the Sheriff’s Depart-
                                  eon provided by Casa de         ment.
The Jewell Center at the
                                  Hernandez and a donation        On February 13th, vol-
Kansas City Kansas Com-
                                  from the volunteer fundrais-    unteers raised over $600
munity College will be the
                                  ing taco dinner. Various vol-   by sponsoring a taco din-
site of the banquet. Mark
                                  unteers reported what their     ner. The bulk of the
your calendars for 6 p.m.
                                  departments or groups have      food was prepared by
thru 8 p.m. on MAY 1st.
                                  accomplished in 2009. A         Lydia Conchola and a
Be sure to RSVP when your
                                  few of those activities in-     group of other volun-
formal invitation arrives.
                                  clude several severe weather    teers set up, donated
Un i f i e d G o ve r n m e n t
                                  demonstrations and train-       items and sold the deli-
elected officials, administra-
                                  ing in which the Emergency      cious food. Money from
tion and staff look forward
                                  Management volunteers           this event will be used to
to celebrating and recogniz-
                                  participated. The Heirloom      sponsor needy families
ing the outstanding service
                                  Garden volunteers        pre-   and students during the
that volunteers have given
                                  sented a Kansas Day cele-       fall and winter holidays.
the Unified Government.
                                  bration at the Wyandotte
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LUCKY WINNERS                 Center. Thanks also to       SPRING BRINGS OUT THE
                              the volunteers who served    DIRT IN ME!
                              in the Appraisers Office     Every year it is a blessing to see
The United Way is re-                                      the grass start to turn green
                              on short notice and to the
warding volunteers regis-                                  and the first flowers bloom! It
                              volunteers who assist with
tered with the RSVP pro-                                   brings expectations of getting
                              the luncheons. In fact,      into the dirt (soil). It’s just
gram. All RSVP volun-
                              thanks to each and every     something magic about the
teers city wide are encour-
                              volunteer who has served     earthy smell of the fresh
aged to turn in their vol-                                 turned “dirt”.
                              in 2009. We appreciate
unteer hours by the 10th
day after each quarter of
                                                           If you are not into stomping
the year. All the volun-
                                                           earth but would like to have
teers who meet this dead-     Please keep Donald           plants, consider bag garden-
line are placed in a pool.    Turner in your thoughts.     ing. You can plant tomatoes,
From this pool the            Mr. Turner had surgery       flowers, herbs and other
United Way picks several      on his hand in January       plants in bags of potting soil.
names to receive gift pack-   and a knee replacement       Lay the bag where you want to
                                                           plant (even on top of outdoor
ages. Keep turning your       on March 10th.
                                                           tables, cut a small X in the
volunteer hours in—maybe                                   center of the bag and fill the
you will be the lucky win-                                 bag with water from a water
                              Lorena Moore has lost a
ner the next quarter. U.G.                                 hose. Let is sit for a day to
                              son and a spouse in 2009.    thoroughly soak the soil. Cut
volunteers who won dur-
                              Keep her in your             holes in the bag and insert
ing the last draw were
                              thoughts.                    purchased plants. Then watch
Madeline Fotovich and
                                                           you plants grow. It might not
Lydia Conchola.                                            be fool proof but that is the
                              Lloyd Harralson contin-      world of farming.
                              ues to serve while battling Therryl Holland
Thanks to Cris Magana
                              a serious health challenge. U.G. Volunteer Center
for her service in the Vol-
                              Lloyd is one of our faith-
unteer Center. Cris stuffs                                Program Coordinator
                              ful luncheon volunteers.
envelopes, keeps the files
up to date and other tasks    Support our local farmers.
which help the Volunteer      The farmers market will
                              begin the first of June!

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