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					?Are you a chiropractor who's purchased an expensive website, only to find that new
patients are not knocking your door down like your practice management group
promised you? If you can believe it, this applies to the majority of chiropractic
professionals that shell-out big bucks on sophisticated websites. What doctors are not
told is that actual visitors to the website is the most important part of chiropractic
internet marketing. We call this traffic! If you don't have a steady stream of online
traffic, your office will not be noticed or found. I mean, you could get the best results
of any chiropractor out there, but if no one knows about what you do, it doesn't

When it comes down to it, getting boatloads of traffic couldn't be easier in today's
time. The problem is, chiropractic internet marketing that works is NOT taught in
school and hardly any consultants are teaching it. The insider information I'm going to
share with you in the coming paragraphs has the potential to change your practice
forever if you learn and apply these proven strategies sooner rather than later. These
traffic generation methods have been single-handedly responsible for me generating
over five figures every month just in online income.

Let's begin with some time-tested ways to get tons of visitors to your chiropractic
website. The first thing that you can do is begin to implement article marketing. This
can be a very good thing for your practice, as it gets you good exposure on the search
engines like Google and Yahoo while building your credibility as an author. I
recommend at least writing one article a week yourself. If this is too much for you,
have someone else do it since articles are an incredible way to generate traffic and

Next, get a blog going for your practice. Once your blog is up, you'll want to add to it
a few times a week. You can include articles, videos, press releases or podcasts on the
blog. Your blog is like your home where people go to learn about you from a business
and personal perspective. Blogs get indexed very well by the search engines as well.
Wordpress and LiveJournal are two of the main hosts out there you may want to

Third, regular posting on forums like Yahoo Answers is a good way to get good traffic.
Make it a habit to take 15 minutes a day to post comments in relevant and highly
targeted forums, as this can definitely boost your chiropractic website popularity.
Forums are a place where you can play the role of the problem solver and build great
rapport within your local community and niche.

Continuing on, social networking (AKA social marketing) is another solid Web 2.0
medium to use with your chiropractic internet marketing campaign. Social media sites
like LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, and Friendster can allow you to easily connect
with members in your community and create trust. Whenever you send a request to be
someone's friend, immediately they are notified and will check out your page to see
what you do. Tons of free exposure can be gained by devoted a few minutes a day to
meet new people online.

Fifth is pay per click ( or PPC) advertising. Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other networks
offer this targeted service as a way to get instant traffic to your chiropractic website.
Without question, it's an automatic method that will get you whatever amount of
traffic you can afford. The benefit is that the traffic is literally "on-demand." Forget
about waiting for search engine optimization (SEO) tasks to finally start. One of the
cons is that you lose your butt if you are not careful and seasoned. Make sure you set
a spending limit every day so you don't go broke.

Finally, we arrive at chiropractic video marketing. It's been said recently, and I can tell
you from a great deal of personal experience, that video is the most powerful medium
for allowing your target market or local community to get to know you! Mark my
words, 2009 is the year that video marketing completely explodes! It will no longer be
an option for chiropractic internet marketing, it will be a must. Your videos work for
you all day and all night getting you maximum exposure and producing unparalleled
leverage. Your viewers are able to meet and know you before they ever do so face to
face. I cannot even begin to tell you how many new patients I have gained from this
method, not to mention substantially increasing my bottom line! Let's face it, most
would be more inclined to watch a video than read text on paper or the internet

Application of each of these proven tactics in your chiropractic internet marketing
arsenal has the potential to dramatically change your practice life. You'll be working
smarter, not harder and leveraging your time much more effectively. Remember, it's
not good enough to just having a killer chiropractic website, you need to be able to
flood it will traffic on a regular basis! Just like new patients are the life-blood of your
practice, truckloads of new visitors to your page carry the same benefit.

- Matthew J. Loop, DC
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