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					Continuous Intake Co-op

  Toronto District School Board
Who We Are
   Bernadette Shaw
    Central Coordinating Principal
    Experiential Learning

   Laura Crane
    Instructional Leader
    Experiential Learning
Who Are You?
 Co-op Teachers?
 Alternative Education Teachers?
 Guidance Counsellors?
 Administrators?
 Student Success Leaders?
 Other?
Bill 52

 Raises compulsory school age to 18
 Requires development of “equivalent
Bill 212
 New provisions for suspensions and
 Compulsory expulsion hearings
     School expulsion: Assign to another school
     Board-wide expulsion: Assigned to a
      program for expelled students
Goals of CIC
   Re-engagement in school
     Re-entry
     Retention

 Credit Accumulation
 Goal-Setting
 Personal and Career Development
History of CIC
 Itinerant - Alternative Programs
 School-based - Alternative Programs
 School-based - Dedicated Teacher
 School-based - No dedicated teacher
 School-based - Programming model
School and Student Profiles
 What is your school’s profile?
 Who are your students?
 What is your community’s profile?

   Strengths and stretches
Legal Requirements
 Placement Assessment
 Work Education Agreement (WEA) for
  Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  (WSIB) insurance
 Student “readiness”
Ministry Requirements
 Three monitoring visits per credit
 Pre-placement and Integration
 Personalized Placement Learning Plan
 Related credits
 Suitable placements
Student Profiles
 Student profiles
 Who qualifies?
Paid Co-op
   CIC does not have to be paid
   Only in “specialized programs”
   WSIB coverage - paid by employer
   Placement Assessments must be done
   Work Education Agreement (WEA) completed
   Work hours may vary
   Must follow Ministry policy for co-op curriculum
Successful Students
 Flexibility while following policy
 Clearly articulated programming
 Clearly articulated expectations
 Clearly articulated consequences
 Flexibility in scheduling
 Module-based curriculum
Filling in the Blanks
 Alarm clocks and household items
 Clothing
 Food
 Hygiene kits
 Bus tickets
 Support and concern
Curriculum for Sale

   Library and Learning Resources
    Toronto District School Board

    Continuous Intake Co-op (CIC) Curriculum Resource
Contact Us

      Bernadette Shaw

         Laura Crane

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