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Join us for our...
 20th Annual Fall Pricing
 Workshops & Conference
 • Workshops and Special Events: October 21, 2009
   • PPS Fall Conference: October 22 & 23, 2009
     The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando, Florida
                         Pricing for
         3 CPP           Executives         Pricing for
    Certified Pricing     Summit           Latin America
      Workshops         October 21, 2009    Symposium
                           See page 8-9
     October 21, 2009                      October 21, 2009
         See page 4                          See page 10-11
                                 Welcome to Orlando! This year more than ever,
                                 PRICING Means BUSINESS!
                                     Hosting the 20th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference this year is reinvigorating to us
Eric mitchell
                                 and we are sure that it will be for you too!
Founder & Chairman of the            This will be the largest pricing experts gathering in more than 25 years!
Board, Professional Pricing          For this special event, we requested the world’s leading pricing experts to prepare the most
                                 compelling subjects that are challenging pricers everywhere; they will deliver presentations that
Jerold (Jerry) m. Bernstein
President, The Price             will give you the tools to stay sharp, to propel your career, add value and improve profitability for
Improvement Team LLC             your company during these trying times.
Janelle Brechon                      Our job is very clear, we must continue to deliver the finest pricing programs and education to
Pricing Manager,
                                 you, but we also have to make it applicable to today’s market conditions and prepare you for the
Eaton Corporation
                                 recovery. This year’s Fall Conference brings the very best in pricing to you and also allows you to
xan Chamberlain
Senior Manager, Global           hear from your peers and understand how other pricers are dealing with current challenges while
Services Pricing, Hitachi Data   setting the foundation for a positive recovery.
                                     Only at PPS Conferences can you tap into the collective experience and the diversity of fields
marty Coalson
Assistant Vice President,
                                 in the pricing world — Orlando is THE place to meet with your pricing peers and the thought
Product Development &            leadership in pricing to share ideas, experiences and best practices.
Yield Management,                    Our outstanding program is outlined in the following pages. This year, we have designed a
Union Pacific Railroad
                                 special program for Executives who need to be more in-tune with new and complex pricing trends
Jim Geisman
President                        and methods, for them we announce our Inaugural Pricing for Executives Summit. Moreover,
Market Share Inc.                we are proud to recognize the success and the growth of the Latin American region by hosting
Scott hornick                    our 2nd Annual Pricing for Latin America Symposium, that is of course on top of 35 speakers
Vice President,
                                 and sessions including 3 cutting-edge Workshops, the world’s top pricing experts delivering our
Oliver Wyman
                                 General Sessions and more than 15 different and specialized sessions divided on 3 tracks.
Richard Lancioni
Professor of Marketing,              Read on! We know you are all business and we know PRICING will mean more business for
Temple University                you and your company.
Laura Preslan                        See you in Orlando!
Business Integration Manager,
Microsoft Corporation
Gary Ritzert, Vice President,
Retail Consulting, AC Nielsen
Stacey Schaeffer                                                            Kevin Mitchell, President,
Director, Pricing Strategy,                                                 Professional Pricing Society
SAS Institute, Inc.
michael Simonetto
Principal — Pricing and
Profitability Management,
Deloitte Consulting LLP

                                                                                             ThE PPS ExECuTivE TEam: (left-right)
                                                                                             Chris Buckingham, vice President of
                                                                                             Sponsor Relations; Katrese Phelps, vice
                                                                                             President of membership;
                                                                                             Kevin mitchell, President; Julie R. martin,
                                                                                             Director of Certification and Education;
                                                                                             Fabricio J. Lopez, vice President of

  2                                                Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
          PPS: Dedicated to serving
           the pricing professional!
    In 1984, Eric Mitchell officially created The                            The workshops created the foundation for the
Professional Pricing Society (PPS). Since then, PPS                     PPS Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation,
has been the voice of the pricing profession, providing                 a multistage training curriculum designed to support,
valuable pricing strategies, publications, professional                 educate and elevate the global pricing professional. Since
networking, numerous free community services and a                      its inception, the CPP designation has grown to become
wide array of pricing resources. PPS has evolved into                   a mark of distinction for pricers worldwide. This year, we
a global membership organization dedicated to the                       added Online Pricing Courses to our product offering so
advancement of best pricing practices across major                      all pricers from all geographies, time zones and industries
industries.                                                             can access pricing training and certification.
    PPS remains independent, unaltered, unbiased and                         Our website, is the host of
true to our mission — we are completely dedicated to                    all the valuable resources we offer and it continues to
serve the pricing professional and we intend to stay this               serve as the leading source for online resources, articles,
way.                                                                    whitepapers, on-demand webinars, Online Pricing
   Today, our network includes nearly 3,500 active                      Courses and Job Opportunities.
members worldwide from more than 500 leading                                PPS is all pricing all the time, wherever you are in the
companies in 50 countries. PPS is widely recognized as                  world. PPS provides 365/24/7 access to the resources
the most trusted resource in the pricing field.                         you need to stay ahead of the competition. PPS is here to
    Currently, PPS produces four major annual pricing                   serve you, we are the Home of Pricing!
conferences in Europe and North America. PPS also
offers more than two dozen, full day training workshops
every year, taught by leading pricing consultants and
academics. In addition to world-class training through live
events and online courses, PPS also provides access to
the most valuable resources in the pricing field including
the monthly Pricing Advisor Newsletter and the quarterly
Journal of Professional Pricing.

Table of Contents
    About the Professional Pricing Society .....................................................................................3
    Training Certification and the Certified Pricing Professional Designation ....................................... 4
    Pre-Conference Pricing Workshops • Wednesday, October 21st ....................................... 5–7
    Inaugural Pricing for Executives Summit • Wednesday, October 21st .................................. 8–9
    Pricing for Latin america Symposium • Wednesday, October 21st ................................. 10–11
    Conference at a Glance .................................................................................................. 12–13
    Detailed Conference agenda • Thursday, October 22nd ................................................ 14–18
    Why Your Attendance is Vital to the Pricing Community ............................................................ 19
    Detailed Conference agenda • Friday, October 23rd ..................................................... 20–23
    Pricing Technology and Expert Sponsor Community ........................................................... 24–26
    Conference Fees, Hotel and Logistics Information ................................................................... 27
    Registration Form ................................................................................................................ 28

 CPP Workshop Information
                             Training and Certification
                             Workshops & Online Courses
                             CPP Training benefits your company                       experts for your firm.
                             and YOu!                                               4. Rigorous Certification Process
                               For 25 years, the Professional Pricing Society         In addition to completing 6 workshops and/
                             has been the only organization that exclusively          or online courses, participants go through
                             supports professional pricers. We have provided          a rigorous certification process including an
                             valuable pricing strategies, publications,               extensive 300 page study guide covering 14
                             research, and other pricing resources to                 essential pricing areas and online preparation
                             thousands of members from leading industries in          sessions. For final certification participants
                             over 50 countries.                                       must pass a comprehensive four-hour CPP
                             Top 5 Benefits of CPP Pricing                            Accreditation Exam. This is why the CPP
                                                                                      certification is the most respected pricing
                                                                                      credential in the world.
                             1. Best Practices from Top Pricing Experts
                                                                                    5. Bring Your Pricing Function in-house
                               Our faculty represents the top minds in pricing
                                                                                      Your firm knows its products, services, and
                               management, consulting, and academia. All
Do i have to pursue                                                                   strategies better than any external consultant.
                               of our course materials are based on industry
a CPP designation                                                                     Empower your own organization with the
                               best practices, extensive applied experience,
to attend a PPS                                                                       knowledge needed to improve profits and
                               and practitioner success stories.
Workshop?                                                                             minimize revenue leaks, while saving big on
                             2. Comprehensive Pricing Training                        outside fees.
No. If you are primarily       Some courses cover broader fundamental                 For more information about the Certified
interested in pricing          pricing strategies while others provide in-          Pricing Professional program please visit the PPS
training/learning, all         depth study of more advanced topics. All             website: and click on
PPS workshops are still        of our materials are designed to equip your          CPP/Training
a perfect fit. You will        department with the tools and concepts that
still receive your course      will improve profitability.
certificate after passing    3. Develop an internal Pricing Culture
the workshop test. It
                               Quickly orient your employees to best pricing
makes no difference if you
                               practices and help instill a structured approach
have decided to pursue the
                               to pricing within your company, creating a
CPP designation or not.
                               powerful internal culture of likeminded pricing

                                                                                  Congratulations to our Certified Pricing
                                                                                  Professional (CPP) Spring 2009 Class
                                                                                  Julie martin                 Don Thomas
                                                                                  PPS                          Baker Hughes, Inc.
                                                                                  Kristy Lingerfelt            Tim Rowlands
                                                                                  Eastman Chemical             Edgeworth Inc.
                                                                                  Company                      Ron Greenwade
                                                                                  Colby imbrie                 Baker Hughes, Inc.
                                                                                  Pricing Project Consultant   Stan Cherry
                                                                                  Kyle O’Connor                Stock Building Supply
                                                                                  Open Text

 4                                             Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Workshops                                                 Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

PPS Full-DAy WorkShoP:
“Price Certainty in Uncertain                                                                                        Wednesday,

Times: 10 Ways to Stop
                                                                                                                     October 21, 2009
                                                                                                                     8:00 a.m.      Breakfast /

Leaving Money on the Table”                                                                     Free Online          9:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                                    Workshop Begins
                                                                                              Pricing Course!
  Updated with our latest experiences helping companies build their pricing confi-                                   10:00 a.m.     Morning Break
                                                                                               Each Workshop
dence, this highly-rated workshop will provide managers with 10 real-world pricing           Attendee will earn
best practices that will help them understand how to limit discounting, clarify the or-     1 credit towards their   10:30 a.m.     Workshop
ganization’s pricing strategy, quantify the financial benefit of an offering, target high      CPP designation                      Resumes
value customers, and help sales prepare for tough negotiations. Attendees will leave        plus receive 1 Online
                                                                                            Pricing Course at no     12 Noon        Lunch
the workshop with a copy of the book Pricing with Confidence: Ten Ways to Stop                additional charge!
Leaving money on the Table and a roadmap for how they can apply pricing best                                         1:00 p.m.      Workshop
practices to take their organization from ad hoc pricing to pricing with confidence.                                                Resumes

The program will prepare attendees to:                                                                               2:30 p.m.      Afternoon Break

     Understand effective pricing analysis to kick               Team up with product management to develop          3:00 p.m.      Workshop
     the discounting habit                                       an offering structure to block competitor’s                        Resumes
     Quantify the financial benefit your customers               moves against you                                   4:00 p.m.      Workshop Close
     receive from your products and services                     Provide sales with more effective negotiating
     Give sales the tools they need to be more                   tools
     effective in dealing with customers who are                 Force their competitors to react to their pricing
     Poker Players                                               Build their organization’s selling backbone by
     Work with finance to increase efficiency,                   teaching them how to negotiate with value
     identify relevant costs for pricing, and institute          Move from cost-plus to value-based pricing
     better profit metrics for pricing success

                   Reed K. holden, D.B.a.
                   Founder & CEO of Holden Advisors
                      Dr. Holden focuses his considerable expertise in building valuable customers with busi-
                   ness-to-business firms including Fortune 500 companies, financial services, transporta-
                   tion, technology and professional services companies. From global competitive planning to
                   pricing, to product optimization to value-based sales training, Holden’s work is recognized        inCLuDED FREE WiTh
for helping companies capture the value of new innovations and sustain competitive advantage despite rapid               ThiS COuRSE:
   Dr. Holden’s most recent book, Pricing with Confidence: Ten Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the                       This course is based
Table, written with Mark Burton has turned into one of the best sellers in its field.                                 on key concepts from
   He also co-wrote the second and third editions of The Strategy and                                                   Dr. Holden’s best-
Tactics of Pricing as well as “Profitable Pricing: Guidelines for Man-                                                 selling book: Pricing
agement” (in Global Management) during his tenure as CEO of Strategic
                                                                                                                      with Confidence: Ten
Pricing Group. Other works have appeared in Marketing Management, The
Journal of Managerial Issues, The Journal of Professional Pricing, SAMA’s                                             Ways to Stop Leaving
Velocity, AMA’s Marketing Power Best Practices, Journal of Business                                                    Money on the Table
Strategy and Journal of Transformation.
   Dr. Holden has been speaking professionally for
twenty years and is regular keynote speaker for
programs with Professional Pricing Society.                                                                          “The workshop day
                                                                                                                       was far and away the
                                                                                                                       winner for us.”
                                                                                                                               Josh Lemaitre,
                                                                                                                               Velocity Analyst,

Register online:                                                                                                            5
  Workshops                                        Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

                               PPS Full-DAy WorkShoP:
Wednesday,                     “The Pricing Organization
                               Transformation Workshop”
October 21, 2009
8:00 a.m.    Breakfast /
             Registration      (how to Organize and Successfully Transform the Pricing
                                                                                                                                   Free Online
9:00 a.m.    Workshop Begins   Function inside Your Company)                                                                     Pricing Course!
10:00 a.m.   Morning Break        As a Pricing Practitioner you already know the steps required to get to the right price.        Each Workshop
                               Yet, despite demonstrating the tremendous benefits with your pricing and profit analyses,        Attendee will earn
10:30 a.m.   Workshop          you realize that your firm is not fully committed yet. You still encounter organizational road- 1 credit towards their
             Resumes           blocks that prevent effective price management practices from taking hold. Why?                    CPP designation
                                  Achieving true Pricing Transformation requires the alignment of a diverse set of functions   plus receive 1 Online
12 Noon      Lunch                                                                                                             Pricing Course at no
                               from across the organization such as Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance and HR and a focused
                                                                                                                                 additional charge!
1:00 p.m.    Workshop          organizational alignment effort. This workshop will outline a framework for understanding
             Resumes           and analyzing these organizational roadblocks and will equip pricing practitioners with best
2:30 p.m.    Afternoon Break   practices and tools to address them. As a result, you will accomplish the cultural changes necessary for more
                               profitable price management.
3:00 p.m.    Workshop
             Resumes           at this workshop you will learn how to:
4:00 p.m.    Workshop Close        Incorporate the “people dimension of pricing               How to realistically assess your organization’s
                                   management” framework and how to apply it                  readiness for pricing changes
                                   successfully to your organization                          Best practices in making your pricing changes
                                   Diagnose, analyze and prioritize the key drivers           “stick”
                                   and restrainers of achieving the cultural                  The crucial role of obtaining leadership
“Through the Certified             changes required to support pricing                        alignment and commitment to pricing
  Pricing Professional             Deploy best practices and tools which are                  How to obtain user adoption of your pricing
                                   most effective in driving organizational change            systems and processes
  curriculum, I have               Implement your plans for pricing leadership,               The correct way to build a pricing training
  broadened my pricing             alignment and commitment                                   program internally
  understanding in                 Properly align your pricing function with your             How to communicate successfully throughout
                                   firms’ human resource and cultural practices               the organization on price
  areas I might not                                                                           How to structure the firm with clearly defined
  traditionally have the       Key topics and take-aways from this                            roles, responsibilities and accountability
                               workshop:                                                      The best ways to grow your pricing talent and
  chance to touch in my
                                   The essential elements you need to                         show them positive pricing career paths
  day-to-day.”                     accomplish organizational alignment                        Why you must optimize performance and pay
      Dante Bellizzi, CPP,                                                                    measures, in order to acquire pricing discipline

                                                 PRESENTER:                                                 PRESENTER:
                                                 Parvathy hariharan                                         Larry montan
                                                 Senior Consultant, Deloitte                                Director, Pricing and
                                                 Consulting                                                 Profitability Management,
                                                      Parvathy Hariharan has over                           Deloitte Pricing Center of
                                                   6 years experience consulting to                         Excellence
                                                   organizations in the areas of orga-
                                                                                            Larry Montan has over 24 years of experience
                               nizational transformation, technology adoption, and
                                                                                         working with sales and marketing effectiveness. He is
                                                                                         one of the leaders of Deloitte Consulting’s Pricing COE
                                  Her expertise lies in developing robust change man-
                                                                                         Change Management area.
                               agement programs to overcome cultural and behav-
                                                                                            He is a frequent speaker for the Professional Pricing
                               ioral barriers and ensure successful adoption of the
                                                                                         Society on topics ranging from “Successful Adoption
                               new strategies, processes, and technology.
                                                                                         Practices in Pricing Transformation” to “Aligning Sales
                                  She has worked in a wide range of industries and
                                                                                         Incentives with Price Execution.”
                               her experience includes managing organizational
                                                                                            Over the past few years, Larry has focused on pric-
                               transformation on Pricing projects. Parvathy Hariharan
                                                                                         ing organization structure and design – helping clients
                               plays an active role in Deloitte Consulting’s Pricing
                                                                                         improve how they organize their pricing function and
                               COE Change Management Team.

  6                                                Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Workshops                                               Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

PPS Full-DAy WorkShoP:
“Recession-Proof Price                                                                                                  Wednesday,

                                                                                                                        October 21, 2009
                                                                                                                        8:00 a.m.    Breakfast /
   This workshop provides an in-depth focus on price negotiations. Even if you work
only in the wonderful world of win-win negotiations, price is still a key issue. Most ne-          Free Online          9:00 a.m.    Workshop Begins
                                                                                                 Pricing Course!
gotiators do not approach price negotiations systematically, even though they believe
                                                                                                  Each Workshop         10:00 a.m.   Morning Break
they do. Furthermore, they make fundamental assumptions that often lead to less
                                                                                                Attendee will earn
desirable outcomes. This workshop is intended for those who have had an introduc-              1 credit towards their   10:30 a.m.   Workshop
tion to negotiation and wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills on price negotia-              CPP designation                    Resumes
tions even during these turbulent economic times.                                              plus receive 1 Online
                                                                                               Pricing Course at no     12 Noon      Lunch
   Price negotiations is not limited to any single functional areas of business --- price
                                                                                                 additional charge!
negotiations exist in nearly every aspect of business. Furthermore, you win person-                                     1:00 p.m.    Workshop
ally as you apply these concepts, strategies, practices to your whole life. Remember                                                 Resumes
--There is always a price . . . and it is negotiable!                                                                   2:30 p.m.    Afternoon Break
This workshop is delivered in three modules:                                                                            3:00 p.m.    Workshop
module 1: Know the Bigger Picture and Where               module 3: Process — Know What You are Doing                                Resumes
Your Price negotiation Fits                               in Your negotiation and Why                                   4:00 p.m.    Workshop Close
    Negotiation Process Framework — Focuses                    Second Video Case Study (Part 2) - The
    on key tasks before, during and after you                  negotiation process, first moves; opening
    negotiate                                                  offers; reacting to opening offers; concession
    First Video Case Study — Process and                       patterns; commitment tactics
    concept review                                             Application Exercises - First moves,
    Role-Play Exercises — (1) Discovering                      opening offers, reacting to opening offers,
    information, (2) Tactics and counter-tactics,              concessions, commitments
    and (3) Compromises and commitments
                                                          in this workshop you will learn:
module 2: Strategy — Know Where You are Go-
ing With Your negotiation and Why                              The key aspects of price negotiations
                                                               How your beliefs about pricing influence your
     Second Video Case Study (Part 1) — The                    behavior in negotiations
     distributive dimension; buyer’s point of view;            How to behave in price negotiations and deal
     seller’s point of view; probing; determining              with common price negotiating issues
     your limit; determining your target; the                  Discover how to use your research skills to
     negotiation process                                       solve price negotiating dilemmas
     Application Exercises - Points of view; probing;
     limits, target, process

                   David Palmer, CPa, mBa, Ph.D.
                   Founder, Institute for Marketing and Innovation, Adjunct
                   Professor, Santa Clara University
                       David Palmer, a very experienced management consultant, execu-
                    tive, educator, and professional speaker, has frequently presented
                    at our conferences on negotiations. His expertise is based on over
twenty-five years of work in corporate settings. He is the founder of the Institute for Mar-
keting and Innovation, a management consulting firm in Santa Clara, CA.
  He holds a degree in Economics and Accounting from Claremont McKenna College,
an M.B.A. in Finance and an M.S. in Accounting from the Wharton Graduate School at
the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Management from the Peter F.
Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.

Register online:                                                                                                         7
Pricing for Executives Summit
    Join us for this critical Inaugural Summit!                                Over the last several years, Pric-
    ing has become a very complex and multi-faceted task for major corporations. As Pricing has evolved into
    a strategic function, it has consolidated its position as one of the most important components of any busi-
    ness — gaining attention, activity, and interest from the C-Level Suite and the Board Room.
      Our job at PPS is to support the professionals involved in the art and science of Pricing. As the job be-
    comes more complex, executives need to be better prepared to fully understand pricing strategies and its
    implications in the overall business from Finance and Accounting, to Operations and Marketing and Sales.                           Free Online
                                                                                                                                     Pricing Course!
      The inaugural Pricing for Executives Summit will feature a full day of pricing sessions especially                             Each Symposium
    geared for those who focus on top strategic issues for their business. Please join us for a day of interactive                  Attendee will earn
    sessions designed to prepare your company for important changes through any set of market conditions.                          1 credit towards their
                                                                                                                                      CPP designation
      Pricing strategies do not end within your Pricing Department; they end with your clients and consumers.                      plus receive 1 Online
    Company leaders that can fully understand this process will bring unparalleled results and improvements to                     Pricing Course at no
                                                                                                                                     additional charge!
    their business.

    8:00 – 9:00     am                                                        10:00 – 10:30       am

Registration / Breakfast                                                     Morning Break

    9:00 – 10:00      am                                                      10:30 – 11:15       am

How to Assess Your Organization’s Pricing                                    Innovative and Improved Pricing Decisions:
Strategy, Tactics, and Capabilities                                          How to Make a Difference
                     Speaker: Chris Provines, Vice President, Global                            Speaker: Professor Jagmohan S. Raju, Joseph
                     Pricing, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics                                    J. Aresty Professor, Professor of Marketing, and
                                                                                                Marketing Department Chairperson
                       How can pricing professionals create a compel-
                    ling case for change within their organizations dur-                            Business leaders face an especially challenging
                    ing an economic downturn? Pressure on margins,                               set of current issues — fluctuations in demand,
                    revenues, and profits can lead to a review of pric-                          uncertain commodity prices, and pressure from
                    ing policies and procedures. Since pricing is such                           competitors and customers just to name a few. In-
                    a strong lever, it is important that there is manage-                        ternal and external pressures can add complexity,
ment commitment to effective pricing.                                        but there is also abundant opportunity during times of change.
   In this breakout session, Chris Provines will share his practitioner’s       Dr. Raju’s presentation will focus on applications on cutting-edge
view of using lean Six-Sigma, professional insights, methodologies,          marketing science models that strengthen company profitability
and analytical tools to identify and prioritize opportunities, build orga-   through better decision making in pricing, supplemented with numer-
nization commitment and move to a value-based culture.                       ous illustrations and case studies from several different healthcare
                                                                             industries and are transferrable to other industries.
attendees will learn:
       To create a case for pricing organization change in their companies      Professor Jagmohan S. Raju is the Joseph J. Aresty Professor
       To identify tools, applications, and processes that will improve      and Executive Director of the Wharton-Indian School of Business
       profitability                                                         Partnership. Professor Raju is internationally known for his research
       To leverage Six-Sigma initiatives can help their companies deal       on pricing strategies, coupon programs, managing private labels and
       with a tough economic environment                                     sales force compensation. He consults extensively with companies
   Chris Provines has 19 years of experience in health care. Prior to        around the world on designing pricing strategies and developing
his current role, he has had leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson           launch plans for new products.
in Finance, Pricing Strategy, Key Account Management, Health                    Professor Raju’s research has been published in top-tier academic
Outcomes & Reimbursement, Lean Six Sigma and Procurement.                    journals including Management Science, Marketing Science and Jour-
   He has 10 years of experience in pricing strategy and value               nal of Marketing Research.
management and has led multiple transformation efforts. He is                   Professor Raju received his PhD, MA and MS degrees from Stan-
a certified six sigma black belt and also a Distinguished Adjunct            ford University, his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, and
Professor in the Graduate School of Business at Rutgers University.          his BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
   He has an MBA from Rutgers University Graduate School of
Business and a BA in Economics.

8                                                      Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
 11:15    am   – NooN                                                        1:45 – 2:30      pm

The Amazing Race for Revenue: Innovations                                   Pricing As An Institutional Capability: The
on Improving Pricing and Decision Making                                    Building Blocks of a World-Class Pricing
                   Speaker: JoAnn Cordary Bundock, Senior Vice              Organization
                   President of International Revenue Management,                              Speaker: Jenny Bhatt, Director of Global Pricing,
                   Marriott Lodging, Inc.                                                      Seagate Technology
                       Cross-industry principles will be shared regarding                         Effective Pricing capabilities need to be
                    working creatively and consistently meeting                                embedded across multiple functions of an
                    growing expectation of customers, general                                  organization — with clear strategic direction, robust
                    managers, senior leadership, and owners even                               pricing tools, processes and decision models and
                    in the uncertainty of global economic outlooks.                            the right infrastructure that supports the company’s
                    Marriott has been a leader in both in the hospitality                      overall business model. Ensuring that your “Building
industry as well as in revenue management processes. Attendees                                 Blocks” don’t turn into “Roadblocks” due to internal
will hear about the learnings and experiences on re-energizing pricing      bureaucracy and isolated, tactical pricing activities requires strong
and decision making in 69 countries around the world in over 350            alignment at the senior executive level across the company.
international properties.
                                                                            Specifically, this presentation will address:
attendees will learn the internal process in:
                                                                              1. How to identify the key Pricing Excellence areas an Executive
    Improved Pricing and Decision Making                                         needs within his/her Pricing Organization to drive profitable
    Implementation and Methodology                                               growth
    Innovation and Communication                                              2. What is an Executive’s “Standard Work” related to those Pricing
   Joann Bundock has been with Marriott for 20 years, spending the               Excellence areas for ongoing revenue and margin management
last 13 years in the international division. Her responsibilities include     3. How to network Pricing Skills across the organization to support
defining international revenue management strategy, implementation               key business developments
of pricing standards, reservations sales and training for 380+
properties outside North America in over 60 countries.                         Jenny Bhatt is the Director of Global Pricing for Seagate Technology.
                                                                            She leads the development and execution of pricing strategies and
                                                                            tactics across Seagate’s Global Bare Drives (non-Retail) business and
 12:00    NooN
                                                                               Jenny has worked in various manufacturing, quality and marketing
Lunch                                                                       positions across Germany, Scotland, England and North America, Her
                                                                            career as a Pricing Professional started at Parker Hannifin Corporation
 1:00 – 1:45       pm                                                       almost a decade ago.
                                                                               At Seagate, Jenny works with her Executive Management Team to
Pricing in Volatile Economic Times                                          further upgrade Pricing capabilities and competencies through a culture
                                                                            of Pricing Fundamentals and Pricing Best Practices.
                   Speaker: Phillip Yieh, Director Revenue
                   Management, PepsiCo International
                                                                             3:00 – 4:00       pm
                     The last 3 years has been marked by severe
                  swings in the volatility for PepsiCo. Globally,
                  we have seen hyper food inflation, economic
                                                                            Intellectual Property Considerations
                  instability, a credit crunch which has resulted in        for Pricing
                  severe pressure on our P&L.                                                  Speaker: Mark Gleason, Senior Attorney,
                     But PepsiCo Internationally has been able to                              Dicke Billig & Czaja, PLLP.
                  thrive in these adverse times through our ability to
generate sustainable product and pricing innovation.                                               When we hear someone mention “intellectual
                                                                                                property,” the images that typically come to mind
Key takeaways from this talk:                                                                   are an inventor tinkering in his garage, or engineers
  1. Organizational commitment (people and money) is key                                        wearing white lab coats in an R&D department of a
  2. Shopper/ Consumer Insights drive the actions                                               huge corporation. Of course, protecting intellectual
  3. Principles supporting solid business processes will get you results                        property is important for inventors.
                                                                                                   However, intellectual property protection (pat-
  Phillip Yieh is a 27-year Sales & Marketing Executive for PepsiCo.
                                                                            ents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) is also an important factor in pric-
Currently the Director of Revenue Management for PepsiCo, Phil is
                                                                            ing decisions — a factor often overlooked by pricing professionals.
responsible for the Pricing function for PepsiCo’s global food and
                                                                            This session will provide an overview of intellectual property protec-
beverage business.
                                                                            tion, including patents, trademarks, copyright and trade dress, as well
  Phillip spent 13 years in the Pepsi-Cola North America business in
                                                                            as intellectual property considerations for pricing.
various sales and supply chain roles throughout the United States. He
entered Pepsi’s international operations in 1994 where he focused              mark Gleason is an attorney with a practice focused on
on building Pepsi’s entry into the China market. He has been in his         intellectual property law. He is licensed to practice law in Minnesota
current role since 1996 where PepsiCo’s business spans 5 continents         and Texas, as well as before the United States Patent and Trademark
and over 200 countries.                                                     Office.
                                                                               Prior to practicing law, Mark was a pricing analyst and pricing

Register online:                                                                                                                 9
Pricing for Latin America Symposium
     Welcome to the 2nd annual PPS Pricing for Latin america Symposium, a full day of interactive ses-
     sions with leading pricing experts sharing their knowledge of this thriving region of the world.
        Foreign and local corporations conducting business in Latin America face many challenges including
     limited information, currency exchanges, diverse economic, political, and social conditions, and fast-
     changing markets. The pricing scenario becomes even more interesting with the world’s attention on
     Latin America — from emerging giant Brazil to a strengthening economy in Mexico to continued recov-
     ery in Argentina and elsewhere in Central and South America.
        You can expect to learn the latest trends, real case pricing examples and best practices for this grow-                  Free Online
     ing region, directly from leading experts with a full day of interactive and captivating presentations.                   Pricing Course!
        The day concludes with an hour-long panel where you can get your pricing questions answered and                        Each Symposium
                                                                                                                              Attendee will earn
     discuss strategies with thought leaders directly.                                                                       1 credit towards their
        The Pricing for Latin America Symposium is necessary for pricing professionals who want to learn                        CPP designation
     from the experts on the region, and who want to exchange ideas and connect with peers who also                          plus receive 1 Online
     manage pricing in the Latin American Markets.                                                                           Pricing Course at no
                                                                                                                               additional charge!
                                   We look forward to seeing you there!

      8:00 – 9:00       am                                                   10:30 – 11:15        am

     Registration / Breakfast                                               Channel Dynamics in Latin America:
                                                                            Protecting Markets in a Customer
                                                                            Consolidation Environment
      9:00 – 10:00       am                                                                    Speaker: Ricardo Rubi, Director, Simon-Kucher
                                                                                               & Partners
     Implementing Pricing Strategies in                                                            As in all developing markets, Latin America
     Latin America                                                                              has been facing a customer consolidation
                        Speaker: Frederico Zornig, Founder and CEO,                             issue; several customers rapidly grow at
                        Quantiz Pricing Solutions, Brazil                                       the expense of other smaller players in the
                                                                                                marketplace. This poses numerous problems
                            As the economic downturn creates                                    for companies, such as: increasingly powerful
                          additional pressure on prices worldwide,                              customers that have a high control of prices,
                          companies doing business in Latin America         and a loss of small customers that often yield high margins.
                          need to understand how markets in this            What strategies can be pursued by companies in Latin America
                          region are reacting differently from developed    to protect profitable channels? What pricing initiatives can be
                          countries. Taking similar approaches to pricing   pursued to retard the consolidation once the danger is imminent?
                          management may not be the best answer at
     this moment when markets are facing different challenges.              attendants will learn:
        In this session, you will learn from real life examples from          1. Channel protection strategies to prevent future customer
     companies running pricing strategies in Latin America.                      consolidation issues.
                                                                              2. Discount structure initiatives proven to strengthen smaller
     attendees will learn:
                                                                                 players in the supply chain
       1. What are the key factors that must be addressed before              3. Case studies of Latin American companies and what they
          defining the most profitable strategy                                  have done when facing increasing customer consolidation.
       2. How to manage price concessions in a price sensitive
          market                                                               Ricardo Rubi’s consulting activities focus on price optimization
       3. How to make sure strategies will be executed by the local         and developing comprehensive pricing and marketing strategies
          team                                                              for both new and existing products.
                                                                               He has worked in numerous studies with clients in the
        Frederico Zornig is the Founder and CEO of Quantiz Pricing          pharmaceutical, consumer goods, construction materials,
     Solutions. He has 16 years of international executive experience       logistics, software, financial services, and other industries.
     at Johnson & Johnson and British American Tobacco.                        Ricardo has extensive experience using analytical methods to
        He has authored two books, Acerte o Preço e Aumente seus            investigate markets taking into account their idiosyncrasies and
     lucros (Fix Your Price and Increase your Profits) and Decidindo        operational limitations.
     o Caminho (Deciding the Path). He has also published several              Ricardo has worked devising pricing strategies for products
     pricing articles in the US and Latin America.                          in the US, Europe, and many Latin American countries such as
        Frederico is a PhD Candidate at ISM, France and received his        Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador.
     MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is a          Ricardo received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management
     Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.                                        Sciences, with a concentration in Operations Research, from
                                                                            the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of
      10:00 – 10:30          am                                             Technology.

     Morning Break

10                                                 Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Wednesday, October 21, 2009 • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
                                                                                • Pricing Professionals and Organizational Structure
 11:15    am   – NooN                                                           • Cultural Component of Pricing
Defining a Regional Pricing Strategy for                                   Fernando ventureira is the Director of of Pricing Solutions’
Latin America                                                           Centre of Excellence for Software & Systems.
                                                                           Fernando has more than 20 years of experience helping
                   Speaker: Manuel E. Osorio, Director, Simon-
                                                                        clients worldwide, in a diverse range of industries, to successfully
                   Kucher & Partners
                                                                        implement Strategy, Management and Operational Improvements
                       During the last couple of years, exchange        Projects, as well as complex Software Development and Systems
                    rates and raw material prices have been             Delivery projects.
                    more volatile than ever, and consolidation             Fernando is an expert in Project and Change Management
                    has continued among market players. These           Methodologies like PMIBook, Metrica, DMAIC (Black Belt) and
                    changes led many companies to review their          CMMI.
                    regional pricing policies, sometimes even              He has helped companies to improve their Pricing Capabilities,
                    changing the currency in which prices were          and utilize Process, Systems and Pricing Tools to achieve their
denominated. What are the risks and the opportunities for               Pricing Objectives.
executives responsible for setting pricing guidelines for the region?      Fernando has an MBA from the EAP (Paris Management School,
What approaches are available to define a consistent, yet flexible,     Oxford Cursus) as well as a Bachelor of Science in IT, from the
pricing strategy for Latin America? What have others done that has      ESCP (Paris High Business School).
or has not worked?
attendants will learn:
  1. The challenges of setting regional price policies across Latin      1:45 – 2:30      pm
     America: volatility of exchange rates and raw material prices,
     differences between countries, currency selection, gray            Pricing Execution in Latin America:
     markets.                                                           Stories from the Battlefield
  2. Approaches to structure the problem and define pricing
     guidelines                                                                            Speaker: Patricio Simpson, Sr. Manager,
  3. Good and bad examples of how different companies have                                 Deloitte Consulting
     dealt with these issues                                                                   Executing pricing strategies in Latin America
                                                                                            presents several local challenges that need to be
  manuel Osorio has been working in strategy consulting since                               considered during the planning phase, such as:
1999. His activities focus on developing marketing strategies and                                Markets in the region are very diverse from
improving pricing processes for global corporations.                                        country to country
  His experience in Latin America includes Brazil, Argentina,                                    Only in the largest markets (such as
Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. Manuel received an MBA                              Brazil or México) are we likely to find the
degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management.                         technological, human, and financial resources needed to apply
                                                                        sophisticated pricing schemes and to implement programs that
                                                                        avoid margin leakage.
 12:00    NooN                                                            Ultimately, field execution must include local teams that can
                                                                        understand the particular nuances and practices that can be
Lunch                                                                   found in each market and companies must be flexible enough to
                                                                        adapt quickly to the dynamic realities of the local markets.

 1:00 – 1:45      pm                                                    in addition to the above, attendees will also learn about:
                                                                           1. Planning for the unique “clandestine” product presentations
Pricing in Emerging Markets: The Specific                                     in the market
                                                                           2. How to understand the impact of currency (bills vs. coins)
Case of Latin America Countries                                               and/or financial instruments (credit cards) on sales
                   Speaker: Fernando Ventureira, Director of
                                                                           Patricio Simpson is a Senior Manager for Deloitte’s Strategy
                   Pricing Solutions’ Centre of Excellence for
                                                                        and Operations. He has over 12 years of consulting experience
                   Software and Systems
                                                                        in the Customer and Market Strategy service area focused
                      This presentation will outline the key factors    on interactive entertainment, high-tech, telecomm, media,
                   that make Latin American markets different           manufacturing and retail companies.
                   from Mature Markets and will discuss Pricing            Patricio is a core member of Deloitte Consulting’s National
                   Strategies that are appropriate for the region.      Pricing and Profitability Management Practice, the Deloitte Pricing
                                                                        Center of Excellence and has been involved in launching the LatAm
                   Some of the key areas discussed include:
                                                                        Pricing Practice.
      Insights and practical recommendations on how to handle
      the Pricing discipline in Emerging Markets.
      Examples of successful LatAm Pricing Strategies, based on
      practical Business Cases, with a specific focus on:                3:00   pm
         • Pricing Corridors & Grey Markets
         • Inflation & Money Fluctuation                                Latin American Presenters Panel
         • Impact & Consequences of the Economical Crises                 The closing session will bring together many of the symposium
         • Exports & Mercosur                                           speakers for an interactive question and answer session with the
         • Regulatory Rules & Local Government Strategies               audience. A great opportunity to get your questions answered!
         • Products & Services Value
         • Competitive Intelligence & Pressure

Register online:                                                                                                         11
Conference At a Glance...
General Sessions                                     ThuRSDaY, OCTOBER 22, mORninG                                   – Pages 14 & 15

7:00 a.m.    Registration / Breakfast
8:00 a.m.    Welcome and Networking                                                                Kevin Mitchell, President, Professional
                                                                                                   Pricing Society

8:15 a.m.    KEYNOTE: Is Pricing the “Third Rail”                                                  Mark Burton, Co-Founder and Vice
             of Business Strategy?                                                                 President, Holden Advisors

9:15 a.m.    Networking Break/Sponsor Hall and Bookstore Open
10:00 a.m.   KEYNOTE: Pricing 2.0 – The Next                                                       Paul Hunt, President, Pricing Solutions
             generation of Pricing Management
11:00 a.m.   KEYNOTE: Pricing – As a Sustainable, Competitive                                      Speaker: Mike Simonetto, Principal,
             Advantage: Why a Holistic Approach to Pricing is                                      Deloitte Consulting
             Required in Today’s Market
12:00 p.m.   Lunch

Breakout Tracks                                 ThuRSDaY, OCTOBER 22, aFTERnOOn                                       – Pages 16-18

              PRICINg PRACTITIONERS                              PRICINg EXPERTS                         TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                      TRACk                                           TRACk
1:00 p.m.    Commodity Price Index Models:                Developing an Effective Pricing               Setting Optimal Prices across
             Proactively Managing Turbulent               Strategy for a Troubled Economy               Sales Channels
             Market Pressures                             Speaker: Scott Davis, Principal, Strategic    Speaker: Per Högberg, Senior Partner
             Joseph Havey, Senior Pricing Analyst,        Marketing Decisions                           and Founder, PriceGain
             Cooper Power Systems

2:00 p.m.                        NETWORkINg BREAk/SPONSORSHIP HALL AND BOOkSTORE OPEN

2:30 p.m.    B2B2C: Price and Value                       The Game Has Changed: Building                Pricing with Discipline:
             Management through Tiered                    a World-Class Pricing Capability              Strategies to get Your Pricing
             Channels                                     to Deliver Profitable growth                  in Shape
             Tom Monheim, Director of Pricing, Trane      Speaker: Joe Zale, Partner, Monitor Group     Speakers: Michael P. Craig, Senior
             Residential Systems and Brian Sharp,                                                       Executive, Pricing & Profit Optimization
             Senior Manager, Kalypso                                                                    Strategy Group, Accenture and Anthony
                                                                                                        Milani, Senior Manager, Accenture

                                                                   5 MINUTE BREAk

3:35 p.m.    Understand and Improve the                   Smart Profit growth —                         Measuring Success:
             Vitals of Your Revenue                       A Structured Approach to                      Quantifying the Impact of Your
             Speaker: Matthew Comerford,                  Higher Profits                                Pricing Actions
             Practitioner/Consultant                      Speaker: Jens Baumgarten, Partner,            Speaker: Keith Hohman, Partner, Price
                                                          Managing Director New York Office,            for Profit, LLC
                                                          Simon-Kucher & Partners

4:35 p.m.                            SPONSOR HALL OPEN AND INfORMAL NETWORkINg SESSION

6:00 p.m.
                                 PPS NETWORkINg RECEPTION — SPONSORED BY

12                                                   Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
 Breakout Tracks                                     FRiDaY, OCTOBER 23, mORninG                                – Pages 20-22

                PRICINg PRACTITIONERS                                PRICINg EXPERTS                           TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES
                        TRACk                                             TRACk
 7:00 a.m.                                                                BREAkfAST

 8:00 a.m.    Organizing for Success in                       Pricing in an Economic Downturn                 Add-ons, Versions, or Bundles –
              Pricing — Weathering the                        Speaker: Ranjit Singh, Senior Manager,          Solutions to a Pricing Dilemma
              Economic Storm                                  Deloitte Consulting                             Speaker: Tim Smith, PhD, Adjunct
              Speaker: Robert D. Smith; Director,                                                             Professor at DePaul University, Managing
              Corporate Pricing; Certified Pricing                                                            Principal of Wiglaf Pricing
              Professional (CPP, Charter Class)

 9:00 a.m.                         NETWORkINg BREAk/SPONSORSHIP HALL AND BOOkSTORE OPEN

 9:45 a.m.    Apply Best Practices from                       Channel Compensation: How                       Pricing for Today — Winning for
              Different Industries to Improve                 to Improve Profits in Today’s                   the Long Term
              your Pricing Performance                        Market                                          Speaker: Andy Dvorocsik, Director, Arthur
              Speaker: David Mok, Senior Manager,             Speaker: Michael Kelly, Principal, Frank        D. Little
              Worldwide Pricing, Consumer Solutions           Lynn & Associates, Inc.
              Division, Seagate Technologies

                                                                       5 MINUTE BREAk

 10:50 a.m.   Price and Profit Management                     Surviving and Thriving: Pricing                 Coming Out Ahead – Applying
              Program - Lessons Learned                       Strategies to Succeed in                        Value Based Pricing Techniques
              Speakers: Dianne Carmody, Manager,              Today’s Challenging Business                    to Address the Challenges of an
              Change/Communications/Education and             Environment                                     Economic Downturn
              Chris Chrisafides, Manager, Transactional       Speaker: Rafi Mohammed,                         Speaker: Ralf Schwarzendahl, Director,
              Pricing Assessments/Sustainability, Rohm        Culture of Profit, LLC                          AlixPartners, LLC
              and Haas

 11:50 a.m.                                                                   LUNCH

 General Sessions                                     FRiDaY, OCTOBER 23, aFTERnOOn                                      – Page 23

 12:50 p.m.   KEYNOTE: Pricing Leadership: Guiding Your                                                  John Hogan, Ph.D.,
              Company through Turbulent Times                                                            Senior Partner, Monitor

 1:50 p.m.    KEYNOTE: Pricing with Optimism: Are You Ready                                              Frank Luby, Partner,
              for the Recovery?                                                                          Simon-Kucher & Partners

 2:50 p.m.    Conference Close

       “The PPS team did an excellent job organizing and executing the Conference. I have been attending the
         PPS Conferences for the last several years and it is always “First Class” in every detail and continues to
         improve every year. Kudos to the PPS Team!”
                                                          Brian Shea, Canada Post Corporation, General Manager of Price Strategy

Register online:                                                                                                          13
General Sessions                                                          ThuRSDaY, October 22, 2009

      7:00   am                                                     and enterprise software and maintenance.
                                                                      Mark draws from his recently released book, Pricing
     Registration / Breakfast                                       with Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving money
                                                                    on the Table co-authored with Dr. Reed Holden.
      8:00   am                                                       His opinions on pricing strategy and tactics have also
                                                                    been featured in the national business press including
     Welcome and Networking                                         The Pricing Advisor, Investor’s Business Daily, MSNBC.
     Kevin Mitchell, President, Professional Pricing Society        com.

      8:15   am
                                                                     9:15   am
     KEYNOTE: Is Pricing the “Third
     Rail” of Business Strategy?                                    Networking Break/Sponsor Hall
                            Speaker: Mark Burton, Co-Founder        and Bookstore Open
                            and Vice President, Holden
                                                                     10:00   am
                               When pricing managers define         KEYNOTE: Pricing 2.0 – The Next
                            options to grow revenues and            generation of Pricing Management
                            profits, senior executives often
                                                                                          Speaker: Paul Hunt, President,
                            hesitate when translating these
                                                                                          Pricing Solutions
                            options to firm commitments to
     act. They see price as the ultimate tactical tool to close                                You have successfully leveraged
     big deals and fill gaps in business performance. In this                                waterfalls, dispersion charts and
     view pricing is the electrified third rail of strategy – not                            other pricing management tools.
     to be touched. But, in fact this third rail is a source of                              Now it is time to break through
     power to drive breakthrough business performance.                                       to the next level if you are going
       In this session Mark Burton will provide an overview                                  to continue to grow and lead
     of price planning pitfalls that undermine efforts to bring                              your organization to reach its’
     about lasting change in pricing and describe planning          pricing goals. This means venturing out into new areas
     processes to restore pricing and profit integrity.             such as product development, customer research and
                                                                    competitive intelligence. This session will focus on
     attendees will learn:
                                                                    providing a roadmap for pricing managers who are at
           Common leadership pitfalls that undermine pricing        this critical stage in their development and are ready to
           change efforts                                           lead their organization forward by bringing fresh ideas to
           Simple planning techniques to ensure alignment           the table.
           between business and pricing strategy
                                                                    attendees will learn:
           How to get agreement on pricing strategy at all
                                                                          What are the key ingredients to reaching this next
           levels of the organization
                                                                          level of development
           How to leverage and build pricing capabilities to
                                                                          How to gain internal support for moving forward
           create quick wins and build organizational pricing
                                                                          How to acquire powerful new information to
                                                                          accelerate growth
       mark Burton has been a strategic marketing expert                  How to make sure you invest in research that is
     for more than 16 years and is the driving force in                   actionable
     creating offering and pricing strategies for firms in
     industries such as IT outsourcing, semiconductor,                Paul hunt is the President of Pricing Solutions. Over
     manufactured products, financial and business services,        the past 20 years he has focused on pricing and has
                                                                    conducted over 500 engagements that have delivered

14                                            Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
General Sessions                                                             ThuRSDaY, October 22, 2009
more than $1 Billion dollars worth of value.                  regulatory effectiveness. Each of these areas plays an
   Paul works extensively in both B2B and B2C and has         important role in a company’s ability to set and enforce
cross pollinated best practices across the two business       profitable prices. By taking a comprehensive view of
models that have lead to significant returns for his          pricing, companies can position themselves to tap a vast
clients. His clients include leading companies such as:       source of shareholder value: the ability to set and enforce
J&J, GE, Ingersoll Rand, Pfizer, Marriott and Exxon.          profitable prices, not just once, but again and again in
   Paul is also a frequent lecturer and trainer on pricing    response to marketplace changes and evolving business
strategy and has also published several articles in leading   needs.
magazines and journals.                                       This session will explore:
                                                                    Pricing Excellence Model: 6 Core Competencies
 11:00   am                                                         • Pricing Strategy
                                                                    • Price Execution
KEYNOTE: Pricing — As a
                                                                    • Advanced Analytics and Price Setting
Sustainable, Competitive
                                                                    • Organizational Alignment and Governance
Advantage: Why a Holistic                                           • Pricing Technology and Data Management
Approach to Pricing is Required in                                  • Tax and Regulatory Effectiveness
Today’s Market                                                      Benefits of a holistic and integrated approach
                      Speaker: Mike Simonetto, Principal,           Case studies by industry and Pricing competency
                      Deloitte Consulting
                                                                mike Simonetto leads the Global Pricing and
                           Pricing as a management
                                                              Profitability Management Practice for Deloitte Consulting
                         discipline has evolved in recent
                                                              as well as the Price and Profitability Management
                         years, and both the tools
                                                              Integrated Market Offering for Deloitte & Touche LLP.
                         themselves and the organizations
                                                                His 17 years of consulting experience include pricing
                         that use them have grown in
                                                              strategy, pricing execution, business process design,
                         sophistication. A systematic
                                                              acquisition due diligence and integration, strategic
approach to pricing can offer significant and immediate
                                                              sourcing, and new product development across a range
opportunities for both top-line and bottom-line
                                                              of industries.
improvement in any economic climate; the potential for
                                                                Mike has been a featured speaker at the Professional
results is a strong argument for treating pricing as a core
                                                              Pricing Society conferences on numerous occasions and
competency rather than as a series of individual project-
                                                              has guest lectured at several prestigious MBA programs
based efforts.
                                                              on the topic of Pricing. He also spent a year managing
   However, companies tend to view their pricing
                                                              the European operations of a Pricing and Revenue
capabilities – and therefore any improvement efforts –
                                                              Management software firm.
singularly. This approach limits the benefits that improved
                                                                Prior to his consulting career, Mike spent 9 years as
Price management can bring. Companies that integrate
                                                              a Division Manager for a heavy industrial construction
all of their key pricing competencies into a cohesive
                                                              company, managing an eleven state region in the
pricing and profitability management program can realize
                                                              Southeastern United States.
gains far beyond what can be achieved with a singular
   Effective pricing and profitability management depends      12:00   pm
on coordinated efforts within six areas of competency:
pricing strategy, price execution, organizational alignment   Lunch
and governance, advanced analytics and price setting,
pricing technology and data management, and tax and

Register online:                                                                                     15
Breakout                              ThuRSDaY, October 22, 2009 • 1:00 – 4:35                               pm

PRICINg PRACTITIONERS TRACk                                                                           attendees are free to select
                                                                                                            talks between tracks.

 1:00   pm
                                                                    the dots between the end consumer and the various intermedi-
                                                                    aries which support typical value chains. We will address ‘core’
Commodity Price Index Models:                                       B2B channel marketing and pricing challenges and solutions,
                                                                    while showing the direct implication on profit and value capture
Proactively Managing Turbulent                                      at the end of the value chain: real consumers.
Market Pressures                                                    attendees will learn:
                  Speaker: Joseph Havey, Senior Pricing                 How to reconfigure a single offer into multiple value
                  Analyst, Cooper Power Systems                         propositions
                      You know your market. You know your               How to quantify the value of each offer
                   competition. You publish annual price letters        How to leverage value ‘science’ into actionable pricing
                   addressing your market conditions. Sud-              strategy and tactics
                   denly your main material commodity costs
                   skyrocket, you cannot issue price letters, nor    5 miNute Break
                   implement system changes fast enough to
keep up with the dramatic market changes. Your competition is        3:35   pm
feeling the same pain and everyone is scrambling to implement
changes addressing the new market conditions. One solution is       Understand and Improve the Vitals of
to establish a Price Index for your main product components.
                                                                    Your Revenue
attendees will learn:
                                                                                       Speaker: Matthew Comerford,
    how sudden movements in commodity cost pressures
    impact pricing decisions;
    alternative price index models and the benefits of each;                                 Companies with a large number of part
    and                                                                                   numbers, products, and customers can have
    how the Price Index can be a good tool for you and your                               difficulty understanding the vital components
    customers, increasing awareness and open communication                                of revenue, much less actively manage them.
    regarding the market pressure we all feel in today’s global                           Quantifying the impact of price, volume,
    marketplace.                                                                          and product mix as key variables in revenue
                                                                    is critical to isolating the value of any pricing effort. With this
                                                                    fundamental understanding, pricing actions can be taken with
 2:00   pm                                                          expected results defined, and then the end result can be mea-
                                                                    sured against a target or baseline.
Networking Break/Sponsorship Hall                                      In this session, Matthew Comerford will discuss how to
                                                                    integrate your existing revenue data with analysis tools to un-
and Bookstore Open                                                  derstand and manage these core components. Learn how to
                                                                    identify opportunities and apply continuous improvement meth-
 2:30   pm                                                          odologies.

B2B2C: Price and Value Management                                   attendees will learn:
                                                                        Balanced and effective analysis approaches
through Tiered Channels                                                 Continuous improvement methods
                  Speakers: Tom Monheim, Director of Pricing,           How to quantify the ROI of your pricing efforts
                  Trane Residential Systems and Brian Sharp,
                  Senior Manager, Kalypso                            4:35   pm
                     You’ve developed the right product to meet
                  end-consumer needs. The launch date is set.       Sponsor Hall / Open and Informal
                  All eyes are on you and the launch team—ex-       Networking Session
                  pectations are high. Your stakeholders expect
                  better-than-market growth and an everlasting       6:00   pm
                  stream of profits from new products. What
                  could possibly go wrong?                          PPS Reception
                     The presenters will review lessons learned
                  and blinding insights from the battle front of        sponsored by
                  new product launches through tiered chan-
                  nels to market. They will review approaches to
                  price and value management which connect

16                                                Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Breakout                               ThuRSDaY, October 22, 2009 • 1:00 – 4:35                               pm

PRICINg EXPERTS TRACk                                                                                   attendees are free to select
                                                                                                              talks between tracks.

                                                                          Moving from trying to win individual price battles to
 1:00   pm
                                                                          a sustainable, campaign-driven approach for value
Developing an Effective Pricing                                           Using strategic pricing to manage profits and defend your
                                                                          value proposition in a slowing economy
Strategy for a Troubled Economy
                   Speaker: Scott Davis, Principal, Strategic
                   Marketing Decisions
                                                                       5 miNute Break
                    Pricing effectively requires an understand-
                  ing of how the recession has changed the             3:35   pm
                  preferences and behavior of customers, a
                  reassessment of your target markets, and an         Smart Profit Growth – A Structured
                  ability to predict competitor’s actions and re-
                  spond rapidly and appropriately.
                                                                      Approach to Higher Profits
                    In this session Dr. Davis will discuss how        Speaker: Jens Baumgarten, Partner, Managing Director New
to approach the pricing challenges posed by a recession and           York Office, Simon-Kucher & Partners
propose pricing solutions that will help protect profits in a chal-                          Many companies in all types of industries
lenging market.                                                                           still have major challenges to overcome when
attendees will learn:                                                                     it comes to their pricing practices, most no-
    The causes of the recession and its potential impacts on                              tably:
    demand                                                                                   1. A lack of internal transparency regarding
    How to avoid pricing mistakes that are commonly made in                               the strategic goals of pricing and the quality
    a declining market                                                                    of current price setting processes
    Ways to adjust product offerings and prices to improve                                   2. Insufficient usage of intelligent pricing
    profitability in face of weak demand                                                  concepts, such as segment specific price dif-
    Pricing strategies and tactics that can achieve long run          ferentiation, bundling, and non-linear pricing
    market performance and profitability in declining economy            3. Mistakes in price implementation due to a lack of aware-
                                                                      ness, monitoring or incentives
 2:00   pm                                                               This session will present a structured process on how to
                                                                      employ smart pricing strategies to design professional pricing
Networking Break/Sponsorship Hall                                        International case studies will illustrate how companies im-
and Bookstore Open                                                    proved their price setting and price implementation processes
                                                                      – from determining strategic pricing goals to creating innovative,
                                                                      segment specific pricing structures and enforcing higher prices
 2:30   pm
                                                                      in the market.
                                                                      What attendees will learn
The Game Has Changed: Building a                                         Creating transparency in your current pricing
World-Class Pricing Capability to                                        Designing intelligent, segment specific pricing strategies
                                                                         Including innovative pricing concepts like bundling and non-
Deliver Profitable growth                                                linear pricing into your offers
                   Speaker: Joe Zale, Partner, Monitor Group             Enforcing higher prices in the market by creating awareness
                     As many executives turn to pricing as a le-         of the importance of pricing among key stakeholders,
                  ver for improved performance, there is a ten-          monitoring pricing performance of sales teams and
                  dency to make tactical decisions that don’t            incentivizing proper price implementation across all
                  align with broader corporate goals. What’s             channels
                  required is an integrated approach to pricing.
                  New capabilities need to be developed, new           4:35   pm
                  skills brought to bear, new systems and pro-
                  cesses implemented.                                 Sponsor Hall / Open and Informal
  Given the potential payoff, developing a comprehensive pric-
ing strategy should be on the agenda of every executive.              Networking Session
attendees will learn:
    How to elevate “value-based pricing” into an actionable,           6:00   pm
    cross-functional capability in your organization
    Leading the change effort from an executive perspective-          PPS Reception
    the vision required to align the organization, develop the
    right incentives, and market the process internally                   sponsored by
    How to build a superior content and an internal point of
    view anchored in value, not price
Register online:                                                                                              17
Breakout                              ThuRSDaY, October 22, 2009 • 1:00 – 4:35                                 pm

TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES                                                                                     attendees are free to select
                                                                                                               talks between tracks.

 1:00   pm                                                              5 miNute Break

Setting Optimal Prices across Sales
Channels                                                                3:35   pm
                  Speaker: Per Högberg, Senior Partner and
                  Founder, PriceGain                                   Measuring Success: Quantifying the
                      Managing price across multiple channels is       Impact of Your Pricing Actions
                   a major challenge. Some companies believe                             Speaker: Keith Hohman, Partner, Price for
                   that all their channels should be priced alike                        Profit, LLC
                   to avoid cannibalization. Others set prices on                            You’ve just implemented another price in-
                   a channel-by-channel basis but fail to ensure                          crease in the marketplace and crossed your
                   that the prices are optimized from an overall                          fingers that this one is more successful than
corporate profitability and/or market share perspective.                                  previous attempts. It seems that no matter
  This session presents how channel prices should be set in                               how much or how often you raise prices, the
order to reach the overall corporate business goals. Through                              benefit gained is never as much as you hoped
channel price optimization, prices are set for each channel            for (or needed). Of particular concern is the lack of visibility
while recognizing the differences in end-customers’ willingness        to the problem – you just don’t have the metrics to determine
to pay and competition across channels.                                where you are gaining or losing (or why). Rest assured, it is pos-
attendees will learn:                                                  sible to measure the effectiveness of your pricing actions and,
    How to establish optimal prices across sales channels              more importantly, to improve your returns as a result.
    The power of channel price optimization through a business         attendees will learn:
    case                                                                   The key concepts of price measurement;
    The characteristics of a successful channel pricing strategy           The insights that can be easily gained through proper price
                                                                           measurement; and
                                                                           How to use these insights to improve bottom line results
 2:00   pm

Networking Break/Sponsorship Hall                                       4:35   pm
and Bookstore Open
                                                                       Sponsor Hall Open and Informal
                                                                       Networking Session
 2:30   pm

Pricing with Discipline: Strategies to                                  6:00   pm
get Your Pricing in Shape
                  Speakers: Michael P. Craig, Senior Executive,        PPS Reception
                  Pricing & Profit Optimization Strategy Group,            sponsored by
                  Accenture and Anthony Milani, Senior
                  Manager, Accenture
                     Join Michael Craig and Anthony Milani as
                  they discuss strategies to start to get your
                  pricing operating model, organization and
                  processes more in line with those used by
                  high performing companies. They will pres-
                  ent proven tactics, that when employed in
                  systematic fashion, can lead to an overall
                  strategy that will get your pricing practices fit,
                  in-shape and delivering real value to the top
                  and bottom lines.

18                                                  Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Your Attendance is Vital to
the Pricing Community...
 For decades professional associations around the world               Special interest
have dramatically assisted the growth of major industries,         Events: For those
while contributing to the betterment of society in general.        who manage pricing
  The unprecedented economic conditions that affected              in the Latin American
almost every industry impacted the pricing community in            region, we offer the
many levels.                                                       2nd Annual “Pricing
  YOU are the most important part of PPS and your                  for Latin america
participation, training and career advancement is key to the       Symposium” with
success of our profession. Your attendance to the Fall Pricing     tons of specifically
Conference is Vital for the Pricing Community.                     targeted strategies and
                                                                   examples of pricing projects and circumstances unique to
WHAT’S IN IT fOR YOU?                                              this thriving part of the world.
   Learn from the Best and the Brightest: The 20th                    Additionally, we have created the first ever “Pricing for
Annual Fall Pricing Conference in Orlando is created to bring      Executives Summit” intended to expand the knowledge of
you to best and the brightest pricing leaders from a diverse       pricing to those in executive roles where pricing is a crucial
array of industries. Every session is designed to give you the     factor to the company’s success.
information you need to take your pricing practice to the next
level.                                                             WHAT’S IN IT fOR YOUR COMPANY?
   Competitive edge: Whether you’re new to pricing or an              Best practices: At Orlando 2009, you will learn proven
experienced pricer, Orlando 2009 is designed to give you           methods and best practices to help your company increase
the best practices, industry trends and strategic pricing skills   profitability and beat the competition. We’ve assembled the
to stay ahead of the competition. Not only will you learn          finest experts in the field of pricing to teach you the most
practical tools to leverage back at the office, you will attain    effective tools and strategies. You will gain insight on how to
lifelong learning to help you advance your career.                 apply them in your organization so you can make an impact.
   To stay competitive, serious pricers must constantly fine-         Company knowledge: We make it easy to share what
tune their skills, update their knowledge and find new ways        you’ve learned after the conference with others in your
to optimize revenues and streamline processes.                     organization. PPS provides attendees with a full manual and
   The Fall Conference brings you the information you need         companion CD containing all of our valuable Conference
to drive pricing innovation and improve profitability at your      speaker presentations. You can immediately demonstrate
company.                                                           your new ideas on how to price your products and services
   networking: The Professional Pricing Society Sponsor            back at the office! The Conference CD is available only for
Hall is packed with the world’s leading pricing technology         attendees.
providers and experts from around the world — ready to                Great value: PPS conferences are always an exceptional
share the latest developments in the pricing field.                value. At the PPS member price of $1,695, you can attend
   Several hundred pricing professionals from around the           the world’s leading pricing conference and feel confident
world will attend the Fall Pricing Conference in Orlando.          that you are learning from the most trusted resource in the
   Only here will you be able to network with pricing experts      field of pricing. The unbiased knowledge and networking
and your peers, forging valuable connections within the            opportunities that only PPS offers will prove to be invaluable
pricing community.                                                 to your career development.
   Career advancement: If you attend one of the three CPP
(Certified Pricing Professional) workshops on October 21,          gET YOUR COMPANY BUY-IN!!
you’ll return to your office armed with the latest in pricing      Review this brochure to identify which workshops, special
innovations and best practices. You’ll also earn credits           events or conference topics best address your specific needs
towards the prestigious CPP designation, which identifies you      and those of your organization. Be sure to describe the
as an accomplished pricing professional.                           benefits to your organization and how your attendance will
                                                                   help you make an impact when you return to the office.

Register online:                                                                                              19
Breakout                              FRiDaY, OCTOBER 23, 2009 • 8:00 – 11:50 am

PRICINg PRACTITIONERS TRACk                                                                             attendees are free to select
                                                                                                              talks between tracks.

 8:00   am
                                                                     and the other produces consumer-related products in a highly
                                                                     competitive environment. You can then apply these practical
Organizing for Success in Pricing —                                  pricing tips to your situation and deliver top and bottom line im-
Weathering the Economic Storm                                        provements.
                  Speaker: Robert D. Smith, Certified Pricing        in this session, attendees will learn:
                  Professional (CPP, Charter Class);                      How to do better cost-plus and market-based pricing
                  Director, Corporate Pricing, Performance                How to start applying value-based pricing
                  Chemicals & Intermediates, Eastman                      About some simple rules that you can start doing
                  Chemical Company                                        immediately
                                                                          How to manage your business in a downturn
                       Success in the pricing field is unlikely to
                                                                          Steps to improve your pricing process and team’s
                    occur by chance. A focused, concerted effort
                                                                          responsiveness with precision
                    is needed to approach the subject. The ap-
proach can be started with a broad based, corporate initiative.
Alternatively, beginning with a pilot effort and building on suc-
                                                                      5 miNute Break
cess by expanding it into a more widespread, corporate initia-
tive can be pursued. At the end of the day, the key is getting
the pricing discipline to a point where it will stick and make a
significant impact on the profitability of the enterprise.
                                                                      10:50   am

   In this presentation, Robert Smith will describe actions taken    Price and Profit Management
by Eastman as it has organized for improved performance in
pricing. These include:
                                                                     Program — Lessons Learned
      How Eastman has institutionalized pricing behaviors and                          Speakers: Dianne Carmody, Manager,
      organized for success                                                            Change/Communications/Education and
      Addressing the challenges of weathering a fierce storm                           Chris Chrisafides, Manager, Transactional
      economically in the chemical industry                                            Pricing Assessments/Sustainability, Rohm and
      The transition of managing pricing managed by many to                            Haas
      fewer decision makers                                                              Developing the use of Analytics for man-
                                                                                       aging pricing is becoming more and more
                                                                                       common in industry today. But engaging with
 9:00   am                                                                             businesses, developing the appropriate ac-
                                                                                       countability through Executive Involvement
Networking Break/Sponsorship Hall                                                      and Sponsorship and gaining momentum
and Bookstore Open                                                                     through choosing the right pilot businesses
                                                                                       are critical if you want to put wind behind the
                                                                                       sails of your Pricing Initiative. In this talk we
 9:45   am                                                                             focus on how to utilize change management
                                                                                       tactics for both early adopters and senior
Apply Best Practices from Different                                  leadership. Attendees will realize the benefits of changing their
Industries to Improve your Pricing                                   company’s pricing culture.
Performance                                                          attendees will learn:
                  Speaker: David Mok, Senior Manager,                    How to develop the right level of accountability
                  Worldwide Pricing, Consumer Solutions                  How to make the businesses own the program instead of
                  Division, Seagate Technologies                         the Pricing Team
                                                                         How to sustain your pricing culture changes long term
                      Looking for ideas to boost your pricing per-
                    formance? Are you facing even greater chal-
                    lenges in the midst of a slowing economy?
                                                                      11:50   am
                    Where do you even begin to balance that
                    delicate market share vs. profit equation, es-   Lunch
pecially in a declining market? We will examine pricing practices
and priorities of two very different technology companies where
one delivers high-value solutions to equipment manufacture

20                                                 Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Breakout                              FRiDaY, OCTOBER 23, 2009 • 8:00 – 11:50 am

PRICINg EXPERTS TRACk                                                                                  attendees are free to select
                                                                                                             talks between tracks.

 8:00   am
                                                                      revenues. Consider this: if you assume the average channel
                                                                      partner’s gross margin is between 15% to 50% - then channel
Pricing in an Economic Downturn                                       compensation represents between 20% to 100% of a manufac-
                                                                      turer’s total revenues.
                   Speaker: Ranjit Singh, Senior Manager,
                   Deloitte Consulting                                Breakout Session attendees will learn from real life
                                                                      examples of how to:
                      The looming shadow of economic trouble
                                                                         Improve profits and revenues through channel
                   may be drastically impacting the perception
                   of how pricing should be managed in your in-
                                                                         Develop an effective channel pricing strategy that pays a
                   dustry. Don’t let perception dictate how your
                                                                         channel what they are worth; and
                   company manages price. Increasing prices
                                                                         Reclaim the profits that the company deserves.
                   in a tough economic environment requires
two things: sharp pricing execution in the form of targeted price
movements at the most granular product level and deliberate            5 miNute Break
customer communications, planned and executed broadly to
prepare and guide customers through the changes. In this pre-
sentation we will discuss approaches and strategies to manage
                                                                       10:50   am
pricing in an economic downturn.
attendees will learn:                                                 Surviving and Thriving: Pricing
    How to understand the true impact of the economy on your
                                                                      Strategies to Succeed in Today’s
    How to understand what customer’s truly value in a                Challenging Business Environment
    downturn                                                                            Speaker: Rafi Mohammed,
    How to manage price increase strategies                                             Culture of Profit, LLC
    How to focus on the impact to customers, and establish a
                                                                                          We are in the midst of an economic triple
    method to monitor feedback
                                                                                        whammy: costs are up, market basket prices
                                                                                        are at all time highs, and the economy is
 9:00   am
                                                                                        shaky. In this “make lemonade out of lem-
                                                                                        ons” business environment, it’s more impor-
Networking Break/Sponsorship Hall                                                       tant than ever to be proactive about pricing in
                                                                      your company. In this session, pricing expert Rafi Mohammed
and Bookstore Open                                                    shares defensive and offensive pricing strategies that your com-
                                                                      pany can implement right away.
                                                                      attendees will learn:
 9:45   am
                                                                          How the “new consumer” is both trading up and trading
Channel Compensation: How to                                              Defensive pricing strategies to keep consumers in the fold
Improve Profits in Today’s Market                                         and maintain market share.
                   Speaker: Michael Kelly, Principal, Frank Lynn          Offensive pricing strategies to better serve and profit from
                   & Associates, Inc.                                     the “new consumer.”
                      The great uncertainty surrounding the world
                    economy will undoubtedly have most manu-           11:50   am
                    facturers scrambling for ways to maintain
                    revenues and reduce costs. Experts predict
                    most manufacturers will ignore what is prob-
                    ably the biggest opportunity to improve profit-
ability and increase revenues.
   What is this big opportunity that manufacturers are missing?
Channel discounts or more precisely, channel compensation.
For manufacturers with channel partners, channel compensa-
tion is far and away the most mismanaged source of profits and

Register online:                                                                                            21
Breakout                              FRiDaY, OCTOBER 23, 2009 • 8:00 – 11:50 am

TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES                                                                                   attendees are free to select
                                                                                                             talks between tracks.

 8:00   am
                                                                      marketing organizations of B2B companies have when adjust-
                                                                      ing their pricing strategies and tactics in a new world of lower
Add-ons, Versions, or Bundles —                                       demands and increased competition.

Solutions to a Pricing Dilemma                                        attendees will learn:
                                                                          How to use price to manage customer relationships and
                   Speaker: Tim Smith, PhD, Adjunct Professor
                                                                          expectations for the long term
                   at DePaul University, Managing Principal of
                                                                          How to use targeted discounting structures instead of
                   Wiglaf Pricing
                                                                          across the board price reductions
                       When should a company use an add-on                Pricing actions to take now to maximize margins in highly
                    versus a versioning versus a bundling pricing         competitive times
                    strategy? Can they be used in conjunction
                    or should these pricing strategies be used         5 miNute Break
                    in isolation? How does the form of the pric-
ing strategy affect the discounting strategy? Should bundling
be used as a discounting strategy or only as an overall pricing        10:50   am
strategy? Should all information goods be sold in a versioning
approach or can a single version be the most profitable?              Coming Out Ahead — Applying Value
   In this session, Tim Smith will reveal key decision tradeoffs
for selecting the most profitable of the three pricing strategies:
                                                                      Based Pricing Techniques to Address
add-ons, bundles, versions. He will also comment on profitable        the Challenges of an Economic
discounting and price differentiation approaches for each.            Downturn
attendees will learn:                                                                   Speaker: Ralf Schwarzendahl, Director,
     How to identify the key factors that suggest that one of the                       AlixPartners, LLC
     three specific strategies will be most profitable
                                                                                            As the economic downturn creates addi-
     How to manage discounting with each pricing strategy to
                                                                                         tional pressure on prices, pricing executives
     enhance profitability
                                                                                         need to develop an even more comprehen-
     How to manage multiple strategies concurrently
                                                                                         sive understanding of their organization’s
                                                                                         competitive position and the anticipated
 9:00   am
                                                                                         reaction of the market. Taking a reactive ap-
                                                                      proach and adjusting prices indiscriminately will eventually dam-
Networking Break/Sponsorship Hall                                     age the financial health of a company and may lead to volume
and Bookstore Open                                                    declines. Pricing managers have to work closely with Marketing,
                                                                      Sales and Finance to creatively address changing customer
                                                                      needs and develop competitive and financially reasonable offer-
 9:45   am                                                            ings. Value based pricing techniques in combination with pricing
                                                                      analytics will enable organizations to identify their most valuable
Pricing for Today — Winning for the                                   customers and create compelling alternatives to existing offers.
           Long Term                                                  This approach will preserve market share and allow companies
                   Speaker: Andy Dvorocsik, Director, Arthur D.       to emerge relatively strong from a recessionary economy.
                   Little                                             attendees will learn:
                      The global economic downturn has created            How to use price analytics to identify target customers
                    huge opportunities for companies with vision.         How to create attractive and competitive offerings using
                    For many industries, the demand level has             value based pricing techniques
                    been fundamentally reset — the competitive            How to leverage price execution techniques and proactively
                    landscape scrambled. World class companies            address the market
exploit this opportunity by developing innovative strategies. Pric-
ing is a key element of these strategies because leaders know
                                                                       11:50   am

that pricing actions made in turbulent times can have implica-
tions long beyond the current period.
   In this session, Andy Dvorocsik will provide real life examples
and discuss the opportunities and risks that the sales and

22                                                 Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
General Sessions                                                                     FRiDaY, October 23, 2009

 12:50   pm                                                      1:50   pm

KEYNOTE: Pricing Leadership:                                    KEYNOTE: Pricing with Optimism:
guiding Your Company                                            Are You Ready for the Recovery?
through Turbulent Times                                                              Speaker: Frank Luby, Partner,
                      Speaker: John Hogan, Ph.D., Senior                             Simon-Kucher & Partners
                      Partner, Monitor                                                  The economic downturn which
                         John Hogan, co-author of the                                began in 2008 forced companies
                      best selling Strategy and Tactics                              to alter their marketing plans
                      of Pricing, will address the most                              very quickly, in order to cope with
                      pressing question facing pricing ex-                           tight credit, volatile commodities
                      ecutives today: how should they re-                            costs, and customer uncertainty
                      spond to the unprecedented market         and pessimism. But all economic downturns have one
turbulence initiated by the global financial crisis?            wonderful aspect in common.
   All too often, pricing is pushed to the back burner dur-       They end.
ing tough times as business leaders cut prices in a mad           What steps can your company take right now to
scramble to maintain volume in shrinking markets. Such          capitalize on the opportunities the next recovery will
short-sighted approaches represent strategic errors that        bring? This lively keynote address will review the plans
can damage the company’s financial health years after           and actions several companies have undertaken over the
business conditions have improved. The stakes are raised        previous 12 months in order to show you:
in a downturn as the impact of pricing missteps is ampli-              What a downturn can teach you about your
fied by the actions of nervous customers and competi-                  customers’ behavior
tors. As many a regretful executive understands, a simple              How “pricing for the moment” can hamstring you
pricing mistake at the wrong time can start a pricing                  later on
“death spiral” that drives profits from the industry forever.          What strategies and tactics make the most sense
  John will offer bold and original ideas on how pricing               as you move forward
executives can exercise effective leadership to guide             No one can simply wish the doom-and-gloom away.
their companies past strategic threats and toward hidden        But you can take steps to minimize the risk that you’ll
opportunities for growth and profit in today’s turbulent        end up as “recovery roadkill” when economic growth
times. He will share practical insights to help you man-        reignites.
age, such as:                                                     Frank Luby is a Partner in the Boston office of Simon-
      How to avoid pricing traps that offer short term          Kucher & Partners. For more than 20 years he has
      benefits at the expense of future profits and             served clients in a diverse range of industries, including
      market position                                           media and consumer products, entertainment, business
      How you can use pricing to strengthen customer            software, and professional sports. A large portion of his
      relationships and improve your market position            time goes into helping companies improve their pricing
      when times are tough                                      processes and their profits.
   John hogan is a Senior Partner in Monitor where he             Mr. Luby co-wrote the book Manage for Profit, Not
co-leads the Pricing Line of Business. Dr. Hogan is glob-       for Market Share, published by Harvard Business
ally recognized thought-leader on pricing and co-author of      School Press in 2006. The book has now appeared in 10
The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, 4th ed., the lead-         languages.
ing book on pricing for over two decades. Dr. Hogan has
been helping companies develop more profitable pricing           2:50   pm

strategies for most of his career and has extensive expe-
rience in technology, software, distribution, manufactur-
                                                                Conference Close
ing, services and consumer goods markets.

Register online:                                                                                      23
   eClerx is in the business of building                                   Symphony Technology Group, a $1.2 billion strategic holding company.
better bottom line results through                                         Website:
effective price management programs.
We provide a suite of services that                                           Global Price Management (GPM) from
evaluates your current pricing policies, compares your product offerings   Syncron provides you with an efficient way
against top competitors and delivers accurate and timely information       to analyze, maintain and synchronize prices
to enable effective pricing decisions. Website:             between all your customer touch points. By
                                                                           providing a system for instantaneous global
   Pricedex Software’s award-winning                                       pricing decision support & execution you can efficiently increase
AutoPIM ProTM Pricing and Product                                          margins and revenues in your global product portfolio.
Information Management (PIM) solution                                      Website:
enables companies to achieve the increased
                                                                              vendavo is a leading provider of price
profit potential and benefits of their pricing strategies by enabling
                                                                           management and optimization software
actual full and rapid execution of those strategies. Pricedex customers
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gain first-to-market competitive advantage, and increase margin
                                                                           worldwide. Vendavo Enterprise Pricing
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                                                                           control of their entire pricing process. It combines pricing science,
publication of pricing data and price lists.
                                                                           pricing best practices, and enterprise-class software to drive small
                                                                           improvements in average prices at every stage of the pricing process,
                                                                           from segmentation to deal close. Together, these improvements
   PROS is the leading provider of B2B
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price and margin optimization software for
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                                                                           products, mill products and distribution. SAP resells the Vendavo
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guidance. PROS customers have seen as much as $200M in annual
revenue improvement with millions in profit improvement achieved in           vistaar Technologies provides analytical
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than 40 countries. Founded in 1985, PROS’ 350+ employees in the            sales groups. We help high tech companies
US, Europe, and Asia include over 25 Ph.D.s and the industry’s largest     increase revenue and margin by improving list
commitment to pricing science and pricing software R&D. Named by           pricing, deal management, customer profitability, and overall product
Forbes as one of “America’s 200 Best Small Companies.”                     portfolio performance.
Website:                                               Website:
                                                                              Zilliant drives measurable profitability
   QL2 is the leading provider of Market
                                                                           improvement for industrial manufacturers,
Intelligence On Demand, supplying companies
                                                                           distributors and service companies through
with instant access to critical information
                                                                           superior price setting and execution.
from the outside world. QL2’s on demand
                                                                           Zilliant Precision Pricing Suite (ZPPS) combines advanced pricing
services deliver market intelligence directly to business users when
                                                                           science, including our proprietary Precision Price Segmentation™ and
they need it – without the time lag or technical complexity common
                                                                           Price Band Optimization™ technologies, with easy-to-use business
with other approaches. More than 300 clients in 38 countries rely on
                                                                           applications to deliver an end-to-end solution for data-driven price
QL2 to drive business decisions on product and price mix, competitive
                                                                           management. Enhanced price differentiation and sales execution help
positioning, and consumer opinions and preferences.
                                                                           Zilliant’s customers achieve the best pricing on every transaction,
Website: QL2
                                                                           increasing margins by 15% and more. Website:
   The SaP Price and Margin Management                                        Connotate agents go beyond search to create
application provides a unique extension to the                             actionable business intelligence and combine
price execution functionality of SAP software. The                         unique and valuable data from the Web and
application helps companies to add $10 million to                          Enterprise. As the leader of Web-monitoring and
$20 million annually to the bottom line for every                          Web-mining solutions, Connotate Agents act on
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                                                                           real-time data from reliable sources and return it to you as actionable,
   Symphony-metreo helps organizations meet                                structured data that can be used to drive business decisions or
their financial goals with innovative solutions in                         applied to pricing models. Without the need for programming, tens
the areas of Enterprise Pricing and Performance                            of thousands of Connotate Agents are amplifying productivity and
Management. Symphony-Metreo is the leading                                 delivering amazing ROI at many of the top global media, information
provider of comprehensive price planning, intelligence, optimization       aggregators and financial institutions.
and execution solutions that demystify and add discipline to the entire    Website:
pricing process, enabling organizations to drive more profit to the
bottom line. Symphony-Metreo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the

24                                                     Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
   Lixto Software Gmbh empowers better
decisions by searching & aggregating information
                                                                              EXPERT SPONSORS
in real-time and delivering end-to-end
connectivity solutions. The company’s solutions and services are used            Simon-Kucher & Partners
in meta search, online market intelligence and web process integration,       Strategy & Marketing Consultants
thus allowing companies and end users to achieve better and more              (SKP) has the world’s largest con-
structured results for their queries. Lixto also helps companies by           sulting practice dedicated to pricing and smart profit growth.
automating their web-based business processes. Facts and figures                 Business Week magazine described SKP in January 2004 as “world
about markets, suppliers, customers and competitors can be found              leader in giving advice to companies on how to price their products.”
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Lixto’s customers are international companies in the automotive,
travel, e-commerce and IT industries such as ZF Friedrichshafen,                 Pricing Solutions Ltd. (Associated with
ThyssenKrupp Presta, Voss Automotive,, the Austrian              The Advantage Group) specializes in 4 core
National Tourist Office Österreich Werbung, energy provider Verbund           services: pricing research, pricing manage-
and T-Mobile. Website:                                          ment, pricing training and advisory services.
                                                                                 Our pricing expertise is based on more than 15 years of in-depth
    model n is the leading provider of Revenue                                work on pricing optimization in B2C and B2B markets. We have de-
Management solutions to the life sciences and                                 veloped a wide range of proprietary tools, processes and research
high tech industries. Model N’s holistic approach                             techniques for studying and analyzing our clients pricing problems. The
to revenue management delivers pricing solutions                              typical payback on an engagement is 15:1.
that are vertical-specific and tightly integrated                             Website:
with Model N’s quoting, contract management, trade promotion, and
channel management solutions to help companies manage pricing                    accenture is a global management consult-
and margins throughout the entire planning, execution, and settlement         ing, technology services and outsourcing com-
stages of the revenue lifecycle. With close to 80 leading companies in        pany. Committed to delivering innovation, Ac-
life sciences and high tech, no other pricing vendor has the solution         centure collaborates with its clients to help them
breadth or depth of industry experience that Model N brings to the            become high-performance businesses and governments. With more than
industries it serves. Website:                                 152,000 people in 49 countries, the company generated net revenues of
                                                                              US$16.65 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2006. Website: www.
   Stratinis is a Europe-based company                              
offering its clients state-of-the-art international
price management software. Stratinis’                                            Deloitte is an organization of member
core expertise is helping companies doing international business by           firms devoted to excellence in providing
managing their prices across borders. Stratinis Pricing Suite also            professional services and advice. We are
enables companies to manage their pricing with international key              focused on client service through a global
accounts better than ever before. Stratinis Pricing Suite combines all        strategy executed locally in nearly 150 countries. With access to the
aspects of price management in one solution: Analysis, guidance and           deep intellectual capital of 120,000 people worldwide, our member
price execution. As a result customers can improve their profits by           firms (including their affiliates) deliver services in four professional ar-
10% to 20% and at the same time control international pricing risks.          eas: audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services. Our member
Website:                                                    firms serve over one-half of the world’s largest companies, as well as
                                                                              large national enterprises, public institutions, and successful, fast-grow-
   The nielsen Company, develops competitive                                  ing global growth companies. Website:
category pricing strategies with Priceman, the
ideal solution for retailers in the Grocery, Drug                                holden advisors is a pricing strategy, con-
and Mass Merchandise industries. This strategic                               sulting and training firm that helps clients be-
pricing solution lets you create retail pricing scenarios and analyze their   come confident about their pricing and achieve
potential. With Priceman, it’s easy to see what impact changing prices        greater revenue and profits. To ensure success,
has on your gross margin, price position and competitive position.            we deliver analysis, strategy, processes and
Website:                                                      training that are analytically sound and closely integrated with a client’s
                                                                              business culture. We look at both quantitative and qualitative aspects
   SignalDemand provides manufacturers                                        of pricing to help your marketing and sales teams illuminate an offer-
with on-demand software and services to                                       ing’s clear value to a customer. Website:
achieve maximum profit margins in the
face of volatile markets and increasingly                                        mimiran. Improving pricing performance is
complex pricing decisions. Using patented, comprehensive mathematical         not simply a matter of brilliant strategy, trendy
models to process thousands of variables, SignalDemand’s technology           consulting practices, or flashy technology. It’s
allows customers to adjust supply and demand on a continual basis. By         about aligning your strategy, processes, and
recommending best price, supply utilization and product mix in moments,       systems for optimum effect. Mimiran’s unique
SignalDemand enables better day-to-day decision-making. Companies             combination of expertise in pricing strategy,
such as Cargill, Farmland Foods, Hormel, National Frozen Foods, Rich          business processes, and technology provides rapid, effective pricing so-
Products, Seaboard Foods and Ventura Foods rely on SignalDemand for           lutions for Global 2000 corporations and mid-size businesses. Website:
immediate and ongoing improvement of financial performance. Website:

Register online:                                                                                                              25
   Strategic analysis inc. (SAI), a global busi-                                Kalypso is a consulting firm
ness consulting firm, uses its core capability                               helping clients deliver on the prom-
in competitive intelligence to develop pricing,                              ise of innovation. The firm helps
pricing strategy and tactics, and price bench-                               some of the world’s most innovative
marking throughout an industry’s ecosystem to                                companies effectively launch new
increase client profits. SAI drives its field-de-                            products and services.
veloped research to develop proactive, value-added results and recom-           Kalypso believes pricing and value management are fundamental to
mendations for clients. Website:                   innovation, and has extensive knowledge and experience helping clients
                                                                             innovate their core pricing strategy and processes.
   Wiglaf Pricing works with leading global                                  Website:
corporations and emerging entrepreneurs
to enable confident pricing decisions in the                                    Sentrana inc., based in Washington,
face of uncertainty. With researched and                                     DC, is a pioneer in providing scientific mi-
field tested quantitative and qualitative ap-                                cromarketing solutions to industry leaders
proaches, executives use Wiglaf Pricing’s insight and creativity to define   in highly competitive markets. We provide
price structures, set price levels, and manage price variances.              end-to-end revenue optimization solutions by combining advanced
Website:                                               quantitative methodologies with qualitative managerial inputs into our
                                                                             patented MarketMover™ platform. Our technology facilitates optimiza-
   PriceGain develops strategies, processes                                  tion of the marketing decisions at the individual transaction level that
and tools for successful Pricing and Revenue                                 drive financial performance, allowing organizations to actively shape
Management. PriceGain operates globally                                      their demand environments. Website:
from its headquarters in Stockholm and
through strong partnerships world-wide. Website:              Quantiz is a pricing management-consulting firm
                                                                             that uses the powerful concepts of Six Sigma and
   Price initiatives are not about software imple-                           Process Excellence to enhance its analytical skills
mentations, but bottom-line results. Quantalyst                              in order to develop differentiated services and solu-
Consulting, LLC specializes in quantitative ana-                             tions. Website:
lytics to drive profit and pricing decisions. With
proven expertise in ‘pocket price’, ‘cost-to-serve’                    is a re-
and ‘cost-to-produce’ analytics and integrations,                            source for organizations and indi-
you can leverage your existing staff and systems                             viduals involved with software pric-
for a cost-effective pricing solution – beyond a                             ing. The site is a compilation of publicly available information on pricing
single-minded focus on direct trade components (rebates, discounts,          along with pricing perspectives and insights developed by MarketShare,
trade promotions, etc.). Some of the world’s most successful corpo-          Inc., a consulting firm that helps technology companies realize greater
rations in a variety of sectors have engaged Quantalyst to unravel,          returns from the products and services they sell, as well as from the
quantify and understand complexity including Nestlé, Henkel, Pall Corp,      professionals who represent them.
Haldex and others. Website:                               Website:

  atenga, inc. is the nation’s fastest
growing strategic pricing consulting com-
pany. We develop pricing strategies based
on hard data, delivering to our clients un-
surpassed business results by monetizing the value perceptions of the
marketplace. Website:

   abbey Road associates. Pricing is not
a problem -- it’s an opportunity. Pricing
strategy can ignite revenues with innova-
tive product/service bundling, new offers,
discount management and defense of price
levels and share. Our clients rarely see less
than a 7% top line gain, and 50%+ increases are common.                              “I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and
   Abbey Road Associates is a specialist firm, helping leading corpora-                 network with like-minded individuals who
tions achieve their profit goals through our unique toolkit of pricing
frameworks, proven in repeat engagements.                                               understand the challenges that a pricing
Website:                                                    executive faces.”
                                                                                             Daniel Lee, Director of Pricing

26                                                      Professional Pricing Society • 20th Annual Fall Pricing Conference
Hotel & Registration Information
                                                         PPS member Discount – For Professional
                                                         Pricing Society members, the Full Conference
                                                         Package is $2495, a discount of $300. The same
                                                         membership eligibility rules apply as shown above for
                                                         PPS membership.
                                                         Pricing for Latin america Symposium, October
                                                         21, 2009 – Registration is $1295. Registration for
                                                         both the Pricing for Latin America Symposium and the
                                                         2-day Fall Pricing Conference, October 22-23, 2009
                                                         is $2495.
                                                         Pricing for Executives Summit, October 21, 2009
Registration Fees                                        – Registration is $1295. Registration for both the
Registration, if you are currently not a member,         Pricing for Executives Summit and the 2-day Fall
is $1995 for the PPS Conference being held on            Pricing Conference, October 22-23, 2009 is $2495.
October 22-23, 2009 and includes a six-month PPS
membership, a comprehensive manual and CD of all         housing information
presentations, lunch and continental breakfast both
                                                         hotel Reservations:
days, refreshments and our networking reception on
October 22, 2009.                                        The wonderful hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
                                                         hotel is the host for housing the PPS Fall Pricing
4th attendee Free – When three people register
from the same firm at the same time, a 4th person
may register for the conference free of charge.          You should make your reservations directly with the
                                                         hotel at +1.407.239.1234.
Early Bird Discount – For Purchases made on or
before Friday, August 21, attendees can buy 2 and        You must mention that you are attending the PPS Fall
get the 3rd for free (buy 3 and get the 4th free after   Pricing Conference to receive our discount or visit the
August 21).                                              PPS website at
PPS member Discount – For Professional                   The Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress will only hold the
Pricing Society members, registration is                 PPS block of rooms until September 28, 2009, that
$1695, a discount of $300. If your firm has a            is three weeks before the conference begins. We
single membership then any one person from that          advise that you reserve your hotel room when you
firm can register at the member rate. If your firm       register for the conference or even before, if you are
has a Corporate 5 plan (up to five people on the         fairly certain that you will be attending.
membership plan) then any five people from your
firm can register at the member rate. The same           Payments, Substitutions and
holds for Corporate 10, Corporate 20 and Corporate
100 members. If you wish to register several people
at the member rate, then you should ensure that          Payments and Cancellation Policies: You may
you have one of the corporate membership plans to        make payment by check or credit card, or online at
receive discounts for everyone. Single membership in Checks must be received
PPS is $400. Corporate 5 plan is $1000; Corporate        by September 28, 2009 and should be made
10 is $1500; Corporate 20 plan is $2500 and the          payable to “Professional Pricing Society”. You may
Corporate 100 plan is $5000.                             substitute attendees at any time prior to the start of
                                                         the conference with no penalty. You may cancel by
Full Conference Package – Registration, if you
                                                         September 28, 2009 and receive a refund, less a
are not currently a member is $2795 and includes
                                                         20% administration fee.
one of the Pre-conference CPP Workshops on October
21, 2009 and the PPS Conference on October 22-
23, 2009. When three people register from the same
company for both events, a 4th person may also
register for both events free of charge.

Register online:                                                                            27
                                                                                                                                                   PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
Professional Pricing Society                                                                                                                      ATLANTA, GA
                                                                                                                                                 PERMIT #2003
3535 Roswell Road, Suite 59
Marietta, Georgia 30062

Also Please Route:
• VP/Director Marketing
• VP/Director/Manager of Pricing
• Product/Market Manager
• President/General Manager                                                                                                        ATTENTION MAILROOM:
                                                                                                                            If undeliverable to addressee, please
                                                                                                                        forward to one of the departments on the
                                                                                                                                route slip. (Lower left boxes)

 2009 Fall Conference Registration
 1st Registrant name _____________________________________________________________ Title __________________________________________

    Organization _________________________________________________ address _______________________________________________________

    City ____________________________________State/Province________________________ Country _______________ Zip/iPC ________________

    Phone _________________________________E-mail _______________________________ Workshop Choice ______________________________

 2nd Registrant name ____________________________________________________________ Title __________________________________________

    Phone _________________________________E-mail _______________________________ Workshop Choice ______________________________

 3 Registrant name _____________________________________________________________ Title __________________________________________

    Phone _________________________________E-mail _______________________________ Workshop Choice ______________________________

 4th Registrant (FREE) ____________________________________________________________ Title __________________________________________

    Phone _________________________________E-mail _______________________________ Workshop Choice ______________________________

 2-Day Fall Pricing Conference OnLY, October 22-23, 2009
 (does not include the 1-Day CPP Workshop or the “Pricing for Latin America Symposium” or the “Pricing for Executives Summit”)
        i am nOT currently a member, but understand i will receive
        a free 6-month PPS membership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,995
                                                                                                                 maiL TO:         LaTonia Dugger, Registrar,
        i am a current PPS member ($300 member discount) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,695
                                                                                                                                  Professional Pricing Society
 FuLL COnFEREnCE: 2-Day Fall Pricing Conference, October 22-23, 2009                                                              3535 Roswell Road, Suite 59
 PLuS 1-Day CPP Workshop, October 21, 2009                                                                                        Marietta, Georgia 30062
 (does not include the “Pricing for Latin America Symposium” or the “Pricing for Executives Summit”)             PhOnE:           +1.770.509.9933
     i am nOT currently a member, but understand i will receive                                                  Fax:             +1.770.509.1963
     a free 6-month PPS membership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2,795
     i am a current PPS member ($300 member discount) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2,495
                                                                                                                 EmaiL:           LaTonia Dugger, Registrar
        Specify Workshop: Please enter your Wednesday, October 21, Full-Day Workshop                                    
        choice in the Registration Form above:
        1. The Pricing Organization Transformation Workshop
                                                                                                                 Payment:        Payment enclosed
           with Parvathy Hariharan and Larry Montan
        2. Recession-Proof Price negotiations with David Palmer, CPA, MBA, Ph.D.                                                 Bill my Organization
        3. Price Certainty in uncertain Times: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving money on the Table
           with Reed K. Holden, D.B.A.                                                                              AMEX         Visa      MasterCard
                                                                                                                 Credit Card #
 Pricing for Executives Summit, October 21, 2009
      Pricing for Executives Summit, October 21, 2009                                                            __________________________________________
      PLuS 2-Day Fall Pricing Conference, October 22-23, 2009 . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2,495
      Pricing for Executives Summit only. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,295    Expiration date (MM/YY) ____________________

 Pricing for Latin america Symposium, October 21, 2009
                                                                                                                 For purchases made on or before Friday, august 21,
      Pricing for Latin america Symposium, October 21, 2009                                                          attendees can buy 2 and get the 3rd for free
      PLuS 2-Day Fall Pricing Conference, October 22-23, 2009 . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2,495                        (buy 3 and get the 4th free after august 21).
      Pricing for Latin america Symposium only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1,295

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