Heros-Journey by niusheng11


									                 A Hero’s Journey: A Visual Representation (40 points)
   Call to Adventure (Separation)
   Initiation (Crossing the threshold, beginning of adventure)
   Guardians (helpers/mentors along the way)
   Challenges and Temptations (multiple obstacles encountered)
   Abyss (Lowest point for hero)
   Atonement (Path taken to forgiveness)
   Transformation (How character has changed)
   Return (to society, usually not back to same place)

Alone or with ONE partner, create a map to show Holden’s journey in Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

    1. First, review the events of the book and determine what events (plot points) fit with the above
       stages as the teacher explained them in class.

    2. Next, find a line(s) from the book to adequately show why you have selected an event for a
       particular stage. Do this just as if you are gathering important support quotes to write a paper.
       You should gather at least 14 significant quotes to fit your journey. Because there are so
       many from which to choose, I don’t expect to see the same quotes across groups/maps, or I will
       assume you are not doing independent thinking. This, in turn, will lower your creativity and quote
       selection scores.

    3. Third, decide how you want to visually represent or map the steps of Holden’s journey.
       Significant locations, events, people, and symbols should be represented. You will type the quotes
       and add them to their appropriate locations along the way. Since heroes usually don’t return back
       to the same place on the map, as they have been changed in some way, consider the shape of your
       map carefully. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a circle or a triangle; perhaps there are places in
       the book where you believe he goes backwards before moving forward.

Be creative! Your finished product should be between ½- 1full poster board (larger than a standard 8 ½
by 11” paper. You should add color, but may do so selectively if you choose. Use magazines, clip art, etc
and/or hand drawing if you are so artistically inclined.

Rubric: 40 points
        8 pts _________         Professional Appearance, visually appealing and neat

        12 pts _________        (5) Selection of Quotes, Minimum Number

               _________        (10) Selection of Quotes, Appropriate to Stages

        10 pts _________        Understanding and Inclusion of All Stages in Hero’s Journey
                                Correctly identified/ justifiable reasons for your selected stages.

         5 pts _________        Creativity/Unique Quotes

DUE DATE:         /     /11     You will present to the class, so be able to articulate your ideas.
                                Equal Presentation Participation: ____________ 5 pts

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