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					?China's transport system is very comprehensive and the rail network is the backbone
of this system. The railways serve the most of the Chinese cities. Trains are an
inexpensive and efficient medium of travel and trains can explore a huge part of
China. As China is a developing economy, it heavily relies on railways, the cheapest
medium of mass transportation systems. As per the statistics, air, road and railways
transportation use energy in the ratio 11:8:1.

China is shortly going to open the highest railway in world from Qinghai in west to
Lhasa (Tibet) in south. Trains in China are equipped with special features like oxygen
tubes, pressurized cars and UV light-blocking windows.

China is planning to include investors in its rail network development program. It
aims to list some parts of its infrastructure on domestic and foreign stock markets.
Currently, railway track of China is around 57,900 Km long, making China first in
Asia. Double track railways cover about 20,935 Km of rail networks while electrified
lines share 13,629 Km of the network. Railways join the whole country. The center
for north-south lines is Beijing while that for west-east line is at Zhengzhou.

China has a lot of plans for rail network development. It wants to take advantage of its
rising economy. China's urban and rural areas have seen uneven development and
better transport facilities will help in bridging the gap. Also, it will enable the
companies to facilitate goods transport, thereby, extending the current growth horizon.

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