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									Title: Integrated Management Information Systems for Team Mack Racing, Inc.

Completed by: Wai-Yin Chee

Time of Completion: December 2000


This project involved the analysis, design and development of an integrated management
information systems for Team Mack Racing Inc, a small, non-profit organization
established to promote bicycle racing. Sponsorship tasks, processing and distributions
were handled manually in Team Mack. This resulted in highly inefficient process that
prevented the tracking of sponsorship distributions. The system was developed to help
Team Mack manage their sponsorship and budgeting information more efficiently and
effectively. Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) was the methodology adopted in this
project. The implementation of this system helped Team Mack automate the process for
sponsorship tracking, management and distributions.       This system is anticipated to
significantly reduce management’s time. It is anticipated that over time, this system will
accumulate historical data that can help in future budgeting and planning on sponsorship

Keywords: Small business systems, client/server systems, Microsoft Solutions
Framework (MSF), integrated management information systems, management
support systems

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