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									Second Interview & Site Visit

      The Pennsylvania State University
                            Today’s Topics
• Purpose of the Second Interview
• Preparing for the Visit
• Arranging the Trip
• The Interview -- arrival through departure
• Follow Up
                    The purpose: It’s a “two-way street”

• Allows the employer the opportunity to make a more in depth assessment of you prior
  to making an offer.

• Allows you the opportunity to see the employer and some of the people “up close and
  personal” before you accept a job offer, if one is forthcoming.
Be Prepared: This is where jobs are won or lost

          • RESEARCH the organization
          • TALKto current employees, former students, and customers/clients
            of the company
          • Develop thoughtful QUESTIONS based on your findings
          • Know your RESUMEthoroughly -- be prepared to give more details
            than in the first interview
                           Arrangements: Who pays for what?
• Three options:
     – employer makes arrangements and pays
     – you make arrangements and employer reimburses
     – you make arrangements and you pay
• Before you leave, have in hand . . .
     – name and contact info for coordinator
     – complete directions and accommodation info
     – all tickets, car rental and hotel confirmation info
• Contingency plans are helpful
     – take extra cash
     – leave early
                               The Interview Day: The Arrival
• Plan to arrive early
     – the night before is preferred
• Hotel Check-in
     – check for messages & verify payment
     – schedule wake-up call
     – local calls are not free - do not charge long distance calls to room
• Evening-before Gatherings
     – part of the interview process
     – dress appropriately, avoid alcohol
     – be your “professional” self -- relax
                             The Interview Day: The Interview
•   Multiple individual interviews v. panel interviews
•   May be grouped with other candidates
•   Questioning is more “behavioral” oriented
•   Lunch is part of the interview
•   Tour is part of the interview
•   Expect testing - basic competency, personality, drug
•   Presentation may be required - usually planned in advance
•   On-the-spot offers
                       The Interview Day: The Questions
• Their Questions:
    – behavioral-based questions
    – situational questions
    – same question from different interviewers

                                 • Your Questions:
                                       – to prospective supervisor
                                       – to prospective co-workers
                                       – to HR manager
                            The Interview Day: The Departure
• Ask final questions of HR Manager at end of day
• Reiterate your interest - if appropriate
• Discuss benefits if an offer is extended

                                      Also . . .You may want to consider checking out the area before leaving for home.
                            Follow Up: It can put you over the top
• Send a thank-younote to every person*
     –   *especially those who are making the hiring decision
     –   personalized the letter, but keep it brief
     –   reiterate your interest (if appropriate)
     –   confirm your understanding of the next step(s) in their process

• Connect with the HR manager to wrap up any final expense issues

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