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www.gwrra.org                               www.region-n.org

                           V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9                                S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 9

                            DISTRICT DIRECTOR’S THOUGHTS
                                                             etmaster and we hear          Throughout the Rally
                                                             they are going fast. The   we’ll have a lot of things
                                                             band has appeared as       to do with seminars on
   District         2
                                                             the start band for sev-    leadership topics, rider
                                                             eral country singers and   education, field events
   District         3
                             Pat and Kathy Hasiak            is appearing with          that are fun, people
                             VA District Directors           Kenney Chesney at sev-     games, chances to win
   VA               5                                        eral shows before Sa-      awards for your bike in
   Happenings                 Well Virginia mem-             lem. They recently re-     the bike show and light
                          bers it’s almost Rally             leased their second al-    show. There are four
   Leadership       8     time. We hope you are              bum in August. You can     poker run rides for you
   Training               all set to come have fun           look them up at their      to enjoy the surround-
   Membership       9     at “Hollywood Comes to             web site zacbrown-         ing area. Copies of the
   Enhancement            the Valley”. Who knows             band.com. Due to the       routes will be in your
   Region “N”       10
                          you may see your favor-            show showers will not      preregistration packets.
   News                   ite actor, actress, singer,        be available in the           On Saturday we’ll
                          comedian or other en-              Civic Center Thursday
   National         11                                                                  have the banquet and
   News                   tertainment celebrity.             evening.                   Virginia’s version of
                          You might even get a
   RITV             12-                                         Registration will be    Academy awards.
   Flyer            13    few autographs. We’ve
                                                             set up by the Hospital-       We look forward to
                          been busy getting
   Region N         14                                       ity room for Thursday      seeing many of you at
                          things ready to show
   Rally Flyer                                               afternoon.                 the Rally. Remember
                          you and our guests a
   District Staff   15    great time. If you have-              On Friday, we’ll have   this is the time you get
   CD Listing
                          n’t gotten in your regis-          our version of the red     to show all your ex-
                          tration yet, it’s not too          carpet so you can see      tended family what a
                          late.                              your favorites up close    great time they can have
                                                             and personal. We’ve got    by visiting with us in
                              This year the civic
                                                             some special guest ap-     our home District.
                          center has a Country
                                                             pearances for Friday          Let’s make them feel
                          Western show on
                                                             night and then the DJ      welcome.
                          Thursday night. Zac
                                                             will play some of your        Until next month,
                          Brown will be perform-
                                                             favorite tunes so you
                          ing and tickets are going
                                                             can practice the new       Pat & Kathy Hasiak
                          fast. Price of the tickets
                                                             dance steps from the       District Directors
                          is $28.50 through tick-
                                                             line dance seminar.        GWRRA Virginia
                                                                  V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
        PAGE    2

                            Virginia District Couple of the Year
                             Hi to all you GWRRA Members & Members to be!

                                     Hope everyone was able to get out and do some riding for the
                             rainy month of August. On the 22nd of August, we attended VA-O’s pri-
                             mary poker run called the Casino Picnic. The weather was hot, but the 4-
                             letter word “rain” held off until we got everything packed up. It seems
                             like everyone had a fun time and had plenty to eat. As always, high stake
                             bidding with fake money was exciting and people won some really nice
 Pat and Debbie Koehler
   2009 District COY                  On 29 August we held our All Chapter Picnic 2009 at Dorey Park.
                             First of all I would like to thank all our Chapter Couples for helping us put
                             on this event. A big thanks goes out to all the people who brought a des-
                             sert to auction and food to share. Tammie Pierce from VA-O made the
                             dessert which brought the most in our auction and thanks to everyone
                             who bid on those tasty desserts. We would like to give a big, big thank
                             you to Mike Mitchell “Tigger” who did all the cooking of the hamburgers
                             and hotdogs, brought his own grill, and helped make this picnic a success.
                             We had 121 signed in GWRRA friends and the weather cooperated fully.
                             Tropical storm Danny stayed out in the Atlantic Ocean and the weather
                             was great. Thanks to Pat Hasiak since he said that he was in charge of the
                             weather. Everyone had lots to eat and people enjoyed playing games.
                             The largest chapter in attendance was VA-O with 21 members and VA-B
                             along with VA-U following close on their heels. Chapter VA-U won the
                             game and the money, so congratulations to them. Our District Director,
                             Pat Hasiak, presented the Virginia Chapter of the Year award to VA-B
                             Chapter Directors: Dennis & Kristen Weston. Congratulation goes out to
                             the members of VA-B who made that possible.
                                      The Cass Railroad, West Virginia ride went very well. Only ini-
                             tially starting with rain, but once we got out of Newport News, the rain
                             stopped. The route 250 was twisty, but a really nice ride. The weather
                             couldn’t be better and the view from Bald Knob was just breath taking.
                             The 4 ½ hour train ride was relaxing with some people catching some
                             shut eye between the whistles. All in all, very nice trains ride.
                                     Don’t forget about Rally in the Valley 8-11 October at Salem, VA.
                             If you don’t have your registration sent in yet, you can download from
                             our District Website at www.gwrrava.org. You can also give Chris
                             Hooper an email to let him know that he is doing a great job on the web-
                             site. Until next time…..
                             Ride Safe & Often,
                             Patrick & Debbie Koehler
                             VA District Couple 2009

                                                                 V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
           PAGE    3

                                Virginia Education At It’s Best
                                Rally In The Valley!
                                Rally in the Valley is right around the corner and we have a full
                                schedule of seminars and on riding courses waiting for you. Here is
                                a little preview:

                                GWRRA Trike Rider Course: This course will discuss traction and
Jim Sharkey and Renee Masse     its critical importance, the dynamics of braking, the technique of
  Virginia District Educators   Push-Pull steering, cornering, and swerving and the associated
                                principles, and the effects of drugs and alcohol on riding a Trike.
                                As with all GWRRA riding courses participants (riders and co-
                                riders) are required to wear a helmet, eye protection, long sleeves,
                                gloves, long pants, and sturdy over the ankles boots.

                                Motorcycle Safety Foundation Experienced Riders Course:
     Get Your                   This course will help you to hone skills, attack bad habits and
 Fast Cash Tickets              possibly learn new things. The classroom portion which is
      NOW!!                     conducted on the range in between exercises will include dis-
                                cussions about balancing, the mental and physical aspects of
    See your                    safe riding, the Oval of Safety and increasing visibility. You
                                will review the 4 Preps, Ladder of Risk, traction patches and
 Chapter Educator               the effects of impairment on motorcycle operation. Using your
                                motorcycle you will practice the techniques for low-speed con-
 $10.00 per ticket              trol, limited space maneuvers, stopping quickly (both in a
                                straight line and curves), cornering and hazard avoidance. As
       1st Prize:               with all GWRRA riding courses participants (riders and co-
       $1000.00                 riders) are required to wear a helmet, eye protection, long
                                sleeves, gloves, long pants, and sturdy over the ankles boots.
      2nd Prize:                Motorcycling for the Mature Rider: This seminar provides in-
       $200.00                  formational tips for motorcyclists who want to continue to
                                ride safely at age 50 and over.
       3rd Prize:
        $100.00                 Co-Rider Seminar: The Co-Rider Seminar is intended to provide
                                education and information that will result in an increased
                                awareness, greater team interaction between the rider and co-
                                rider and reduction in the risks associated with motorcycle rid-
                                ing and most of all, MORE FUN.

                                                                                        Continued On Page 4

                                                               V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
       PAGE     4

      Continued From Page 3

    Rider Ed Con’t
    Road Captain’s Course: This course provides a set of guidelines to help aid in training a
    group to ride safely as a team. These guidelines are intended to be used in conjunction
    with the GWRRA Team Riding Manual. It seems like everywhere you go; each group ap-
    pears to ride a little different. It is our hope that this set of guidelines will help in teaching
    techniques that may become used universally. If someone in Virginia participates in a ride
    in Arizona or Maine, the will fit in with the way each group ride, because each group rides
    the same. This course is designed for ALL who want to participate. The person who really
    wants to be a group leader will benefit the most, but we encourage the co-riders and rid-
    ers who are not interested in being leaders to take this course. Everyone will learn some-
    thing that will be useful. The co-rider can help by pointing at an object in the road so the
    next bike may be able to avoid that object, or give a hand signal for single file formation,

    Crash Scene Response The purpose of this seminar is to suggest an appropriate course of action
    when a crash has occurred.

    First Aid/CPR Re-Certification and New Certification: MEDIC FIRST AID Basic CPR and
    First Aid for Adults is a CPR and first aid training program designed specifically for the oc-
    cupational first aid provider. This extremely flexible program will help employers meet
    OSHA and other federal and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to
    respond and care for medical emergencies at work.

    Trailering Seminar: This seminar talks about the pro’s and con’s of trailering. It discusses the
    critical factors related to safe trailering and how trailers can make long-distance motorcycle tour-
    ing a reality for many of us.

    Motorist Awareness: Our Virginia District Motorist Awareness Coordinators will provide in-
    formation and answer questions

    Master’s Breakfast: This event is provided for a nominal fee to pre-registered Master Tour Riders.
    We will provide a meal and a short presentation.

    Rider Ed Table: We will have FAST CASH TICKETS - Win $1000, $200 or $100. GAMES - try your
    luck you just may win one of our prizes. Rider Education PATCHES and PINS - Now is the ideal
    time to update your vest.

    We think we have a pretty good line up and we hope to see you all there!

    Ride safe – Ride aware!
    Jim Sharkey and Renee Masse
    Senior Virginia District Educators

                                                                                 V O L U M E    2 6   I S S U E 9
        PAGE       5

                          Virginia Happenings
                                   Rick and Elsie Baker
                                   VA District CHOY

      Virginia Chapter B, Wings By The Sea, Awarded the
             Virginia District Chapter of the Year

     Virginia District Director Pat Hasiak awarded the “2008 Vir-
     ginia District Chapter of the Year Award” to Virginia Chap-
     ter B, Wings By The Sea, at the District All Chapter Picnic on
     29 August 2009. Chapter Directors Dennis and Kristen Wes-
     ton accepted the award plaque and $150 first-place cash
     prize along with members from Virginia Chapter B. Con-            VADD Pat Hasiak will soon be requesting Chapter of the
     gratulations to Chapter VA-B’s participants, staff, and leader-   Year nomination packages from Chapter Directors, which
     ship for an award winning year!                                   will be due on 1 November 2009, for calendar year
                                                                       2009. Chapter Directors are asked to email nomination
                                                                       packages and supporting documentation as attachments to
                                                                       District Chapter of the Year Coordinators, Rick and Elsie
                                                                       Baker, rickbaker2006@verizon.net Rick will present a
                                                                       seminar at the Rally In The Valley™ about the Chapter of the
                                                                       Year program to help you understand the competition, the
                                                                       scoring, and what is desired in your nomination pack-
                                                                       ages. He highly encourages Chapter Directors to attend on
                                                                       Friday, Parlor A, from 4 – 4:50 PM.

                                                                               AUGUST 2009 NEWSLETTER AWARD

                                                                       Pat Hasiak and Kristen Weston are pleased to
     The GWRRA Chapter of the Year Program was started in 2007         announce the winner of the Virginia District
     to stimulate chapters to strive for excellence within their
     respective District and Region. All chapters are eligible to      Newsletter Award.
     compete. They must meet minimum criteria, and they then
     compete with each other based on their Chapter’s event and
     ride schedule, member recruitment & retention, Rider Educa-
     tion participation, Couple Of The Year participation, Leader-               CONGRATULATIONS GOES TO
     ship Training received by the CDs and ACDs, effective use of
     the Chapter webpage, and participation in extraordinary                 VA-Y LEESBURG– BETH SUTHERLAND
     chapter events or activities.

     Virginia implements its District Chapter of the Year program             WINNER OF THE AUGUST DISTRICT
     with three levels of recognition by awarding an upscale                          NEWSLETTER
     plaque and $150 to the first-place chapter. Chapters placing
     second and third will win cash awards of $100 and $50, re-
     spectively. The District Directors will recognize the top ten                        COMPETION!!!!!
     chapters at Wingless Weekend, on the District website, and in
     the District newsletter. Soon after Wingless, they will for-
     ward the 2009 Virginia first-place chapter for consideration                WAY TO GO CHAPTER Y!!!!!!!!
     as Region N Chapter of the Year.

                                                                            V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
       PAGE         6

     Virginia Happenings Con’t
       District News from the
       Eastern Area:

       What a delightful day we had while attending Chapter O’s annual Casino picnic on August 22. As usual we were
       not disappointed in the food – a great selection to choose from and plenty of it as well. After lunch the bidding
       wars began for various objects that had piqued the interest of the attendees. Chapter W’s own Al Dowell outbid
       the crowd for a fondue set. Not sure he knows how to use it or if he is planning to give it to Debbie as a Christ-
       mas gift! J Congratulations to Chapter W on being the largest chapter in attendance. Our trip home turned out
       to be a damp one as the rains decided to fall. A great time was had by everyone in attendance.
       On August 29 the All Chapters Picnic held at Dorey Park was a huge success. An outstanding job by all the Chap-
       ter Couples who had a hand in setting up; manning the games and providing good fun and entertainment for all.
       Although it was a tad bit warm, there were a number of participants who played several rounds of badminton.
       The dessert auction was quite a success. There were just too many delicious looking desserts for us to outbid
       everyone. J Mike Mitchell served as the “gourmet” chef for the day in preparing the hamburgers and hot dogs.
       Our International Couple, Alan and Carolyn Little, also joined in on all the fun. Congratulations to Chapter B on
       being the largest chapter in attendance.
       We hope to see many of our friends and GWRRA family next month at our big annual event Rally in the Valley®.
       Until then - - -

       Ride safe!
       Joe and Sheila Bowles
       ADD - East

                               VA E
                        BATTLEFIELD WINGS
                        FREDERICKSBURG, VA


                              V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
       PAGE   7

                                                              V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
       PAGE   8

                       Leadership Training in Virginia
                           Rally in the Valley is almost here. I am very excited with the line
                         up of Seminars this year and the Presenters.
                         Virginia has always had the best Rally I have ever attended be-
                         cause of all the things you can participate in. Please don’t just look,
                         get out there and take part and you will fun.

                            I am also hoping to have some time to meet with the presenters
                         and get your ideas on Seminars and also your thoughts for nest
                         year. Leadership is for all members, not just officers. It provides
                         an understanding of what GWRRA is all about. For officers, it pro-
                         vides the skills to lead but not demand the people to take part. If a
                         chapter is having fun, they will take part. You also have to consider
                         some are very shy so be patient and set an example for them.

                           See you at the Rally.
                         Evelyn Hicks
                                              THE ‘01 POINT OF VIEW
                         Imitation & Flattery
                            The saying is, “Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery”. Well, Gold-
                         wingers, consider yourselves flattered.
                            Gene and I were recently travelling on an interstate, and we were
                         passed by a group of 5 motorcycles. Had these bikes been at a distance
                         where we could not identify them, we might have assumed they were
                         Gold Wings. However, they were close enough for us to ascertain that
                         they were in fact Harleys. The reason they could have been mistaken for
                         Gold Wings was that they were riding, NOT two abreast, NOT single file,
                         but YES, Staggered! The lead bike was even in the left track, and a drag
                         bike brought up the rear in center track. And, they were wearing appro-
                         priate riding gear.
                            Oh, My! Right out of the GWRRA Team Riding Handbook! I felt such
                         As we watched them riding ahead of us, they moved out to pass again,
                         and that is when they blew it. I guess they only read the first chapter. Oh
                         well, one step at a time.
                         Betty Knutson
                         Betty and her hubby Gene are the Region N Educators and MFA Coordinator

                                                                    V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
          PAGE    9

                             Membership Enhancement
                               A Full Area Report was received from Region N and disseminated to each
                            Chapter in late July. This full area report will be used to determine the Recruit-
                            ing Winners at RITV if we cannot get a special report for Virginia in late Septem-
                            ber. Chapter Directors and/or Membership Coordinators should work with
                            members to insure the Recruiting totals are up to date.
                               The Virginia Traveling Plaque is currently in the hands of VA-L, Chesapeake.
                            The plaque will be up for grabs at the next meeting on 22 Sept. VA-L’s monthly
                            gathering is at Zinos Café and Tavern, 850 Old George Washington Hwy, Chesa-
                            peake. Feel free to contact the chapter CD, Marty Tengowski,
                            mski@addressisp.com for further information.
                               Congratulations to Beth Sutherland, Chapter VA-Y Newsletter Editor, for be-
George and Isabel Gray      ing selected again as GWRRA Virginia District Newsletter Contest winner for
Membership Enhancement      month of August. Chapters are reminded to send copies of their newsletters for
Coordinators                evaluating each month to Kristen Weston (talk2k@verizon.net).

                            George & Isabel
                            District MED Coordinators

                              Hey all, I am ready to ride….but I need my boots, my chaps, my
                               jacket, my gloves, and my helmet. Then we can go. So get me
                                       ready and let’s head em up and move em out….

                                                                                         V O L U M E    2 6   I S S U E 9
              PAGE         10

                                                                Region “N” News
                                                     I was wearing my 2005 “Wings Over the Smokies” rally shirt the other day and
                                              a lady in a restaurant asked me what that title meant. It was refreshing to talk about
                                              a rally that has been around longer than Region N has been around!
                                                 This is a rally that people from all over the Eastern Seaboard and several states
                                              inland, throng to. One year, the winner of the GoldWing was a guy from Canada!
                                              That’s how far away people come from to
                                              attend this rally.
                                                 Are you going to be there this year? Did you know the Western Ag Center has
                                              built a couple of new buildings and Dennis, Kathy and crew are going to use these
                                              buildings to simplify activities make the attendees feel more comfortable? Did you
                                              know the theme is “Let’s Go Back to the 60’s”? (Man, I wish I could go back to the
  Frank and Kathy Albert                      60’s...don’t we all!)
    Region N Directors                           Well for a couple of days and precious moments, we’ll be transported back as the
                                              NC District staff produce a miniature time machine for us all. Kathy and I will see
                                              y’all there!
                                                 This month, I’d like to direct your thoughts to a couple of issues that need some
                                              attention this time every year...Officer changes.
                                                 Many of you will be making changes in the staff of your Chapters and Districts. A
                                              couple of points that I’d like for the Officers to keep in mind, is their Memorandum
   Region “N” Rally Schedule                  of Understanding, or their MOU. In paragraph one (1) of the MOU, it is clear that the
                                              term for an Officer is one year. That’s about as far as some people read. They feel
KY             Somerset         6-8 Aug       they are to
Blast of 09    KY                             serve for one year and then step down. But read on to paragraph 8. That one year
NC             Fletcher,        24-26 Sept    term can be and many times, is renewable! The term of one year is not the same as
Wings over     NC                             the tenure for that position. As far as GWRRA is concerned, a term is a fixed period
Smokie                                        of time; in this case, one year. However, a tenure is a culmination of terms that cre-
TN             Pigeon           23-25 Apr     ate a time of
Spring         Forge,                         occupancy that could be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years or more!
Fling 09       TN
                                                  As long as you are performing in accordance with the expectations of your office,
VA             Salem,           9-11 Oct
RITV 09        VA                              why should you be cut short? Why would you want to cut yourself short? Your tenure
                                               as an Officer is an undefined length of time and your term can be renewed annually
WV         Summers-             18-29 Jun
Down       ville,                              by the appointing Officer.
Home Rally NC
09                                               In February of this year, Kathy and I were honored to present the GWRRA Execu-
Region N       Gray,            29-31 Oct     tive Director’s Award to Steve and Anne Cline of NC-R. They had served as Chapter
Wingtober-     TN                             Directors for NC-R for 15 consecutive years! (See Wing World, August 2009 Issue,
fest 09                                       page 10.) So, please don’t think that because you’re in the position for just a year,
National       Tulsa,           2-5 Jul       you’re expected to step down. If you’re doing a good job and you and the Appoint-
Wing Ding      OK
                                              ing Officer are in agreement, then you
09                                                                                      Remember, those of you that worked at
                                              may continue as an Officer.
                                                                                        Wing Ding this year, for at least 4 hours,
                                                                                        get 20% off your Full Region N Rally regis-
                                              Keep Your Knees in the Breeze!            tration! At the rallies closing ceremonies,
                                                                                        we’ll draw-out up to 20 names from those
                                              Frank and Kathy Albert,                   that got the discount, to see get who’ll get
                                              Region N Directors                        another $20 refund of their registration!
                                                                                        You must be present to win!

VIRGINIA          DISTRICT                  TIMES
                                                                 V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
        PAGE   11

                                       News From National
                               Info from last year that isn’t being used!
                              RELEASED FROM: Phoenix, Arizona
                              RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2008
                              SUBJECT: GWRRA Renewal Program
                              NITION PROGRAM
                              Phoenix, AZ – Melissa Eason, Executive Director of the Gold Wing
                              Road Riders Association (GWRRA), announces a new
                              Recognition Program for the Association.
                                The program will begin January 1, 2009 and run through Decem-
Melissa Eason                 ber 31, 2010. It will be open to all Members of GWRRA.
GWRRA Executive Director      This program is designed to say thank you to all GWRRA Members
                              for sharing GWRRA with other motorcyclists. For every two new
                              households you recruit, you will receive a $5 gift certificate that
                              could be used for Goodies, Membership Renewal, or for Wing Ding
                              Registrations. There are no limitations on how many certificates you
                              can receive but they are non-transferable and only valid for one year.
                              This program will run for two years and then be re-evaluated.

                                  We have brought back the Hanger Tags to help our Members take
                              part in this program. The Hangar Tags, for those who are not famil-
                              iar, are cardstock, pre-addressed forms that you can fill in a potential
                              Member’s information, and they can receive a FREE copy of Wing
                              World magazine or even join GWRRA right then and there. Or you
                              can simply place the card on someone’s antennae, if they are not
                              near their Gold Wing and they can fill in the information and mail it
                              in later. Make sure you add your information, so you can get the re-
                              cruiter credits! All you have to do is e-mail or call Customer Service,
                              and they will be more than happy to send these great recruiting
                              tools to you.
                                  Call 800-843-9460 or in Phoenix 623-581-2500 to get more infor-
                              mation or to receive your Hangar Tags NOW!

                              Melissa Eason, Executive Director
                              800-843-9460 x 233/meason@gwrra.org

                              V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
      PAGE   12

                              V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
      PAGE   13

                              V O L U M E   2 6   I S S U E 9
      PAGE   14

             REGION “N” RALLY INFO

                                                               V O L U M E    2 6   I S S U E 9
      PAGE    15

                                    VIRGINIA DISTRICT STAFF
       District Director                           Pat and Kathy Hasiak                703 590 5712
       Asst District Director North                        Vacant
       Asst District Director East                Joe and Sheila Bowles                804 530 3397
       Asst District Director Central                      Vacant
       Asst District Director West                         Vacant
       District Educator                     Jim Sharkey and Renee Masse               703 730 7469
       Asst District Educator                    Greg and Karen Kestner                540 439 2408
       Asst District Educator                          Nancy Wilkins                   336 559 0491
       Asst District Educator                    Ken and Georgia Siadak                804 748 6716
       District COY                            Patrick and Debbie Koehler              757 463 8005
       District CHOY Coordinator                    Rick and Elsie Baker               703 318 5899
       District Membership Enhancement      George Craddock and Isabel Gray            301 567 3630
       District Vendor Coordinator                Joe and Sheila Bowles                804 530 3397
       Motorist Awareness Coordinator            Dave and Norma Miller                 804 222 3119
       District Rally Camping Coordinator       Keith and Carol Lindgren               757 547 2773
       District COY Coordinators                 Bryan and Evelyn Hicks                703 791 5089
       District Leadership Trainer                      Evelyn Hicks                   540 890 5432
       District Treasurer                          Carl and Donna Heise                703 590 5881
       District Newsletter Editor                        Ken Taylor                    703 221 7765
       District Webmaster                        Chris and Kathy Hooper                804 513 3321

                           VIRGINIA CHAPTER INFORMATION
       CHAPTER                Location                         CD                           Phone
           VA-A              Burke, VA                         Al Miller                  703 354 1151
           VA-B              Va Beach               Dennis & Kristen Weston               757 463 4429
           VA-C       Hampton/Newport News                   Julie Steele                 757 898 0735
           VA-D              Richmond                 Chris and Kathy Hooper              804 513 3321
           VA-E           Fredericksburg            Sylverter & Katina Savage             540 548 2889
           VA-F             Winchester               George &Brenda Tincher               571 934 7067
           VA-H              Abingdon                       Retha Harvey                  276 944 9483
            VA-I             Manassas                   Chuck and Dani Karl               703 369 2564
           VA-J            South Boston              William & Sandy Morgan               434 836 2920
           VA-K               Roanoke              John and Kathy Whitworth               540 586 0984
           VA-L            Chesapeake                    Martin Tengowski                 757 986 2847
           VA-M             Martinsville                Rocky & Joyce Clark               276 632 7215
           VA-O            Williamsburg          Joe Dickson and Karrin Frankie           757 872 0690
           VA-P           Charlottesville              Richard and Jean Carr              540 967 0607
           VA-Q             Covington                   Stephen Pendleton                 540 862 7124
           VA-R            Harrisonburg                Les and Diane Warren               540 377 6282
           VA-U               Hanover                   Fred & Dolly Taylor               804 512 1049
           VA-V               Bedford               John and Barbara Harmon               540 890 4899
           VA-W               Chester                   Ed & Mary Kay Land                804 520 9170
           VA-X                Salem                 Lee & Julie Montgomery               540 254 2776
           VA-Y              Leesburg                 Bill and Susan Rodgers              703 729 0829


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