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					?Chetan Kelkar works in the capacity of Professional Individual Business Consultant .
He provides premium services to its clientele across the globe. His role is to look after
the business development, quality management, and overall strategic planning for the
growth of the company.
He is skilled in managing development of complete web sites, data-driven web
applications, user documentation, and rendering graphic designs into web pages that
function in all browsers. He possesses strong organizational and analytical skills. PHP,
Mysql, Joomla, Magento, Akelos, OsDate, OsCommerce, Code Ignitor, CakePHP,
Symphony are a few of his niche domains. He is an expert in search marketing
(ranking algorithms and web page optimization), XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and
MySQL database analysis and design.
Along with being technically sound, he is a result-driven IT professional, who
understands the needs of the client very well. Excellent communication and
interpersonal skills are the qualities that help him retain clients and gain new ones. He
is well aware of the importance of deadlines, and hence ensures time-bound delivery
of services and products. He has developed strong architecture and integration
problem solving skills due to his 10-years of experience in this industry. This has
helped him in forming a company of 175 talented individuals and raising it to
phenomenal heights in a short time span of merely three years.
His dedication to his work, strong conviction in his values, helpful nature, and
Never-Say-Die attitude is what sets him apart from the others.