ppc super trick by alinkarina


									                          Pay Per Click Super Trick

If you currently do use Pay Per Click Advertisment, or if you’re just getting started you always want to
find those killer cheap key words to bid on. Those are usually the ones that convert to sales easily. Clicks
that cost only a few cents are easy to find. Maybe you have found a few. Let me show you how to find
hundreds with this simple Pay Per Click super trick.

The Pay Per Click super trick works for everyone. Even if you have never used Pay Per Click, this will
work. You can take this pay per click super trick to the next level, as in, the next level, on steroids.
Actually, there a few good ones I’ll let you in on.

The trick works like this. You will want to have as many variations on a theme as possible. In other
words, hundreds, or thousands of keywords and phrases that advertisers do not think of and people
searching for a product do. When you start a campaign, you will use a main key word to build themes

How to build your themes.

Let’s say our keyword to build themes on is “CDs”. Now “CDs” is a very general term. If we razor-point
target the term to musical artists and forget about ever using “CDs” as our keyword, we will be better

Next, we just ad words to our main theme and combine them into phrases. So, we place the words
"new", "used", and "live" in the first position of the phrase. Then, we use the artist name Rush, in the
second position. Finally, we put our main theme, “CDs” in the third position. For example:

new rush cds

used rush cds

live rush cds
You probably think this will take us forever to generate thousands of keywords. It will not! This is how.
We are using a computer program to do it that does not coast us one dime to use; in fact it makes us
money. It also saves us incredible amounts of time. That’s best part of the super trick.

The list you see below is very small. The list we can actually create will be 10 times this size in 60

This is how. We can replace the word “Rush” with other artist’s names and we are using the progran to
insert brackets and quotes on each side of our keyword phrases. So, if we used ten artists’ names, we
would have a list of 180 key word phrases. Many advertisers would never think of using a lot of these

For example, I just looked up “live rush CDs” on Google and there were only PPC ads! A Rush fan would
type that phrase in while shopping. Obviously, CD storeowners, generally do not. What that means to
you is, very targeted, cheep clicks! You can use the same technique in any business.

new rush cds

used rush cds

live rush cds




[new rush cds]

[used rush cds]

[live rush cds]



"new rush cds"

"used rush cds"

"live rush cds"




NOTE: Did you notice that some of our keywords look like this? "liverushcds" That’s a great trick to use.
Often people don’t bunch they “enter” key between words when typing. The program also removes
spaces between words.

Setting our budget

We are going to make sure that we don’t pay much. So we’ll just make our cost per click 5-10 cents.

Let’s sum it all up.

If we have lists of hundreds or thousands of keywords, they may very seldom get searched for. However,
whit that many keywords in our campaing, the rare and super targeted clicks will drive cheep trafic
every day because, we have so many waiting for the right people!

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