Checklist for Successful CD and DVD Duplication Job

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					?Duplication is the right choice when you want to reproduce original CDs and DVDs
into many copies without compromising on quality. You can take help of CD or DVD
duplication services for low volume orders of up to 1000 units. To make sure the
quality of the end product is perfect, pay attention to the following checklist:

Give preference to quality media
Never compromise on quality for saving a little money. Low cost discs are poor in
quality and if they are put through advanced CD or DVD duplication processes, the
discs won't deliver a good quality output. Quality discs are made with a premium dye
which helps in producing an extremely low error rate.

Keep all the artwork ready
Finalize and keep ready all the artwork you want to print on the face of the CD or
DVD disc or any other packaging inserts. Changes in artwork at the last moment
always lead to unnecessary delays and usually cost both time and money.
Suppose you need to finalize the design on Monday try to have it done at least two
days before. The extra two days will give you time to cross check for any errors.
Make sure that you have the final design ready to give to the DVD duplication
company well in time.

Use high resolution artwork
A good image saved off the Internet might not look that great in the printed version.
Most of the time printed versions of these downloaded images look nothing like they
do on the computer screen. That is because the images from the Internet are often of
low-resolution graphics that are actually compressed to save space and bandwidth.
For good results, always use high-resolution artwork.

Master disc
For successful CD duplication and DVD duplication work, give importance to how
the master disc has been burned. To get the highest quality result, provide the DVD
replication company with a first-rate quality master disc. Always get a branded disc to
avoid poor quality in the master disc. With poor quality master disc good duplicating
results are not possible.

Good impressive packaging
Don't disappoint your users by cutting corners in packaging. A good packaging helps
in marketing the product successfully. The market is full of impressive packaging
options. Usually, reliable and experienced CD and DVD duplication companies also
provide packaging services. Take time and select one that presents your product best.

By remembering these critical points you can get your CD or DVD duplication job
delivered in time without any issues of quality.

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Mark Thomas is a graphic designer who offers affordable services such as DVD
duplication and CD duplication along with innovative CD packaging solutions. As an
amateur writer his write-ups mainly focus on the various segments of CD/DVD
duplication or replication.

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