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					     ANEXA nr. 4.1.


       Articolul                  Titlul Revistei     Autor                 Factor de    Citãri în
                                  ISI                                       impact ISI   sistemul ISI

       1                          2                   3                     4            5

1.     Regulation of human        Blood. 2005 Mar Terness P, Chuang JJ, 10,131           citatǎ în alte
       auto- and                  15;105(6):2480-6. Bauer T, Jiga L,                     15 articole
       alloreactive T cells by    Epub 2004 Nov     Opelz G                              din baza de
       indoleamine 2,3-           30.                                                    date
       dioxygenase (IDO)-                                                                Thomson ISI
       producing dendritic                                                               2005
       cells: too
       much ado about IDO?
2.     Studying the               Transpl Int. 2005   Bauer TM, Jiga LP,    1,797        citatǎ în alte
       immunosuppressive          Jan;18(1):95-100.   Chuang JJ, Randazzo                12 articole
       role of indoleamine                            M, Opelz G, Terness                din baza de
       2,3-dioxygenase:                               P                                  date
       tryptophan                                                                        Thomson ISI
       metabolites                                                                       2005
       suppress rat
       allogeneic T-cell
       responses in vitro and
       in vivo.
3.     Ischemic                   Microsurgery.       Marian CF, Jiga LP,   0,757
       preconditioning       of   2005;25(7):524-     Ionac M.
       free muscle flaps: an      31.
       experimental study.
4.     Conventional               Acta Anaesthesiol Sandesc D, Lupei MI,
       treatment or epidural      Belg         2005; Sirbu C, Plavat C,
       blood patch for the        56(3):265-9.       Bedreag O, Vernic C.
       treatment of different
       etiologies of post
       dural         puncture
5.     A simple device for   Lab Anim (NY) Ordodi VL, Mic FA,               1,533
       intubation of rats.   2005; 34(8):37-9. Mic AA, Sandesc D,
                                               Paunescu V.
6.     Familial transmission Genetic           Belengeanu V,                1,772
       of   a    dysmorphic Counseling, 2005, Rozsnyai K, Farcaş
       syndrome: a variant 16, 167-171         S, Velea I, Fryns J:P

     exemple of Kabuki
7.   Considerations            International      Ivan V., Icma I., Ivan   1,031
     concerning        the     Angyology sept.    C., Tilinca M., Pop
     development of the        2005, 21, suppl. 1 S., Gabriela Tilinca
     embryo-foetal lower       to issue no. 3 p.  in collaboration with
     limbs venous system.      59-60              Tudose N. and Dema
8.   The long saphenous        International      Ivan V., Ivan C.,        1,031
     cross                     Angyology sept. Tilinca M., Pop S.,
                               2005, 21, suppl. 1 Călin C., Bistrian E
                               to issue no. 3, p.
9.   Misdiagnosis         in   Epilepsia, vol 45, Scutelnicu, Dorina       3,329
     epilepsy                  suplim. 6, 2005,
                               pag. 124
10. The effect of Steriods     Journal of the Cristina Gluhovschi,         7,24
    on        Lymphocite       American Society G. Gluhovschi, Diana
    Profile in Primary         of     Nephrology Herman, Elena
    Chronic                    vol. 16, oct 2005, Potencz, Virginia
    Glomerulonephritis         pg. 778A           Trandafirescu,
                                                  Adalbert Schiller,
                                                  Ligia Petrica, Slivia
                                                  Velciov, G. Bozdog,
                                                  F. Bob, C. Muntean,
                                                  Corina Vernic,
                                                  Wendy Brown

11. Bone            marrow     Lab Anim (NY). Ordodi VL, Mic FA,           0,71
    aspiration from rats: a    2006 35(5):41-4, Mic AA, Tanasie G,
    minimally      invasive                        Ionac M, Sandesc D,
    procedure.                 ISSN 0093 - 7355 Paunescu V.
12. A      small      scale    Int J Artif Organs. Ordodi VL, Paunescu     1,253
    oxygenator          for    2006 Aug;           V, Mic AA, Ionac M,
    cardiopulmonary            29(8):750-5,        Sandesc D, Mic FA..
    bypass in rats.
                               ISSN 0391-3988
13. Improved electrodes        J Am Assoc Lab Ordodi VL, Paunescu          0,370
    for electrical             Anim Sci. 2006 V, Mischie S, Ignea
    defibrillation of rats.    Nov;45(6):54-7.  A, Toma O, Ionac M,
                                                Mic AA, Sandesc D,
                               ISSN 1559-6109   Mic FA.
14. A                          Artif    Organs. Ordodi VL, Paunescu        1,946   citatã într -
    pressure-controlled        2006             V, Mic AA, Gabor L,                un alt articol

     rat ventilator with        Dec;30(12):965-    Ionac M, Toma O,               din baza de
     electronically preset      8.                 Sandesc D, Mic FA.             date
     respirations                                                                 Thomson ISI
                               ISSN 0160-564X                                     2005.
15. Bone           marrow      Lab Anim (NY) Ordodi VL, Mic FA,           0,71
    aspiration from rats: a    2006; 35(5):41-4. Mic AA, Tanasie G,
    minimally     invasive                       Ionac M, Sandesc D,
    procedure.                 ISSN 0093 - 7355 Paunescu V.
16. Epidemiology of renal      Nephrology        Covic, A, Schiller, A,   3,154
    disease in Romania: a      Dialysis          Volovat, C,
    10 year review of two      Transplantation,  Gluhovschi, G,
    regional renal biopsy      21 (2), pp. 419- Gusbeth-Tatomir, P,
    databases.                 424, 2006.        Petrica, L, Caruntu,
                                                 ID, Bozdog, G,
                               ISSN 0931-0509    Velciov, S,
                                                 Trandafirescu, V,
                                                 Bob, F, Gluhovschi,
17. Thalamic                   European Journal Scutelnicu, Dorina        2,437
    Hemorrhage      –        a of Neurology,
    prospective study          2006, vol 13,
                               suppl. 2, pag.

                             ISSN 1351-5101
18. Brain        natriuretic Cerebrovascular       CM, Brisc, P.          2,003
    peptide and risk of Disease 2006; 21           Mihancea, Liviu
    early     stroke      in (suppl 4):1-151,      Matcău, AR Popa,
    diabetic patients                              LA Vatca, SA Iuhasz
                             ISSN 1015-9770
19. Algorithm            for Cerebrovascular       CM, Brisc, P          2,003
    diagnosis          early Disease 2006; 21      Mihancea, Liviu
    ischemic stroke in (suppl 4):1-151.            Matcău, AR Popa,
    patients with diabetes                         LA Vatca, SA Iuhasz,
    mellitus                 ISSN 1015-9770        E. Drambarean
20. Efficacy              of Diabetes Care         P. Moulin, Marie      7,912
    benfluorex            in 2006; 3: 515-520      Andre, H. Alawi,
    combination         with                       Lelita C. dos Santos,
    sulfonylurea in type 2 ISSN 0149-5992          A.K. Khalid, D.
    diabetic patients. An                          Koev, R. Moore, V.
    18-week, randomized,                           Şerban, Brigitte
    double-blind study                             Picandet, Marie
21. TLR2 and TLR4               Dermatology        Koreck A, Kis K,      1,854
    polymorphisms are           213(3):267-9       Szegedi K, Paunescu
    not associated with         (2006)             V, Cioaca R, Olariu

    acne vulgaris                                R, Negru S, Bata-
                             ISSN 1018-8665      Csorgo Z, Kemeny L,
                                                 Dobozy A, Szell M.
22. Monoclonal               J Immunother        Cioca DP, Deak E,     4,508
    antibodies targeted      29(1):41-52         Cioca F, Paunescu V
    against melanoma and     (2006).
    ovarian tumors
    enhance dendritic        ISSN 1524-9557
    cell-mediated cross-
    presentation of tumor-
    associated antigens
    and efficiently cross-
    prime CD8+ T cells
23. Thermal stability of     Food Chemistry    Nicoleta G.             2,433
    the linoleic acid/α-     2006, 99(3): 500- Hadaruga, Daniel I.
    and β-cyclodextrin       508.              Hadaruga, Paunescu
    complexes.                                 V, Calin Tatu,
                             ISSN 0308-8146    Valentin L. Ordodi,
                                               Geza Bandur and
                                               Alfa X. Lupea
24. Possible linkages        Environ Geochem Bunnell JE, Tatu CA,      0,821
    between lignite          Health.           Bushon RN, Stoeckel
    aquifers, pathogenic     Dec;28(6):577-    DM, Brady AM,
    microbes, and renal      87. Epub 2006     Beck M, Lerch HE,
    pelvic cancer in         Nov 21            McGee B, Hanson
    northwestern                               BC, Shi R, Orem
    Louisiana, USA.          ISSN 0269-4042    WH.
25. Muscular changes in      Acta Physiologica RF Tatu, C Tatu, D      2,554
    prolonged                2006, vol.186,    Puscasiu, Ir Siska, F
    immobilization in        supl.1, pag 225,  Mirea, R Cioaca
    Sprague-Dawley rats
                             ISSN 1748 1708
26. Renal excretion          Acta Physiologica C Tatu, RF Tatu, D      2,554
    during contention        2006, vol.186,    Puscasiu, G Tanasie,
    stress in rats           supl.1, pag 243., C Bunu, D Nistor, F
                             ISSN 1748 –1708
27. Enhanced selection of    Acta Physiologica C Bunu, C Tatu, Ir      2,554
    stem cells for           2006, vol.186,    Siska, G Tanasie, E
    myocardial               supl.1, pag 228., Deak, M Grindei, D
    bioengineering using                       Puscasiu, RF Tatu, V
    anti-CD45                ISSN 1748 –1708 Paunescu
    monoclonal antibody
    from hybridoma lines
28. The evaluation of        Acta Physiologica R Cioaca, G Tanasie,    2,554
    osteoproteregin-         2006, vol.186,    Ir Siska, C Tatu, D

    ligand and PMN-          supl.1, pag 158,    Nistor, F Mirea, RF
    elastaze, osteogenic                         Tatu, C Bunu, V
    markers of bone          ISSN 1748 –1708     Paunescu
    remodeling in
    rheumatoid arthritis
29. STR data for the 15      Forensic Sci Int.   Marian C, Anghel A,      1,397
    AmpFlSTR identifiler     2006 Jun 23         Bel SM, Ferencz BK,
    loci in the Western                          Ursoniu S, Dressler
    Romanian population      ISSN 0379-0738      M, Popescu O,
                                                 Budowle B
30. Epidemiology of renal    Nephrology          Covic, A, Schiller, A,   3,154
    disease in Romania: a    Dialysis            Volovat, C,
    10 year review of two    Transplantation,    Gluhovschi, G,
    regional renal biopsy    21 (2), pp. 419-    Gusbeth-Tatomir, P,
    databases                424                 Petrica, L, Caruntu,
                                                 ID, Bozdog, G,
                             ISSN 0931-0509      Velciov, S,
                                                 Trandafirescu, V,
                                                 Bob, F, Gluhovschi,
31. The success story of     Perit Dial Int      Mircescu G, Garneata     2,372
    peritoneal dialysis in   26(2): 266-275,     L, Florea L, Cepoi V,
    Romania: Analysis of     2006                Capsa D, Covic M,
    differences in                               Gherman-Caprioara
    mortality by dialysis    ISSN 0896-8608      M, Gluhovschi G,
    modality and                                 Golea O, Barbulescu
    influence of risk                            C, Rus E,
    factors in a national                        Santimbrean C,
    cohort                                       Mardare N, Covic A.
32. Coloranti directi        Rev.Chim.           G.M.Simu,                0,287
    derivati ai 4,4-         (Bucharest)         S.G.Muntean,
    diaminobenzanilidei      57(10), p.1038-     M.E.Grad,
    III. Obtinerea,          1040                S.A.Chicu,
    caracterizarea si                            E.N.V.Şişu
    evaluarea toxicitatii    ISSN 0034-7752
    unor noi coloranti
    disazoici simetrici
33. Pegylated-interferon     World J             Sporea I, Popescu A,     3,318
    alpha 2a treatment for   Gastroenterol       Sirli R, Golea O,
    chronic hepatitis C in   2006 Jul 14;        Totolici C, Danila M,
    patients on chronic      12(26):4191-4       Vernic C.
                             ISSN 1007-9327

34. Microsurgery in           Ann Plast Surg.     Jiga LP, Ionac M.       1,027
    infrapopliteal            2007
    revascularization of      Jan;58(1):64-9
    lower limb
                              ISSN 0148-7043
35. Organic Compounds         Applied             William H. Orem.        1,866
    in produced waters        Geochemistry.       Calin A Ţaţu. Harry
    from coalbed natural      iunie 2007          E. Lerch. Cynthia A.
    gas wells in the                              Rice. Timothz T.
    Powder River Basin.       ISSN 0883-2927      Bartos. Anne L.
    Wyoming. USA                                  Bates. Susan Tewalt.
                                                  Margo D. Corum
36. Inhibition of heart       Transplantation     Jiga LP, Ehser S,       3,972
    allograft rejection       2007 83(3)          Kleist C, Oplez G,
    with mitomycin C-                             Terness P.
    treated donor             ISSN 0041-1337
    dendritic cells.
37. In Vitro                  J Cell Mol Med,     Paunescu V, Deak E,     6,555
    Differentiation of        11:1-8 (2007).      Herman D, Siska IR,
    Human Mesenchymal                             Tanasie G, Bunu C,
    Stem Cells to             ISSN 1582-1838      Anghel S, Tatu CA,
    Epithelial Lineage                            Oprea TI, Henschler
                                                  R, Rüster B, Bistrian
                                                  R, Seifried E
38. Health effects of toxic   Ambio 36(1):98-     Orem W, Tatu CA,        1,433
    organic substances        102 (2007).         Pavlovic N, Bunnell
    from coal: toward                             J, Lerch H, Paunescu
    "panendemic"              ISSN 0044-7447      V, Ordodi V, Flores
    nephropathy                                   D, Corum M, Bates
39. Endogenous                Skin Pharmacol      Kemeny L, Koreck        1,48
    Phospholipid              Physiol. 2007 Jan   A, Kis K,
    Metabolite                17, 20(3):155-      Kenderessy-Szabo A,
    Containing Topical        161.                Bodai L, Cimpean A,
    Product Inhibits                              Paunescu V, Raica
    Ultraviolet Light-        ISSN 1660-5527      M, Ghyczy M.,
    Induced Inflammation
    and DNA Damage in
    Human Skin
40. Crebrovascular            Wien Klin           Petrica L., Petrica M., 0,804
    reactivity is impaired    Wochenschr.         Vlad A., Bob F.,
    in patients with non-     2007; 119(11-       Gluhovschi C.,
    insulin-dependent         12):365-71          Gluhovschi G., Jianu
    diabetes mellitus and                         C.D., Ursoniu S.,
    microangiopaty            ISSN 0043-5325      Schiller Ad., Velciov
                                                  S., Trandafirescu V.,

                                                Bozdog G.
41. The effect of steroids   Int.               Gluhovschi Cristina,      2,157
    on lymphocyte in         Immunopharmaco Gluhovschi G.,
    primary chronic          l. 2007            Herman D., Potencz
    glomerulonephritis.      sep;7(9):1265-70. E., Trandafirescu V.,
    Empirical or tailored    Epub 2007 jun 15 Schiller Ad., Petrica
    therapy?                                    L., Velciov S.,
                             ISSN 1567-5769     Bozdog G., Bob F.,
                                                Muntean C., Vernic
                                                C., Guset V., Cioca
42. Cerebral                 Ann Acad Med       Petrica L., Petrica M.,   0,772
    microangiopathy in       Singapore. 2007    Munteanu M., Vlad
    patients with non-       Apr;36(4): 259-    A., Bob F.,
    insulin-dependent        66                 Gluhovschi C.,
    diabetes mellitus                           Gluhovschi G., Jianu
                             ISSN 0304-4602     C.D., Schiller Ad.,
                                                Velciov S.,
                                                Trandafirescu V.,
                                                Bozdog G
43. The role of lecithin     Food and           Nikola M. Pavlovic.       2,393
    cholesterol              Chemical           William H. Orem.
    acyltransferase and      Toxicologz. 2007 Calin A Ţaţu. Harry
    organic substances       + in press . 2004  E. Lerch. Joseph E
    from coal in the         Apr;36(2):171-8    Bunnell. Gerald L.
    etiology of Balkan                          Feder. Emina N.
    endemic nephropathy:     ISSN 0278-6915     Kostic. Valentin L.
    A new hzpothesis                            Ordodi
44. Evaluating               J. of Toxicology   J. Bunnell. Calin A       1,811
    Nephrotoxicity of        and                Ţaţu. Harry E. Lerch.
    High Molecular           Environmental      Nikola M. Pavlovic
    Weight Organic           health Part A. 70:
    Compounds in             2089-2991. 2007
    Drinking Water from
    Lignite Aquifers         ISSN 0098-4108
45. Prevention of serious    Journal of          JA Avram. R. Avram. 4,73
    vascular events by       Internal            N. Hancu. A. Marian.
    aspirin amongst          Medicine. 2007      I. Marian. M.
    patients with                                Murariu. G.
    peripheral arterial      ISSN 0954-6820      Negrisanu.D. Olinic.
    disease                                      N. Olinic. R.
                                                 Trambitas. I. Veresiu.
                                                 I. Victoria.
46. Video-assisted versus    Microsurgery,       Blidisel A., Jiga L.,  0,882
    conventional             mai 2007,           Nistor A., Dornean
    microsurgical                                V, Hoinoiu B.,

    training: a               ISSN 0738-1085
    comparative study
47. Diagnostic criteria for   Renal Failure       V. Stefanovic. B.        0,699
    Balkan Endemic            2007; 29:1-14       Jelakovic. R.
    Nephropathy:                                  Cukuranovic. D.
    Proposal by               ISSN 0886-022x      Bukvic. J. Nikolic. L.
    International Panel.                          Lukic. Gh.
                                                  Gluhovschi. D.
                                                  Toncheva. M.
                                                  Polenakovic. J-P

48. Comparison of the         World journal of    I. Sporea, R. Sirli, A. 0,333
    liver stiffness           gastroenterology    Deleanu, A. Tudora,
    measurement by            2008 Nov            Manuela Curescu,
    transient elastography    14;14(42):6513-7.   Marioara Cornean, D.
    with the liver biopsy.    World J             Lazar.
                              Nov 2008;

                              ISSN 1007-9327

49. Contributii privind       Revista de chimie   M. Pup, M. Ahmadi,       0,408
    comportarea ionului       Vol. 59, nr.        L. Olari, R.
    de ai (iii) in sisteme    4/2008, p: 405-     Prejbeanu, H.
    biologice                 408                 Vermesan

                              ISSN: 0034-7752

50. Decrease of               Acta                Şerban V, Vlad A,        0,333
    pancreatic antibodies     endocrinologica     Roşu M, Roşca A,
    and fasting c peptide     2008, 4, 4:367-     Timar R, Sima A
    levels in romanian        381
    children with type 1
    diabetes mellitus is      ISSN: 1841-0987
    related to disease
51. Histological,             Acta                Bob FR, Gluhovschi       0,500
    immunohisto               histochemica        Gh., Herman D,
    chemical and              2008, 110, 3:196-   Potencz E,
    biological data in        203                 Gluhovschi C,
    assessing interstitial                        Trandafirescu V,
    fibrosis in patients      ISSN: 0065-1281     Schiller A, Ligia

    with chronic                                 Petrica, Velciov S,
    glomerulonephritis.                          Bozdog G, Vernic C.
52. Immunohistochemical      Rom J Morphol       Lazar D, Taban S,     0,333
    evaluation of the        Embryol 2008;       Raica M, Sporea I,
    tumor                    49(2):137-48        Dornianu M, Goldis
    neoangiogenesis as a                         A, Vernic C.
    prognostic factor for    ISSN: 0012-1606
    gastric cancers.
53. Liver stiffness          J Gastrointestin    Sporea I, Şirli R,    0,333
    measurement by           Liver Dis           Deleanu A, Popescu
    transient elastography   2008;17(4): 395-    A, Cornianu M
    in clinical practice.    399

                             ISSN: 1841-8724

54. Magnese and zinc         Revista de chimie   M. Ahmadi, M. Pup,    0,408
    overdose – risk of       Vol. 59 nr.         L. Olariu, R.
    oxidative stress         9/2008, p: 982-     Prejbeanu, H.
    appearance               985                 Vermesan

                             ISSN: 0034-7752

55. Multiorgan-protective    Acta clinica        Gluhovschi Gh.,       0,448
    actions of blockers of   belgica             Gluhovschi C, Bob
    the ennin-angiotensin    2008, 63, 3:152-    F., Velciov S.,
    system, statins and      169                 Trandafirescu V.,
    erythropoietin:                              Petrica L., Bozdog
    common pleiotropic                           Gh.
    effects in reno-,        ISSN: 0001-5512
    cardio- and
56. Optimal acces to the     Journal of the      Ordodi VL, Paunescu   0,796
    heart by transverse      american            V, Mic FA
    bilateral thoracotomy    association for
    with double ligature     laboratory animal
    of the internal          science
    thoracic arteries        2008, 63, 3: 152-

                             ISSN: 1559-6109

57. Orthopedic approach      Hamostaseologie     M. Şerban, D.         0,333
    of haemophiliacs. A      2008, 28: S52-      Mihailov, D.
    single center            S54                 Poenaru, L. Pop, I.
    experience in                                Branea, M.

     Romania                  ISSN: 0720-9355      Bătăneanţ, A.
                                                   Lăcătuşu, L. Barna,
                                                   N. Ţepeneu, W.
58. Colorectal cancer         Journal of           A.Popescu, I.Sporea,   0,333
    screening in timis        Gastrointestinal     A.Guţă, N.Jucuţ,
    county – four years of    and Liver            S.Bota, C.Vernic,
    clinical experience       Diseases /           M.Dănilă, R.Şirli,
                              Gastroenterology     AM Brânzan,
                              & hepatology.        D.Nicoliţă,
                              J Gastrointestin     A.Nouphal
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1), p.71

                              ISSN 1841-8724.

59. The effect of             Revista de chimie    H. Vermesan, M.        0,408
    aluminum on bone          Vol. 59, nr.         Pup, M. Ahmadi, L.
    mineralization –          8/2008, p: 891-      Olariu, R. Prejbeanu
    changes in some trace     893
    elements and
    macroelements             ISSN: 0034-7752

60. Surgery in             Haemophilia             L. Pop, D. Poenaru,    0,704
    haemophilia- an        2008, 14, 94-94         P. Tepeneu, A.
    important challenge in                         Nicodin
    low income countries ISSN: 1351-8216

61. The results of two        Multiple sclerosis   N de Stefano, M       1,520
    multicenter, open-        2008, 15, 2: 283-    Filippi, C
    label studies assessing   243                  Confavreux, P
    efficacy, tolerability                         Vermersch, M Simu,
    and safety of             ISSN: 1352-4585      C Sindic, R Hupperts,
    protiramer, a high                             O Bajenaru, G Edan,
    molecular weight                               L Grimaldi, I
    synthetic copolymeric                          Marginean, R
    mixture, in patients                           Medaer, G Orefice, I
    with relapsing–                                Pascu, J Pelletier, E
    remitting multiple                             Sanders, E Scarpini
    sclerosis                                      and Gl Mancardi
62. Thoracoscopic             Microsurgery         Jiga LP, Cristian H,  0,893
    approach of the           2008, 28, 5: 375-    Blidisel A, Sandra F,
    internal mammary          379                  Nistor A, Hoinoiu B,
    artery (ima): a                                Dornean V, Ionac M.
    training model in         ISSN 0738-1085

63. What is the              Virchows archiv      Gluhovschi C,           1,132
    significance of cd34     2008, 453, 4:        Gluhovschi Gh,
    immunostaining in the    321-328              Potencz E, Herman
    extraglomerular and                           D, Petrica L, Velciov
    intraglomerular          ISSN: 0945-6317      S, Bozdog G, Bob F,
    mesangium?                                    Vernic C, Cioca D.
64. Why, who and how         World journal of     Sporea I, Popescu A,    0,333
    should perform liver     gastroenterology     Şirli R.
    biopsy in chronic        2008 Jun
    liver diseases.          7;14(21):3396-
                             World J
                             Gastroenterol Jun

                             ISSN 1007-9327

65. Colorectal cancer        J Gastrointestin     A.Popescu, I.Sporea,    0,333
    screening in timis       Liver Dis 2008;      A.Guţă, N.Jucuţ,
    county – four years of   17( Suppl:1),        S.Bota, C.Vernic,
    clinical experience      p.71.                M.Dănilă, R.Şirli,
                                                  AM Brânzan,
                             ISSN 1841-8724.      D.Nicoliţă,

66. Carotid ultrasound in    Ultraschall in der   Parv F., Avram R.,      1,252
    coronary patients        Medizin /            Balint M., Popa C.
                             nuclear medicine
                             & medical
                             2008, S1, OP16:6

                             ISSN 1431-4894.

67. Centro-conceptual        Journal of           D. Reisz, M. Simu,      1,235
    aphasia: frame work,     Neurology /          D. Chirileanu, A.
    clinical and imagistic   Clinical             Bursa
    description              neurology.
                             2008, 255: 126-

                             ISSN 0340-5354.

68. Cerebral vessels          International        L. Petrica, M. Petrica, 0,333
    remodelling is            Journal of Stroke,   Gh. Gluhovschi, D.
    significant even in the   vol 3, Suppl 1, pp   C. Jianu, F.
    early stages of           291 / Peripheral     Gădălean, S. Ursoniu,
    chronic kidney            vascular disease.    F. Bob, C.
    disease                                        Gluhovschi, S.
                              ISSN 1747-4930.      Velciov, Gh. Bozdog

69. Clinical trial with       Human Gene           Andrei Anghel,          1,585
    VEGF165 and HGF           Therapy, vol.19,     Horatiu Moldovan,
    in patients with severe   no. 10. /            Alexandru Vasilescu,
    terminal chronic          Medicine,            Mihai Ionac, Georgel
    lower limb ischaemia      research &           Taranu, Edward
                              experimental.        Seclaman, Liviu
                              1111-1111            Tamas, Lorand Savu.

                              ISSN 1043-0342.

70. Articular                 Tissue               Dreucean M., Tanasie 0,333
    rehabilitation            Engineering part     G., Toth-Tascau M.,
    controlled by image       A/                   Boss H., Hoinoiu B.,
    processing-study on       Biotechnology &      Poenaru D.
    animals                   applied
                              2008, 14, 5:809-

                              ISSN 1937-3341.

71. Atonomic neuropathy       Journal of           D. Georgesu, C.         1,235
    and gallbladder           Neurology /          Georgescu, M. Simu,
    motility disorders in     Clinical             L. A. Georgescu
    patients with diabetes    neurology. 2008,
    mellitus                  255: 61-61

                              ISSN 0340-5354

72. Caracteristici            Journal of           A. Goldis, Iulia        0,333
    epidemiologice            Gastrointestinal     Ratiu, Daniela Lazar,
    populationale la          and Liver            Ramona Goldis, D
    subiectii depisati cu     Diseases /           Koukoulas, P Vora
    AC anti HVC pozitivi      Gastroenterology
    in vestul tarii           & hepatology.
                              J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;

                              17( Suppl:1),

                              ISSN 1841-8724.

73. Caracteristici            Journal of           A. Goldis, Iulia        0,333
    virusologice ale          Gastrointestinal     Ratiu, Daniela Lazar,
    infectiilor HBV si        and Liver            Ramona Goldis,
    HDV la subiectii          Diseases /           Isabel Dan
    depistati pozitivi in     Gastroenterology
    vestul tarii.             & hepatology.
                              J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1), p.80

                              ISSN 1841-8724.

74. Renal postraumatic        Chirurgia            J. Avram, F. Miclea,    0,333
    arterial-venous fistula   supliment 1,         A. Dema, I. Avram
                              vol.103, S188 /

                              ISSN 1221-9118.

75. Liver cirrhosis           J Gastrointestin     M. Dănilă, I. Sporea,   0,333
    spectrum in the           Liver Dis 2008;      A. Tudora, R. Şirli,
    department of             17( Suppl:1),        A. Popescu, S. Bota,
    gastroenterology and      p.138                I. Petru, A.M.
    hepatology Timişoara                           Brânzan
                              ISSN 1841-8724.

76. Localizarea               Journal of           M. Străin, Dorina       0,333
    metastazelor hepatice     Gastrointestinal     Chişevescu, I.
    reflectă localizarea      and Liver            Sporea, A. Goldiş,
    neoplasmelor              Diseases /           Adrian Tudora, Iulia
    colorectale               Gastroenterology     Raţiu, Mirela Dănilă
                              & hepatology.
                              J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1), p.68

                              ISSN 1841-8724.

77. Managementul              Chirurgia            J. Avram , S. Manciu, 0,333
    defectelor parietale      supliment 1,         M. Pasztori, I.
    abdominale                vol.103, S116 /      Avram, M. Avram,

     postoperatorii           Surgery.             M. Murariu
     recurente si riscul de
     infectie                 ISSN 1221-9118.

78. MBL deficiency as         Archives of          I.M. Ciuca, I. Popa,     1,871
    risk factor for severe    Disease in           L. Pop, Z. Popa, A.
    outcome of lung           Childhood, ps439     Rosca, R. Cioaca
    disease in cystic         / Pediatrics.
    fibrosis                  2008;93:ps439

                              ISSN 0003-9888

79. MBL influence cystic      European Journal     Ciuca I.M.,              1,242
    fibrosis associated       of Human             Popa I., Pop
    liver disease in          Genetics /           L., Popa Z.,
    children?                 Genetics &           Tamas L.,
                              heredity.            Rosca A.,
                              Vol 16,              Cioaca R.
                              Supplement 2,
                              May 2008, ps. 45

                              ISSN 1018-4813.

80. MBL serum levels in       Journal of Cystic    I. M. Ciuca, I. Popa,    0,333
    children with cf          Fibrosis, Vol. 7     L. Pop, Z. Popa, A.
    associated liver          Supplement 2 /       Rosca, R. Cioaca,
    disease                   Respiratory          L.tamas
                              system. June
                              2008, Page S61

                              ISSN 1569-1993.

81. Correlations between      Journal of           Lazar D, Taban S,        0,333
    cyclooxygenase-2          Gastrointestinal     Ardeleanu C, Lazar
    (cox-2)                   and Liver            E, Cornianu M, Ratiu
    immunohistochemical       Diseases /           I, Goldis A, Vernic
    expression and            Gastroenterology     C, Sporea I
    clinicopathologic         & hepatology.
    factors in gastric        J Gastrointestin
    cancer                    Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1), p.38

                              ISSN 1841-8724.

82. Cystic fibrosis and       Archives of          L. Pop, I. Popa, I. M.   1,871
    celiac disease            Disease in           Ciuca, Z. Popa, L.

                              Childhood, 93:       Tamas
                              43pw / Pediatrics.

                              ISSN 0003-9888.

83. Diagnosis of carotid      International        D.C. Jianu, D.F.         0,333
    body tumors by            Journal of Stroke,   Mureşanu, M.
    various imaging           2008, 3, 1, 74-74.   Petrica, Sanda Deme,
    techniques. a report of                        Cornelia Zaharia, F.
    four cases                ISSN 1747-4930.      Bârsăşteanu, Silviana
                                                   Nina Jianu, M. Şerpe
84. Diagnostic relevance      International        M. Petrica, D.C.         0,333
    of extracranial and       Journal of Stroke,   Jianu, A. Găină, M.
    transcranial doppler      2008, 3, 1, 230-     Simu, A. Murariu,
    ultrasouond in the        230                  R.D. Chirileanu, A.
    assessement of                                 Pava, L. Petrica, F.
    transient ischaemic       ISSN 1747-4930.      Bârsăşteanu, M.
    attack in the carotid                          Slovenski
    artery territory
85. Does the quality of       J Gastrointestin     Sporea I, Şirli R,       0,333
    liver sample influence    Liver Dis 2008;      Deleanu A, Tudora
    the concordance           17( Suppl:1),        A, Cornianu M, Bota
    between the liver         p.109                S, Străin M, D. Lazăr
    stiffness measured by
    fibroscan and liver       ISSN 1841-8724.
    biopsy in chronic C
86. Particularities for       Proceedings of       Avram R., Balint M.,     0,548
    pulmonary                 the 20th             Parv F., Ciocarlie T.,
    thromboembolism in        international        Popa C., Avram J.
    women                     congress on
                              thrombosis, 2008,

                              ISSN 1424-8832.

87. Particularities of        European Journal     D. Reisz, M. A.          1,273
    anxiety, depression,      of Neurology,        Simu,
    and sleep disorder in     2008, 15, 3: 130-    D. R. Chirileanu, A.
    parkinson’s desease       130                  Carstina, A. Bursa

                              ISSN 1351-5101
88. Decrease of               Acta                 Vlad A, Timar R,         2,463
    pancreatic antibodies     endocrinologica,     Diaconu L, Sima A,
    and fasting c peptide     2008, 4, 4: 367-     Roşu M, Şerban V.
    levels in romanian        381

     children with type I
     diabetes mellitus is      ISSN 0012-1797.
     related to disease

89. Gastric cancer:            J Gastrointestin   Lazar D, Taban S,        0,333
    correlations between       Liver Dis 2008;    Lazar E, Cornianu M,
    tumor                      17( Suppl:1), p.29 Ratiu I, Vernic C,
    neoangiogenesis and                           Sporea I
    survival of the            ISSN 1841-8724.
90. Gastropatia portala-       Journal of           I Ratiu, A Goldis, D   0,333
    corelatii clinico-         Gastrointestinal     Lazar, C Constantea,
    endoscopice                and Liver            M Strain, Annemarie
                               Diseases /           Branzan, I Sporea
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

91. Leptin-to-adiponectin      Diabetes /           Diaconu L, Şerban V,   2,463
    ratio in type 1 diabetic   Endocrinology &      Timar R, Vlad A,
    patients with              metabolism.          Timar B, Botea V
    metabolic syndrome         2008, 57, A392-

                               ISSN 0012-1797.

92. Leziunile                  Journal of           Luciana Olaru, A.      0,333
    gastroduodenale            Gastrointestinal     Goldis, Iulia Ratiu,
    induse de                  and Liver            Daniela Lazar, I.
    antiinflamatoarele         Diseases /           Sporea
    nesteroidiene              Gastroenterology
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1), p.18

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

93. Morphological and          Journal of           Cornianu M, Dema       0,333
    biochemical                Gastrointestinal     A, Taban S, Lazar D,

    correlations in chronic and Liver          Lazar E, Sirli R,
    hepatitis with C virus Diseases /          Sporea I
    (HCV).                  Gastroenterology
                            & hepatology.
                            J Gastrointestin
                            Liver Dis 2008;
                            17( Suppl:1),

                            ISSN 1841-8724.

94. Relationship between    Virchows Archiv,   Lazar D, Taban S,       1,132
    the expression of       supplement 1,      Sporea I, Cornianu
    cyclooxigenase-2,       may 2008, 3rd      M, Goldis A, Lazar
    vegf, tumor             Intercontinental   E.
    angiogenesis and        Congress of
    prognosis of the        Pathology /
    patients with gastric   Pathology. 2008,
    cancer                  452: S201- S202

                            ISSN 0945–6317

95. Orthopaedic treatment   Hamostaseologie,   M. Serban, D            0,704
    in haemophilia:         2008, 28: S52-     Poenaru, L Pop, V
    necessities and         S54.               Serban, C Petrescu,
    outcomes in a low-                         W Schramm
    income country          ISSN 1351-8216.
96. Outcome of acute        Journal of         S.Bota, A.Tudora,       0,333
    pancreatitis in obese   Gastrointestinal   R.Şirli, A.Popescu,
    patients as compared    and Liver          M.Ardelean,
    to normal weight        Diseases /         I.Sporea, AM
    patients                Gastroenterology   Brânzan M.Dănilă
                            & hepatology.
                            J Gastrointestin
                            Liver Dis 2008;
                            17( Suppl:1),

                            ISSN 1841-8724.

97. Tendinta evolutiva a    Journal of         A. Goldis, Iulia        0,333
    ratei de depistare a    Gastrointestinal   Ratiu, Daniela Lazar,
    infectiilor cu          and Liver          D Koukoulas
    virusurile hepatitice   Diseases /
    B, C si D in perioada   Gastroenterology

     2002-2007 in vestul     & hepatology.
     tarii                   J Gastrointestin
                             Liver Dis 2008;
                             17( Suppl:1), p.87

                             ISSN 1841-8724.

98. The value of some        Revista romana       Alis Dema, Carmen     0,333
    immunohistochemical      de medicina de       Ardeleanu, Sorina
    and serological          laborator, 2008,     Tăban, Elena Lazăr,
    markers for the          13, 4: 31-38         Codruţa Lăzureanu,
    diagnosis of a                                Maria Cornianu, D.
    peculiar uterine tumor   ISSN: 1841-6624      Anastasiu
    in a postmenopausal
    woman: case report
99. Thalamic gerstmann       Journal of           Roşca EC, Simu M      1,235
    syndrome or              Neurology /
    diaschisis?              Clinical
                             neurology. 2008,
                             255: 162-162

                             ISSN 1351-5101.

100. Patient's outcome       Journal of       M.Dănilă, I.Sporea,       0,333
     after percutaneous      Gastrointestinal A.Tudora, R.Şirli, A.
     ultrasound guided       and Liver        Popescu
     ethanol injection in    Diseases /
     the treatment of HCC    Gastroenterology
                             & hepatology.
                             J Gastrointestin
                             Liver Dis 2008;

                             ISSN 1841-8724

101. PCNL vs. open           European             M. Botoca, P.         2,318
     surgery in the          Urology /            Boiborean, V.
     treatment of staghorn   Urology &            Bucuras, I. Herman,
     calculi                 nephrology. 2008,    R. Minciu, A.
                             7, 3:188-188         Cumpanas, F. Miclea

                             ISSN 1569-9056.

102. The beautiful study:      Cardiology /        Avram R.                0,786
     randomized trial of       Cardiac &
     ivabradine in patients    cardiovascular
     with stable coronary      systems.
     artery disease and left   2008;110:271-
     ventricular systolic      282
     dysfunction – baseline
     characteristics of the
     study population          ISSN 0008-6312
103. Efficiency and            Journal of Cystic   Almǎjan-Gutǎ B.,        0,333
     compliance of             Fibrosis, Vol. 7    Popa Z., Popa I., Pop
     physiotherapy             Supplement 2 /      L., Ciuca I.M.,
     combuned techniques       Respiratory
     in children with age      system.
     beween 3 and 6 years
                               ISSN 1569-1993.

104. Endoscopic                Surgical            I.A.C Blidisel, L.Jiga, 1,506
     harvesting of the         Endoscopy,          O.Cretu, A. Nistor,
     gracilis muscle –         Supplemant 1,       V.Dornean, L. Sima,
     experimental study in     Vol 22 (EAES        D.Ancusa, G.
     a swine model             Atena 2007) /       Romosan, M.Ionac

                               ISSN 0930-2794.

105. Endoscopic versus         Surgical            A.Blidisel, L.Jiga,     1,506
     rectus abdominis          Endoscopy,          B.Hoinoiu, L.Sima,
     muscle harvesting         Supplemant 1,       D. Ancusa, O. Cretu,
     experimental study in     Vol 22 (SAGES,      D.Iliescu, M.Ionac
     a swine model             Philadelphia,
                               USA, 9-12 april )
                               / Surgery.

                               ISSN 0930-2794

106. Endospoic treatment       Journal of          Sporea I, Lazăr D,      0,333
     in hemorrhagic peptic     Gastrointestinal    Tudora A, Raţiu I,
     ulcers                    and Liver           Goldiş A, Prodan I,
                               Diseases /          Vernic C
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),


                              ISSN 1841-8724

107. Executive dysfunction International           R. D Chirileanu, M     0,333
     in vascular subcortical Journal of Stroke,    Simu, D Reisz, S
     dementia                vol 3, Suppl 1 /      Tamasan, Popa R,
                             Peripheral            Males S, Sendroiu I,
                             vascular disease.     Cirlig C, Rosca C

                              ISSN 1747-4930

108. Fibroscan evaluation     Journal of           Sporea I, Şirli R,     0,333
     (transient               Gastrointestinal     Curescu M, Deleanu
     elastography) versus     and Liver            A, Tudora A,
     liver biopsy in          Diseases /           Cornianu M, Bota S,
     chronic C viral          Gastroenterology     Străin M, Lazăr D
     hepatitis                & hepatology.
                              J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1),

                              ISSN 1841-8724

109. Fibroscan sau            Journal of           M. Străin, Dorina      0,333
     fibrotest — care e cel   Gastrointestinal     Chişevescu,
     mai bun?                 and Liver            Alexandra Deleanu,
                              Diseases /           Roxan Şirli, Denise
                              Gastroenterology     Badin, Mărioara
                              & hepatology.        Corneanu, I. Sporea,
                              J Gastrointestin     R. Străin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1), p.

                              ISSN 1841-8724

110. Fighting against         Archives of          L Pop, I Popa, Z       1,871
     specific cystic fibrosis Disease in           Popa, I M Ciuca, M
     pathogens                Childhood, 93:       Liker, F Horha
                              44pw / Pediatrics.

                              ISSN 0003-9888.

111. Immunohistochemical      Virchows Archiv Lazar E, Lazar D,          1,132
     expression of e-         / Pathology. 2008, Taban S, Dema A,
     cadherin in gastric      452: S202-S202     Cornianu M, Sporea
     cancer: correlation                         I, Ratiu I.
     with clinico-
     pathological factors     ISSN 0945–6317.
     and survival
112. Indications for          Journal of          A.Popescu, S.Bota,     0,333
     performing a             Gastrointestinal    I.Sporea, R.Şirli,
     colonoscopy – the        and Liver           M.Dănilă, AM
     experience of the        Diseases /          Brânzan, V.Dănilă,
     department of            Gastroenterology    D.Nicoliţă, N.Abdoul
     gastroenterology         & hepatology.
     Timişoara                J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1),

                              ISSN 1841-8724

113. Intra- and inter         Journal of          A.Deleanu, R.Şirli,    0,333
     operator                 Gastrointestinal    I.Sporea
     reproducibility of       and Liver
     transient elastography   Diseases /
                              & hepatology.
                              .J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1),

                              ISSN 1841-8724

114. Is there a correlation   Journal of          Sporea I, Şirli R,     0,333
     between the liver        Gastrointestinal    Deleanu A, A.
     stiffness measured by    and Liver           Tudora, Bota S,
     fibroscan and the        Diseases /          Popescu A, Dănilă M
     level of serum           Gastroenterology
     albumins, bilirubin,     & hepatology.
     quick index and          J Gastrointestin
     cholinesteraase in       Liver Dis 2008;
     patients with liver      17( Suppl:1),
     cirrhosis?               p.153

                              ISSN 1841-8724

115. Is there a difference    Journal of the     G. Gluhovschi, F.      2,838
     between the estimated    American Society   Gadalean, V.
     gfr in patients (pts)    of Nephrology /    Trandafirescu, L.
     with surgically          Urology &          Petrica, S. Velciov,
     acquired single          nephrology.        G. Bozdog, C.
     kidney as compared                          Gluhovschi, F. Bob,
     to pts with congenital   ISSN 1046-6673     C. Vernic
     single kidney?
116. The influence of         Journal of         A.Deleanu, R.Şirli,    0,333
     technique parameters     Gastrointestinal   I.Sporea, A.Tudora,
     regarding the            and Liver          M.Focşa, I.Raţiu,
     accuracy of fibroscan    Diseases /         D.Nicoliţă
                              & hepatology.
                              J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1),

                              ISSN 1841-8724

117. The liver stiffness in Journal of           Sporea I, Şirli R,     0,333
     liver cirrhosis        Gastrointestinal     Deleanu A, Tudora
     according to ethiology and Liver            A, Bota S, Popescu
                            Diseases /           A, Dănilă M
                            & hepatology.
                            J Gastrointestin
                            Liver Dis 2008;
                            17( Suppl:1),

                              ISSN 1841-8724

118. The normal values of     Journal of         Sporea I, Şirli R,     0,333
     liver stiffness          Gastrointestinal   Tudora A, Deleanu
     measured by              and Liver          A, Bota S, Popescu A
     fibroscan in             Diseases /
     individuals without      Gastroenterology
     known hepatic injury     & hepatology.
                              J Gastrointestin
                              Liver Dis 2008;
                              17( Suppl:1),

                              ISSN 1841-8724

119. The percentage of         Journal of          A.Popescu, I.Sporea,   0,333
     therapeutic gestures      Gastrointestinal    S.Bota, D.Nicoliţă,
     performed during          and Liver           R.Şirli, M.Dănilă,
     colonoscopy in the        Diseases /          L.Cernescu, A.Guţă
     endoscopy                 Gastroenterology
     department of             & hepatology.
     gastroenterology          J Gastrointestin
     clinic from Timişoara     Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724

120. The role played by        European            Liana Dehelean         0,883
     sleep disturbances in     Psychiatry /
     the etiopathogeny of      Psychiatry. 2008,
     psychotic symptoms        23, S110-S110

                               ISSN 0924-9338

121. Tratamentul               Chirurgia           J. Avram , S. Manciu, 0,333
     chirurgical in chistele   supliment 1,        M. Pasztori, I.
     si pseudochistele         vol.103, S38 /      Avram, M. Avram,
     pancreatice               Surgery.            A.Dema, E.Puscasiu

                               ISSN 1221-9118.

122. The value of liver        Journal of          Şirli R, Sporea I,     0,333
     stiffness measurement     Gastrointestinal    Deleanu A, Tudora
     using the fibroscan       and Liver           A, Bota S, Popescu
     for the diagnostic of     Diseases /          A, Dănilă M
     liver cirrhosis           Gastroenterology
                               & hepatology.
                               .J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

123. Valorile durităţii        Journal of          Sporea I, R. Şirli,    0,333
     hepatice în hepatita      Gastrointestinal    Deleanu A, Tudora
     cronică HCV               and Liver           A, Bota S, M.Străin,
     comparativ cu             Diseases /          D.Lazăr

     hepatita cronică HBV      Gastroenterology
     – date preliminare        & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

124. The relationship          Journal of           Şirli R, Sporea I,      0,333
     between the liver         Gastrointestinal     Deleanu A, Tudora
     stiffness (measured by    and Liver            A, Bota S, Popescu
     fibroscan) and portal     Diseases /           A, Dănilă M
     hypertension in           Gastroenterology
     patients with liver       & hepatology.
     cirrhosis                 J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

125. Cerebral vessels          International        L. Petrica, M. Petrica, 0,333
     remodelling is            Journal of Stroke,   Gh. Gluhovschi, D.
     significant even in the   vol 3, Suppl 1, pp   C. Jianu, F.
     early stages of           291 / Peripheral     Gădălean, S. Ursoniu,
     chronic kidney            vascular disease.    F. Bob, C.
     disease                   2008, 3, 1, 291-     Gluhovschi, S.
                               291                  Velciov, Gh. Bozdog

                               ISSN 1747-4930.

126. Risk factors              Journal of           M.Dănilă, I.Sporea,     0,333
     associated to liver       Gastrointestinal     A.Tudora, R.Şirli, A.
     cirrhosis in the          and Liver            Popescu
     hepatocellular            Diseases /
     carcinoma occurrence      Gastroenterology
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

127. Sedation in               Journal of         Sporea I, Popescu A,   0,333
     colonoscopy in            Gastrointestinal   Săndesc D, Bota S,
     Timişoara                 and Liver          Abdoul N, Nicoliţă D
                               Diseases /
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

128. Spectrul etiologic al     Journal of         I. Ratiu, Daniela      0,333
     HDS intr-o clinica de     Gastrointestinal   Lazar, A Goldis, D
     gastroenterologie         and Liver          Koukoulas, L Olaru,
                               Diseases /         Annemarie Branzan,
                               Gastroenterology   I Sporea
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724

129. Tumor angiogenesis        Virchows Archiv,   Taban S, Lazar D,      1,132
     in gastric carcinoma:     2008, 452: S201-   Lazar E, Dema A,
     correlation with          S201               Cornianu M, Sporea
     clinico-pathological                         I, Goldis A
     factors and survival of   ISSN 0945–6317
     the patients
130. The cytolitic             Journal of         Sporea I, Bota S,      0,333
     syndrome – how often      Gastrointestinal   Nicoliţă D, Buha A,
     is it diagnosed using     and Liver          Cernescu L, Ardelean
     the national              Diseases /         M
     programme for             Gastroenterology
     evaluating the            & hepatology.
     population’s health?      J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724

131. Ultrasound assisted        Journal of         Sporea I, Nicoliţă D,    0,333
     hepatic biopsy – 15        Gastrointestinal   Popescu A, Şirli R,
     years of personal          and Liver          Dănilă M
     experience                 Diseases /
                                & hepatology.
                                J Gastrointestin
                                Liver Dis 2008;
                                17( Suppl:1), p.95

                                ISSN 1841-8724.

132. Ultrasound assisted        Journal of         Sporea I, Nicoliţă D,    0,333
     liver biopsy –             Gastrointestinal   Şirli R, Vernic C
     different classes of       and Liver
     evaluators: beginners      Diseases /
     against seniors            Gastroenterology
                                & hepatology.
                                J Gastrointestin
                                Liver Dis 2008;
                                17( Suppl:1), p.96

                                ISSN 1841-8724.

133. Valoarea evaluarii         Journal of           Adriana Tudora, O.     0,333
     activitatii rectocolitei   Gastrointestinal     Ciof, Raluca Alban, I.
     ulcerohemoragice           and Liver            Sporea, Corina
     printr-un scor clinic      Diseases /           Vernic
     de activitate              Gastroenterology
                                & hepatology.
                                J Gastrointestin
                                Liver Dis 2008;
                                17( Suppl:1), p.54

                                ISSN 1841-8724.

134. The epileptogenic          European Journal     P.Mihancea, D.         1,273
     factors in elderly         of Neurology /       Matcau, L.Matcau,
     adults                     Clinical             N.Havasi, C.M.Brisc,
                                neurology. 2008,     C.Brisc
                                15: 91-92

                                ISSN 1351-5101.

135. The evaluation of         Journal of           Sporea I, Deleanu A,     0,333
     hemodialysed patients     Gastrointestinal     Golea O, Mihăilescu
     infected with hepatitis   and Liver            D, Şirli R, Nicoliţă D
     c virus using transient   Diseases /
     elastography              Gastroenterology
     (fibroscan)               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

136. The evolution of          Journal of           A.Popescu, I.Sporea,     0,333
     crohn’s disease in        Gastrointestinal     S.Bota, B.Besenyodi,
     banat                     and Liver            N.Besenyodi,
                               Diseases /           C.Cernescu, R.Şirli,
                               Gastroenterology     M.Dănilă,A.Guţă,
                               & hepatology.        D.Nicoliţă
                                J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1), p.46

                               ISSN 1841-8724.

137. The fibroscan             Journal of           Sporea I, Şirli R,       0,333
     evaluation of inactive    Gastrointestinal     Deleanu A, Tudora
     hbsag carriers            and Liver            A, Bota S, Popescu A
                               Diseases /
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;
                               17( Suppl:1),

                               ISSN 1841-8724

138. The fibroscan             Journal of           Şirli R, Sporea I,       0,333
     evaluation of patients    Gastrointestinal     Deleanu A, Tudora
     with non-alcoholic        and Liver            A, Bota S, Popescu A
     steato-hepatitis (nash)   Diseases /
                               & hepatology.
                               J Gastrointestin
                               Liver Dis 2008;

                             17( Suppl:1),

                             ISSN 1841-8724.

139. Pancreatic              Diabetes /          Vlad A, Timar R,        2,463
     autoantibodies and      Endocrinology &     Diaconu L, Sima A,
     fasting c peptide in    metabolism. Nr.     Roşu M, Şerban V.
     young first degreee     57 (Suppl 1)
     relatives of type 1
     diabetes mellitus       2545-PO
     patients from
     Romania                 ISSN 0012-1797

140. QTC interval and        Diabetologia /      Timar R, Şerban V,      1,834
     adiponectin in          Endocrinology &     Diaconu L, Vlad A,
     patients with type 2    metabolism. Vol     Timar B
     diabetes mellitus       51 (Suppl 1)


                             ISSN 0012-186X


141. A case of acalculia     Neurological        Rosca EC                        0,816
     due to impaired         Sciences 2009; 2
     procedural knowledge    (30): 163-170.
                             ISSN 1590-1874
142. A HLPC evaluation       Acta                Dragomirescu,A,                    0
     of Genistein – an       endocrinologica     Mureşan, A., Ersilia,
     estrogen – mimetic      2009; 1: 41-47.     E., Andoni, M.
     phytoestrogen – in      ISSN 1841 -0987
     Glycine max (soy)
143. A nodular hyperplasia   Romanian Journal    Cornea R, Lazar E,                 0
     of the thymic           of Morphology       Dema A, Herman D
     epithelium. Case        and Embryology
     report.                 2009; 50(4):729–
                             ISSN 1220-0522
144. Anterior tibial         Journal of Sports   Roxana Ramona                   0,641
     translation in elite    Science and         Onofrei , Dan
     handball and            Medicine 2009.      Poenaru , Ioan Dan
     basketball players      ISSN 1303- 2968     Aurelian Nemes,
                                                 Alina Daniela

145. Arithmetic procedural     Brain Research     Rosca EC                 0,978
     knowledge: a cortico      2009; 1302:148-
     – subcortical circuit     56.
                               ISSN 0006-8993
146. Asocierea dintre          Revista Romana     Săvoiu, G., Cristescu,      0
     concentratia de           de Medicina de     C., Şerban, C.,
     lipoproteine cu           Laborator          Dehelean, C.,
     densitate joasa           ISSN 1841-6624     Drăgan, S., Duicu,
     oxidate si                                   O., Noveanu, L.,
     ateroscleroza                                Borza, C.
147. Aspects regarding the     Journal of Legal   Enache, A; Pasca, V;        0
     hope for successful       Medicine 2009;     Luta, V; Ciopec, F;
     reintegration of          11:382-385         Ursachi, G; Radu, Dl;
     female detainees.         ISSN 1873-4162     Stratul, S; Zarie, G;
     (Journal Article)                            Mutiu, F
148. Assessment of             Rom J Leg Med      Berinde A.M.,               0
     chronic kidney            2009; 3:205-212    Gluhovschi G.,
     disease based on          ISSN 1221-8618     Enache A., Luta V.,
     necroptic                                    Vernic C., Lungu D.,
     microscopical                                Potencz E.,
     examination in violent                       Gluhovschi C, Bob F.
     death cases
     Observations on five-
     year casuistry of the
     Institute of Legal
     Medicine Timisoara.
149. Assessment of             Journal of        Georgescu D,              1,187
     minimal hepatic           Neurology, suppl  Georgescu C, ,
     encephalopathy in         2009; 28:5-16     Muntean M, Simu M,
     cirrhotic patients        ISSN 0340-5354    Georgescu LA
     treated with probiotics                     University of
                                                 Medicine and
                                                 Pharmacy :V.Babes‖,
150. Association between       Revista Romana    Germaine Savoiu,             0
     oxidized low-density      de Medicina de    Carmen Cristescu,
     lipoprotein               Laborator, iunie  Corina Serban,
     cholesterol               2009, volumul 15, Cristina Dehelean,
     concentration and         nr.2, 49-54       Simona Dragan,
     atherosclerosis           ISSN 1841-6624    Oana Duicu, Lavinia
                                                 Noveanu, Claudia
151. Attention-Deficit/        Journal of Child  Tiberiu Mircea,           1,699
     Hyperactivity             and Adolescent    Ferenc Martényi

     Disorder- Diagnosis,     Psychopharmacol
     Co-morbidities,          ogy 2009; 19(4):
     Treatment Patterns       363-376
     and Quality of Life in   ISSN 1044-5463
     a Paediatric
     Population in Central
     and Eastern Europe
     and Asia
152. Cardioprotection with    8th International   Ciprian Hentia,          0
     volatile anaesthetics    Congress on         Gabriel Gheorghiu,
     in rat hearts in vivo:   Coronary Artery     Valentin Ordodi,
     no additive effect of    Diseases ―New       Nicoleta Mirica,
     Cyclosporin A            Approaches in       Andreea Raducan,
     administration at        Coronary Artery     Oana Duicu, Marius
     reperfusion              Diseases‖, 11-14    Papurica, Ovidiu
                              October, 2009,      Bedreag, Dorel
                              Prague, Czech       Sandesc, Danina
                              Republic,           Muntean
                              ISSN 978-88-
153. Chimerism analysis - Romanian                Cristian Jinca,          0
     critical diagnostic tool Review of           Valentin Ordodi,
     for the outcome          Laboratory          Smaranda
     assessment of            Medicine 2009;      Arghirescu, Jijo John,
     allogeneic               44: 4-17            Anca Isac, Luca
     hematopoietic stem       ISSN 1841-6624      Dehelean, Margit
     cell transplantation                         Serban
154. Dichotomic effects of Proceedings of         Nicoleta Mirica,
     Diazoxide and            the 8th             Maria Luculescu,
     Cyclosporine A on        International       Andreea Raducan,
     contractile function     Congress on         Mircea Hancu,
     and infarct size in      Coronary Artery     Valentin Ordodi,
     Langendorff perfused Diseases, ―New          Oana Duicu, Claudia
     rat hearts               Approaches in       Borza, Ovidiu Fira-
                              Coronary Artery     Mladinescu, Danina
                              Diseases‖, 11-14    Muntean
                              October, 2009,
                              Prague, Czech
                              ISSN 978-88-
155. Does chronic kidney      Cent Eur J Med      Petrica L, Petrica M,    0
     disease define a         2009; 5(3): 329-    Vlad A, Gluhovschi
     particular risk pattern 337                  Gh, Matcau L,
     of cerebral vessels      ISSN 1895-1058      Gadalean F, Ursoniu
     modifications in                             S, Jianu CD, Velciov

     patients with                                S, Bob F, Gluhovschi
     symptomatic ischemic                         C, Trandafirescu V,
     cerebrovascular                              Matcau D, Bozdog
     disease?                                     Gh, Muresan C.
156. Early mobilization        Journal of         Ratiu A, Pascut D,      0,866
     and leg compression       Perinatal          Crisan D.C, Navolan
     in proximal deep          Medicine           D, Tudor Anca,
     venous thrombosis         ISSN 0300-5577     Pascut Magda
     during pregnancy
157. Epidemiological           Eur J Gynaecol     László Kalmár, Judit    0,471
     modelling of risk         Oncol 2009;        Deák, László Thurzó,
     factors of human          46(2): 107-111     Attila Pál, Elena
     papilloma virus in        ISSN 0392-2936     Bernad, Tibor A.
     women with positive                          Nyári
     cytology in the county
     of Csongrád,
158. Gastric cancer:           Romanian Journal   Lazar D, Taban S,          0
     correlation between       of Morphology      Sporea I, Dema A,
     clinicopathological       and Embryology     Cornianu M, Lazar E,
     factors and survival of   2009;50(2):185-    Goldiş A, Vernic C
     patients (II)             94
                               ISSN 1220-0522
159.   Gastric cancer:         Romanian Journal   Lazar D, Taban S,          0
       correlation between     of Morphology      Sporea I, Dema A,
       clinicopathological     and Embryology     Cornianu M, Lazar E,
       factors and survival of 2009;50(3):369-    Goldis A, Vernic C
       patients (III)          79
                               ISSN 1220-0522
160.   Gastric cancer: The     Romanian Journal   Daniela Lazar, Sorina      0
       correlation between     of Morphology      Taban, Alis Dema,
       the                     and Embryology     Marioara Cornianu,
       clinicopathological     2009;50(1):41-50   A. Goldis, Iulia
       factors and patients    ISSN 1220-0522     Ratiu, I. Sporea
       survival (I)
161.   Graves' disease and     Acta               M. Vlad, M.                0
       follicular thyroid      Endocrinologica    Cornianu, Fulger
       carcinoma-case report Vol V, No 3,         Lazar, Ioana Golu,
                               ISSN 1841 - 0987   Ioana Zosin
162.   High-but not low dose European Journal     D. Muntean, V.          1,200
       ketamine abolishes      of Heart Failure   Ordodi, G.
       cardioprotection        ISSN 1388-9842     Gheorghiu, N.
       elicited by volatile                       Mirica, C.Hentia, A.
       anaesthetics and                           Raducan, O. Duicu,
       diazoxide in the rat                       D. Sandesc
       heart in vivo,
163.   Immune processes at     Adv Clin Exp       Gluhovschi G,              0

     the level of the          Med 2009;            Gluhovschi C, Bob F,
     juxtaglomerular           38:240-50            Velciov S,
     apparatus (JGA) and       ISSN 1230-025X       Trandafirescu V,
     their relationship with                        Petrica L, Bozdog G,
     hypertension and                               Cioca D.
     nephropathies. State
     of the art.
164. Immune processes at       Centr. Europ. J of   Gluhovschi G,              0
     the level of the          Immunol 34,          Gluhovschi C, Bob F,
     nephron. The immune       2009; 34 (3): 192-   Velciov S,
     system and its            206                  Trandafirescu V,
     compartmentalization      ISSN 1426-3912       Petrica L, Bozdog G,
                                                    Cioca D
165. In this issue: new        Int Rev Immunol.     Bot A, Jiga LP.         1,460
     topics in miRNA and       2009;28(3-4):
     transplantation           ISSN 0883-0185
166. Morpho-pathological       Rom J Leg            Berinde A.M.,              0
     alterations of the        Med17(1) 2009;       Gluhovschi G.,
     cardio-vascular           1:37-45              Enache A., Luta V.,
     system in violent         ISSN 1221-8618       Vernic C., Lungu D.,
     death cases                                    Potencz E.
167. Mutant HFE genotype       J Appl Genet.        Neghina AM, Anghel      0,794
     leads to significant      2009;50(2): 173–     A, Sporea I, Popescu
     iron overload in          176                  A, Neghina R,
     patients with liver       ISSN 1234-1983       Collins A,
     diseases from western                          Thorstensen K
168. Nephro- and               Wiener Klinische     Petrica L, Petrica M,   0,518
     neuroprotective           Wochenschrift,       Vlad A, Jianu DC,
     effects of                vol. 121, nr. 23-    Gluhovschi G,
     rosiglitazone versus      24                   Ianculescu C,
     glimepiride in            ISSN 0043-5325       Dumitrascu V, Giju
     normoalbuminuric                               S, Gluhovschi C, Bob
     patients with type 2                           F, Ursoniu S,
     diabetes mellitus: a                           Gadalean F, Velciov
     randomized                                     S, Bozdog G, Marian
     controlled trial                               R
169. Percutaneous Ethanol      J Gastrointestin     Mirela Dănilă, Ioan        0
     Injection Therapy in      Liver Dis 2009;      Sporea, Roxana Şirli,
     the Treatment of          18(3). ISSN 317-     Alina Popescu
     Hepatocarcinoma -         322
     Results Obtained
     from a Series of 88

170. Physico-Chemical           Revista de          Simu, G.,               0,579
     Characterization and       Chimie.             Agrigoroaie, G.,
     In Vivo Imagistic          (Bucuresti) 2009;   Dragomirescu, A.,
     Skin Evaluation of a       60 (12).            Andoni, M.,
     New Disazo Dye             ISSN 0034 –
     Containing Eco-            7752
     Friendly Precursors
171. Postmortem                 Romanian Journal    Berinde AM,                0
     evaluation of renal,       of Legal            Gluhovschi G,
     coronary and cerebral      Medicine 2009;      Enache A, Luţă V,
     vascular lesions in        nr. 4.              Vernic C, Lungu D,
     chronic kidney             ISSN 1221-8618      Potencz E,
     disease                                        Gluhovschi C, Bob F
172. Postoperative              Chirurgia 2009      Mazilu O, Grigoraş         0
     complete abdominal         Jul-                D, Cnejevici S,
     dehiscence: risk           Aug;104(4):419-     Dabelea C,
     factors and clinical       23.                 Prundeanu H, Ştef D,
     correlations               ISSN 1221-9118      Istodor A, Timar R
173. Predictors of suicidal     Wiener              Ursoniu S., Putnoky     0,518
     behavior in a high         Klinnische          S., Vlaicu B.,
     school student             Wochenschrift       Vlădescu C.
     population: a cross-       2009;121(17-
     sectional study            18):564-73.
                                ISSN 0043-5325
174. Prima colecistectomie      Chirurgia           M. Străin, Dorina          0
     NOTES din România:         Chirurgia 2009;     Chişevescu, S. Blaj,
     model experimental.        104 (2): 173-179)   B. Hoinoiu, S. Barac,
                                ISSN 1221-9118      L. Jiga, C. Neamţu,
                                                    F. Lazăr, M. Ionac
175. Primordial                 Wiener              Ursoniu S.              0,518
     prevention,                Klinnische
     developing countries       Wochenschrift
     and the                    2009; 5-6 (121):
     epidemiological            168-172.
     transition: thirty years   ISSN 0043-5325
176. Rubidium in                Revista de          Antal D., Dehelean      0,579
     medicinal plants,          Chimie 2009;        C., Peev C., Anke M.
     contribution to the        60(2).
     research of a
     potentially essential
177. Secondary pathologic       Eur Rev Med         Vermesan D,                0
     fractures in               Pharmacol Sci.      Vermesan H,
     osteosarcoma:              2009 Mar-           Dragulescu SI, Bera
     prognosis and              Apr;13(2):71-6.     I, Di Giovanni A,

     evolution                                    Sabatini R,
                                                  Santacroce L,
                                                  Bottalico L, Flace P,
                                                  Cagiano R.
178. Studies About the        Rev. Materiale      O. Ghiba, R.            0,729
     Initial Fixation of a    plastice Vol. 46    Prejbeanu, D.
     Mini Tailored Hip        nr. 3 Sept 2009     Vermesan
     Prosthesis with a
     Scaffold Structure
179. Studies on stress and    DAAAM               Sticlaru C, Davidescu      0
     strain state of a hip    International       A, Crainic N, Faur C
     joint endoprosthesis     Scientific Book
                              2009, pp. 853-
                              864, B. Katalinic
                              (Ed.), ISSN
                              Vienna, Austria
180. SURGERY –A               Hamostaseologie     M.Şerban,                  0
     CHALLENGE IN             4a 2009; 1:39-41    D.Poenaru, L.Pop,
     HAEMOPHILIACS                                H.Ioniţă, D.Mihailov,
     WITH INHIBITORS                              N.Ţepeneu, R.Badeţi,
181. The clinical anatomy     Clinical Anatomy    Marios Loukas,          0,783
     of the coronary          2009, 22:146-160    Samuel Bilinsky,
     collateral circulation                       Esther Bilinsky,
                                                  Matusz Petru, Robert
                                                  H. Anderson
182. The effect on            Int J Clin          Gluhovschi G,           0,776
     proteinuria and          Pharmacol Ther.     Velciov S, Kaycsa A,
     urinary NAG of           2009; 47(7):444-    Trandafirescu V,
     treatment with           53                  Petrica L, Bozdog G,
     meloxicam in chronic                         Gluhovschi C, Bob F,
     glomerular disease                           Vernic C.
     patients- a
     preliminary study
183. The first NOTE           Chirurgia           Străin M, Chişevescu       0
     (Natural Orifice         (Bucur). 2009;      D, Blaj S, Hoinoiu B,
     Translumenal             104(2):173-9        Barac S, Jiga L,
     Endoscopic)                                  Neamţu C, Lazăr F,
     cholecystectomy in                           Ionac M
     Romania: an
     experimental model in
184. The glomerular           Acta Endocrinol.    Gluhovschi G,              0
     filtration rate in       2009; 5 (3): 309-   Velciov S, Curescu S,

     patients with breast     315                Nicola T, Gluhovschi
     cancer treated by                           C, Bob F,
     radiation and                               Trandafirescu V,
     chemotherapy                                Petrica L, Bozdog G,
     followed by                                 Tveici M, Vernic C.
     Tamoxifen. Does
     Tamoxifen influence
     renal function in
     patients with breast
185. The initial cry of the   Perinatal          Constantin Ilie, E.          0
     New-born, a Possible     Medicine           Bernad, I. Enatescu,
     Marker of the            International      V. R. Enatescu, R.
     Neonatal                 Proceedings        Ilie
     Neurological Status      Division 2009;
                              Volume 1: 175-
186. The OPG/SRANKL           Acta               C. Gurban, I. Zosin,         0
     system and the low       Endocrinologica    F. Sfrijan, M.
     bone mineral density     2009, 5 (1): 27-   Cojocaru, H.
     in postmenopausal        40.                Vermesan, D.
     osteoporosis                                Vermesan, I.Savescu,
                                                 I Radulov, D.
                                                 Drugarin, V.
187. The value of             Central European   Sporea I, R                  0
     transabdominal           Journal of         Şirli, Elena
     ultrasound for           Medicine 2009;     Başa, Maria
     assessment of the        4(4): 490-495.     Cornianu, Alina
     severity of liver                           Popescu, Mirela
     steatosis as compared                       Dănilă and Mircea
     to liver biopsy                             Focşa
     Thyroid dysfunction      Acta               I. Pascanu, C.               0
     in children with         Endocrinologica    Banescu, T. Benedek,
     DOWN’s syndrome          2009;              C. Duicu, K. Csep, A.
                              90(12):1389-93.    Dema
     Transient                J Gastrointestin   R. Şirli, I. Sporea, A.      0
     elastographic            Liver Dis: 2009;   Tudora, A. Deleanu,
     evaluation of subjects   18(1):57-60        A. Popescu
     without known
     hepatic pathology,
     does age change the
     liver stiffness?
188. Trichinellosis, a        Vector-Borne       Neghina R., Neghina       1,248
     threatening and re-      And Zoonotic       A.M., Marincu I.,
     emerging disease in a    Diseases 9(6)      Moldovan R.,

     Romanian western         2009; 9(6):717-21 Iacobiciu I.
189. Ultrasound               Ultrasound in   Georgescu D,            1,199
     assessment of gastric    Medicine and    Muntean M,
     motility patterns in                     Georgescu C, Simu
                              Biology, vol. 35,
     patients with migraine   Issue 8, Suppl. M,Georgescu LA.
     and dyspepsia.           Aug. 2009; S162-University of
                              S163.           Medicine and
                                              Pharmacy ―V.Babes‖,
190. Women criminality-      Journal of Legal Luta, V; Pasca, V;         0
     the influence of socio- Medicine (Tokyo) Enache, A; Ciopec,
     familial history and    2009 Apr;11      F; Ursachi, G; Radu,
     status (Journal         Suppl 1:S386-9.  D; Stratul, S; Zarie,
     Article)                                 G; Mutiu, F
191. Extracorporeal Shock European            R. Zimmermann, A          3,2
     Wave Therapy for the Urology 2009;       Cumpanas, F Miclea,
     Treatment of Chronic 56(3):418-24        G Janetschek
     Pelvic Pain Syndrome
     in Males: A
     Randomised, Double-
     Blind, Placebo-
     Controlled Study.


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