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					?The overall economics of most Americans is in such a dire with the high cost of gas,
huge unemployment's well as the crumbling condition of Medicare and Medicaid. It is
also a time where corporation presidents overwhelming self greed made them forget...
the little people who they were intrusted to look out for. So it is with a very pleasant
surprise to come across a small Georgia company president Charles Myrick of
ACIRX, that is determined to help the people of the world instead of just standing by

It started out as a question in November 2004, that later turned out to be a plea." Is
there anything that can help my people with their medications?" This was a question
from a director over 13 mostly rural counties in Georgia. A service,health,
entertainment and shopping online site were first enhanced at where people could
come to one site for assistance. American Consultants Rx Inc. (ACIRX) was also born
as a community service project of American Consultants Inc., an agency that brokers
in insurance and services across the country. It consisted of a discount prescription
card program that would be donated free of charge to the heads of non-profit
organizations, doctors, hospitals, churches, and even the public, and networked with
over fifty thousand chain pharmacies across the U.S.

The company donated initially over 2.7 million ACIRX discount prescription cards
free of charge that saved people up to 40% off of drugs and 60% off of generic drugs.
One card would take care of a family and there was no expiration period. Directors of
non-profit organizations, doctors, social workers, state and federal agencies, churches,
etc. began ordering these cards. When ACIRX reached twenty five million orders,
their only sponsor basically quit, it was too much. However rather than quit , Charles
Myrick, president of ACIRX ,
stated that "Quitting is not an option...ACIRX will take it to every bank,financial
institution,or every person in the U.S in their pursuit for funding !"

Even though financial help is being sought to print and ship over 60 million ACIRX
free discount cards, to over 10,000 groups, where they will be donated free of charge
to the community, ACIRX made the card available at .Just click on the ACIRX blue
banner and download and print the free ACIRX discount card that will be honored at
over 50,000 chain pharmacies. The president of ACIRX promised not to quit on these
people. The project is not a cure all, but it is something... HOPE.

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