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Wednesday, February 10th
Today’s Presentation

•   What is a Bachelor of Education?
•   6 Steps to Becoming a Teacher
•   Careers in Education
•   Q&A
What is a Bachelor of Education?

• A combination of professional education
• offered to candidates interested in
  pursuing a career in teaching/education
• eligibility requirements to become certified
  to teach elementary or secondary school
What is a Bachelor of Education?

To become a teacher in an Ontario public
 school, you must:
• have completed a minimum three-year postsecondary
  degree from an acceptable postsecondary institution
• have successfully completed a one-year acceptable
  teacher education program
• apply to the College for certification and pay the annual
  membership and registration fees.
What is a Bachelor of Education?
The program usually consists of:
  A) a learning component (course work)
   E.g. courses on teaching subjects, teaching
   theories, etc.
  B) a practical teaching component (practicum)
   An opportunity to observe and teach in school
   classrooms and in other settings.
Student Experience….

        Wai-May Wong, B.Ed
         Queens University
6 Steps to Becoming a Teacher

 • Use the following steps to help you
   determine if this is your pathway
 • Use to guide through your application
 • Steps may not be in this order and
Step 1 – Undergraduate Education

1) Get a well-rounded university education
   • You are here!
Step 2 - Level

2) Decide the level you are interested in
     • Primary(Kindergarten-Grade 3)
     • Junior (Grades 4-6)
     • Intermediate (Grades 7-10)
     • Senior (Grades 11-12)
Step 3 – Teachable Subjects
3) Decide the subject(s) you are interested in
  •Family Studies*        •English
  •Law                    •Health Care
  •Politics               •General Science*
  •Philosophy      *OISE/UT, York and UWO offer
                   Family Studies as a teachable

                * Nutrition students have strength in
               General Science as a second teachable
Step 3 Continued

•Teachers in Ontario must earn basic
qualifications in two consecutive divisions in
their teacher education programs
•Each teaching division has it’s own entry
•Align your Ryerson course selections
Step 4 – Faculty of Education
4) Select your Faculty of Education

    •OISE/University of Toronto
    •Queen’s University
    •University of Ottawa
    •University of Western Ontario
    •York University
Faculty Experience….

            Jane Witte
            OISE, UofT
        Faculty of Education
Step 4 Continued
•Each Faculty of Education has it’s own entry
•Selection is based on academic and experience
      •A minimum requirement for each “teaching
      experience” is approximately one hundred
      (100) hours
      •“B” average or better in fifteen full course
      equivalents, i.e. 30 semester courses
 Step 5 – Experience Preparation
• Volunteering with school, community, recreation or
  religious programs will show your interest for

• Volunteer / work experience at the age level you
  are applying to is preferred

• Cross-cultural diversity and group facilitation are
  competencies that
Step 6 – Application Process

• In Ontario, you must submit your B.Ed.
  application through the Teacher Education
  Application Center (TEAS,

• TEAS will process and forward applications and
  amendments to all requested faculties of
Step 6 – Application Process

• Application Deadline – TBA
  – Usually end of November/December 1st

• Statement of Interest/Resume/Reference Letters
  – Highlight your experiences working with youth and
  – Outline how these experiences will contribute to your
    career in teaching
  – Keep a log of activity
Time Line
                               Present May- July   Aug Sept   Oct   Nov
Activity                               June
Step 1-4                         ✔
Research, Course Planning,
Degree completion
Step 5                                  ✔    ✔     ✔
Volunteer & Work
Step 6                                             ✔    ✔      ✔     ✔
Application Preparation, and
Careers in Education

•The skills possessed by B.Ed graduates are
transferrable to many career areas outside of the
conventional classroom.

•Classroom teaching opportunities exist in:
   Public education and private schools in Ontario,
   in other provinces and abroad.
 Careers in Education
•Teaching in other settings:
   •Health Care Educators i.e. hospitals/home care
   •Schools for students with special needs
   •Correctional education, College
   •Adult education centres, public relations and
   Consulting firms, educational publishing

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