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                    826 Ewing St.
                   10 AM - 5 PM
 Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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Build on experience when changing careers
     (MS) — If a 2007 survey on                                                    the work itself is dissatisfying or         45- to 54-year-old dissatisfied
worker satisfaction is any indica-                                                 unchallenging, then it might be             workers would most likely have
tion, Americans’ dissatisfaction                                                   time to consider a new career. If           switched careers years ago. To
with their jobs is at its highest in                                               you don’t ever see yourself being           make the road a little easier,
20 years. According to market                                                      fulfilled or happy in your current          emphasize your skills that transfer
information firm The Conference                                                    field, then a change is best.               beyond your current career and
Board, fewer than half of all                                                            • Understand your talents             into other fields.
respondents were satisfied with                                                    and strengths. What you’re good                  Effective management is
their jobs.                                                                        at should guide you into your next          needed in every business. So if you
     Where the survey might have                                                   career. If you’re a successful busi-        have management experience,
proven most surprising was the                                                     nessman but have always wanted              emphasize that as you search for
apparent dissatisfaction of workers                                                to be a commercial fisherman, it’s          new employment. Prospective
age 45 to 54. Fewer than 45 per-                                                   best if you’re actually good at             employers will be far more likely
cent in that category were satisfied                                               catching fish. The same goes with           to hire you into a new field if they
with their jobs, a startling result                                                any career change. Simply drop-             know you’re bringing transferable
when considering the assumption           When looking to change careers,          ping your current career and head-          skills.
many people find something                try finding one where your               ing into professional parts                      • Know what you’re getting
they’d enjoy doing for a living by        strengths and past experience            unknown is setting yourself up for          into. Some fields require advanced
the time they reach their 40s.            are both relevant and valuable.          failure.                                    degrees, while others require certi-
                                          (Metro Creative Graphics)
     However, finding that elusive                                                       Ask yourself what your                fication. When choosing a new
dream job, if it even exists, is no        work you do, but you feel restrict-     strengths are and where your tal-           career, understand what it takes to
small task, regardless of a person’s       ed at work, don’t like your             ents lie. A successful career will be       be successful in the fields you’re
age. If you’re thinking of a career        coworkers, or feel there’s no room      built on your strengths, so when            interested in. Success often breeds
change, consider the following tips        for advancement, that doesn’t           choosing a new career look for one          satisfaction. But if you ignore or
before casting out your net.               mean you need a career change.          where those strengths are applica-          are unaware of certain require-
     • Decide if it’s your career or       That’s more indicative of someone       ble.                                        ments, that can greatly reduce
your job you don’t like. There’s a         who needs to change jobs. You                 • Try to make the transition a        your chances of being successful,
difference between dissatisfaction         can, and probably will, be happy if     smooth one. Making a career                 which could land you right back
with your career and dissatisfac-          you stay in the field, but you likely   change is not going to be one big           where you are now, dissatisfied
tion with your job. If you like the        just need a change of scenery. If       bed of roses. If it were, all those         and looking for answers.

            Indiana                                        Degrees
           Wesleyan                                        Available
           University                                     Associate
    LEAP Program                                          • Accounting
                                                          • Business
                                                                                                                     Flexible to
    Education for working Adults                          • Computer
                                                                                                                    Full-Time and
    • Earn your degree from an accredited
      University in 18-24 months
                                                          • Criminal
                                                                                                                     Direct Hire
    • Streamlined admission process with                  Bachelor
       textbooks mailed to your doorstep
                                                          • Accounting
                                                          • Business
    • Several class sites close to your home and
                                                          • Business
                                                                                                    • Light Industrial
    • Classes offered online so you can obtain
                                                                                                    • Clerical/Admin
       your degree no matter what shift you work          • Management
                                                          • Marketing
                                                                                                    • Call Center Staff
                                                          • Criminal Justice                           • Catering &
                         For More Information Contact:
                                 Chad Hummel
                                                          Degrees                                     Event Services
                      Director of Corporate Development
                      Indiana Wesleyan University LEAP
                                                          • Management
                                 260-341-0963             • Business
                                                                                            4112 E. State Blvd, Fort Wayne
                            (MBA)                                   260-496-9900
                                                                                     Apply online @ • Use reference code: D514240
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Career education can bolster job prospects
     (ARA) — In today’s                                                                   income families.”             career schools to be an
competitive job market,                                                                        Program flexibility is   appealing option.”
post-secondary education                                                                  an important considera-            Enrollment is growing
can provide a viable solu-                                                                tion. “They want to see       at Brown Mackie College -
tion to developing the                                                                    the kids off to school in     Tulsa in the health care
marketable skills that                                                                    the morning, and get back     and technology programs,
employers look for in                                                                     home in the afternoon to      with the greatest enroll-
potential job candidates.                                                                 meet the kids at the bus,”    ment growth in health
     If you are working or                                                                continues Choquette. “A       care field programs.
looking for a job, there are                                                              flexible schedule helps.”          Inspiration to join the
steps you can take to help                                                                     Others enrolling in      health care field comes in
enhance your prospects in                                                                 school are those who          different ways. “Some of
the marketplace. Many                                                                     began an academic career      the population is dealing
adults are going back to                                                                  earlier in life and post-     with an aging parent that
school with an eye toward                                                                 poned it.                     received good care. Or
                               Many adults are going back to school with an eye
bolstering the chance for                                                                      “We’re also seeing       they’ve had someone in
                               toward advancing in their current field or entering a
promotion or studying to       new one. (ARA)
                                                                                          more high school graduates    health care reach out to
enter a new field.                                                                        who are looking for non-      them and made a differ-
     “We’re finding that       sources,” says Denise        Tulsa, Okla. “Today’s econ-   traditional academic pro-     ence, and they feel they
our student population         Choquette, president of      omy has presented new         grams,” says Choquette.       want to become involved,”
comes from several             Brown Mackie College in      challenges for many single-   “Many find non-residential    says Choquette.

September 11, 2009                                            A marketing publication of Fort Wayne Newspapers                                    3
Baby boomers can survive layoffs late in the game
      (MS) — With the economy struggling to                                                                     need to give your resume a makeover. Revamp
regain stability, many Baby Boomers are find-                                                                   your resume even if you haven’t been laid off.
ing themselves in a place they never thought                                                                    Emphasize your versatility on your resume.
they would be at this stage in the game: the                                                                          • Work on your interview skills. For the
unemployment line.                                                                                              majority of Baby Boomers, it’s likely been a
      If January, when 598,000 jobs were lost as                                                                long time since their last job interview. While
the unemployment rate hit 7.6 percent nation-                                                                   performing well in an interview can be like rid-
ally, is any indication, the 2009 projection                                                                    ing a bike, you’ll still need to prepare. For one
might prove to be an understatement. For Baby                                                                   thing, your marketable skills now are likely
Boomers, the specter of unemployment is espe-                                                                   much different than they were the last time
cially daunting, as many Boomers have fallen                                                                    you interviewed. In addition, the interview
victim to a crashing stock market that has left                                                                 process has probably changed since you last
many reeling from retirement savings lost in                                                                    interviewed for a job. Brush up on your skills,
investments. For those fearing their next step                                                                  including what it is you have to offer and
could be toward the unemployment line or for                                                                    researching questions you’re likely to be asked.
Boomers who have already been laid off, con-                                                                          • Try new things. Don’t pigeonhole your-
sider the following tips.                                                                                       self into the field you just left. Nearly every job
      • Don’t hide your layoff or pending layoff                                                                teaches skills that extend beyond a given title’s
from others. There’s no shame in being laid off.                                                                job description. For example, think of how
In fact, with unemployment rates rising,                   Baby Boomers who have found themselves               much you had to multi-task at your previous
chances are you already know someone beside                unexpectedly searching the want ads in a             job, and how much that multi-tasking often
yourself who has either been laid off or is fac-           poor economy should not be afraid to seek            veered off course from your actual job descrip-
ing the possibility of a layoff.                           support from others or try new things.               tion. These skills are marketable but not
      That said, in addition to the moral support          (Metro Creative Graphics)                            instantly recognizable as a product of working
you may receive, letting others know you’ve                                                                     in a given field.
been laid off could also result in others helping           open doors you would otherwise never know                 Baby Boomers facing layoffs or reentry into
you with your job search. If your company has               about if you kept your situation to yourself.       the job market might not be where they
announced future layoffs but not yet deter-                     • Ready your resume. Most Baby Boomers          thought they would be 10 years ago. But an
mined who will be staying and who will be                   have been working at their current jobs for         essential element for Boomers is to understand
going, let others know you could possibly be let            many years. While that’s great from a stability     the value of their experience and how best
go. Sharing your situation with others could                standpoint, it almost certainly means you’ll        they can parlay that into their next job.

               Ready for your next                                                                            Are you making the money you
                                                                                                              deserve to be making?
                big career move?
                                                                                                              Are you tired of working hard
                                                                                                              for someone else’s benefit?

                                                                                                              Are your efforts paying off the
                                                                                                              way you want..... the way you

                                                                                                              Are you just treading water in
    offers positions in a variety of fields, as well as free on-line skills training                          your career?
    and great connections with top local companies. Whether you’re starting
      out, or starting over, we’ll help you get moving in the right direction.             JOIN US AT THE CAREER EXPO 2009 ....
              Follow us now on Facebook and Twitter                                       Our goal is to help people make the most of their lives.
                                                                                                           Its core to what we do.
                  Fort Wayne                        Auburn
                  260.482.8285                    260.925.3996
      Decatur                    Bluffton                Columbia City
     260.728.4401               260.824.1404              260.244.4123
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Considering grad school? Questions to ask
     (MS) — The loss of so many         back, and that advanced degree        accept applicants, those applicants                                  tinue to seek other avenues as
jobs has understandably forced          could make you stand out when         should not put all their hopes on                                    they wait out the admissions
individuals to reconsider their         companies begin hiring again.         gaining admission and should con-                                    process.
career paths, and the idea of                But graduate school can also
returning to school is an option        be right for those who see their
more and more people, unem-             current unemployment as an
ployed or not, have begun to take       opportunity to pursue a different
more seriously. But returning to        career. If you’ve thought in the
school is a big commitment, and         past of taking a different career
one that requires a careful exami-      path, unemployment can be the
nation of personal and career goals     perfect time to begin.
                                                                              Are you ready to take your résumé to a higher level?
before a decision can be made.               Can you afford graduate              Be very careful when choosing a résumé writing service. Most web sites are factories that
     Is a return to school right        school? Many students attend               outsource the actual writing services overseas. Other firms deliver nothing more than a
                                                                                 prettier format of what you already have and others actually rate themselves as “#1” in fake
for you? Those considering gradu-       graduate school with the help of                                     Top 10 Resume Writing service lists.
ate school need to determine if it      loans, scholarships and grants.
will serve them well in their cur-      Depending on your personal
rent industry if that’s where they      financial situation, graduate
hope to remain. The financial           school might not be a viable
industry, for example, is an indus-     option. Those without substantial     Don’t farm out your résumé
try that’s been hit particularly hard   cash reserves whose portfolio has                 writing services to just anyone...
                                                                               Enlist the help of “The Résumé Lady” and work personally with Pat Dougherty, who has been
by the economic downturn.               suffered through the recession            offering her résumé writing services since 1983 from her office in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
However, the market has been            might want to avoid graduate
                                                                               I just wanted to let you know that I did secure a position in Pharmaceutical Sales with SanofiAventis. I started May 25th. I really
down in the past and bounced            school for the time being.            am very happy with the pay and benefits as well as the job itself. The recruiter who interviewed me said that was the best looking
back before. Therefore, those in              Can you get accepted to         resume he had ever seen! Of course, I told him that you deserved the credit for the work. Thank you again for all your help in my
                                                                                    job pursuits. Hopefully this should be more of a long-term thing, but one never really knows in today’s world. --Lisa B.
the financial industry who have         graduate school? Each recession
recently lost their jobs but want to    since 1980 has witnessed an                                   The Résumé Lady
remain in finance could benefit         increase in graduate school appli-
from graduate school. While             cants, particularly those trying to                                                      417 Airport North Office Park
you’re furthering your education,       gain admission to M.B.A. pro-                                                                          260-489-9196
the market will likely bounce           grams. While schools do still                                  

       Our longevity is a testament to the high quality and
       detail we put into every project. Taking care of
       customers is always our first priority.

                 • TAKE THE QUIZ •
                               If these three things
                                 are you we invite
                               you to see us at the
                                Career Expo 2009!
                                  10920 Stellhorn Road
                                        Suite A
                                      New Haven

September 11, 2009                                               A marketing publication of Fort Wayne Newspapers                                                                                                5
Balancing work and school
      (MS) — More stu-         ment tips to help the tran-           school comes down to sim-
dents than ever before are     sition go more smoothly.              ple time management, so
looking for part-time jobs     Colleges with work-study              any free time that is rou-
that can help them earn        programs, for instance,               tine, such as that during a
some money. Many college       often offer jobs with flexi-          daily commute, should be
freshmen will be balancing     ble schedules aimed at                optimized.
work and school for the        ensuring students can work                  • Be sure to schedule
first time, as many high       without sacrificing their             relaxation time. Burnout is
school students only work      studies.                              common for students who
during the summer.                  • Schedule classes and           work too hard, whether
      While academics          work as far ahead of time             they’re engrossed in their
should always be first on a    as possible. If students              studies, taking on too
student’s priority list, the   know what their time                  many hours at work, or a
College Board, a not-for-      commitments will be far in            combination of both.
profit association aimed at    advance, they can find a              Semesters are long and
helping students be as suc-    suitable job that meshes              tend to get more difficult
cessful as possible, offers    well with their class sched-          as they go on, so students
the following tips for bal-    ule. The longer a student             need to recognize the need
ancing work and school.        waits to schedule classes,            for relaxation time
      • Talk with parents      the less likely he or she is          throughout the semester.
and/or counselors. Parents     to get a class schedule                     • Take it easy at first.
might not be on board          amenable to working.                  For college freshmen who
with their children work-           • Use your commute.              didn’t work during the
ing, particularly if they      Commuter students who                 school year when they             Many college freshmen will be balancing work and school for
think it will distract them    take public transportation            were in high school, adapt-       the first time this fall. (Metro Creative Graphics)
from their studies.            to school should use their            ing to classes and working
Counselors can help to         commuting time to catch               can be tough. Because the         dents should start slowly      then add more hours if
make the decision by sug-      up on studies or home-                first year of college and the     and see what they can          they can effectively man-
gesting job opportunities      work. Oftentimes, success-            freedom that comes with it        handle. Students should        age it.
or offering time-manage-       fully balancing work and              is tempting on its own, stu-      take it easy at first, and

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                         6110 Stellhorn Road, Maplewood Plaza

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7 tips for job seekers in rough economy
     (MS) — You can still find a           most likely to weather the eco-               7. Stay positive and flexible:      doing temporary work could keep
great job in a poor economy; you           nomic storm, and which might             If something doesn’t come your           you busy and open up new net-
just may have to change your               struggle.                                way immediately, keep looking.           working contacts as you continue
strategy a bit to do so.                        4. Results, not skills, may sell:   Options such as freelancing or           your job search.
     1. Target your search: Instead        Today employers are more inter-
of blanket e-mailing your resume           ested in what results you can bring
or applying for any and all jobs
you find, now is the time to really
sit down and research the possibil-
                                           — most notably, how cost-effec-
                                           tive you will be as a new hire.
                                           Don’t be caught up listing all of
                                                                                                     CA R E               C E N T E R
ities that have the best chances for       the minutiae of your skills. List                                      of FT. WAYNE
coming to fruition. You also want          the ways you’ll bring results and        Kingston HealthCare Company is a great place to work.
to explore the jobs you’ll be most         give solid examples of how you’ve        Our communities have outstanding employee and
interested in. Make a list of com-         done it in the past.                     resident satisfaction scores, and many have earned
panies and inquire about jobs —                 5. Don’t forget personal            recognition in their local communities as “Employers of
even if the company currently              touches: There are many people
                                                                                    Choice.” Because we believe employees are our most
does not have any openings.                out there looking for jobs. Rather
     2. What’s in it for them:             than submitting carbon-copy
                                                                                    important asset, we strive to select the best person for
When jobs are plentiful, you may           resumes and cover letters, be sure       every role in our organization. We invest in training and
be able to pick and choose among           you personalize each to the skills       coaching to build talent and provide recognition for
companies based on what advan-             and qualities the company is look-       quality service.
tages they may offer you. However,         ing for. Make sure you follow up
in an economic downturn, you               any interviews with a prompt             We have career opportunities in
should think in lines of what you          thank-you note or e-mail.
                                                                                    the following industries:
can offer a company. Explain how                6. Money talks: A job appli-
you can be an asset and what               cant who is flexible in his or her       •Environmental Services
results you can bring.                     salary or benefit requirements, and      •Culinary Services
     3. Focus on growth or reces-          can also illustrate ways that he or      •Nursing Professional
sion-proof industries: A quick             she will be able to further save a
search on the Internet can yield           company money could be hired              RN’s – LPN’s – CNA’s
information on what industries are         above others.                            •Therapists

                  FREE TO THE PUBLIC

                  Ex p o
                                       Fort Wayne Newspapers

                                                                                                                Indiana Tech is:
                                                                                                                   >> Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

                                                                                                                   >> Accelerated in 5-week and 6-week courses

                         & Job Fair                          2009                                                  >> Affordable with books included in tuition,
                                                                                                                     payment options, and financial aid

                                                                                                                   >> Accessible through multiple class locations and
        Wed., September 16, 2009                                                                                     online courses

                          10am - 5pm                                                                            Explore or call 260.422.5561
                                                                                                                to learn more.

      Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce
     826 Ewing St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802
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                Jobs FortWayne com
September 11, 2009                                                   A marketing publication of Fort Wayne Newspapers                                               7
Does having a college degree really matter?
     (ARA) — As the                                                                                 ferent with each level of      many different programs,”
economy shrinks,                                                                                    education achieved,” says      says Decker. “Challenges
Americans spend more and                                                                            Schottelkotte. “It trans-      are built into the course-
more time thinking about                                                                            lates to a potential of an     work. Students are exposed
how to keep the job they                                                                            extra $300 to $400 a week,     to experts in their field of
have or how to find a new                                                                           which goes well beyond         study, and given excellent
job after losing one. It’s no                                                                       keeping a cell phone           networking opportunities.”
secret that employment is                                                                           turned on. Students begin           Student enrollment
harder to find today than                                                                           to think in terms of paying    across the country reflects
in the past.                                                                                        off loans, taking a vacation   the diversity in the work-
     April 2009 findings                                                                            or saving for a down pay-      place itself. “We’re seeing
from the U.S. Department                                                                            ment on a house. It speaks     kids out of high school in
of Labor Bureau of                                                                                  to a difference in lifestyle   class with some who have
Statistics show the fewest                                                                          that a degree offers.”         worked at a factory for 30
number of job openings                                                                                   A bigger paycheck is      years,” Decker notes.
available in the U.S. since                                                                         not the only reason for             Schottelkotte adds,
                                 Earning a college degree has both tangible and intan-
December 2000. What’s            gible benefits. (ARA)                                              getting a degree. Both         “Our students are real peo-
more, each year a new                                                                               Schottelkotte and Decker       ple with real-life commit-
batch of new high school         degree is the most impor-         Cincinnati, concurs. “At         note additional benefits a     ments looking for the
and college graduates            tant investment you can           every orientation session,       degree offers. “A degree       means to take their lives to
enters the job market.           make in yourself. America         we challenge students to         enriches their lives,”         the next level. An associ-
     It is a personal choice     is not a manufacturing            look at education as an          Schottelkotte remarks,         ate’s degree can be afford-
whether one seeks employ-        society anymore, and edu-         investment in future earn-       “and self-esteem grows         able, in both financial
ment with or without a           cation is key to obtaining        ings and income poten-           from the sense of accom-       investment and time com-
college degree. But, does a      employment in today’s             tial,” she says. “Their suc-     plishment.”                    mitment. They come to
degree really matter?            increasingly competitive          cess depends on how they              The college experi-       college to increase their
     Sheryl Decker, direc-       marketplace.”                     decide to invest in them-        ence opens doors to more       marketability, raise their
tor of career services at             Martha Schottelkotte,        selves.                          than book learning. “Our       chance for promotion and,
Brown Mackie College -           director of career services             “The earning potential     students get hands-on lab-     of course, to earn more
South Bend, says, “A             at Brown Mackie College -         over a lifetime is vastly dif-   oratory experience in our      money.”

       Experience you can trust....
      Maxim delivers the highest level of clinical standards, serving the needs of
      adult and pediatric patients who require care in the comfort of their home.
      Maxim’s caregivers will work with the patient, family, and Physician to
      implement a plan of care that ensures quality through management
      assessments and progress updates. Our homecare services extend beyond
      basic nursing care. Through our specialized divisions, the Maxim family
      accommodates a variety of clinical needs, including respite and
      intermittent care. We also offer the following services:
            • CareFocus Companion Services • Pediatric Services
          • CareFocus • Health Systems • Home Health Resources

                                           Currently Interviewing for
                                           adult and pediatric hourly
                                              home care patients!

                                               4646 W. Jefferson Blvd Suite 100
                                                 Fort Wayne • 260-432-1166

8                                                A marketing publication of Fort Wayne Newspapers                                       September 11, 2009
Preparation, performance key to interviews
     (MS) — While you may not                                                                                                 sion you’re indifferent about the
be able to eliminate job interview                                                                                            position.
stress, there are ways to boost your
confidence. And the more confi-                                                                                               Performance
dent you are entering an inter-                                                                                                    • Arrive at least 10 minutes
view, the less likely you are to be a                                                                                         early.
bundle of nerves before and during                                                                                                 • Have your own pen in case
the interview. The following tips                                                                                             you’re required to fill out an appli-
should help boost your confidence                                                                                             cation.
for your next interview and might                                                                                                  • Make eye contact with the
help you land that dream job.                                                                                                 hiring manager when both of you
                                                                                                                              are speaking.
Preparation                                                                                                                        • Don’t sit until you’re offered
     • Research the company.                                                                                                  a chair.
Extend your knowledge beyond                                                                                                       • Project energy and don’t
just the job for which you’re inter-                                                                                          slouch.
viewing. The more you know                    Focus on both preparation and performance when faced with a job                      • Ask for an extensive job
about the company, the more                   interview. (Metro Creative Graphics)                                            description early on in the inter-
informed your answers will seem                                                                                               view.
to the interviewer and the more              tions. While it’s good to think of         question should be a home run, as          • Answer with more than just
you can tailor those answers to the          answers ahead of time, make sure           there must be a reason you mailed     a “yes” or “no.”
company’s goals.                             your answers focus on ideas                in your resume, feeling as if you          • Leave salary, benefit and
     • Ask yourself what questions           instead of actual answers, as you          and the job were a good match.        vacation inquiries for the follow-
you would ask. Interview ques-               won’t want your responses to seem              • Bring your own questions.       up interview, not the initial inter-
tions, particularly for entry-level          rehearsed.                                 Have an extensive list of questions   view.
positions, are often predictable.                 • Write down what you bring           available, and if they are answered        • Don’t make negative com-
After an interview is scheduled,             to the table. Regardless of the            during the course of the interview,   ments about current employers or
think of the questions you’re likely         position you’re almost certain to          simply check them off your list. If   co-workers.
to be asked, and then think of               be asked how your past experience          you don’t have a list of thoughtful
thoughtful answers to those ques-            applies to it. Your response to this       questions, it will give the impres-

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  Ask for Larry

September 11, 2009                                                         A marketing publication of Fort Wayne Newspapers                                       9
Financial services: A timely career choice
     (ARA) — It may strike some as ironic                                                                       “As more members of the large baby boom
that during a time when the financial markets                                                              generation reach their peak years of retirement
in general have experienced so much volatility,                                                            savings, personal investments are expected to
sales positions in financial services are actually                                                         increase and more people will seek the help of
experiencing expansion and growth.                                                                         experts,” says John Greene, president, agency
Opportunities exist for motivated, success-                                                                distribution with The Prudential Insurance
minded individuals who want to attain more                                                                 Company of America. “Plus, since many com-
than a new job.                                                                                            panies have replaced traditional pension plans
                                                                                                           with retirement savings programs, more indi-
Personal qualifications vs. experience                                                                     viduals are managing their own funds, creating
     If you’ve never worked in financial sales,                                                            jobs for advisers.”
the prospect might sound intimidating at first.
But the fact is, for those people who are dedi-       Even at a time when financial markets are            What motivates you?
cated, willing to work hard and are persistent,       experiencing volatility, the financial services           Everyone wants to feel that their work has
a career as a licensed financial professional can     field is experiencing expansion and growth.          meaning and that they are somehow making a
absolutely be the right decision.                     (ARA)                                                contribution to the greater good. Embarking
     There are many qualifications and trans-                                                              on a new career as a financial services sales
ferable skills from other occupations that can        serve, the field is wide open to people from a       professional can offer significant rewards as you
give you a leading edge in the financial servic-      variety of diverse backgrounds.                      help others achieve their financial goals.
es field. Someone with a background in net-                                                                Planning for retirement; saving for college;
work marketing or public relations, for exam-         A timely opportunity                                 purchasing life and disability insurance; estate
ple, may have key relationship-building skills.            The timing for entering the financial sales     planning — these topics are all on the fore-
Those with a customer service or sales back-          field has never been better. According to the        front of nearly everyone’s mind right now.
ground could also be a good fit. Even fields          Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment           Training for a career in financial services sales
that don’t seem obviously compatible like             field for personal financial advisers is projected   is an opportunity to meet a marketplace
teaching and counseling could give an individ-        to grow by 41 percent, which is much faster          demand that will only increase in the coming
ual the kind of excellent listening skills needed     than the average for all occupations. For one        years. If you are looking for a rewarding, career
to succeed as a financial professional. And           thing, increasing numbers of advisers will be        with the potential for long-term growth, a sales
since employers typically look for a staff of pro-    needed to assist the millions of workers expect-     position in financial services may be just what
fessionals that mirrors the communities they          ed to retire in the next 10 years.                   you’ve been looking for.

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                    SCHOOL OF
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               Locations & Times
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     7313 W. Jefferson Blvd. Suite B • Fort Wayne
       at the Sleepy Hollow Professional Offices
            Am - 9:30-12:30 PM - 6:00-9:00                                                                                          ESTHETICIAN
                    Saturday - 9:00-4:30
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Want to teach? Federal grants may help
     (ARA) — If molding young            grants sign an agreement to serve        of not being able to serve in a   GCU and the TEACH grants,
minds is your dream, you may be          as a full-time teacher for four years    high-needs area,” she says.       visit or call (877)
able to get federal help in fulfilling   at a low-income school in a high-            For more information about    860-3951.
it.                                      need field once they’re finished
     Jobs will always be available       with school.
in the field of education, and the            “Teaching is a perfect second
prognosis for the next several years     career for me,” says Chastity               Your Friends & Neighbors
is that demand for teachers will         McGraw, 35, of Charleston, W.Va.            Living, Learning, Working... It’s What We Do Best!
grow an estimated 12 percent             McGraw received a TEACH grant
through 2016, according to the           through Grand Canyon University                          Direct Support Staff
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.         in Phoenix, where she’s pursing a               FT, PT and Temp Positions Available!
     The BLS goes on to report           master’s degree in elementary edu-              Fort Wayne and Surrounding Areas
that most job openings will result       cation.
from the need to replace the large            TEACH grants require appli-
                                                                                                     Stable Employer
number of teachers expected to           cants to be a U.S. citizen or eligi-         In need of caring, compassionate people to join our
retire during the next seven years.      ble non-citizen and enrolled as an           dedicated team focused toward enriching the lives of
Subject areas with the highest           undergraduate, post-baccalaureate                 individuals with developmental disabilities.
demand include elementary edu-           or graduate student in an educa-
cation, math, science, bilingual         tional institution that is partici-             • Good communication skills • Team player
education, reading, special educa-       pating in the program.                                  • Ability to teach, role model
tion and foreign languages.                   Once she graduates, McGraw           • Possess a valid Drivers License and good driving record
     In order to help fill the need      will be required to serve four out                     • Current Automobile Insurance
for new teachers, the federal gov-       of eight years — not necessarily                            • H.S. Diploma/GED
ernment created the Teacher              consecutively — at a public or pri-                  • Clear a crim check & drug screen
Education Assistance for College         vate elementary or secondary                            • On-the-job-training provided
and Higher Education (TEACH)             school designated as a high-needs                              • C.N.A. helpful
grant program offering undergrad-        area. But she isn’t concerned
                                                                                                • Psych Tech experience helpful
uate and graduate students up to         about the commitment.
$4,000 per year for tuition.                  “Our entire state is full of eli-
Students who receive the TEACH           gible schools, so there’s no worry                        Apply at

                                                                                      Entry Level

                    Be your own Boss....                                               NOW
                    Start your own business                                         CUSTOMER
                      for ONLY $10.00!!                                             SERVICE TO
                        Earn up to 50%                                             MANAGEMENT
                         of sales PLUS                                               TRAINEES
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                            Bonuses!                                                     NO LAYOFFS
                                Call or Text Kim@260-750-2708                             ~Weekly Pay ($400-$500)
                               or visit:                   ~Vacation Incentives ~Rapid Promotions
        Sign up @ Career Expo and receive a                                         WALDAN ENTERPRISES/NAS INC.
              FREE full sized product!                                                 Visit Our Booth at the Career Expo ‘09
September 11, 2009                                                 A marketing publication of Fort Wayne Newspapers                                   11
Social networking sites can help or hurt job search
     (MS) — While social net-       flags. While 22 percent might not     if it’s something your grandmother
working sites such as Facebook      seem too prevalent, consider that     would not approve of, it’s some-
and MySpace continue to grow in     the figure from a year earlier was    thing prospective employers would
popularity, many job seekers are    just 11 percent, indicating that      likely frown on as well. If
finding out there’s a downside to   prospective employers are increas-    Grandma would give the go-
uploading your life for all the     ingly looking to social networking    ahead, then go for it.
world to see.                       sites as a way to judge character.           • Use it to promote yourself.
     In a 2008 survey of hiring          Social networking sites can      Instead of posting pictures of your-
managers, employment Web site       also be beneficial to applicants,     self from the weekend beer bash,
CareerBuilder found that nearly     and there are certain guidelines to   instead post images of you doing
one in four hiring managers (22     follow to get the most out of such    positive things. If you’ve done
percent) are checking MySpace       sites.                                charity work, post images of you
and Facebook to help determine if        • Employ the grandmother         participating in such activities.
prospective employees are up to     rule. College students, in particu-          • Don’t mug for the cameras.
snuff.                              lar, many of whom grew up with        Images of you can pop up on other
     The hiring managers admitted   MySpace and Facebook as part of       people’s sites. One can never
scanning the pages for signs of     their lives, are more inclined to     know when photos or videos will
excessive drinking, drug use,       share anything and everything         come back to haunt him or her.
whether or not applicants have      about their lives on these sites.     Ask friends and family members to
spoken ill of past employers or     Unfortunately, certain material is    limit photo postings of you on
coworkers, and a host of other      inappropriate and should not be       their pages.
behaviors that would raise red      broadcast to the world. In general,          • Keep your opinions to your-
                                                                          self. Many Facebook or MySpace                What you post online may affect
                                                                                                                        your current or prospective
                                                                          users feel prospective employers
                                                                                                                        employment. (Metro Creative
                                                                          have no right to use their personal           Graphics)
                                                                          pages to gauge their worthiness as
                                                                          a prospective employee. While it
                                                                          might be an invasion of privacy,              religion or any other topics that
                                                                          it’s one that’s growing increasingly          might invite controversy, keep
                                                                          common. Regardless of how                     these opinions to yourself, or at
                                                                          strongly you feel about politics,             least off the Internet.

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                                                                                                            School of Nursing
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                                                                                                          programs have only a
                                                                                                         few seats available.

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