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					ab initio- adv: from the beginning
abscise- v: cut off, terminate
ad hoc- adv: for the special purpose or end presently under consideration
         adj: concerned or dealing with a specific, purpose, or end
ad interim- adv/adj: in the meantime
adjuration- n: an earnest or desperate request, entreaty
adventitious- adj: appearing in an abnormal/unusual position/place; not essential
affenpinscher- n: toy dog w/ dense coat and large amounts of hair
aleatory- adj: dependent on something else happening; unpredictable; pertaining to
Aleutian- adj: pertaining to the Aleutian Islands (part of Alaska)
altiplano- n: plateau region of South America (Andes, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru);
        elevated terrace/plateau sculptured by periglacial geomorphic processes
amandine- adj: prepared or served with almonds
amniotic- adj: pertaining to fetal or embryonic membrane where the embryo is suspended
ampullae- n: flask-shaped structure, holds wine/ perfumes/ consecrated oil; dilated
portion of a canal or duct (esp. the semicircular canals of the ear)
anaglyph- ornament sculptured or embossed in low relief, as a cameo; picture in 2 colors
        seen in 3D when viewed with glasses with lenses of corresponding colors
analphabetic- adj: not alphabetic; illiterate; writing where there are symbols for
        articulator, point of articulation, and size/shape of mouth opening
angelology- n: a doctrine or theory concerning angels
anneal- v: heat to relieve stress; toughen or temper; fuse or combine by heating
anthropocentric- adj: regarding humans as final aim or central fact of the universe;
        viewing/interpreting everything in terms of human experiences and values
anticatalyst- n: an inhibitor
aphonia- n: loss of voice, usually due to disturbance of the vocal organs
appendectomy- n: surgery where the appendix is removed
apraxia- n: nervous system disorder where one cannot make purposeful movements, but
        there is no loss of senses or paralysis
arbovirus- n: RNA viruses that are transmitted by bloodsuckers (ticks, fleas, mosquitos),
        may cause encephalitis or yellow/dengue fever
arenicolous- adj: lives in sand
arraign- v: call/bring to court to answer an indictment; accuse or charge, criticize/censure
asthenopia- n: fatigue of eyes, results in discomfort, dim vision, or headache
astrogate- v: to navigate in outer space
astutely- adv: in a clever, cunning, ingenious, shrewd way
atrophy- n: wasting away, usually from misuse
autochthonous- adj: indigenous, found where it originated
bacteriology- n: microbiology where one ids’s, studies, and cultivates bacteria for many
ballonet- n: air/gasbag compartment in a balloon/airship used to control buoyancy and
        maintain shape
balsamic- adj: fragrance of trees, aromatic ointment used for ceremonies or medicine;
        anything that heals, soothes, and restores
basil- n: spice used in cooking (in the mint family)
bayou- n: boggy or still bodies of water
beefalo- n: meat of a hybrid animal that is part buffalo, or the animal
belletrist- n (plural): refined literature; aesthetic literature, used only for fine art
bellicose- adj: eager to fight, hostile
bibliofilm- n: microfilm used esp. in libraries to photograph the pages of valuable much-
        used books
bioaccumulation- n: the accumulation within living organisms of toxic substances
        occurring in the environment
bordure- n: the area adjacent to the outer edges of a shield or protective plate
Botswana- republic in S Africa, formerly British protectorate, member of the
        Commonwealth of Nations, capital= Gaborone
bravissimo- interjection: used to express the highest praise to a performer
brevet- v/n: military promotion where there is no increase in pay and where there is
        limited exercise of the rank, often granted after retirement
broncobuster- n: a person who breaks broncos to the saddle
buckram- n: stiff cotton fabric, stiff manner, extreme preciseness/ formality;
            v: give a false appearance of importance, value, or strength to
Bunsen burner- n: gas burner used in chemical laboratories
cachexia- n: ill health and emaciation, usually occurs in association with cancer or a
        chronic infectious disease
cadaverous- adj: of or like a corpse; pale or ghastly; haggard and thin
cahoots- v: share equally, become partners; in partnership, in league, or in conspiracy
callowness- n: immaturity or inexperience
camphor- n: a white, transparent, crystalline terpene ketone taken from the camphor tree
        used in celluloid and in medicine as a counter-irritant for infections and in the
        treatment of pain and itching
candor- n: being frank, open, and sincere; being free from bias, fair, or impartial
Caracas- capital of Venezuela
careen- v: lean, sway, tip to one side; heel over or list
caryatidean- adj: like a sculpted female figure used as a column (architecture)
casus belli- n: event or political occurrence that causes a declaration of war
cavernicolous- adj: living in caverns or caves (animals)
cecropia moth- n: large North American silkworm moth, its larvae feed on foliage of
        forest and other trees
chador- female Hindu/Muslim garment, made of a cover or veil that envelops the body
        from head to foot and covers all or part of the face
chalcid- small fly with bright metallic coloration, its larvae are parasitic on other insects
chary- adj: cautious, careful, weary; shy, timid; fastidious, choosing; sparing
chenille- n: a fabric with a protruding pile; yarn of silk for embroidery, fringes, etc.
chop suey- Chinese-style American dish with meat, cooked with bean sprouts, onions,
        mushrooms, etc. in a gravy
citrine- adj: pale-yellow, lemon-colored
        n: translucent, yellow topaz; known as false topaz or topaz quartz
clemency- n: mild/temperate (weather); compassionate, merciful, lenient
coiffeuse- n: French- a woman who is a hairdresser
collaborationist- n: person who collaborates with the enemy
commemorate- v: remind of, honor memory, etc.
complicity- n: being an accomplice; partnership or involvement in wrongdoing
compurgation- n: early method of trial where one is acquitted on the sworn endorsement
        of a specified number of friends or neighbors
conchoidal- adj: noting a shell-like fracture form produced on certain minerals by a blow
concoct- v: prepare with ingredients; devise, make up
concordance- n: agreement, harmony; degree of similarity in twins (with regards to
        presence or absence of a trait or disease); alphabetical index of subjects or topics
concretize- v: make concrete, real, or particular; give tangible or definite form to
consort- n/v: companion, associate, partner (ie spouse); to associate with
contraption- n: mechanical gadget or device
cordiform- adj: heart-shaped
corporal- adj: bodily/ physical (ie punishment); personal; belonging to the material world
        n: cloth where consecrated elements are placed
        adj: military ranking above private 1st class or lance corporal and below a sergeant
corroboree- n: boisterous social gathering; assembly with singing and dancing,
        sometimes religious (Aborigines)
covertness- n: quality of being concealed or secretive; being covered or sheltered
cribbage- card game where the goal is to make counting combinations for points
cryonics- n: deep-freezing of human bodies at death for preservation and possible revival
        in the future
cuadrilla- n: group of assistants serving a matador in the bullfight, consisting of 2
        banerillerios and 2 picadors
cupidity- n: eager or excessive desire, esp. to possess something; greed/ avarice
cytotoxin- n: substance that has a toxic effect on certain cells
Dardanelles- strait between Europe and Asian Turkey, connects the Aegean Sea w/ the
        Sea of Marmara
decrescendo- adj/n: reducing force or loudness
defenestration- n: act of throwing a thing or esp. a person out of a window
deferred- v/adj: delay, put off; yield to in judgment or opinion
deionize- v: remove ions from something; reconnect ions of an ionized gas
demagogic- characteristic of a demagogue (leader who appeals to emotions or prejudices)
depiction- v: represent w/ words or paintings, portray; describe
designee- n: one who is designated, selected, nominated, etc.
desultorily- adj: inconsistent, random, disconnected (from the main subject)
dilatory- adj: tending to delay or procrastinate, tardy; intended to cause delay or gain time
diplopia- n: pathologic condition of vision where 1 object looks like 2 (double vision)
disclaimer- n: something that denies responsibility; act of denying a claim; disavowal
disorientation- n: act of being confused
Doberman pinscher- German breed of dogs w/ black/brown/blue coat w/ rusty brown
doloroso- adj: plaintive, expressing sorrow (used as a musical direction)
dragoman- (in the Near East) a professional interpreter
dulcet- pleasant to ear, eye; pleasant to taste or smell (archaic); organ resembling
        dulciana but an octave higher
dundrearies- n (plural): long, full sideburns or mutton chop whiskers
ebullition- n: seething or overflowing of passion or feeling; outburst; process of boiling
         up; rushing forth of lava, water, etc.; in a state of agitation
eccentricity- n: oddity/peculiarity; being eccentric; distance between the center of two
         cylindrical objects (one of which surrounds the other)
econometrics- n: application of statistics and math in solving problems and testing or
         demonstrating theories
educible- v: draw forth or bring out (something latent), elicit, develop; infer or deduce
effulgence- adj: shining forth brilliantly, radiant
El Niño- warm ocean current that develops after late December along the coast of
         Ecuador and Peru, sometimes causes catastrophic weather conditions
electorate- n: body of people entitled to vote in an election’ territory of an Elector of the
         Holy Roman Empire
embrasure- n: opening where a missile can be discharged; enlargement of a door/window
         to toward the inner face of a wall; the space between adjacent teeth
en masse- n: in a mass; all together; as a group
ensilage- n: fodder preserved (usually in a silo or pit)
episodic- adj: divided into separate parts; loosely connected
eristic- adj: controversial         n: one who disputes; the art of disputation
escapism- n: avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or in the
ethos- n: moral element; fundamental character of a group
eupnea- n: normal quiet breathing (usually while resting)
ex libris- n: inscription in or on a book (indicates the owner)
exhortation- n: one warning another against; something conveying urgent advice or
expostulation- n: act of earnestly and kindly protesting; or an remark that does so
eye rhyme- n: agreement in spelling, but not sound, of the ends of words or lines of verse
         (ie have, grave)
familial- adj: hereditary (diseases); pertaining to or characteristic of a family
fetlock- n: protection of a horse’s leg behind the joint between the cannon bone and great
         postern bone, with a tuft of hair
fiancé (male)- a man engaged to be married
fishmonger- n: a dealer of fish, esp. for eating
flagelliform- adj: long, slender, flexible, like the lash of a whip
flamenco- style of dancing characteristic of Andalusian gypsies with hand clapping and
         feet stomping; dancing style originating in Southern Spain
forceps- n: instrument (pincers/tongs) for seizing and hold objects, esp. in surgery; a pair
         of appendages that look similar to forceps on the posterior of certain insects
fourragère- n: an ornament of cord worn on the shoulder (US/French military); such a
         cord given to a regiment/other unit w/ enough citations (honorary decoration)
fugacious- adj: fleeting or transistory; falling or fading early (Botany)
futurity race- n: future time or generations; the afterlife; horse race w/ two-year old
         horses that are selected before the race is run, sometimes before the foal’s birth
gefilte fish- forcemeat of boned fish (freshwater fish esp. carp, pike, whitefish), blended
         with eggs, matzo meal, and seasoning; shaped into balls or sticks, simmered in a
         vegetable broth, and often served chilled
gelid- adj: very cold, icing
generic- adj: applicable to both men and women, referring to a genus, product e
        not protected by trademark registration
ghoul- n: evil demon, grave robber, one who likes revolting things
globalism- n: attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of
        individual nations
glossolalia- n: incomprehensible speech in an imaginary language, usually occurring in a
        trance state, an episode of religious ecstasy, or schizophrenia
goiter- n: enlargement of the thyroid gland on the front and sides of the neck, usually due
        to an abnormal thyroid secretion because of a lack of iodine in one’s diet
gorget- n: patch, cloth, or armor worn on the throat
gressorial- adj: adapted for walking, as the feet of some birds
gynarchy- n: government by women
habitat- n: place where something is normally found; natural environment for something;
        special environment for extended living (ie underwater research vessel)
hallucinatory- adj: pertaining to or characterized by hallucination
Harare- capital of Zimbabwe (formerly Salisbury)
hauteur- n: haughty manner or spirit; arrogance
heliborne- adj: transported by helicopter
hemostat- n: something used to compress/treat vessels to stop or slow hemorrhage
hinterland- remote or less developed parts of a country (back country); inland area
        supplying goods to a port; land lying behind a coastal region
Hispanophile- n: admirer of Hispanic culture or the Spanish language
historicize- v: interpret something as a product of historical development; narrate as
        history, render historic
homograph- word with same written form but with different meaning (bear v/animal), but
        may not be pronounced the same way (lead v/metal)
honeycomb- n: shape with many holes; adj: looking like such a shape; v: to fill with holes
        or pierce to make cavities; penetrate in all parts
humoresque- n: musical composition of humorous or capricious character
hyperbolize- v: use hyperbole, exaggerate; represent or express with hyperbole or
hysterical- adj: uncontrollably emotional, irrational; causing much laughter, very funny
ichor- fluid flowing in the veins of the gods; an acrid (foul smelling), watery discharge
        esp. from an ulcer or wound
ignoble- adj: mean, base; inferior; not noble
illation- n: the act of interfering; an inference or conclusion
impingement- v: make an impression, have an effect on; encroach/infringe; strike or
        collide; dash
in extenso- at full length
indiscretion- n: lack of discretion; imprudence; an indiscreet act, remark, etc.
indivisible- adj: not divisible or separable          n: something indivisible
inhibition- n: something that restrains/slows, or the state it creates, or the act of inhibiting
inlying- adj: located near the center or farther in; lying inside; lying within a region or
intaglio- n: something engraved or etched onto something; a printing process
interfluvial- the land area separating adjacent stream valleys
intervene- v: come between two disputing people; interfere with force or threat of force;
         to occur between other events or periods
Italianate- adj: Italianized, styled like Renaissance or Baroque Italy       v: to Italianize
Jamaica- island in the W Indies, S of Cuba, capital- Kingston, a republic, formerly British
         colony, independent in 1962, member of Commonwealth of Nations
Japonism- something typically Japanese; influence of Japanese art, culture, and aesthetics
Jicarilla- member of a group of NA Indians who once inhabited N New Mexico and SE
         Colorado, now situated in NW New Mexico
Kabul- capital of Afghanistan; river flowing E from NE Afghanistan to the Indus River in
kibbutz- n: (in Israel) community settlement, usually agricultural, organized under
         collectivist principles
kibitzer- n: giver of unwanted advice during games; one who jokes, chitchats, makes
         jokes, when others are trying to work or have a serious discussion
kundalini- (Hinduism) vital force that lays dormant until activated by yoga, leads toward
         spiritual power and eventual salvation
Kyoto- city in Japan, capital from 794-1868
laconism- n: concise (laconic) utterance or sentence; being expressive in few words
landlubber- n: novice sailor; one who is unfamiliar with the sea
legalese- n: language with an excessive amount of legal terminology/jargon
limnology- study of freshwater bodies (lakes, ponds) with reference to their physical,
         geographical, biological, and other features
limpet- n: a marine gastropod with a low canonical shell open beneath, often browsing on
         tocks at the shoreline and adhering when disturbed (mollusks)
littoral- adj/n: of, relating to, or situated/growing on or near a shore, usually near the sea
loess- loamy deposit formed by wind, usually yellow and calcareous, common in the
         Mississippi Valley and in Europe and Asia
lunarscape- representation of or the landscape of the moon; or a rugged, barren landscape
         similar to the moon
Machmeter- a device that indicates airspeed relative to the speed of sound
maculation- n: act of spotting; a spotted condition; disfiguring spots or stain
Mafioso- n: a member of a Mafia or of a mafia
Malaysia- constitutional monarchy in SE Asia; member of the Commonwealth of
         Nations; formerly British territories of Malaya, Sabah, and Sarawak
mantissa- decimal part of a common logarithm; an addition of little or no importance (ie a
         literary work)
manumitted- v: to release from slavery or servitude
marrons glacés- n: marrons (European chestnut) glazed/coated w/ sugar, eaten as a
         confection; candied chestnuts
Martha’s Vineyard- an island off SE Massachusetts: summer resort
medulla- n: marrow of the bones; soft, marrow-like center of an organ (ie kidney/adrenal
         gland); the pith of plants
menial- adj: lowly, degrading; servile or submissive; humble; domestic servant
meretricious- adj: tawdry, alluring by a show of flashy or vulgar attractions; based on
         pretense, deception, insincerity; pertaining to/characteristic of a prostitute
meteoric- adj: of, pertaining to, consisting of meteors; meteorological; coming from the
        atmosphere; resembling a meteor in transient brilliance, suddenness of
        appearance, swiftness, etc.
Mogadishu- seaport in Somalia (its capital)
monofilament- n: single, large filament of synthetic fiber      adj: made of such a filament
morphinism- n: addiction to morphine; a diseased condition caused by said addiction
multifaceted- adj: having many aspects/phases; multi-planed (gems)
municipalize- v: make a municipality of; bring under municipal ownership or control
munificence- n: quality of or act of generosity
musculoskeletal- adj: concerning, involving, or made up of both the muscles and the
myoma- n: a tumor composed of muscular tissue
mystagogue- n: one whose teachings are said to be founded on mystical revelations;
        one who instructs others before initiation into religious mysteries or before
        participation in the sacraments
napery- n: table linen (tablecloths or napkins); any linen for household use
natation- n: an act or the skill of swimming
neolith- a Neolithic stone implement
neologize- v: make new words or make new meanings for existing words; devise or
        accept new religious doctrines
neuropathology- n: the pathology (science or study of origin, nature, and its diseases) of
        the nervous system
neutralizer- n: something that- makes neutral or ineffective; render
        electrically/magnetically/pH neutral
nolo contendere- n: a defendant’s pleading that does not admit guilt but subjects him or
        her to punishment as though a guilty plea had been entered, the determination of
        guilt remaining open in other proceedings
non sequitur- n: an inference or a conclusion that does not follow from the premises; a
        statement containing an illogical conclusion
nosology- n: the systemic classification of diseases; the knowledge of a disease
nostrum- n: panacea without any value, sold with exaggerated or false claims (quack
        medicine) ; medicine made by the one who recommends it; a patent medicine;
        scheme, theory, device, etc., esp. one to remedy social or political ills
novella- n: fictional prose narrative; longer, more complex than a short story (short novel)
Oceania- Islands of central and S Pacific, includes Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and
        traditionally Australia
ogress- n: female monster in fairy tales or popular legend, usually a hideous giant that
        feeds on human flesh; a monstrously ugly, cruel, or barbarous woman
oleander- a poisonous shrub of the dogbane family, native to S Eurasia, having evergreen
        leaves and showy clusters of pink, red, or white flowers, widely cultivated of an
omissible- adj: capable of being or allowed to be omitted
Orion- giant hunter; constellation; land-based U.S. Navy Patrol plane
orogeny- n: process of mountain making or upheaval
ossifrage- n: the lammergeier, the largest Eurasian bird of prey, ranging in the mountains
        from S Europe to China, has a wingspread of 9-10 ft and black feathers hanging
        from bellow the bill like a moustache
ostracize- v: exclude, banish
oubliette- a secret dungeon in certain old castles with an opening only in the ceiling
palladium- n: rare metallic element of the platinum group, ductile and malleable, harder
        and fusing more readily than platinum, used as a catalyst and in dental and other
        alloys; a statue of Athena in Rome- anything believed to provide protection or
        safety, safeguard
pandowdy- an apple desert with sugar, molasses, maple syrup, covered with a rich crust
papillote- n: decorative curled paper placed over the end of a bone of a cutlet or chop;
        wrapping of foil or oiled paper in which food is cooked and served
parquetry- mosaic work of wood used for floors, wainscoting, etc.
parsimoniousness- n: act of frugality or stinginess
participle- n: verbal form used as an adjective (burning candle, devoted friend)
pastrami- n: brisket of beef cured in garlic, peppercorns, sugar, coriander seeds, etc., then
        smoked before cooking
pavid- adj: timid, afraid, fearful, frightened
pedodontics- n: branch of dentistry dealing with the care/ treatment of children’s teeth
Percheron- n: one of a French breed of draft horses, having a gray or black coat
perciatelli- n: a tubular pasta in long, straight pieces, resembling thick spaghetti
perpetrator- n: one who commits a crime; one who presents, executes, or does something
        in a poor or tasteless manner
perspicacious- adj: having keen mental perception/understanding; able to distinguish
phalange- n: a phalanx (a bone of the fingers or toes)
phlebotomy- n: act or practice of opening a vein for letting blood as a therapeutic
        measure; bleeding
phraseology- n: manner or style of verbal expression, characteristic language;
        expressions, phrases
pituitary- n: gland that secretes HGH, used to describe an abnormal size with overgrown
        extremities resulting from excessive pituitary excretion
platypus- small egg-laying mammal, with tail like a beaver, webbed feet, and venom-
        injecting spurs in its hind legs (used to fight males during the breeding season)
podagra- n: gouty inflammation of the big toe
portcullis- n: (in medieval castles) a strong grating made of iron; gate that slides down to
        prevent one’s entry; up to allow entry
predacious, predaceous- adj: predatory, greedy, extortionate
predation- n: plundering, robbing; relationship where one animal captures and feeds on
predisposition- n: being inclined or having a tendency to/for
prescriptive- adj: that prescribes, giving directions or injunctions
primeval- adj: of or pertaining to the first age or ages, esp. of the world
progeria- a rare congenital abnormality that causes rapid premature aging, appears in
        childhood as an aged person, and having a shortened life span
proliferous- adj: bearing offspring
proprietorship-business structure where an individual and his company is considered to
        be one entity
prorogue- v: defer, postpone; discontinue a session of British Parliament or a similar
protean- adj: changeable in shape or form; versatile; extremely variable
purgatory- n: place where souls of the penitent go to be purified (esp. Catholicism)
quenelle- dumpling of finely cooked fish/meat that is poached in water or stock usually
         served with sauce
quintessential- adj: pure, concentrated; fifth element (ether+ air, fire, earth, water); most
         perfect embodiment of something
raillery- n: good-humored remark; banter
raptorial- adj: predatory, adapted for seizing prey (bill/claws); preying on other animals
recherché- adj: sought out w/ care; very rare, exotic, or choice; arcane, obscure; refined
         or elegant; precious, affected, pretentious
rectitude- n: rightness of principal or conduct; moral virtue; correctness
reiterative- n: an act of repeating excessively
remanded- v: send back (a person) to await further proceedings or (a case) to a lower
         court from which it was appealed, with instructions as to what further proceedings
         should be had
reovirus- any large virus with doule-stranded RNA and a polyhedral capsid, includes
         those that cause infantile gastroenteritis
repartee- n: a quick, witty reply; skill in doing so; conversation filled with such
residuum- n (singular): residue, remainder, rest; any residual product; something
         remaining after evaporation, combustion, distillation, etc.
reverential- adj: of the nature of or characterized by reverence; reverent
revitalize- v: give new life, vitality, or vigor to
ritzy- adj (slang): swanky, elegant; posh
romaine- variety of lettuce with a cylindrical head of long, relatively loose leaves
rosarian- n: a person who is fond of, develops, or cultivates roses
runnel- a small stream; brook; a small channel (for water)
sagacious- adj: shrewd; having keen mental abilities and keen practical sense
Saigon- former name of Ho Chi Minh City; capital of former S Vietnam 1954-76
sanctified- adj: made holy, consecrated; purified or freed from sin; hypocritical
         (concerning religious devotion, piety, or righteousness)
scarab- a beetle or a gem cut to resemble such a beetle; regarded as sacred by the ancient
scission- n: a cutting, splitting, division, separation
secretariat- n: group or department of secretaries; place where secretary transacts
         business, preserves records, etc.
sedile- one of the seats (of three) on the south side of the chancel, often recessed, for the
         use of the officiating clergy
sensate- adj: perceiving/perceived through the senses
sepulture- n: act of burying (burial); sepulcher, tomb
Serbo-Croatian- Slavic language spoken by ¾ of the pop. of Yugoslavia, written with
         Cryllic letters in Serbia but with Roman letters in Croatia
shareholder- n: a holder or owner of shares (esp. in a corporation or company)
shrapnel- n: shell fragments; bomb containing such material
sienna- yellow-brown or reddish-brown pigment
Silicon Valley- area in N California, SW of San Francisco in the Santa Clara valley
        region, where many of the high-tech design and manufacturing companies in the
        semiconductor industry are concentrated
singleton- n: single object distinguished from a group; one who isn’t married or in a
skipjack- a fish that leaps above the surface of water (ie tuna, or the bonito); an American
        one-masted sailing vessel
skyrocket- n: firework that rises quickly
             v: shoot up abruptly
sodality- n (plural): fellowship, comradeship; an association or society; a lay society for
        religious and charitable purposes
solleret- n: steel shoe made of overlapping plates, part of a medieval suit of armor
sombreros- hat worn in Spain, Mexico, SW US
sororal- adj: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a sister or sisters; sisterly
spatulate- adj: shaped like a spatula; rounded more or less like a spoon; plant with a base
        like a leaf
splenectomy- n: excision or removal of the spleen
staid- adj: fixed, settled, or permanent; not flighty or capricious
stationery- writing paper; writing materials (ie pens, pencils, paper, envelopes)
steerageway- n: sufficient speed to permit a vessel to be maneuvered
Stockholm syndrome- emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of
        continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival (coined after
        1973 incident in Stockholm where a bank employee became romantically attached
        to a robber who held her hostage)
stupefaction- n: state of being stupefied, stupor; overwhelming amazement
styptic- adj: serving to contract organic tissue, astringent, binding; serving to check
        hemorrhage or bleeding, as a drug;                n: any substance that does this
sufferable- adj: tolerable
sugar-cured – adj: cured in a mixture of sugar, salt, and sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite
        (esp. ham or bacon)
suppurate- v: to produce/ discharge pus, as a wound; maturate
sweet alyssum- a garden plant (Lobularia maritime), of the mustard family, having
        narrow leaves and small, white or violet flowers
syllabification- v: to form or divide into syllables
synapse- n: region where nerve impulses are transmitted and received
syndactyly- birth defect where there is fusion of toes or fingers, slight webbing
synopsis- n: summary of a novel’s plot, or a brief overview of something
tachymeter- n: any of several instruments for rapidly determining distances, directions,
        and differences of elevation (used for surveying)
taiga- n: the coniferous evergreen forests of subarctic lands, covering vast areas of NE
        North America and Eurasia
tamale- n: Mexican dish made of minced/seasoned meat packed in cornmeal dough,
        wrapped in corn husks, and steamed
tenaculum- n: a small, sharp-pointed hook set in a handle, used for seizing and picking up
        parts in operations and dissections; a clasplike appendage on the abdomen of a
        springtail, which holds the springing device in place
tenterhook- n: a hook or bent nail that holds cloth stretched on a tenter (stretched so it
         may set or dry evenly); on tenterhooks- in a state of uneasy suspense or painful
testate- adj: having made or left a valid will
theorbo- n: an obsolete bass lute w/ 2 sets of strings attached to separate peg boxes, one
         above the other, on the neck
thurible- n: a censer (a container where incense is burned, esp. during religious services)
thyme- n: any plant belonging to the genus Thymus, of the mint family, including the
         common garden herb T. vulgaris, a low subshrub having narrow, aromatic leaves
         used for seasoning
tofu- n: soft, bland white cheeselike food, high in protein, made from curdled soybean
         milk: used in Oriental cooking but now widely used (aka bean curd)
torrid- adj: scorching, burning, hot; passionate; hurried, rapid
tostada- n: tortilla fried until crisp, usually topped with a variety of ingredients, such as
         shredded meat or chicken, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese
transalpine- adj: situated beyond the alps, esp. to the N as viewed from Italy; of,
         pertaining to, or characteristic of peoples or lands beyond the Alps; passing or
         extending across or through the Alps;
         n: a native or inhabitant of a country beyond the Alps
transpontine- adj: across or beyond a bridge; on the S side of the Thames in London
tritium- n: an isotope of hydrogen having an atomic weight of 3
triturate- v: to reduce to fine particles or powder by rubbing, grinding, bruising, or the
         like; pulverize                          n: any substance that has been pulverized
tumid- adj: swollen (a body part); pompous or inflated (language); bulging
turgidity- n: the degree of complexity or adornments; the degree of swelling or bloating
unevenness- measure of how much two things are unequal, inconsistent, etc.
universalistic- adj: relating to the rational, systematic study of religion and its influences,
as well as the nature of religious truth; thinking in a way that relates to the whole
vacuous- adj: empty; lacking in idea or intelligence; purposeless, idle; inane or stupid
vagabond- adj/n: nomadic; rogue; wandering person w/o a permanent home
venous- adj: related to veins; composed of veins; related to the pulmonary artery and dark
         red, deoxygenated blood
versification- n: act or practice of composing verses; a metrical version of something
via media- n: a middle way; a mean between two extremes
virgule- n: dividing line in dates or fractions (3/4); line between 2 words indicating
         whichever is appropriate may be chose to complete the sense of the text in which
         they occur (ie and/or)
vitiate (root=vice) - v: impair, make faulty, spoil; weaken; debase, corrupt, pervert; make
         legally defective or invalid; invalidate
warlord- n: a military leader, esp. of a warlike nation; a military commander who has
         seized power, esp. in one section of a country
whirlybird- n: informal word for helicopter
wizardry- n: the art, skill, or accomplishments of a wizard
wretchedly- adj: very unfortunate, pitiable; despicable, contemptible, mean; worthless
xenocryst- n: a rock or crystal engulfed by magma and retained as an inclusion in the
         resulting igneous rock
xerothermic- adj: of or pertaining to the condition of being dry and hot; adapted to an
        environment that is dry and hot
yakitori- n: (Japanese cookery) a dish of small pieces of boneless chicken, usually
        marinated, skewered, and grilled
Zanzibar- an island off the E coast of Africa: with Pemba and adjacent small islands,
        formerly comprised a sultanate under British protection; became independent in
        1963; now part of Tanzania; aka a seaport on W Zanzibar, Tanzania
zebrawood- n: a tree of tropical America, yielding a striped, hard wood used for making
        furniture; the wood of any of those trees (tree aka Connarus guianensis)
Zouave- n: French infantrymen from Algeria known for precision and their colorful
uniforms; any soldier who looks similar