Changing Windows Formatted iPod to Mac- Why and How- by iupon13


There is a common query among users that though Windows formatted iPod is usable
with Mac and Windows systems both, why there is a need that you need to make it
Mac formatted. However, the Mac formatted iPod are only usable with Mac operating
system and not with Windows. So why to get separated off from this advantage?
Actually, there are few particular reasons with regard to which, Mac users will want to
change their Windows formatted iPod, enlisted below:
??????????? As compared to Windows iPod, on Mac systems, Mac iPod will give
faster mounting and unmounting options. So, performance will increase, if you have
Mac formatted iPod on Mac systems. This can be attributed to different corresponding
file systems of these iPods.
??????????? Due to the limiting file size while transferring the data through iPod in
Win tted iPod, the Mac formatted iPod is considered better. For example, FAT32 can't
transfer files, larger than 4GB.
??????????? Except for iPod Shuffle, the Windows iPod firmware updating is not
possible without restore on Mac.
So, if these issues matter you, then you are recommended to change your Windows
formatted iPod to Mac. This will make your iPod a true Mac machine. But how?
Actually, Apple helps you in this regard. This gives you iPod Software Updater 1.3.1,
which you need to download, available in different generations. For changing, just
install it on Mac system and connect your Windows formatted iPod via FireWire port
and then run the software and then select restore.
Restore comprises formatting process and therefore do care of the important data.
iPod disk is f relevant music files, documents and other important stuff, so don't let it
go anyway. Backup all the important data unless to fall for
If you lease backup or realize data's importance after restore, don't worry as iPod data
recovery software will help. These are the utilities, providing data recovery iPod
through the effective scanning algorithms. Using these iPod recovery applications,
you can get back all what have got lost.
Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is the ultimate application to gain iPod data recovery
at the best. The application is available for data recovery Ipod for both Windows and
Mac operating systems. Recognizing, each type of file and applicable in each data
loss situation, this iPod recovery tool proves as the real help.

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