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									Originator Guide to SunTrust
Mortgage’s eMagic-hosted site


•   Benefits of using SunTrust‟s eMagic site
•   How to sign-up
•   Ordering services (DU/CDU and LP)
•   Editing and resubmitting a file
•   eMagic Customer Support options and training

    Benefits of using SunTrust‟s eMagic-hosted

•    Order DU (Desktop Underwriter) with CDU and (Loan
     Prospector) for conventional and government loans

•    CDU (Custom Desktop Underwriter) allows the originators to receive
     CDU Findings that are customized for SunTrust‟s products.

•    Resubmit multiple times to AU

•    Very cost-effective – originators are not charged a fee to use the site,
     they only pay for their credit report

•    eMagic Customer Support Team here to help

  Do you have an existing login ID and password for eMagic?

If No...   Go to: and click on “Sign up”
     Click on “ site                       After your request is processed, you will receive emails from
     sign up.”
                                            with your login ID and a
                                                     temporary password.

                                                     After you receive your login ID and password,
     Complete the form and click “Submit”            proceed to steps 1 through 4 below.

If Yes…    Go to: and click on “Sign up”
 1   Click on “Lender‟s eMagic-hosted                  2   Enter your login ID and password.
     site sign up.”                                        Note: You must be an administrator with your
                                                           company in order to sign up with a Lender‟s
                                                           eMagic-hosted site.

 3   Locate „S‟ and click on the                       4   Complete the Customer Profile and
     „SunTrust Mortgage‟ link.                             click on “Submit.”
                                                           You‟ll receive an e-mail conf irmation when
                                                           SunTrust Mortgage approves you to access
                                                           their site.

How credit works with Automated
Underwriting (DU)

   Many credit vendors issue a separate user id/password for
   ordering/reissuing credit reports via Fannie Mae‟s Desktop
   Underwriter. You will need this prior to your first DU Express

   To see if your credit agency is approved by Fannie Mae:
       • Go to:
       • Click on „The HelpCenter,‟ click on „Get Started,‟ and then
       select „Credit Provider Account Number /password.‟
       • Locate your credit agency from the credit provider list.

   Contact your credit agency to obtain a Fannie Mae User ID
   and password for your company.

                                                                       5 Setup Information
In order to use Express, you must have a valid Freddie Mac TPO (third-party originator)
number and password and have your TPO number associated with SunTrust Mortgage.
The system will not place your order unless these steps are complete.

SunTrust Mortgage: Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer Number: 307705

To obtain your TPO number and password or to associate your existing TPO number with
Lender‟s Seller Servicer number:
Please click the following link:
Under step 3, click “secure sign up form.” Follow the instructions and be sure to enter in the
Seller/Servicer number shown above.

FHA USERS ONLY: To use for FHA loans, you must do a „reissue‟ of credit already
ordered. Freddie Mac – FHA with SunTrust Mortgage enables you to use these credit vendors
to reissue credit: CBC, Equifax, First American CREDCO, Kroll Factual Data, and Land
America Credit Services.

For information on working with one of the credit agencies listed,
please visit:

Here is an example of Calyx and how to save/export file
as a DU 3.2 format.

Log into:

From the main menu click on the “Upload Loan” tab and
“Browse” for a loan to upload. Then click on the “Go” button
next to “Go to Loan Manager.”

From the Loan Folder page,
click on „Send Loan to Lender
Site‟ and then select „SunTrust

                                  Note: If SunTrust Mortgage‟s site
                                  doesn‟t launch, change pop-up
                                  blocker to allow this site.

Ordering Services: Originator selects Automated
Underwriting option and clicks “Continue.”

                                     Example: DU Express
                                     with CDU (MGIC/MISC –

eMagic and SunTrust DU/LP Data entry
screen. Ex: DU Express with CDU

  Enter SunTrust Mortgage‟s
  branch code here.

  If an ARM loan, select ARM,
  click “ARM Detail” and complete
  additional fields.

  Select correct CDU/DU product
  type. Click the gold “Lender‟s
  Extended Data” button.

 Select the appropriate
 Loan Documentation Type

Additional CDU specific fields
display by clicking the
„Lenders Extended Data‟
button. Complete as needed.

If the property is a condo,
complete condo information here.


Note: If reissuing credit, put credit
ref erence number here.

To order credit, select your
credit agency and enter
your DU/credit Account
Number and Password.

Click “Confirm” tab when
done to launch the
validation engine.

Errors will show here in red. Must be corrected
prior to submitting the loan! Click on the error
link to correct….

Click “Prev/Next” Navigation Bar

                           Click here to
                           go back to

Errors are
highlighted                                Navigation
in red.                                    bar will turn
                                           “Gold” when
                                           all the errors
                                           have been

Once all errors are corrected, option to
“Submit Order” appears

Click on the status link to view Findings and credit report.

Example of a DU Findings report and
credit report….

About Trio……
• Trio is an imaging platform within SunTrust
  Mortgage‟s eMagic-hosted site to allow electronic
  file storage and delivery (eg: for underwriting).

• Trio automatically gathers online loan documents
  and creates a shared loan folder.
   • Additional documents can be added via fax or browse.

• Whether AU is run or not, a Trio folder can still be

You have two ways to create a Trio folder…..

                                                      1. After you
                                                      order DU, click
                                                      on “Create Trio
                                                      Folder” under
                                                      the Loan Folder

2                                  2. Or, for a file that does not
                                   have AU services (manual
                                   underwrite or 2nd Mtg), click
                                   “Create Trio Folder” and
                                   click “Go”.

The 1003 and findings/credit will be auto added, as
applicable, into the Trio folder. You can then “Add
Documents” to complete the Trio folder.

Select to either „Browse‟ for documents (eg: the
Appraisal.pdf file)…….

                                             Click „Finish/Add
                                             Documents‟ when done

….and/or fax in documents.

                    Either way, select the appropriate „Document
                    Type‟ from the list and optionally enter an
                    additional document description.

                                                   when done

If faxing, coversheet(s) will open (in a .pdf
format) for all document/document groupings
you just created.

Print coversheets and insert them on top of the
appropriate documents. Then, fax them all at once
to the toll free fax number (888-550-TRIO).

The barcode on the coversheet must print as a
black and white image. If the barcode has any
gray areas the coversheet MUST be reprinted.
Also click the “Advanced” button in the print
dialog window to ensure that the “Print as
Image” box is checked.

The documents will soon appear in a standard,
indexed order. Note - they all need to be in a „In
Folder‟ status prior to submitting to underwriting.

Note: Trio Status

Once file is ready for delivery to SunTrust
Mortgage, user clicks “Deliver to UW” link from
the Trio Actions Menu.

User selects Delivery Location, adds comments, etc, and clicks
“Finish/Deliver” button. An email is sent to the proper SunTrust Mortgage
branch informing them that a new file has been delivered.

Note: The Trio Action Menu and Status will now change.

Underwriter will review file and can update status in Trio (eg:
„Approval with Conditions‟). If an underwriting decision has
been made in Trio, an email will be sent back to the

At this point, you will see new menu option, „All Conditions
Added‟. Once all conditions are added to the Trio folder, you
then need to click this button to deliver (all at one time) the
updated Trio folder back to the underwriter……

                                           ….and when the underwriter clears
                                           conditions, they can update the
                                           Trio status again!

eMagic Customer Support
 • eMagic Help Desk: 1-888-549-9322
    • 7 AM to 7 PM CST

 • eMagic Regional Sales Managers
    • Visit to find your Sales Manager today!

 • “The Help Center” – A resource website that contains
   reference information
    • To access, go to and click “The Help
      Center” button. Also available from eMagic or private label
      sites („Help‟ button).
        •   Examples of content information for you: LOS and DU error codes

To access „The Help Center‟….

                                32 home page. Links to various
items, such as to our free Training sessions…..

Thank You!!


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