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					?People are quite ignorant about Six Sigma and tend to ask a lot of question regarding
certification of an organization as Six Sigma compliant. While it is not possible to
cover each and ever questions asked, we are providing a summary of the answers to
the commonly asked questions.

The whole concept of Six Sigma certifications is shrouded in a mystery. People want
to get them certified as Master Black belts, Black belts, Green belts and yellow belts
but simply fail to understand the relevance of these certifications outside the
organization. There is no certification body to issue Six Sigma certifications so your
only option is to go for certifications from a host of consulting companies which led
the first wave of Six Sigma implementations namely Motorola, General Electric, ASQ,
Allied Signal and the like. But each of these companies has their own criteria for
certification. Any company can issue certificates to any persons they thing have the
requisite knowledge and experience for that level of certification.

But the question arises, what is the value of these certificates issued by the employer
organization in the open market when you tend to change jobs. Well it all depends
upon what you have learned in the process of being part of the Six Sigma
implementation. An assessment of your capabilities would usually judge the value of
the content which was provided to you and how much was actually absorbed by you.
Whether you have achieved the over all knowledge of all the aspects of quality
control and how you have put your knowledge into actual practice and what was your
actual achievement. Your true value is the amount of confidence your interviewer has
on the organization issuing the certificate to you and obviously the quality of your
knowledge as pedigree will only give you recognition when you can demonstrate your
knowledge in practical situations.John Nash writes on topics such as Six Sigma,
DMAIC Visit Certification in Six Sigma.