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					?Ceramic ball bearings are the latest must have when it comes to some of the best
bearings on the market. They are what many people across various industries have
been waiting for. So what makes ceramic bearings better than there competitor the
steel bearings?

Ceramic bearings are lighter, smoother, stiffer, harder and corrosion resistant as well
as being electrically resistant. It is characteristics such as these that allow for a wide
range of performance enhancements in bearings. They are constructed with a ferrous
inner and outer ring/race with ceramic balls taking the place of steel balls. They offer
many advantages over their competitor steel balls such as higher speed and
acceleration capability, increased stiffness and lower friction plus much more!

As ceramic bearings are made from silicon nitride, which means that they have a
greater hardness than steel balls, but what does this mean to their performance? Well
for one if ensures that the machinery you are using the balls in have a longer life. Also
it means that the ceramic balls weight up to 40% less than steel ones and they can
operate up to 20% or 40% faster than steel ball bearings.

The advantages associated with ceramic bearings just keep coming; another one being
that with ceramic bearings you are giving your machinery or automobile a greater life
span as the components won't rust. They are non-conductive and are available in
standard configurations such as angular bearings, thrust bearings, pillow block
bearings, needle bearings and roller bearings. Some of the most typical uses for
ceramic bearings are within high temperature applications, friction, high speed,
semiconductor applications and dental hand turbines as well as many high speed
electric motors requiring voltage isolation, which use ceramic material bearings.

The advantages and fundamental characteristics of ceramic bearings ensure a wide
range of performance enhancements within the bearings. For example ceramic
bearings are particularly well suited for use within extremely harsh environments
where high temperatures or corrosive and erosive substances are present. This is down
to the fact that conditions like this are generally a problem for standard bearings.

When ceramic bearings are used instead of standard bearings such as steel bearings
they are able to last up to ten times longer. This is extremely important as it means it
reduces machinery down-time and ultimately maintenance costs as ceramic bearings
have a higher wear resistance and an ability to work well in different running

One other reason as to why ceramic bearings work better than other types is thanks to
the fact that they require less lubrication in comparison to other types. Also in certain
types of ceramic bearings no lubrication is required at all. This is all according to the
engineers of the bearings, who also state that the noise created by the use of these
bearings is far less than bearings such as steel ones or other traditional forms.
I think it is safe to say that ceramic bearings are defiantly the future and if you have
any pieces of machinery or technology that require the use of bearings I recommend
that you consider the use of ceramic bearings if you are looking for a generally better
performance in a way that is going to save you money.

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