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 Intro: Weather you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, deciding
to buy a home is an exciting time. There are so many things to consider regarding
the choice, three bedrooms or four, fire place versus pool, financing, entitlement;
the tasks can seem endless. Consequently, this wonderful experience can become
a nightmare without cautious planning and careful execution. Here at Bridgewater
& Co. Inc. we understand this completely and have implanted services that not
only promote efficient transactions but peace of mind as well, and that as a home
buyer is invaluable.

With a very knowledgeable cast of brokers and agents, Bridgewater & Co. Inc.
representatives are highly skilled in all elements of the home purchase. This
expertise makes understanding your desires and communicating facets of the
buying process virtually effortless. To find out more about how you can benefit
from the services of Bridgewater & Co. Inc. Click Here. 

 Perhaps the most important aspect of purchasing a home is financing.
For most, the terms set fourth in this arrangement will dictate the financial
structure of life to come. For this reason extreme care must be used when securing
this aspect of your purchase. Bridgewater & Company Inc. direct access to an
assortment of lenders gives us the ability to present you practical loan products at
desirable rates.

 However, for a lender to fund any loan the borrower must undergo a detailed
screening often referred to as underwriting. For most institutions, underwriting
may take weeks at a time. To combat this, it is vital for potential buyers to
become pre-approved for a mortgage. This pre-approved status will not only
promote enhanced funding, it will also provide fundamental information, such as
your appropriate price range as a buyer.

With this information in hand you will only enjoy increased negotiating and
bargaining power, as it shows that you have already taken steps to give the seller
what he or she wants. This, in an instance where there a multiple purchase offers,
could be the determining factor as to weather or not you are successful as a buyer.
To begin the pre-approval process, CLICK HERE.

Intro: It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned investor or a prudent homeowner,
completing the sale of a home is a very satisfying experience. The proceeds from
your transaction may propel you to retirement; satisfy outstanding obligations or
serve as leverage for your next real estate prospect. Never the less your sale will
have a significant impact on your future. To ensure this impact is a long lasting
positive one, sellers must supervise every phase of their transaction with intense
attention to detail and continual persistence as unforeseen dilemmas are practically
certain in every transaction.

With such a great amount of energy required for a prosperous transaction, it may
be difficult for property owners to invest themselves wholeheartedly while
maintaining their current life patterns. The result of performing a transaction under
these circumstances can be grave. If required disclosures are not made your sales
contract can be rescinded. In the event required inspections are not performed and
delivered your escrow may be canceled. This is why, for most, retaining the
service’s of a reputable Real Estate Firm is highly advisable.

Here at Bridgewater & Co. Inc. we have mastered the art of the Real Estate Sale
and consider it an honor to work with you toward the completion of your
transaction. We take great care of our clients with regard to every phase of their
transaction. This means assessing current market trends to help determine the best
listing price for your home, performing a home analysis to improve curb appeal
that will increase the desirability of your property; marketing the home in multiple
media sources including the MLS of which 40% of homes are sold. And to finish,
the requesting as well as delivery of required reports, disclosures and inspections.
While all of these aspects are very noteworthy when it comes to the sale of a
property, it is just a snippet of the aspects that we will tend to on your behalf.
Consequently, as all transactions are different, to provide the most accurate
depiction of how you can benefit from the service’s of Bridgewater & Co. Inc we
will need to receive a few pieces of information about you. To begin CLICK

Home Anal.: 



The process: At times selling a home can be an emotional rollercoaster. The last
thing that you as a seller needs is the intrusion of unforeseen hurdles in your
transaction. Bridgewater & Company Inc., due to its expertise and command of
the real estate sale, has been able to streamline the process giving our clients an
unparalleled advantage in successfully selling their properties. Below is a timeline
of key events that you can expect when selling your home with our organization.


Intro.: In today’s real estate and global markets, selecting the right investment
firm could be the difference between your success and failure as an investor. Here
at Bridgewater & Company Inc. we have been able to encompass the most
superior consultant attributes with proven investment principles to provide our
clientele real estate investment services that are truly one of a kind.

Our approach to investing has been refined and targeted to advance our investors
resolve in, Market Knowledge, Integrity, Contact, Communication, Contracts,
Information, Analysis, Design, Financing and Entitlement. Mastering these
elements, the aim of Bridgewater & Company Inc. is to provide our investors with
superior after tax returns that have minimal risk through perceptive investing and
proactive management.

Our investment services, which range from land development to portfolio
management, accommodate a variety of real estate investment needs. And as each
client is different in his or her own way, every investment plan is tailored to
showcase your strengths and improve your weaknesses as investor. Reviewing all
investments diligently, and running daily reports on market trends Bridgewater &
Company Inc. can your bridge over troubled water in these economic times.

Principles: To date, there is an abundance of investments that exist for investors
to build wealth. The size, liquidity, and risk of these investments can vary greatly
depending on which sector you are committed to. Here at Bridgewater &
Company Inc. we have evolved our investment practice to merge proven
techniques and enlightened behavioral finance to provide our clientele real estate
investment services that are rivaled by none.

Our investment technique begins with Bridgewater & Company Inc.’s Client
Consultation. This consultation will give both you and our organization the
opportunity to become better acquainted with one another, as well as establish
important aspects of our relationship such as which direction you would like to
proceed as an investor. Once this basis is established a Client Fiscal Analysis will

The Client Fiscal Analysis consist of a review of all current assets and investments
to determine what proportion, if any, maybe used as leverage for achieving your
current real estate investment goals. This information will provide a much clearer
picture as to what we are capable of when considering possible ventures. This
period will also be used to establish endorsements from various lenders that will
make the next element of our investing technique, Acquisition & Allocation, much
more seamless.

Now that Client Fiscal Analysis has given us a better idea of our ranges and limits,
we can advance to Acquisition & Allocation. During this phase we seek out only
the most prudent investment properties in the most viable markets for prospect.
Once discovered, we secure these properties through proper vesting and then
allocate our interest within them to maximize the risk/reward tradeoff based on
goals established during Client Consultation.

Once investment properties have been acquired and said interest allocated at a
desirable ratio, the last step of the Bridgewater & Company Investment technique
is Management, Maintenance & Wealth Accretion. In this phase your investments
are verified and tended to on a regular basis. This will ensure their upkeep as well
profitability. As an investor, this may be most enjoyable phase of investing with
our organization as owner distributions and performance reports are issued on
regular basis or at your request, regarding the properties for which you have an


International Services: Welcome to the International Services Section of
Bridgewater & Co. Inc.’s Investors Page. Never before has property been so easy
to acquire in America. Accordingly, Bridgewater & Co. Inc. has sought to take
advantage of this by partnering with International Investors to buy, develop and
manage Commercial & Residential Real Estate here in the U.S. This section is
intended for those individuals who are Nationals of Countries outside of the U.S.
with a desire to invest in American Real Estate. Using the International Services
Menu, navigate the different Visa options to determine what selection is most
fitting for your circumstances. Once this information is discovered, follow the
“Click Here” link to submit the required Investors Application to begin your
journey to the United States of America by investing thru Bridgewater & Co. Inc.


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