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Cell Phone IQ Tests


									?IQ tests provide us with a fascinating view of ourselves and are frequently used to
determine the potential of children and adults in various environments.

Most IQ (or Intelligence Quotient) tests are used in schools, corporations and
professional applications in order to assess intelligence. Nowadays however, cell
phone IQ tests and online tests are also available, so virtually anyone with an Internet
connection or mobile phone that supports such an application can test, and actually
improve, their IQ score. Such tests are usually centered on 13 different areas of
human intelligence and their results reveal your strong and weak points. Taking an IQ
test on your cell phone is a unique and interesting experience and such practices are
becoming very popular with all age categories. Many people take such tests just for
fun, while still considering them a useful tool in getting to know oneself better. Others
are required to take IQ tests in a strict environment, as part of a job interview, for
example, and taking practice IQ tests has proven to improve scores.

How do IQ tests work?

Although initially used to test a child's mental development in relation to what the
child "should know" at a certain age, today we use IQ tests mostly with adults and in a
wide area of topics Find out more here: ). Modern IQ tests try to compare an adult's
intelligence potential while staying objective and remaining unbiased by different
cultural or social interferences. The IQ test offers us results that we can then compare
with other IQ test results from different subjects, thus reaching a middle point where a
common level of intelligence is determined. Modern IQ tests also tend to compare
results with other similar results from different subjects rather than comparing them to
an age related standard. Recent technological advances allow intelligence tests to
become cell phone IQ tests, allowing you to be more versatile and flexible while
assessing your IQ level, or practicing to improve your IQ score. In the table presented
below you will find the most common areas targeted by the cell phone IQ tests:

- Visual
- Vocabulary
- Spatial
- Arithmetic
- Logical
- General Knowledge
- Spelling
- Rote Utilization
- Intuition
- Short Term Memory
- Geometric
- Algebraic
- Computational Speed
For updated information on cell phone IQ testing please visit: Go Test Go - Mobile
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