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CDL Test Prep Courses


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									?The CDL test is not easy to pass, just ask anyone who has taken it. The DMV does
not make it any easier because their prep. guide is confusing and hard to follow. Our
article author's have found several websites for free cdl test prep. First, let's put some
things in perspective. Earnings and opportunities are great for cdl truck driving jobs
around the country. These facts are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding
CDL truck driving jobs. All of these facts pertain to those who have passed the CDL
test. In regard to wages, salaries and earning for CDL jobs, the US Bureau of Labor
Statistics has the following to say:

Median hourly earnings of heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers were $16.85 in May
2006. The middle 50 percent earned between $13.33 and $21.04 an hour. The lowest
10 percent earned less than $10.80, and the highest 10 percent earned more than
$25.39 an hour." Median hourly earnings in the industries employing the largest
numbers of heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers in May 2006 were:

General freight trucking $18.38
Grocery and related product wholesalers 18.01
Specialized freight trucking 16.40
Cement and concrete product manufacturing 15.26
Other specialty trade contractors 14.94

You knew it already, the money is good for CDL trucking jobs. Don't go into the CDL
test unprepared. Here are some tips for the CDL exam:

The CDL knowledge exams determine your familiarity with the operation of
commercial vehicles, motor vehicle laws and safe driving techniques. CDL test
questions are taken from the information in the Commercial Driver's Manual. To pass
the CDL test, you must answer at least 80% of the general knowledge questions

When taking the knowledge exams, select one best answer. Remember, your first
answer is usually correct. Manuals are available at all DMV locations.

If you use a cell phone while taking the CDL test, the exam will be terminated; and
you must wait until the next day to re-test.

It is unlawful to attempt to get or provide to others a copy of any knowledge exam or
any questions or answers CDL test takers. Once you pass the required CDL
knowledge exams, you can take the CDL skills test.

Online sources for CDL test prep are available now. You can find the full CDL test
prep guide, including CDL questions and answers for the test. It will allow you to pass
the CDL test with just a little studying. Start your journey to the open road today by
finding a free CDL test prep course online today.
For more information on locating free cdl test questions and answers you can visit the
cdl test answers blog.

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