CD Duplication- An Overview by iupon13


									?The scope of CD duplication is ever-increasing and newer vistas are opening up with
each passing day. As people look for newer markets to sell their products, they
become more and more creative and devise more original methods to share their
product-information. This leads them to a wider customer base. In this scenario, the
services offered by CD duplicating companies have attained enormous importance.

Who needs it and why?

We are aware that in almost every sphere of life there is a demand for CD duplicating
The range of demand for this service is wide, and it includes the domain of :

 * Professional singers/ new bands
 * Political parties
 * Advertising agencies
 * Movie makers and distributors
 * Educational institutions
 * Media people
 * Businessmen
 * Software developers
 * Hardware professionals
 * FMCG companies
 * Financial institutions
 * Health-service providers
 * Government agencies
 * Sports agencies and teams
 * Service providers
 * Music lovers
 * Movie buffs

And, these are just to name a few!

Why use professional service-providers?

Apart from the regular CD duplicating service being offered by dedicated companies,
they also offer to provide:

 * Processing and delivery within 24 hours
 * Customized solutions for the printing and graphic needs of a client.
 * Copy protection for the client's original data (This eliminates the chances of piracy
and any other fraudulent misuse of the digital content)
 * Customized packaging solutions to their clients (They can choose from a wide
variety of covers including disc sleeves, jewel cases and cases with clear sleeves)
 * Easy-shipping options to their clients (Timely delivery of orders proves
cost-effective in the long-run for the clients)
 * The option of tracking their orders at all times
 * Easy payment options like accepting major credit cards
 * Discounts on large orders
 * Guarantee against defects for a limited period
 * Refunds and exchange options

Apart from the regular CDs, smaller CDs are being used as business cards these days.
Companies provide their name, logo and other relevant information to CD duplicating
companies and use these CDs for branding purposes. These are given out to clients
during presentations. Also, during trade fairs, potential clients are given these business
cards to attract more business. These CDs provide more information in a cost-efficient
manner. Hence, they provide an economic platform for any product or service to be
marketed aggressively. In the wake of a proliferating dependence on digital media,
there is growing emergence of a boom in the CD duplication industry.

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