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									Corelynx The Web Development Solutions
It is Open Source based custom web development solutions for different verticals. Some of Corelynx vertical
markets are Real Estate, Insurance, Automobiles, Credit Repair, Merchant Funding, Cash Advance, Site
Inspection/Survey and Work force automation. Its create a unique brand name for the customers who they
provide services and helps them to maintain a smooth and unique way of a handling their management.
Corelynx aimed at enabling the most unique CMS which not only helps its customers but also creates a trend to
all other competitors of the same field. Corelynx deals with the best way to sugar CRM Customization , its
system implementations are worth off. Corelynx provide a unique platform of sugar CRM and helps its
customers to focus on their core competencies. It helps companies to maintain an up-to-date technology
infrastructure while freeing the company to focus on revenue growth goals by reinvesting cash and human
capital in areas offering the greatest return on investment.It offers ConVerge Solutions Suite is a business
telephony system that enables employees to communicate productively with those inside and outside the
Enterprise. It delivers an integrated communications environment for organizations of all sizes. Corelynx
Connexion is an on-demand project collaboration solution that empowers you to manage projects effectively by
helping you communicate, track and share project information between everyone responsible for execution of
the project.It offers capabilities to design, build, migrate, integrate, manage, and evolve state-of-the-art open
source solutions. Corelynx Open Source Solutions Portfolio (OSSP) is a suite of services specifically geared
toward helping enterprises develop and deploy solutions based on open source softwareThe OSSP is designed to
simplify the deployment of an open source middleware stack for software applications. These services represent
a significant breakthrough in helping companies build business-critical solutions based on open source software.
Corelynx provides custom application development and systems integration services to extend client capabilities
through integration of core financials, order management, manufacturing applications and other Internet-based
productivity applications.Corelynx has multidimensional expertise of implementing packaged and custom
applications that truly enhance your business capabilities. Our unique dual-shore model is designed to optimize
implementation costs and provide the best value. Our world-class execution center is based in Kolkata, India,
and our team of technology experts based there supports Corelynx projects world-wide. Corelynx network of
offshore service providers has strong capabilities in project management and service processes. We partner with
best-of-breed service providers so that our Customers are able to choose from a broad range of services. Our
Partners have strong focus on Quality and are among the leaders in obtaining process-oriented, internationally
recognized certification. Provides a good work culture with ith certified industry and technology experts who
understand your institutions specific needs. From strategy to implementation to maintenance. On as per project
basis or as a full-time member of your team. Regardless of your needs, we can help our customers throughout
their full project lifecycle.

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