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									?What's your idea of a great job in the culinary arts? How about a professional chef in
a casino? Think about it ... the bright lights, the high rollers, the tourists, the fun and
excitement—and you responsible for keeping everyone happily fed. Sounds intriguing,
doesn't it?

And if you're looking for the best, most exciting place to become a professional chef
at a casino, then look no further than Las Vegas, NV, the "City of Lights." Las Vegas
casinos are home to top notch entertainment, sporting events, luxurious salons and
spas, high-stakes gaming, and world class restaurants. The casinos and resorts are
more like self-contained theme parks than resorts. Each makes a unique contribution
to the nightlife and skyline of the Las Vegas Strip.

But all of these resorts and casinos have one thing a common: a need for new
employees to staff the variety of culinary positions they have available.

Cooking in Nevada Opens Many Doors

The possibilities for an exciting career at a casino have lured many culinary students
and chefs from around the world to Las Vegas' incredible casinos and resort hotels.
Many resorts and casinos have restaurants owned and operated by some of today's
biggest celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Todd English, and Charlie
Palmer, among many other culinary stars.
Some of Las Vegas' famous casino restaurants include:


Super chef Alessandro Stratta serves his high-end French Riviera cuisine to
well-heeled high rollers at this beautiful dining room. This Michelin rated restaurant
features foie gras ravioli in a truffle bouillon with duck confit salad and wild turbot
with salsifis, black truffles, almonds, and a red wine sauce.

Michael Mina

At Michael Mina, contemporary seafood is served in a sleek and elegant setting,
resulting in a truly exquisite dining experience. Chef Michael Mina's cuisine offers a
refreshing departure from the ordinary, with his signature pairings of delicate fish
with rich, enticing ingredients.


Pearl translates traditional Chinese dining with Vegas-style extravagance for delicious
results. Executive Chef Kai-Wa Yau transforms familiar staples like Kung Pao
Chicken and Dungeness Crab Spring Rolls with skillful sophistication and high
quality ingredients, including a staggering selection of live, fresh fish and seafood.
If you enjoy using your talents and skills to create unforgettable culinary experiences,
then a job cooking at a casino may be perfect for you. After all, there are only two
reasons to go to casinos: to be a big shot and revel in the finest entertainment
experiences available or to pretend that you are—even for just one night. The high
rollers and wannabes share the same desires to be entertained and take away lasting
memories. Professional chefs at a casino play a big part in creating those
unforgettable experiences for all guests.

Las Vegas Food Service Students Ready, Willing, and Able

There are many great cooking schools that can help prepare students for jobs at the
many hotels, resorts, restaurants, conference centers, and casinos throughout Las
Vegas. They can prepare you to meet the dining expectations of guests at these highly
demanding and highly sophisticated entertainment venues.

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