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Fire Sensor, Fire Detection System, Fire Suppression System, And Combinations Thereof - PDF


The present invention relates to a fire sensor, a fire detection system, a fire suppression system, and combinations thereof. In particular, some aspects of the invention relate to an automated system for at least one of fire detection and firesuppression for storage and/or cargo areas.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONCargo may be transported to its destination using one or more of several different types of vehicles, including ships (either passenger ships or cargo ships), aircraft (either passenger aircraft or cargo aircraft), and/or trucks. Cargo may betransported while located in the interior of cargo storage areas. Cargo may further be held within cargo containers and/or loaded onto cargo pallets for transport while en route. In some cases, cargo may include hazardous, easily flammable, and/oreasily combustible materials that may render transport dangerous to the cargo itself as well as to the vehicle transporting the cargo and the operators of the cargo transporting vehicle.In other cases, cargo may be stored at cargo storage facilities in cargo storage areas, in which the cargo may be left unsupervised. In such cases, the possibility still exists that cargo stored in cargo storage facilities may also ignite orexplode under certain conditions, thereby damaging other cargo, the cargo storage facility, and/or seriously injuring people that may be present in the cargo storage facility.In many instances, cargo may be stored, either during transport or when located in a cargo storage facility, in an area separate from an operator controlling the transport vehicle or supervising the cargo storage facility. As a result, anoperator or cargo storage facility supervisor may be unaware of a fire or explosion that has occurred in either a cargo container, a cargo pallet, or within the cargo storage area. In addition, there may be more than one cargo container and/or cargopallet located in any given storage area. This may render it difficult to determine which containers

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